After the Crisis, Superman lost contact with the Legion and did not see them again until the "Lightning Saga." In the intervening years, it appears some events happened as they were originally published, and some did not.a

What follows includes only those events that have been re-verified to have happened in current continuity.


Issue #

"Lost Years"

Myg of Lythyl joins the Legion as Karate Kid II.

(Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds #1, 10.08)

The three founders volunteer to revive Karate Kid by the same method that brought Lightning Lad back to life. The process is successful.

(Justice Society of America v.3 #6, 7.07)

Karate Kid II resigns when Val Armorr is brought back to life.

(Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds #1, 10.08)

Duo Damsel's second body is brought back to life. She takes the identity of Una.


Night Girl joins the Legion. NOTES: Her induction has yet to be shown but was also mentioned by Starman in Justice Society of America v.3 #6 (July 2007).

(Action Comics #860, 2.08)

Infinite Crisis—Revival


Kirt Neidrigh (Legion reject Absorbency Boy) finds "evidence" in the Arctic that Superman was not from Krypton, but Earth. He takes the name Earth-Man and convinces many people that the Legion have fooled people for years into accepting racial harmony. He forms the Justice League of Earth with other former Legion rejects from Earth. Golden Boy helps fund his endeavor. They begin capturing Legionnaires.

(Action Comics #859, 1.08)

Earth Man blinds Color Kid, tosses Infectious Lass into the time stream, and kills Double Header. NOTE: Infectious Lass next appears with other time-tossed heroes in Tales of the Unexpected v.2 (2006).

(Action Comics #860, 862, 2 & 4.08)

Under unexplained circumstances, the Legionnaire Tellus is sent to the 21st century, where he becomes a captive of the Cadmus Project. He is found by the Guardian II.

Adventure Comics Special #1 (Jan. 2009)

Earth-Man captures Tyroc (circumstances unknown).

(Legion v.6 #2, 7.10)

On the run from xenophobic Science Police, Legionnaires prepare for a mission back in time. The mission concerns Dream Girl's visions of an upcoming crisis. NOTES: The Legionnaires erroneously appear in their Gary Frank/Action uniforms.

(JSA: Kingdom Come Special: Magog, 1.09)

Dream Girl receives two visions: one of Bart Allen's return from the dead (in the 31st century), and another of Superboy Prime destroying Earth. Brainiac 5 begins engineering both Allen's and Superboy's returns.

(Legion of Three Worlds #4, 6.09)

Seven Legionnaires undertake a mission into the 21st century. They weild lightning rods (like those used to revive Lightning Lad) to capture the life essence of Bart Allen. Brainiac 5 refuses to give medical clearance to Star Boy. But upon hearing about a second, "unsettling" mission (to exhume Superboy), Star Boy switches places with Colossal Boy. Brainiac 5 fits them with mental blocks to shield the mission from Saturn Girl. They also intend keep this mission a secret from Superman. The blocks cause all of them lose their memories and take on new lives: Karate Kid as the villain Trident; Timber Wolf in Gorilla City; Dawnstar to Thanagar; Wildfire in the Fortress of Solitude; Sensor Girl in Suicide Swamp; and Dream Girl in Arkham Asylum; Star Boy crosses over to Earth-22 and becomes Starman.NOTES: The exact nature of these missions was revealed in Legion of Three Worlds #4.

(Justice League of America v.2 #8-10, 6-8.07; Justice Society of America v.3 #5-6, 6-7.07)

After capturing a strange lightning bolt (Bart Allen/Kid Flash) for Brainiac 5 and restoring Wally West to the 21st Century, the Legionnaires (minus Star Boy and Karate Kid) return to the future. Luornu (as Una) joins Karate Kid in the past for a new mission.NOTES: Luornu's new name is first mentioned in Countdown #41. Magnetic Kid appears. Listen to the follow-up interview to this arc, with Brad Meltzer at Newsarama.

JLofA v.2 #10 (Aug. 2007)

Six Months Later (3008)


Part 1: Earth is in chaos. Brainiac 5 sends a large Brainiac robot back to the 21st century to retrieve Superman. When Superman arrives, Legion headquarters is deserted and defaced, and the Science Police corner him. Colossal Boy (searching for flight rings) intervenes. He's followed by Dawnstar and Wildfire, who haven't heard from Brainy in over 6 months. Before they can warn Superman, bullets pierce his hand. Earth's sun has turned red.

Action Comics #858 (L12.07)

Part 2: The three founder search the ancient Bat Cave for for proof of Krypton's existence. They are found by the Justice League of Earth: Earth-Man, Golden Boy, Spider-Girl, Radiation Roy, Storm Boy and Tusker. The Legionnaires are captured and join others in captivity (Blok, Shrinking Violet, Ultra Boy, Phantom Girl, Invisible Kid). The former Eyeful Ethel teaches children the "correct" history of Superman in space at the Justice League's headquarters — the Human Cultural Center satellite. Superman and Earth's Legionnaires head for their original clubhouse (now a prison) in search of Brainiac 5.

Action Comics #859 (Jan. 2008)

Part 3: Someone with heat powers tortures Polar Boy at the alien holding camp; he's lost an arm. Superman and the Legion arrive to release them. Brainy has returned to Colu. They're aided by Shadow Lass and Night Girl (1st app. as a Legion member), who take them to the "Clubhouse," a refuge where they evacuate aliens to safety. It's powered by Lightning Lass. It's rumored that Mon-El is in the Phantom Zone, Cham returned home, and White Witch was given to Mordru. The League finds them as they prepare to leave for Colu. There, they find that Brainiac 5 has taken over the planet and isn't in his right mind.

Action Comics #860 (Feb. 2008)

Part 4: Planets across the U.P. galvanize their support for the Legion and Superman's true legacy. On Colu, Brainiac 5 — who has become the planet's ruler — pretends to capture the Legion in a ruse to secure his leadership. He reveals that Yera (now Chameleon Girl, her first app. as a Legion member) has infiltrated the Justice League. Yera discovers that Sun Boy is being used to turn the sun red. Storm Boy reveals a psychotic obsession with surgeries that give him powers. Spider Girl denies Roy's (who is disfigured) affections. Before Brainy can send the Legionnaires back to Earth, his ruse is discovered and he is forced to leave Colu with them.

Action Comics #861 (Mar. 2008)

Part 5: Brainy reveals that applicants have always undergone secret mental evaluations by Saturn Girl. Earth Man defeats Chameleon Girl. The Subs (Fire Lad, Chlorophyll Kid, Stone Boy, and joining them, Rainbow Girl) crash a school bus into the Justice League's satellite. Superman launches himself and Earth-Man out into space. NOTES: Brainy verifies for the first time that Night Girl is a Legion member.

Action Comics #862 (Apr. 2008)

Part 6: The Legionnaires are all freed, and Sun Boy changes the sun back to yellow and Superman's powers are reawakened. He defeats Earth-Man and encourages the people to end their xenophobic ways. The Legion intercepts the U.P. forces in space, above Earth. The Subs take over the Justice League satellite. NOTES: Ayla and Brin are depicted as a couple. Includes a teaser to Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds.

Action Comics #863 (May 2008)

Comet Queen, Shadow Kid, and Mandalla graduate from the Legion Academy. Comet Queen accepts Stone Boy's invitation to join the Subs. Shadow Kid returns to Talok VIII to become planetary champion. Mandalla joins the Science Police.

(Adventure #527 8.11)

A kryptonite-laced clone of Lex Luthor attacks Legion HQ and steals a Time Bubble. The team follows him back to 2010, saving Superman from his attack and they meet Batman (Bruce Wayne). They follow him again into Superboy's time and destroy the clone with a weapon devised by Brainiac 5. They wipe Superboy's memory of the event. NOTE: Brainy mentions "imprisoning Earth-Man."

Superman/Batman #75 (Oct. 2010)


R.J. Brande is killed by his rival, Leland McCauley, an agent of the Time Trapper. McCauley then disintegrates. Brande's death saves the Legion from being cut off by the U.P. 1st app. of delegate Brainiac 6 (Brainiac 5 has been stripped of his title). The Trapper also sends Superboy Prime to the 31st century, where he learns about the Legion from the Superman museum. He frees all villains from Takron-Galtos and destroys the prison. When the Legion learns of Prime's destruction, they call Superman and prepare to recruit two other Legions from parallel universes. Mon-El is retrieved from the Phantom Zone and the projector is destroyed. Sun Boy considers resigning. NOTES: It's revealed that Myg was a member, as Karate Kid II. Superman remembers meeting the other two Legions, but the Legionnaires do not.

Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #1 (Oct. 2008)

Blok and others rescue the White Witch from Mordru's dungeon on the Sorcerer's World. They are forced to leave their ally, Rond Vidar (now a Green Lantern) behind. Back on Earth, Mysa attempts to rescue Rond but is too late. Superboy and his new LSV arrive to recruit Mordru and Prime kills Rond. His LSV includes most of the Legion's past foes and they wear rings bearing his 'S.' Universo is denied his son's ring, which returns to Oa to find the last Guardian: Ion (Sodam Yat). Brainiac 5 sends Mon-El and Shadow Lass to ask Ion for help. After sending a team to the 21st century, Brainiac 5 uses a 20th century Justice League relic—a crystal ball—to contact the other two Legions. He successfully brings them to Earth-0. The LSV arrives on Earth. 1st apps. of Echo & Beauty Blaze. NOTES: Mordru mentions having killed Glorith, Dragonmage (1st Earth-0 mention) and Evillo. Parts of this were foreshadowed in DC Universe #0 (June 2008). The White Witch's seance is an homage to the cover of JLofA #21, where the Justice League contacted their counterparts on Earth-2. Sodam Yat first appeared in Green Lantern Corps #11 (June 2007). All of Echo & Beauty Blaze's prior appearances were in alternate timelines.

Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #2 (Nov. 2008); DC Universe #0 (June 2008)

After Rond Vidar's funeral, Mon-El convinces Sodam Yat to join their battle. Radiation Roy kills Myg, and Prime kills Sun Boy of Earth-Prime. Brainiac 5 uses the lightning rod to amplify Live Wire's powers, enabling him to transform himself back to his original body. Brainiac 5 reveals that XS and Impulse were born on Earth-0 but migrated to Earth-247. The lightning-based heroes provide power to XS while she uses a Cosmic Treadmill. Upon surpassing the speed of light, Brainiac 5 uses the lightning rod to free its inhabitant—Bart Allen. NOTES: This issue provides the first real explanation of the Legions' first meeting, over the fate of the Tornado Twins. Shrinking Violet is for the first time seen weilding guns like her Earth-Prime counterpart.

Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #3 (Apr. 2009)

Superboy Prime kills Kinetix and Mordru "absorbs" her essence. Afterwards, he has a vision of the Legion's victory over the LSV. Element Lad of Earth-Prime creates kryptonite that harms Prime, who retaliates by killing Jan. In the remains of the Fortress of Solitude, Brainiac 5 completes his plan—to restore Conner Kent (Superboy) to life. He unearths the Kryptonian regeneration chrysalis and uses Lex Luthor's DNA to complete the resurrection. The Time Trapper steals Superman and the founders away to the end of time and reveals himself—as Superboy Prime!

Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #4 (June 2009)

Brainiac 5 beckons Superman to show him the Miracle Machine, in hopes he will use the knowledge to stave off cosmic crisis in the 21st century. NOTES: The Miracle Machine was supposedly destroyed by Matter-Eater in Superboy & the Legion #251 (1979). In this story, it had been sealed in a block of Intertron.

Final Crisis #6 (Jan. 2009)

The Legionnaires at the End of Time realize that from this point, all past timeline are accessible. They bring Legionnaires from all realities through to pummel Prime. Brainy deduces that the Time Trapper is more an entity rather than one single person: a "sentient alternate timeline rebelling against ours." Sodam Yat sends rings out to restart the Green Lantern Corps. Mysa sacrifices herself to stop Mordru; uttering "aufero magus infusco," she absorbs him (and the others he absorbed) and becomes the Black Witch. Afterwards, she relocates to the Sorcerer's World. Bouncing Boy and Luornu return; she is now Duplicate Damsel—upon her second body's death, she found herself with the ability to replicate limitlessly. The Time Trapper is brought back to confront his younger self and when they make contact, Prime disappears. He finds himself home at last, in 21st century Earth-Prime. On this Earth, the DC events happen only in comics. His family and girlfriend have been reading those comics, and are now terrified of him. The Legion contacts Myg's apprentice on Lythyl, who is not interested in the Legion. The Legionnaires are sent on their way by a dual Time Treadmill. The "L3" Legion is confirmed as the Legion of Earth-Prime. Brainiac 5 says that the "L2" Legion's Earth-247 no longer exists. At Shikari's behest, the L2 Legion decides to pursue evidence of other lost survivors in the multiverse. They will be the new Wanderers. XS and Gates elect to remain on Earth-0. Superboy and Kid Flash are reunited with the Titans in the 21st century. NOTES: Mysa's incantation, "aufero magus infusco," roughly translates to "remove/steal this magician/magic and make it/me/them black." On the Sorcerer's World, you glimpse stony figures of Raven, Alan Scott and Torquemada. Earth-Prime is not identified by number.

Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #5 (Sept. 2009)

Adventure Comics

Lightning Lad heeds a summons his brother, Mekt to Takron-Galtos. Mekt claims that their parents lied—Mekt does have a twin. He asks Garth to find him. Garth also encounters Storm Boy.

Adventure #2/505 (Nov. 2009)

Sun Boy accompanies Polar Boy home to Tharr in pursuit of Cryo-King, an LSV reject. Cryo-King claims the LSV has their own "espionage squad" in the 21st century. NOTES: Polar Boy verifies that he was once elected Legion leader (Legion v.3 #36).

Adventure #3/506 (Dec. 2009)

Wildfire and Dawnstar escort Blok to Sorceror's World. Mysa uses all her strength to hold in Mordru's dark powers, and to use them for good. She cures Blok's degenerative condition and asks him to stay, to help keep her on the right path. NOTES: Mysa's wall appears to imprison Raven, Torquemada, Red Devil, Blue Devil, Alan Scott and Zatanna. Outside there are statues of Glorith and Evillo.

Adventure #4/507 (Jan. 2010)

The Legion saves the crew of Earthgov Science Outpost Delta 2, destroyed by a chronal rift created by Brainiac in the 21st century.

Adventure v.2 #8/511 (Apr. 2010)

The Legion sends Brainiac 5 back to 21st century. NOTES: First mention of his father's name, Kajz Dox, Brainiac 4, who died of disease. The original Brainiac's fate is a mystery .Vril was a victim of his own treachery. Lyrl Dox's fate is lost to time.

Adventure v.2 #9 (May 2010)

Legion of super-heroes, v.6

Paul Levitz and Yldiray Cinar begin as writer and penciller

Assistant Pheebes, reads R.J. Brande's will. He requests that Superboy be present. His fortune is given to his son, the Legion, and for Brainiac 5's research.

(Adventure #516, 9.10)

Earthgov mandates that in order for the Legion to remain on Earth, they must accept Earth-Man as a member. Brainiac 5 crafts a special flight ring for him that also serves as a "collar." Saturn Girl returns to Titan, to visit her mentor Doctor Aven, and collect her thoughts. The Time Institute has also moved to Titan, with scientists Adajapu, Usalus and Harmonia Li. When Adajapu tries to view the origins of the universe, a fierce backlash destroys the environmental controls over Titan; Titan explodes. Saturn Girl rushes to save her sons, who vanish; she takes a Time Bubble to find them. On Oa, Dyogene is awakened, to start the Green Lantern Corps anew. He begins by choosing Earth-Man.

Legion v.6 #1 (July 2010)

Tyroc has rejoined the Legion. Shadow Lass has broken up with Mon-El, and he contemplates leaving the team. Saturn Queen returns to see the damage to Titan and possesses Ultra Boy. Durlans begin to revere Brande. Dream Girl, Dawnstar and Gates go to Naltor to smooth UP strife. Saturn Girl follows a clue to her sons' location. Garth and Ayla search for records of Mekt's lost twin on Winath. Earth-Man discovers his power battery and charges the ring for the first time. NOTE: This is the first contemporary appearance of Saturn Queen (not the "adult" version) in this continuity. Saturn Girl mentions Darkseid's involvement in Garridan's fate. It's unclear how both Validus and Garridan co-exist in the same time perioed.

Legion v.6 #2 (Aug. 2010)

Comet Queen stumbles upon Saturn Queen, who removes Grava's most recent memories completely. Over weeks, Tellus helps reconstruct some of it.

(Adventure #527, 8.11)

Earth-Man is called to Ozifer and Cosmic Boy orders Legionnaires to follow. After saving the planet, Earth-Man rejects the GL ring. Garth and Ayla join Imra's search, which leads to Avalon; they find evidence of Darkseid's presence. Saturn Queen is captured. Durlans proceed with plans for some revenge.

Legion v.6 #3 (Sept. 2010)

On Avalon, Legionnaires find a Darkseid cult led by the Servant to the Darkness and his lackey, Zeemith. He's empowered by a stone imbued with Darkseid's power and intends to sacrifice the twins to draw the god's attention. Light Lass dispatches Zeemith into an Omega beam, and Saturn Girl severs the Servant's link to the stone, turning him to dust. Earth-Man parts ways with his former supremacist organization, but reveals some kind of alliance with Shadow Lass. Matter-Eater Lad has resigned. There are now 26 members. Dream Girl shepherds the Titanian refugees and Time Institute to Naltor.

Legion v.6 #4 (Oct. 2010)

Earth-Man opposes Earth Force's attack on Titanian refugees. More refugees settle on Naltor, where Dyogene attempts to recruit Prof. Li; she rejects the ring. Durlans kills Chief Zendak and take his place. Later, Phantom Girl discovers Shadow Lass in bed with Earth-Man.

Legion v.6 #5 (Nov. 2010)

Phantom Girl apologizes for intruding on Shadow Lass. Violet and Lightning Lass leave for vacation on Imsk. Cosmic Boy meets the new Academy students: Gravity Boy (Tel Vole of Earth); Chemical Kid (Hadru Jamik of Phlon); Variable Lad (Oa Tseldor of Jaquaa); Dragonwing (Marya Pai of Earth). Sensor Girl senses the return of her husband, Karate Kid, who lingers near the Academy. Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad take a leave of absence. Cosmic Boy calls for leader elections. Marte Allon serves on the Earthgov council. NOTE: End piece features Matter-Eater Lad directing people to vote online.

Legion v.6 #6 (Dec. 2010)

On the galaxywide "Holiday," the Legion responds to a rash of false alarms. The cause is an overburdened artificial intelligence that runs the Science Police Control; it's restored by a reboot. NOTE: By Abnett, Lanning and Chris Batista.

DCU Holiday Special #1 (Feb. 2011)

Winathian U.P. council member Alb Razma is murdered. Tyroc uses his powers like an ultrasound to discover the cause of death. Timber Wolf senses Durlans are afoot. Mon-El confronts Earth-Man, throwing him into space. Dyogene returns to Earth. Brainiac 5 and Chameleon Boy visit Harmonia Li on Naltor. She had taught Circadia Senius, and admits she is from "old Earth." Beren warns Cham that he'll be attacked by the Legion.

Legion v.6 #7 (Jan. 2011)

Durlans attempt to kill Pheebs for "betraying" Brande's mission to restore Durla. "Zendak" attacks Cosmic Boy and is contained. Mon-El is elected leader (7 votes); Brainiac Five is deputy (6 votes).

Legion v.6 #8 (Feb. 2011)

Brainiac 5 and Chameleon Boy are greeted on Durla by Council member Greej, who knows the guilty parties. Brainy traces the crimes to Chameleon Boy's aunt, the woman who raised him. Brande's money bought them a starport and more. At a UP assembly, "Brande" reappears—a Durlan. Tellus attempts a trip into Dawnstar's mind, using her power to ascertain Zendak's death.

Legion v.6 #9 (Mar. 2011)

Dyogene returns to Legion HQ and chooses Mon-El to become a Green Lantern. Mon-El departs, hoping to serve the greater good. Disaster strikes on the African continent, near Olduvai Gorge, where a blue "boy" emerges. It strikes down Dawnstar and Wildfire, who followed it into space.

Adventure #521 (Feb. 2011)

Sun Killer (Kodama of Earth) attempts to free Saturn Queen, near Titan. He's met by Mon-El and Dyogene. The Blue Boy—called the Adversary—imparts power to Saturn Queen. Dawnstar enters a healing chamber.

Adventure #522 (Mar. 2011)

A year prior Orando, Falyce, a young woman severely abused by Duke Pharos discovered a temple devoted to the Emerald Eye. Her tears unlocked its power and she became the new Emerald Empress (II). She brings down a passing Legion cruiser containing Lightning Lass and Shrinking Violet. Projectra learns of this and takes Sun Boy and Gates to Orando. Violet defeats the Eye by venturing inside of it, then growing larger from within. It's shattered but Violet is left with a spark of its power. The Eye reforms and departs. Projectra decides to remain on Orando. NOTE: This issue contained a "board game" timeline of Legion history, which seemed to verify the validity of all events through the Magic Wars, and Superboy's "death." One fan asked Paul Levitz via Facebook if that was the case, which Paul denied: "Nope...just a game Brian cooked up and a smile. Kinda like the old Stan & Jack plotting sessions in the back of the classic Marvel annuals." This story reestablishes the "Legion 1.5" romantic connection between Violet and Lightning Lass (also confirmed by Keith Giffen on the DC Message Boards).

Legion of Super-Heroes Annual v.6 #1 (Feb. 2011)

Mon-El learns he's been elected leader, and Cosmic Boy convinces him to step up. Meantime, Brainiac Five is deputy and takes command. Chameleon Girl joins Cham and P.G. at Brande's home, where they find an intruder—Cham's aunt R'aesha, the killer—whom he defeats. Dawnstar is healed and sets out after the Blue Boy. NOTE: The aunt was named "Ji" in Legion v.4 #8, which is no longer in continuity. Cosmic Boy mentions past events on Orando.

Legion v.6 #10 (Apr. 2011)

Legion of super-Villains Return

Part 1: On Takron-Galtos, Saturn Queen wakes and creates a massive jailbreak. She gathers Lightning Lord, Sun Killer, Hunter, Micro Lad, Questor (Xart Prax of Colu), Akka of Sklar, and Immortus (constructed on Zuun), and Zymyr. Akka kills Micro Lad for interrupting the Queen. Her mission is that of the Blue Boy: to destroy three immortal worlds. They move first to Oa, which is too well protected. Next to the Rock of Eternity (a center of faith), they Blue Boy empowers Zymyr to summon two planets which crush and destroy the Rock. They move on to Colu to find the world of knowledge. A spectral hand emerges from the Rock's ruins. The Black Witch senses the changes.

Legion of Super-Villains #1 (May 2011)

Part 2: Dawnstar pursues the Blue Boy. Dream Girl returns from the past with Star Boy. Brainiac 5 must slowly drain multiversal energy from Thom's suit to restore his sanity. Timber Wolf and the SPs discover Sun Emperor in Kyoto. 1st app. escapees Fume ( unknown of Earth) and Frost (Frak Hamkin of Tharr).

Legion v.6 #11 (May 2011)

Part 3: Brainiac 5 finds Saturn Queen and Questor on Colu, and suggests that Questor is a family outcast. Ultra Boy demonstrates an accelerated healing power when not using his other powers. Dyogene and Mon-El visit the Rock of Eternity. 1st app. Stegus of Saurius

Legion v.6 #12 (June 2011)

Part 4: The Blue Boy reappears more fully grown to Saturn Queen. He's been dormant for centuries. Hunter approaches Earth-Man with an offer to join the LSV. A link is drawn between Harmonia Li and the legend of an immortal from Gates' race. Dream Girl foresees a grim destiny for Li and Star Boy on Shanghalla.

Legion v.6 #13 (July 2011)

Part 5: Harmonia demonstrates elemental power of wind and takes Star Boy. Immortus is revealed as a brain in a self-regenerating Inertron suit; he is centuries old and knew Superman. Titanese settlers on Colu bring him down. Saturn Queen sacrifices Akka's life to the Blue Boy, which adds tracking power to Hunter. The LSV then locates Li's home, the world of wisdom, Utopia, which is protected by a mystical barrier. They're greeted by Master Kong (Confucius). The three immortal worlds balance the universe. Li and the Legion arrive as well.

Legion v.6 #14 (Aug. 2011)

On Utopia, Saturn Queen summons the blue alien, but he denies her more power and directs her to Earth Man.

Legion v.6 #15 (Sept. 2011)

Sodam Yat sends Oan power to Earth-Man, as do all of the Legionnaires. The power kills Earth-Man but disperses the villain. Dyogene retreats within Oa, describing the blue alien as "the curse of the Oans, evil loosed by Krona's Crime"; he was reborn when Titan fell. Mon-El resigns his power ring. Harmonia decides to remain with the Legion.

Legion v.6 #16 (Oct. 2011)


Part 1: On the Sorceror's World, Black Witch and Blok deliver the new Glorith (II, friend of Harlak) to the Legion Academy. 1st app. Sprite. Instructors worry about Chemical Kid's attitude. When his father's credit is declined and they're caught breaking curfew.

Adventure #523 (Apr. 2011)

Part 2: The students are grounded. Chemical Kid rcounts how his dad grafted his powers onto his genes from Chemical King's. He returns with the students to Phlon, where they find the Black Mace with Durlan thugs and Alchemical Girl. Lamprey, Nightwind, Crystal Kid and Power Boy prepare for their exit exam. Dr. Gym'll hints that his nephew, Variable Lad, had some accident.

Adventure #524 (May 2011)

Part 3: Chemical Kid learns his father was blackmailed into selling his genetic modification tech. Lamprey and Power Boy take their final exam in Metropolis, encountering a rogue elephant. They do well but Cosmic Boy says they're powers are not distinct enough for Legion membership. Mysa's "pet" bird, Syri, keeps Blok company while Mysa descends into the planet to receives power from Orando, Ventura and Earth. She discovers Glorith is in trouble and sends power her way. Weakened,this allows Mordru to emerge, but she keeps him in and prevents the blue child from empowering him.

Adventure #525 (June 2011)

Part 4: Glorith uses energy from Mysa to reverse the gene modification on Alchemical Girl (which came from Chemical King's DNA). In Africa, Night Girl asks XS to join the Academy as a teacher, but she declines; she's not interested in Legion service. Instead she works on a mosaic near Olduvai Gorge and discovers a stone that triggers massive visions of her family, the origin of the universe, and the blue baby. Night Girl reveals that Cosmic Boy broke up with her, then assigned her to the Academy.

Adventure #526 (July 2011)

Part 5: Comet Queen tells how she lost her memory and rejoined the Academy.

Adventure #527 (Aug. 2011)

Part 6: Power Boy, Lamprey, Crystal Kid and Nightwind graduate from the Academy. Lamprey goes to the Science Police and the others to Takron-Galtos. Cosmic King invades LSH HQ on Saturn Queen's orders. Duplicate Girl, Bouncing Boy and Night Girl respond to the alarm and fall to him.

Adventure #528 (Sept. 2011)

Part 7: The Academy students follow to Legion HQ and Variable Lad sacrifices his life to stop Cosmic King, who dies as well. Gravity Kid takes advantage of the Science Police's "Trailing Spouse" provision and join Power Boy on Takron-Galtos.

Adventure #529 (Oct. 2011)

New 52: Legion v.7

Chameleon Girl, an agent of Echo (a division of the Science Police that monitors the Time Institute) who has been in deep cover in the Legion. After her breakup with Colossal Boy, she informs Captain Nathaniel Adym that she wants out. Adym says he has more than one agent in the Legion, and sends her into the past because they believe they have a rogue agent in the 21st century. They select her team. Echo has found Wildfire's faceplate in the Arizona desert, 1000 years old, and know that Tyroc's gravestone foretells his death in the 21st century. NOTES: Echo was first mentioned in Legion: Lost v.2 #9; Adym first appeared in Legion: Lost #0. Adym could be destined to become Harvest, and shares the same name as Captain Atom.

Legion: Lost v.2 #13 (Dec. 2012)

After seven Legionnaires are lost and believed dead (see Legion: Lost), Chemical Kid, Comet Queen, Dragonwing, Glorith II, and Harmonia are admitted to the Legion. Quislet disappears.


A team on Panoptes (a watchworld against the Dominion) finds men in service to a rogue Daxamite, Res-Vir aka Renegade. Mon-El and Brainiac 5 install a memorial statue for Earth-Man. They discover that the "Flashpoint effect" has closed off time travel for them to the past. Colossal Boy resigns and joins Starfleet.

Legion v.7 #1 (Nov. 2011)

Res-Vir claims to want to "free" Daxamites from possible lead poisoning; he has a vial of Mon-El's anti-lead serum. Earth-Man is entombed on Shangalla. Polar Boy makes a failed pass at Comet Queen.

Legion v.7 #2 (Dec. 2011)

A team on Daxam is greeted by Ran Thal, who helps them learn about Renegade. Element Lad finds that Renegade's anti-lead serum uses something other than kryptonite; the villain is brought down by brute force. The Legion forces the Dominion into retreat but Chameleon Boy has stowed away.

Legion v.7 #3 (Jan. 2012)

Chemical Kid's power brings down the Renegade. The Legion discovers that he developed his anti-lead serum with help from the Dominators, using a kryptonite fragment found on Daxam.

Legion v.7 #4 (Feb. 2012)

A "day in the life" tale … Garth and Imra settle in to life with the boys on Winath. Chuck and Luornu review new Academy candidates. Polar Boy and Comet Queen have a night on the town. Brainy works on a new Time Bubble to pierce the "Flashpoint barrier." Sun Boy witnesses Dreamy's vision: the winter solstice at Stonehenge.

Legion v.7 #5 (Mar. 2012)

Legionnaires visit China's Sea of Fire, which consumed Urumqi 300 years prior. They repair the technology that reduces pollution and reclaims energy. Dragonwing returns home to find her sister, Bao Pai had joined the Red Dragon gang and has been altered. Their leader, Phoenix, intercedes. 1st app. of the Dominators' leader, the gargantuan Primus Dom.

Legion v.7 #6 (Apr. 2012)

The Dominion

The Dominators are building a cloned army with Daxamite DNA . Harmonia (in a new costume) defeats Phoenix defeats, displaying elemental control over earth matter. Mon-El agrees to call a leader election.

Legion v.7 #7 (May 2012)

Invisible Kid foils four theives—Josi, Sitka, Jerl, and [three-eyes] at the medi-center on Zardon. They seek a Computo circuit used in Danielle Foccart's care. Someone wants it to recreate Tharok, and the Fatal Five. Imra and Garth drag Cosmic Boy out for some fun in Istabul; Night Girl is there. NOTE: Pencils by Steve Lightle.

Legion v.7 #8 (June 2012)

Dominion agents, Dys (who can nullify tech and powers) and Trog, arrive via teleportal and kidnap Brainy and Dream Girl. Trog self-destructs on interrogation. Luornu shows two new recruits: Otaki and Mwindaji. Mon-El and Earthgov prohibit the Legion from breaking their treaty and entering Dominion space. Star Boy is enraged and resigns. Harmonia dons a new costume.

Legion v.7 #9 (July 2012)

Cosmic Boy breaks into a Dominator embassy looking for clues. Mon-El addresses Councilor Fajardo at the U.P. assembly, to no avail. Star Boy recruits Duplicate Damsel, Mwindaji (Gahiji of Kirinyaga; long-range tracking), Otaki (Bina Nawoti of Earth; mindsense; studied with Dr. Aven), Comet Queen (who resigns), and Bouncing Boy for an undercover rescue. Dream Girl foresees one of the rescuers betraying them.

Legion v.7 #10 (Aug. 2012)

The rescue squad arrives on the Dominators' World as a rogue comet. Before they can leave, Brainiac 5 retrieves his force field belt: "the regalia of his line"; he manipulates it remotely. They're attacked anew and betrayed by Comet Queen, who appears confused.

Legion v.7 #11 (Sept. 2012)

The release their new Dominator/Daxamite hybrid. Star Boy stalls him by pushing him past all limits. Mon-El calls upon Sensor Girl to show the United Planets council proof of the Dominators' involvement, then heads to rescue them. Bouncing Boy takes out the "tree" holding more clones. After, Duplicate Damsel leaves Comet Queen sedated.

Legion v.7 #12 (Oct. 2012)

Cosmic Boy, Element Lad and Chemical Kid confront Braalian pirates, and Cos is injured. Mon-El orders Glorith to find the stolen Tharok chip, Tharok's master circuit (he was executed by the United Planets). The Persuader is at large.

Legion v.7 #13 (Dec. 2012)

When Element Lad is knocked out, Chemical Kid fights solo and successfully influences Jan's biochemistry. Night Girl, Shadow Lass and Lightning Lass join in time to clean up the pirates. Dr. Gym'll finds no ambient magnetic energies around Cosmic Boy. Brainiac 5 theorizes that Comet Queen meant to kill not the Legion, but him specifically. At a storage facility, M'wim shows the Persuader's axe to Phantom Girl and Sun Boy; they discover it has been replaced by a hologram.

Legion v.7 #14 (Jan. 2013)

Glorith is summoned to Barcelona where she causes a timestorm. Harmonia encourages her to sheild the world from herself, and things retgurn to normal. Chameleon Boy investigates their failures to stop the Fatal Five.

Legion v.7 #15 (Feb. 2013)

The Legion elects Phantom Girl as their next leader—to her surprise (Harmonia is deputy leader, revealed in issue #18). Cham finds Validus missing from Takron Galtos. Star Boy returns to duty. Far away in space, the galaxy's power source, a quark relay, is disabled and hobbles legions of ships.

Legion v.7 #16 (Mar. 2013)

Phantom Girl's team crashes on a non-Interlac world and Sun Boy dies guiding their ship to a safe landing. Its inhabitants eat Dirk's body. The world is actually the dormant form of a Promethean Giant, which Tharok brings to life. Tharok visits the Persuader using his new, digitally-mobile form.

Legion v.7 #17 (Apr. 2013)

Harmonia and Dragonwing stave off protestors who blame the Legion for the power failures. Glorith reveals that to teleport, she must be unrestrained, and only to the Sorceror's World; she opens a portal there from Rimbor. The Legionnaires scramble together pre-quark technology to build a cruiser. As Legion HQ crumbles, they take off but Star Boy is left behind, presumed dead.

Legion v.7 #18 (May 2013)

Mon-El engages the Emerald Empress. Her final blow severs his arm. Element Lad imprisons her in inertron. Invisible Kid's latent teleportation abilities sweep he and Polar Boy away to the dream dimension. Tharok sends the Persuader to Earth. Validus emerges on the Sorcerers' World.

Legion v.7 #19 (May 2013)

Phantom Girl despairs and retreats to her home dimension. Glorith is reunited with Blok and the Black Witch. Tharok says the chip he took from Colu "stole his humanity." Validus pounds his way to the gem at the heart of the Sorcerers' World. Together, Mysa and Glorith (heir to the power of time) remove the planet from it's place in the universe. Ultra Boy and Chameleon Boy are returned to Earth, greeted by the Persuader who stands over Duplicate Damsel's body. NOTE: Cover by George Pérez.

Legion v.7 #20 (June 2013)


Part 1: Tharok restores the quark relays to lure the Legionnarires back to Earth, where it looks as if the Persuader has killed Duplicate Damsel. Chemical Kid aids in sustaining Mon-El's internal chemistry. Invisible Kid and Polar Boy encounter the Legion's dead who warn them that when they return, death awaits them. Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad return to help.

Legion v.7 #21 (July 2013)

Part 2: Tharok takes Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad to the Promethean Giant. Saturn Girl puts down the Empress and Sensor Girl manages to "awaken" the Giant. It defies Tharok, who is then frozen by Polar Boy. Luornu and Chuck move to bury her fallen duplicate. Karate Kid (Val Armorr) has returned to Projectra.

Legion v.7 #22 (Aug. 2013)

Part 3: Sun Boy is memorialized on Shanghalla; there is no body. Dream Girl confirms that Star Boy has died. Colossal Boy returns to pitch in. Bouncing Boy tries to show the Legionnaires something he's found: something about a speared shirt that worn by Superman. Shadow Lass takes Mon-El home to Daxam. The United Planets disbands the Legion and its members return home. Element Lad pursues a future with the Science Police. Bouncing Boy mentions that Superman was killed by Steppenwolf. NOTES: Final issue. The Steppenwolf comment refers to the death of the Superman of Earth 2, thus suggesting the Legion of the New 52 is also from Earth 2.

Legion v.7 #23 (Sept. 2013)

The "Adult" Legion


Part 5: Superman and the adult Legion of Super-Heroes (Cosmic Man, Lightning Man, and Saturn Woman) return to a point just after young Superman's debut in the 21st century to save the kryptonite engine core of his Kryptonian ship. It is stolen by the Anti-Superman Army, which includes Drekken (aka Titano), and the Kryptonite Men.

Action Comics #5 (Mar. 2012)

Part 6: In the 21st century, the Legion infiltrates the Army, which is inside Superman's head. The engine is torn apart and they only salvage one sliver of kryptonite. NOTE: Flashback shows their first meeting, in Legion: Secret Origin costumes, and they already had flight rings.

Action Comics #6 (Apr. 2012)

At the End of Days

Part 4: 3030 AD, Nugothrotropolis: The Legion works undercover in a world run by Universo. Cosmic Man, Saturn Woman, Lightning Man, Umbra, Shrinking Violet, Chameleon and Sensor (a snake, Wildfire also mentioned) break into their old headquarters after a Time Bubble. They are able to activate it for a one way trip. In the 21st century, Superman battles the Kryptonite Men and Xa-Du who says "the little man blames you for everying." Krypto comes to his aid. Jimmy and Lois save Mr. Triple X (aka Vyndktvx, son of Myxyzptlk) from an assassin. The little man unleashes Super-Doomsday.
2013: People gather in Metrpolis to welcome President Hiroshi Takaneda (Universo in disguise), who negotiated the end of the Antares War. They stop an assassin, Dolo Rol of Naltor who warns them about Takaneda, then commits suicide. Seven years later, Earth is under martial law. Two years after that worlds secede from the U.P. NOTE: Pencils by Chris Sprouse. Costumes do not match those from Legion: Secret Origin.

Action Comics #16 (Mar. 2013)

Part 5: The Legionnaires say their future happened because Superman died. They seek to prevent the Age of Universo by rewriting the past. They visit Mrs. Nyxly in the 21st century, looking for him, then go into the past. They are too late to save the Kents from a car crash caused by Vyndktvx.

Action Comics #17 (Apr. 2013)

Part 6: Mrs. Nyxly is Nyxlygsptlnz, the escaped wife of Vyndktvx. She escaped to the 2nd dimension using her blood, connected to the color red in Superman's 'S.' Susie returns with Captain Comet, who is mentor to the Wanderers, neo sapien super-warriors from half a dozen worlds. Based on the original team: Photine (Quantum Queen) channels energies, Elvith of Assassin's World (Elvar), Quiller with spikes (Dartalon), [birdman] (Aviax).

Action Comics #18 (May 2013)