Issue #

Legion Year Seven

Mon-El is elected leader; Element Lad is deputy. Saturn Girl gets a new costume. The Legion's new computer forces Projectra to go on a gruelling, bogus mission. NOTES: The Legion leader is sworn in by the Legion's "adult advisor." Based on his costume, this is clearly Marla Latham, although he is not named. Final issue of the Action Comics run. The editor credits Saturn Girl's new costume design to K. Haven Metzger of Columbia City, Ind.

Action #392 (Sept. 1970)

Roxxas escapes from Takron-Galtos and takes refuge on Trom.

(Superboy v.1 #211, 10.75)

Lightning Lad clashes with Lightning Lord, whose hair turns white in the battle. NOTES: The origins of the Ranzz siblings and the Legion are retold in this story.

Superboy v.1 #172 (Mar. 1971)

NOTES: This 80-Page Giant was all reprints except for a 3-page showcase of fan-designed Legion costumes. Only the Duo Damsel costume, submitted by Nick Pascale of Brooklyn, N.Y., was used permanently.

Adventure #403 (Apr. 1971)

Cary Bates begins as writer (through #222)

Mordru creates a magical duplicate of Cosmic Boy to destroy the Legion; Superboy stops it before it can strike. NOTES: Cosmic Boy is described as a master of the Braalian martial art Ku-Jui.

Superboy v.1 #173 (Apr. 1971)

Invisible Kid and Chemical King defeat a thief who has duplicated Invisible Kid's invisibility formula. In the process, Invisible Kid explains how he devised the formula that gave him his power. NOTES: This story featured the establishment of a commercial time travel service, which never appeared again.

Superboy v.1 #176 (July 1971)

Four Legionnaires are possessed by Krogl and Marlxa, a pair of wraith creatures who must periodically revitalize themselves by inhabiting physical bodies. Shadow Lass is nearly killed when the two wraiths use the Legionnaires' bodies to squabble with each other. NOTES: In this issue only, Karate Kid, Projectra, and Shadow Lass wear the fan-designed costumes introduced in Adventure #403 (Sept. 1971).

Superboy v.1 #183 (Mar. 1972)

Luc and Perla Ranzz, the parents of Ayla, Garth, and Mekt Ranzz, are killed when their starship collides with a meteor. NOTES: The names of Ayla and Garth's parents were not revealed until Who's Who #9 (May 1991).

(Superboy v.1 #207, 2-4.75)

Dave Cockrum begins as penciller (through #202)

Ultra Boy is elected leader. Saturn Girl, Ultra Boy, and Matter-Eater Lad take vacations to their homeworlds. Matter-Eater Lad's brother Renkil Kem tries to take Tenzil's place in the Legion by convincing the others that Tenzil is plotting against them. 1st app. of magnozite, the only matter that Bismollians cannot eat. NOTES: Tenzil's family has apparently moved back to Bismoll by this time. In their previous appearance (Action #381), they were living on Earth.

Superboy v.1 #184 (Apr. 1972)

After Superboy defeats Mordru in the 20th century, Chameleon Boy falls under the influence of Mordru's blood-crystals, which cause him to develop an irrational, murderous hatred of the Boy of Steel.

Superboy v.1 #188 (July 1972)

Timber Wolf is apparently killed on Asteroid X52. He is rescued by Tyr, who brainwashes him.

(Superboy v.1 #197, 9.73)

Legion Year Eight

Mon-El is reelected to a second term as leader; Brainiac 5 is deputy leader. During the Legion's leadership election, Mon-El and Saturn Girl are kidnapped and nearly killed by Tharok and Validus.   NOTES:   The results of the election are not actually revealed until Superboy #193 (Feb. 1973). Shadow Lass is depicted as Caucasian in this story.

Superboy v.1 #200 (Sept. 1972)

Sun Boy celebrates his birthday and clashes with Dr. Regulus. NOTES: Sun Boy is said to be 11 sola-years, equal to 17-18 Earth years.

Superboy v.1 #191 (Oct. 1972)

The Legion prevents a nuclear war on Pasnic, bringing about a truce between the two opposing powers, King Jonn and King Lillt. Chameleon Boy, Duo Damsel, Karate Kid, and Shrinking Violet get new costumes. NOTES: Duo Damsel's new costume debuted in Adventure #403.

Superboy v.1 #193 (Feb. 1973)

Metropolis University student Drake Burroughs is transformed into a cloud of anti-energy. Professor Vultan creates a containment suit that enables him to mimic the powers of various Legionnaires.

(Legion v.2 #283, 1.82)

Calling himself ERG-1, Drake Burroughs tries out for Legion membership, but is rejected. He saves the Legion on Manna-5 by releasing his anti-energy; they believe him dead. Colossal Boy and Phantom Girl get new costumes. NOTES:   Wildfire was created by Dave Cockrum and called "Starfire." He was propsed along with a group of potential Legionnaires who would form an off-shoot called the Outsiders, which also included Reflecto. When Cockrum moved to Marvel, his propsed Legionnaires were used in the new X-Men. Among the Outsiders were Nightcrawler and two female characters who, combined, resemble Storm.

Superboy v.1 #195 (June 1973)

Timber Wolf, sporting a new costume and more feral appearance, returns to the Legion. He attempts to kill the President of Earth; the Legion discovers that he has been brainwashed by Tyr. NOTES:   Timber Wolf's feral appearance was later attributed to the degenerative effects of the zuunium radiation that gave him his powers. Starting with this issue, the cover title (but not the indicia) becomes Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes. Tyr was the only character used from a group of Legion villains created by Dave Cockrum. The group resembles Marvel's Imperial Guard, whom Cockrum later created for X-Men #107 (1977). The Imperial Guard's members are dead ringers for Legionnaires.

Superboy v.1 #197 (Sept. 1973)

The Legion stops the Fatal Five from changing history by killing Superboy in the 20th century. Element Lad and Princess Projectra get new costumes.

Superboy v.1 #198 (Oct. 1973)

Tyr's gun hand takes mental control of Mon-El. Dream Girl and Star Boy get new costumes. Bouncing Boy defeats Hunter II (Adam Orion, son of the original Hunter).

Superboy v.1 #199 (Nov. 1973)

After learning that he is losing his powers again, Bouncing Boy proposes to Duo Damsel. They are married in Nix Olympia on Mars. Afterward, the Legion saves the bride from Starfinger. Bouncing Boy and Duo Damsel become Legion reservists. Light Lass, Lightning Lad, and Shadow Lass get new costumes. NOTES: The Martian Manhunter makes a cameo at the wedding, his first 30th century appearance. J'onn first appeared in Detective #225 (1955).

Superboy v.1 #200 (2-3.74)

Infectious Lass, Porcupine Pete, and Molecule Master apply for Legion membership. ERG-1 reappears to defeat Molecule Master, who is revealed as an android out to steal the Miracle Machine. Karate Kid nearly dies after saving Dream Girl from two assailants.

Superboy v.1 #201 (3-4.74)

Colossal Boy and Shrinking Violet are lost in an asteroid field. Drake Burroughs, now calling himself Wildfire, joins the Legion, which encounters the Devil-Fish, an intelligent, amphibious ocean creature that subsists on pollution. NOTES: Last issue drawn by Dave Cockrum.

Superboy v.1 #202 (5-6.74)

Mike Grell begins as penciller

The Legion helps to evacuate the doomed planet Korlon, also called Dryad. The Dark Man later convinces several of the survivors, including Blok, that the Legion is actually responsible for their world's destruction. They form the League of Super-Assassins. NOTES: The story says that these events took place six years before, but the Legionnaires are depicted wearing more modern costumes.

(Legion v.2 #272, 2.81)

Invisible Kid is killed by Validus. His spirit is apparently reunited with the ghost of a girl named Myla, with whom he had fallen in love.

Superboy v.1 #203 (7-8.74)

The Legion discovers clues to the existence of a mysterious Legionnaire called Anti-Lad, who apparently joined at the same time as Superboy. Brainiac 5 becomes obsessed with Supergirl, building a robot duplicate of her in his sleep. Supergirl tells him that she is leaving the Legion.

Superboy v.1 #204 (9-10.74)

The Legion creates clone duplicates of Ferro Lad and Invisible Kid. They are virtually indistinguishable from the originals, but can only survive for 48 hours. All of the Legionnaires are shown to have contributed tissue samples to the cell banks. Meanwhile, Projectra and Karate Kid visit Orando.

Superboy v.1 #206 (1-2.75)

The Legion apprehends Universo with the help of rookie Science Police officer Roon Dvron. Lightning Lad and Lightning Lord commemorate the one-year anniversary of their parents' deaths. NOTES: Universo's real name is said to be Argus Oranx III, which was later described as an alias. Mekt and Garth Ranzz are erroneously depicted as twins.

Superboy v.1 #207 (2-4.75)

The Legion battles a new Legion of Super-Villains—Lightning Lord, Chameleon Chief (Jall Tanusz), Sun Emperor (Nigel Douglous of Earth), Nemesis Kid, Spider Girl, and Radiation Roy. NOTES: This is the 1st app. of the teenage Chameleon Chief and Sun Emperor. Adult (non-canonical) versions of these villains appeared in Jimmy Olsen #63 (Sept. 1962).

Superboy v.1 #208 (Apr. 1975)

Jim Shooter begins second tenure as writer

Duo Damsel, Karate Kid, Saturn Girl, and Timber Wolf save Projectra from the Pain Plague. Flynt Brojj wins the "Legionnaire for a Day" contest. NOTES: "Flynt Brojj" was based on real-life Legion fans Mike Flynn and Harry Broertjes, creators of the fanzine Legion Outpost.

Superboy v.1 #209 (June 1975)

Private Mike Essad, a soldier from World War VI, attempts to destroy Metropolis. Karate Kid meets Sadaharu, a comrade of his late father, the villainous Black Dragon, and learns that his mentor, the Sensei, killed the Black Dragon when Val was an infant. 1st app. of Val's late mother, Valentina Armorr. NOTES: This is the first detailed origin of Karate Kid. His father was Japanese and his mother Caucasian, but he was only occasionally drawn to look at all Japanese.

Superboy v.1 #210 (Aug. 1975)

Element Lad confronts Roxxas on Trom. Chemical King narrowly prevents Jan from killing the villain. The Legionnaires cede their former clubhouse to the Substitute Heroes.

Superboy v.1 #211 (Sept. 1975)

Legionnaires square off against the Legion of Super-Rejects: Calorie Queen (Taryn Loy of Bismoll), Chameleon Kid (Toog Lintens of Durla), Esper Lass (Meta Ulnoor of Titan), Magno Lad (Kort Grezz of Braal), Micro Lad (Lalo Muldroon of Imsk), and Phantom Lad (Solon Darga of Bgtzl). Matter-Eater Lad is drafted to run for the Bismollian Senate. Cosmic Boy breaks up with Night Girl, but they are reunited after she saves him from "Crafty" Colson and his gang. Night Girl gets a new costume.

Superboy v.1 #212 (Oct. 1975)

Cocky master thief Benn Pares attempts to steal the Miracle Machine. Timber Wolf singlehandedly defeats Black Mace.

Superboy v.1 #213 (Dec. 1975)

The Legion meets Leland McCauley IV, spoiled son of Leland McCauley III. Shrinking Violet and Brainiac 5 visit Klorra, a world of giants.

Superboy v.1 #214 (Jan. 1976)

Phantom Girl returns to Bgztl to visit her brother, Gmya Wazzo, and witnesses a murder committed by hitman Ron-Vizl. Tinya is stalked by one of the hitman's vicious accomplices, but Gmya takes over Sun Boy's body to protect her from the assassin. Later, the Legionnaires battle the Emerald Empress, who has recruited a new criminal army on the planetoid Kar Zagas. Cosmic Boy, restricted by a Braalian holiday that prohibits him from using his powers, single-handedly rescues his comrades from a trap, but is mortally wounded. The Empress, however, impressed by his sense of honor, uses the Emerald Eye to save his life before making good her escape.

Superboy v.1 #215 (Mar. 1976)

Pursuing fallen satellite probe C-117, reported to contain the loot from a legendary unsolved robbery, the Legion visits the dimension-shifting island-city of Marzal and meet its champion, Tyroc (Troy Stewart). The Legionnaires help Tyroc defeat the vicious Beta Gang, after which Tyroc agrees to join the Legion. Meanwhile, Bouncing Boy, despite the loss of his powers, manages to defeat a gang of crooks that attacks him and Duo Damsel.

Superboy v.1 #216 (Apr. 1976)

Brainiac 5 matches wits with Khundian Field Marshall Lorca. 1st app. of Legion Academy student Laurel Kent (a Manhunter android; allegedly the descendant of Superman and Lois Lane). NOTES: First reference to the 30th century Thanagar. Laurel's Manhunter origins are revealed in Legion v.3 #42-43 (1988). The letter column establishes that the events of the Karate Kid series (which started in March-April 1976) take place in the Legion's near future.

Superboy v.1 #217 (May 1976)

Tyroc officially joins the Legion after stopping an attack by Legion reject Absorbency Boy (Kirt Niedrigh of Earth). 1st app. of Legion reject Quake Kid (Shanen Dreyus of Earth) and second appearance of Infectious Lass.

Superboy v.1 #218 (June 1976)

Shrinking Violet's vacation with Duplicate Boy on Imsk is rudely interrupted by the Fatal Five. Duplicate Boy is nearly slain by Validus, leaving him comatose. Colossal Boy expresses a romantic interest in Shrinking Violet, and is visibly disappointed when she reunites with Duplicate Boy. The Legionnaires ultimately defeat the Fatal Five and capture Emerald Empress, Mano, and the Persuader. Light Lass becomes the first person to see Mano's unmasked face. NOTES: This issue includes a cross-section diagram of the Legion cruiser.

Superboy v.1 #219 (July 1976)

The Legion liberates the inhabitants of the planet Murgador from the tyranny of the planet Thargg. Dream Girl foresees the assassination of the president of Demros-II.

Superboy v.1 #220 (Oct. 1976)

The Legion battles Markx Grimbor, a.k.a. Grimbor the Chainsman, the master of chains and restraints, and his partner and lover Charma, whose pheromones entrance men but cause uncontrollable hatred in women.

Superboy v.1 #221 (Nov. 1976)

Tyroc pretends to go on a rampage in Metropolis to help the Legion capture extortionist Fenton Pike. The Legionnaires discover the secret of the famous hero Questar, champion of Zentor.

Superboy v.1 #222 (Dec. 1976)

Paul Levitz begins first tenure as writer

Chameleon Boy, Karate Kid, Saturn Girl, Sun Boy, and Mon-El battle the Time Trapper. Their battle is observed by Pulsar Stargrave and his minions Holdur and Quicksand (Anjelika Dugensa of Earth). NOTE: Stargrave was created by Brainiac 3 in the 21st century (R.E.B.E.L.S. v.2 #17, 2010).

Superboy v.1 #223 (Jan. 1977)

The Legion comes face-to-face with Pulsar Stargrave and his minions. Stargrave tells Brainiac 5 that he is Querl's long-lost father, and enlists Brainy's help against Mordru.

Superboy v.1 #224 (Feb. 1977)

Karate Kid begins a sojourn in the 20th century to "find himself" and prove to King Voxv of Orando that he is worthy of Projectra's hand.

Karate Kid #1 (3-4.76)

Legion Year Nine

Wildfire is elected leader, but Superboy attempts to bully his way to leadership — even though his part-time status makes him ineligible — because the Legion computer has predicted that the leader will be shot in their battle with the Resource Raiders. Meanwhile, Projectra, Sun Boy, and Timber Wolf thwart an assassin and meet U.P. Ambassador Relnic.

Superboy v.1 #225 (Mar. 1977)

Dawnstar, a Legion Academy student, joins the Legion. Pulsar Stargrave forces Brainiac 5 to steal Mordru's Star Stone from Mordru's palace on Zerox. NOTES: The Star Stone tells Brainy that Stargrave is the original Brainiac android.

Superboy v.1 #226 (Apr. 1977)

The Legion battles and defeats Pulsar Stargrave on Colu.

Superboy v.1 #227 (May 1977)

Fenton Pike attempts to avenge himself on the Legion by destroying Metropolis's fusion power-sphere.

DC Special #28 (6-7.77)

Chemical King sacrifices his life to stop Deregon, governor of Australia and an agent of the Dark Circle, from starting World War VII. NOTES: Chemical King's death was foreshadowed by the Adult Legion story in Adventure Comics #354 (1967).

Superboy v.1 #228 (June 1977)

Wildfire and a group of Legionnaires invade the Dark Circle homeworld in search of Deregon. Meanwhile, Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad, and Saturn Girl discover that Deregon is still hiding on Earth, but the Dark Circle agent is accidentally killed while trying to flee.

Superboy v.1 #229 (July 1977)

On the planet Remor, the unscrupulous sorcerer Sden, a native of the galaxy of Trevenon, tricks the Legion into finding the Crystal of Catastrophe for him. The Legionnaires realize Sden's ruse and Superboy takes the crystal back to the 20th century for safekeeping. NOTES: The Crystal of Catastrophe next appears—in the 20th century—in Adventure #453 (1977).

Superboy v.1 #230 (Aug. 1977)

Karate Kid returns to the 30th century with Projectra and frees King Voxv of Orando from Sadaharu.

Karate Kid #10 (9-10.77)

The Fatal Five kidnap Karate Kid and Projectra in an effort to stop the Legionnaires from evacuating the planet Mordan, which is about to be destroyed when its star goes nova. NOTES: With this issue, Superboy is officially retitled Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes. That title appeared on the covers beginning with issue #197, but was not formally reflected in the indicia until this issue.

Superboy & the Legion #231 (Sept. 1977)

The planet Imsk threatens to secede from the United Planets over a dispute involving hunting rights. When the solar system is ravaged by a mysterious shrinking plague during the annual Klordny week celebrations, the U.P. accuses Imsk of involvement, causing tension between Shrinking Violet and her fellow Legionnaires. While searching for the cause of the plague, the Legionnaires protect R.J. Brande from an assassin called Immune (Dr. Murleen Dreeu of Xorma) and eventually discover that the shrinking plague and Immune's attack are both the work of Dr. Regulus.

Superboy & the Legion #232 (Oct. 1977)

The Legionnaires stop the female Sklarian Raiders from stealing a new hyper-time drive. Rond Vidar and Brainiac 5 then use the drive in an experiment that accidentally transforms their friend Professor Jaxon Rugarth into the psychotic, nearly all-powerful Infinite Man. Afterwards, Saturn Girl comes to the aid of Projectra, who has become trapped in an illusory mental world of her own making as a result of her grief over Karate Kid's return to the 20th century.

Superboy & the Legion #233 (Nov. 1977)

The Legion participates in the hunting of Imskian space dragons and learns the origin of the shrinking powers of the Imskian population. An accidental explosion somehow merges Colossal Boy, Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl, and Shrinking Violet into the monstrous Composite Legionnaire, which goes on a rampage on Earth. The U.P. hires the mercenary Bounty (Jaeger Tallspirit of Minerstown) to stop the monster, but Bounty is arrested by the Legion after trying to destroy the Composite Legionnaire with an outlawed nuclear weapon. Wildfire finally succeeds in separating the Legionnaires, but is left comatose. NOTES: This story mentions that nuclear weapons were outlawed on Earth centuries ago. Who's Who in the LSH #1 (Apr. 1988), reveals Bounty's real name and background; he was later pardoned and continued to work for the U.P.

Superboy & the Legion #234 (Dec. 1977)

The Legion uses the energy of the Titanian psycho-beast to revive Wildfire. U.P. council member Marko Chang charges the Legionnaires with the murder of his son, Redvik; but Brainiac 5 reveals that Redvik is still alive. When the Legionnaires drive off a party of Sklarian raiders assaulting Earth's Life Institute, Superboy learns that the Legion has been brainwashing him. The purpose is to keep him from learning that the Institute provides the Legionnaires with a serum for extended life. It allows humans to live for centuries, with "a youth that lasts decades." NOTES: This story was intended to explain the Legionnaires' youthfulness, but the serum was ignored in later stories.

Superboy & the Legion #235 (Jan. 1978)

Several Legionnaires try to take some much-needed leave. Cosmic Boy and Night Girl's holiday on Braal is interrupted by the Worldsmith, a powerful alien who remodels planets at the order of his unknown clients; his renovation includes statues reminiscent of those on Earth's Easter Island, leading the Legionnaires to speculate that the Worldsmith once visited Earth. In deep space, Mon-El prevents a Khundian armada from seizing a powerful new energy source, while on Titan, Saturn Girl accepts Lightning Lad's proposal of marriage.

Superboy & the Legion #236 (Feb. 1978)

On the eve of Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl's wedding, history is altered by the Time Trapper. After the wedding, some of the Legionnaires travel back in time to the 20th century and then confront the Trapper at the end of time. The Trapper is revealed as a Controller, armed with a duplicate of the Miracle Machine. He is defeated and history is restored to normal. NOTES: Legionnaires 3 #1 (Feb. 1986) revealed that the Controller was only a pawn of the real Time Trapper. This issue is commonly referred to as "the Legion tabloid," an oversized comic, part of a series.

Limited Collector's Edition #C-55 (1978)

In a ceremony on R.J. Brande's private asteroid estate, Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl resign, as mandated by the Legion constitution. Brande is held hostage by Arma Getten, who tries to force the Legionnaires to help him destroy the entire solar system. Getten is apparently slain by one of his own weapons. The Legionnaires later help Brande build a new star for the planet Graxl.

Superboy & the Legion #237 (Mar. 1978)

Light Lass, Shadow Lass, Dream Girl, and Projectra enjoy a night out in Metropolis and break up a gang of crooks. NOTES: The editor states in the letters of Superboy & LSH #247 that this story was originally slated for issue #237. It takes place some time before the Earthwar.

(Superboy & the Legion #242, 8.78)

On Rimbor, Ultra Boy's former girlfriend An Ryd is murdered by Pulsar Stargrave. Brainiac 5, driven mad by Stargrave, secretly frames Ultra Boy for the crime. NOTES: Chameleon Boy realizes in this story who framed Ultra Boy, but he doesn't reveal the truth until #250. Pulsar Stargrave's involvement was revealed in Legion v.2 #273.

Superboy & the Legion #239 (May 1978)

Charma, sent to an all-women prison for her earlier crimes, is murdered by her fellow inmates. Grimbor imprisons Kandru, the President of Earth, to lure the Legion to him so he can have revenge. Dawnstar trains at the Legion Academy along with Jed Rikane, Laurel Kent, and Grev Mallor (Shadow Lad, also known as Shadow Kid), and talks about her childhood. Wildfire expresses romantic interest in Dawnstar, but is rebuffed. NOTES: Grev Mallor is erroneously described as Shadow Lass's younger brother, rather than her cousin.

Superboy & the Legion #240 (June 1978)


Dawnstar, Mon-El, Ultra Boy, and Wildfire protect a peace conference between the United Planets and the Dominion on Weber's World, where Science Police security chief Ontiir is behaving suspiciously. Light Lass and Timber Wolf fight Lightning Lord. The Khunds launch an assault on Earth. The Legion meets S.P. officer Shvaughn Erin.

Superboy & the Legion #241 (July 1978)

The Legionnaires take the fight to Khundia, where they find Warlord Garlak being mentally controlled by a beam from Weber's World.

Superboy & the Legion #242 (Aug. 1978)

On Earth, the Legion reservists and the Substitute Heroes fight a desperate holding action against the Khund invaders.

Superboy & the Legion #243 (Sept. 1978)

Karate Kid returns to the 30th century. The Legion discovers the true mastermind of the Earthwar: Mordru, who has been posing both as one of the masters of the Dark Circle and as Ambassador Relnic.

Superboy & the Legion #244 (Oct. 1978)

Mordru is defeated, ending the Earthwar. The Khunds and Dark Circle are expelled, and the U.P. signs a treaty with the Dominion. The Legion constitution is amended to allow married Legionnaires. Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl return to active membership.

Superboy & the Legion #245 (Nov. 1978)

The Legion meets Karate Kid at the Medivac-Lab on Mercury, where he is preparing to return his friend Iris Jacobs to the 20th century after restoring her to human after her stint as Diamondeth. The Legionnaires investigate a series of mysterious attacks and discover that Medivac-Lab is threatening a previously unknown native Mercurian lifeform. On the frontier world of Corvan IV, Colossal Boy and Element Lad are captured by the Fatal Five, now Corvan IV's ambassadors.

Superboy & the Legion #246 (Dec. 1978)

Legion Year Ten

On Earth, on the anniversary of Superboy joining the Legion, Lightning Lad is elected the new Legion leader, with Element Lad as deputy. Superboy rescues Colossal Boy and Element Lad from the Fatal Five. The inhabitants of Corvan IV decide not to try to join the United Planets; at their request, the Fatal Five departs in peace. NOTES: By a weird coincidence, this issue marked the 247th appearance of the Legion, which debuted in Adventure #247 (Apr. 1958). Although Lightning Lad's term as leader was the longest in terms of number of issues, in Legion time it lasted only a year.

Superboy & the Legion #247 (Jan. 1979)

Gerry Conway begins as writer

The Legion investigates a mysterious monster lurking in the sewers beneath Metropolis, leading Shadow Lass to be badly injured. Meanwhile, R.J. Brande finds himself inexplicably bankrupt. NOTES: The text of this story erroneously states the Legion lives in the 31st century, not the 30th.

Superboy & the Legion #248 (Feb. 1979)

The Legion discovers that the sewer monster menacing Metropolis is a creation of Mantis Morlo, the Chemical Conqueror, who is defeated by Brainiac 5. Later, Chameleon Boy flirts with Ambassador Aplynn Jeryl of Arctoraan and thwarts renegade Science Police technician Giy Delor in his attempt to blackmail Jeryl with the theft of a priceless Arcotoraan jewel.

Superboy & the Legion #249 (Mar. 1979)

Chameleon Boy discovers proof of what he has suspect since the murder of An Ryd weeks earlier: Brainiac 5 has gone mad. Brainy uses the Miracle Machine to create the virtually unstoppable Omega, who attacks the Earth as the first step in Brainiac 5's plan to destroy the universe. NOTES: The story in issues #250-251, originally slated for an unpublished 64-page Legion of Super-Heroes Spectacular, was co-written by Jim Starlin and Paul Levitz, with art breakdowns by Starlin. When the Spectacular line was cancelled and the story reformatted for two issues of the regular series, Starlin asked that his name be removed from the credits and replaced with the pseudonym "Steve Apollo."

Superboy & the Legion #250 (Apr. 1979)

Matter-Eater Lad destroys Omega by eating the Miracle Machine. He is driven insane by its energies. Legion headquarters is destroyed by the battle.

Superboy & the Legion #251 (May 1979)

Matter-Eater Lad and Brainiac 5 are both committed to a United Planets medi-center on the Isle of St. Croix. The Legion battles the Starburst Bandits.

Superboy & the Legion #252 (June 1979)

The United Planets refuses the Legion's request for operating funds to repair the damage suffered during the Earthwar and the battle with Omega. Several Legionnaires are attacked by the League of Super-Assassins: Blok, Lazon (Chey-Nu), Mist Master (Ye Sti-Tuan), Neutrax (Wi Kan Muur), Silver Slasher (Ki-Lan), and Titania. NOTES: This story suggests that Blok originally was human and that he is Silver Slasher's cousin, which was ignored after this.

Superboy & the Legion #253 (July 1979)

Brainiac 5 is temporarily released to lead the Substitute Heroes against the League of Super-Assassins. Later, the Legion learns that the youths, all from the planet Korlon, were convinced by a mysterious figure called the Dark Man that the Legion was responsible for the destruction of their homeworld several years earlier. The Legionnaires appeal to R.J. Brande for funds, only to discover that he is now bankrupt. NOTES: First reference to the Dark Man, whose actual 1st app. is in #269.

Superboy & the Legion #254 (Aug. 1979)

Brainiac 5 is cured of his insanity after telepathically reexperiencing traumatic events of his childhood with the help of Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad. The Legionnaires are arrested for their apparently pointless comandeering of the Cosmic World amusement park. NOTES: It is unclear to what extent the events of Brainiac 5's childhood depicted in this story are real or fantasies.

Superboy & the Legion #256 (Oct. 1979)

The Legionnaires are freed after Brainiac 5 demonstrates that they seized control of the Cosmic World amusement park to stop an ecological disaster caused by faulty management by the park owners. The Legion Espionage Squad discovers that the President of Earth is responsible for R.J. Brande's bankruptcy. Meanwhile, Bouncing Boy and Duo Damsel become colonists on the frontier world of Wondil IX.

Superboy & the Legion #257 (Nov. 1979)

The President of Earth admits that he took R.J. Brande's fortune to help repair the damage and suffering caused by the Earthwar. Brande decides to allow the Earth to keep the money. The Legionnaires are attacked by the Psycho-Warrior.

Superboy & the Legion #258 (Dec. 1979)

The Legion learns the origins of the Psycho-Warrior (Rejis Thomak of Bunyon's World). Afterwards, Superboy resigns from the Legion. Saturn Girl gives him a post-hypnotic suggestion not to return to the 30th century. NOTES: With this issue, Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes was retitled Legion of Super-Heroes (volume 2). Superboy's departure may coincide with his graduation from college.

Legion v.2 #259 (Jan. 1980)

The Legion goes undercover in the Bacard Barley Space Circus and prevents a war between the U.P. and the Cygnus Confederation masterminded by ringmaster Aton Gissark.

Legion v.2 #260-261 (2-3.80)

The Legion tries to find the Christmas Star. NOTES: The official title of this issue was DC Special Series #21.

Super-Star Holiday Special (Spring 80)

The Legionnaires help R.J. Brande build a new star. Unfortunately, Brande's customers are wiped out by the android inhabitants of an artificial world constructed by a long-dead genius called the Engineer. The Legionnaires ultimately destroy the artificial world so that it will not threaten other star systems.

Legion v.2 #262 (Apr. 1980)

Dagon the Avenger kidnaps the parents of Chameleon Boy (aunt Ji Daggle), Colossal Boy (Ida and Wynn Allon), Shrinking Violet (Arn Digby), Sun Boy (Derek Morgna), and Ultra Boy (Crav and Mytra Nah), and Shadow Lass (Tarnia Tolarn). NOTES: Mrs. Allon's name was later amended to Marte Ida Allon. The Allons first appeared in Adventure #371 (1968).

Legion v.2 #263 (May 1980)

The Legionnaires free their parents from Dagon, who they learn is Yondor, one of the technicians who helped design the security system of their new headquarters. Meanwhile, Dawnstar, Shadow Lass, and Tyroc are trapped on Marzal when it vanishes from Earth's dimension. NOTE: DC's editorial column features a Legion cartoon by Fred Hembeck.

Legion v.2 #264 (June 1980)

Tyroc learns that his use of his powers is causing Marzal to prematurely fade out of Earth's dimension. He returns Dawnstar and Shadow Lass to Earth, but he himself remains on Marzal, forcing his resignation from the Legion.

Legion v.2 #265 (July 1980)

On Wondil IX, Bouncing Boy and Duo Damsel accidentally release the 2,500 year-old djinn Kantuu.

Legion v.2 #266 (Aug. 1980)

The Legion defeats Kantuu and returns him to his bottle.

Legion v.2 #267 (Sept. 1980)

R.J. Brande and the Legionnaires accompanying him are captured by the bizarre, time-traveling Dr. Mayavale of the planet Avatanda, who believes that the Legionnaires wronged him in several of their past lives. NOTES: This was the only Legion story written by J.M. DeMatteis.

Legion v.2 #268 (Oct. 1980)

The Legion learns that Colossal Boy's mother, Marte Allon (a professor at Metropolis University), is a candidate for the presidency of the Earth. Earth is invaded by the Fatal Five, whose leader, Tharok, is now allied with the Dark Man (first actual appearance). NOTES: This story first revealed the way the president of Earth is elected in the Legion's era: three candidates are selected by the World Computer Bank and given only a single day to campaign.

Legion v.2 #269 (Nov. 1980)

Timber Wolf and Light Lass arrange to release Blok, a member of the Dark Man's League of Super-Assassins, from the Everest Planetary Prison to help them battle the Fatal Five. Meanwhile, the other Legionnaires learn that the Dark Man is a fully human (non-cyborg) clone of Tharok.

Legion v.2 #270 (Dec. 1980)

Light Lass reviews the origin of Tharok and the Dark Man, a clone created from a sample of Tharok's brain tissue who was mutated by radiation to become a powerful psychic vampire. The Legionnaires strike a truce with the Fatal Five to work together against the Dark Man, who is apparently annihilated along with Tharok when the two doppelgangers collide. Marte Allon is elected President of Earth.

Legion v.2 #271 (Jan. 1981)

Blok applies for Legion membership along with three Earth Natives: Crystal Kid (Bobb Kohan), Lamprey (Tayla Skott), and Nightwind (Berta Harris). Blok tells the Legionnaires how his home planet was colonized by the U.P. and describes its destruction, which the Dark Man convinced him was perpetrated by the Legion. Blok is admitted after helping to defeat the Starburst Bandits. NOTES: This story gives the name of Blok's planet as Dryad, not Korlon, as described in #253. Crystal Kid, Lamprey, and Nightwind were characters created by Legion fans and first appeared in Amazing World of DC Comics #12 & 14.

Legion v.2 #272 (Feb. 1981)

When R.J. Brande is stricken with Yorggian Fever, the Legion learns that he is really a Durlan (although he can no longer change shape)—and that he is Chameleon Boy's father.

Secrets of the Legion #1-3 (1-3.81)

Brainiac 5 quits the Legion after Marte Allon accuses him of murdering An Ryd (whose death he had pinned on Ultra Boy). Brainy, Chameleon Boy and Ultra Boy travel to Rimbor, where they discover that An was killed by Pulsar Stargrave. Brainiac 5 apparently destroys Stargrave, but not before he seemingly kills Ultra Boy. Brainy rejoins the Legion. NOTES: Stargrave claims to be the original Brainiac android, which cannot be strictly true. This story is the earliest appearance of the Interlac alphabet.

Legion v.2 #273 (Mar. 1981)

While the Legion holds a memorial service for him, Ultra Boy, stricken with amnesia, becomes part of the pirate crew of Captain Alisia Frake.

Legion v.2 #274 (Apr. 1981)

The Legion confronts Captain Frake's pirates. Saturn Girl realizes that Ultra Boy is still alive, but before she can reach him, he is blasted by Captain Frake and vanishes, his fate unknown. Captain Frake is killed in the destruction of her ship.

Legion v.2 #275 (May 1981)

The Legion visits the planet Avalon in search of three missing U.P. space explorers and discovers that the throne of Avalon's king, Leon, has been usurped by his former vizier, Romdur, who the Legionnaires discover is Mordru the Merciless. They manage to defeat him by burying him under the rubble of his own castle.

Legion v.2 #276 (June 1981)

Roy Thomas begins as writer

The Legion meets a new hero called Reflecto. Grimbor surrounds the Earth with giant energy-chains. NOTES: Brainiac 5 mentions that Yod is another name for his homeworld, Colu; both names were used in previous stories.

Legion v.2 #277 (July 1981)

The Legion battles Grimbor.

Legion v.2 #278 (Aug. 1981)

The Legion defeats Grimbor and discovers that Reflecto is Superboy in disguise, apparently suffering from amnesia.

Legion v.2 #279 (Sept. 1981)

Superboy regains consciousness, believing that he is Ultra Boy! The Legion travels back to Superboy's era to discover the truth, where they are taunted by the Time Trapper.

Legion v.2 #280 (Oct. 1981)

In the 20th century, the Legionnaires battle (and destroy) the Molecule Master and visit 20th century Bgztl.

Legion v.2 #281 (Nov. 1981)

The time-traveling Legionnaires find Ultra Boy and learn how his mind was switched with Superboy's. Molecule Master is revealed as a pawn of the Time Trapper. Superboy resumes reserve Legion membership. NOTES: This convoluted story was intended to justify the Reflecto statue seen in the Adult Legion story in Adventure #354 (1967).

Legion v.2 #282 (Dec. 1981)

The Legion captures the Time Trapper and imprisons him in an inertron globe on Takron-Galtos. NOTES: These events took place concurrently with Legion v.2 #283 (Jan. 1982).

(Legion v.2 #291, 9.82)

Legion Academy students Crystal Kid, Lamprey, and Nightwind are rejected again by the Legion. Wildfire tells them his origin.

Legion v.2 #283 (Jan. 1982)