Legion Year Two

Saturn Girl is elected leader. After receiving a prediction from Naltor that a Legionnaire will die battling Zaryan, she suspends the others so that she will be the only possible casualty. Despite her best efforts, Lightning Lad intervenes and dies destroying Zaryan's ship. First reference to Triplicate Girl's homeworld, Cargg. NOTES: Zaryan was later described as a Khundian warlord. The Khunds do not appear Adventure #346 (1966). In the original tale, the prediction came from "Mernl."

Adventure #304 (Jan. 1963)

Lightning Lad is in suspended animation under electro-towers. Superboy and Supergirl are both on hand to track down Zaryan. Brainy brings Mon-El out of the Phantom Zone temporarily. Saturn Girl attempts to resign which Cosmic Boy refuses; the Legion re-elects her as leader.

Adventure v.2 #520 (Jan. 2011)

Mon-El is permanently freed from the Phantom Zone. Masquerading as Marvel Lad, he is admitted to the Legion after inventing anti-gravity element 152 and defeating a creature called a Sun-Eater. He reveals his true identity and is accepted as a full-time Legionnaire. 1st apps. of Legion applicants Antennae Boy (Khfeurb Chee Bez of Grxyor) and Dynamo Kid. NOTES: The anti-gravity element is later used in the Legion's flight rings. The sun-eater in this story is clearly not the same as the one in Adventure #352-353 (1967).

Adventure #305 (Feb. 1963)

The Legion tries to travel back in time to help Supergirl against a trio of escapees from the Phantom Zone, but they are blocked by a temporal barrier erected by the three villains.

Action #298 (Mar. 1963)

Rejected Legion applicants Polar Boy (Brek Bannin of Tharr), Night Girl (Lydda Jath of Kathoon), Chlorophyll Kid (Ral Benem of Mardru), Fire Lad (Staq Mavlin of Shwar), and Stone Boy (Dag Wentim of Zwen) form the Legion of Substitute Heroes. They secretly help to save the Earth from an invasion by the Plant Men. NOTES: Retold in Secret Origins #37, which introduced rejected applicant Estimate Lad. The text of the original story states "21st" century rather than the 30th. This is the first appearance of the Avenue of the Super-Heroes in Metropolis.

Adventure #306 (Mar. 1963), (Secret Origins #37, 2.89)

The inhabitants of the planet Trom are exterminated by the pirate Kivun Roxxas. The sole survivor is Jan Arrah, who joins the Legion as Mystery Lad and helps bring Roxxas to justice. Afterwards, he renames himself Element Lad. Applicants Camera Eye and "Green Boy" are rejected. NOTES: In this story only, Jan's chest emblem is a question mark. This is the last story to mention the "21st" century. Camera Eye was named in Great Darkness Saga trade paperback, which printed a key to the 1984 Giffen Legion poster. Green Boy was never explicitly named in the story.

Adventure #307 (Apr. 1963)

"Lightning Lad" returns from the dead? After helping the Legion bring the criminals of Thieves' Planet to justice, "Lightning Lad" is revealed to be Garth's twin sister, Ayla Ranzz (not named in this story), masquerading as her brother. She joins the Legion as Lightning Lass. Chameleon Boy acquires a shape-changing Protean "pet," Proty.

Adventure #308 (May 1963)

The Legion rejects applicants Rainbow Girl (Dori Aandraison of Xolnar) and Jungle King. Jungle King travels to Monster World and forms the Legion of Super-Monsters. He is eventually killed by one of his own creatures.

Adventure #309 (June 1963)

Myke-4 Astor (later Echo), born with destructive sonic powers and hideously disfigured by Khundish experiments, joins a group of notorious pranksters running rampant across the United Planets. NOTES: Echo first appears in the (non-in-continuity) Adult Legion story in Adventure Comics #355 (1967). His first appearance in the regular Legion timeline was in Legion of Three Worlds #2 (2008). This history is from the 2995 Sourcebook. Yes, this is the source of my online alias.


All the Legionnaires except Superboy are slain by the Mask Man, a descendant of his foe Mr. Mxyzptlk. Superboy tricks the imp into going back to the 5th Dimension, restoring the Legion to life with no memory of what happened. First appearance of Doll World, where all the inhabitants are tiny, the Mount Rushmore of Space, and the Legion flag.

Adventure #310 (July 1963)

The Legion of Substitute Heroes defeats a band of aliens masquerading as the Legion. Night Girl reveals her love for Cosmic Boy. NOTES: Element Lad's emblem changes to an 'E' in this story.

Adventure #311 (Aug. 1963)

Chameleon Boy's pet Proty sacrifices his life to resurrect Lightning Lad by channeling lightning through a special rod into his corpse. NOTES: First appearance of the planet Daxam.

Adventure #312 (Sept. 1963)

When Brainiac 5 experiments with an ancient Brocian artifact, and ultimately summons S'tanicule Gyrstress—Satan Girl—to Earth, where her Crimson Plague infects all. To defeat her, he and Supergirl jump into the future and close the portal to her dimension. Supergirl also visits the Superman Museum and witnesses an image of her own death. After the mission, Supergirl is returned to her time, minus the memory of her death. Brainiac 5 develops feelings for her and secretly hopes to prevent her historical death. NOTE: The "reboot" of this tale is significant. In the original story, Supergirl is split in two by red kryptonite and her duplicate becomes Satan Girl. First appearance of the Puppet Planetoid.

(Supergirl v.5 Annual #2, 12.10), Adventure #313 (Oct. 1963),

The villainous Alaktor steals a Legion Time Bubble, rescues Emperor Nero, John Dillinger, and Adolf Hitler from the past, and transfers their minds into the bodies of Mon-El, Ultra Boy, and Superboy. First appearance of Legion reject Ron-Karr (of Neptune, spelled "Ronn Kar" in this story) of Neptune and of the Lost World, an ancient planet capable of traveling through space by means of an enormous rocket engine.

Adventure #314 (Nov. 1963)

The Legion learns of the existence of the Substitute Heroes and holds a contest to allow one of them to join the Legion. Night Girl battles Sun Woman, a super-powered tyrant on the planet Vannar. Stone Boy wins, but decides to stay with his comrades.

Adventure #315 (Dec. 1963)

Ultra Boy convinces the Legion he is secretly Rann Varal, a notorious criminal, and gets himself expelled from the Legion in order to capture a group of space pirates. He is later reinstated after completing his mission. NOTES: This story has the first signs of the romance between Ultra Boy and Phantom Girl.

Adventure #316 (Jan. 1964)

After receiving a vision that a Legionnaire would die (which has already come to pass), Dream Girl (Nura Nal of Naltor) joins the Legion (and flirts with Star Boy). Dream Girl tries to protect the others by causing them to be expelled. After the danger is past, she alters Lightning Lass's powers with Naltorian super-science, allowing her to remain a Legionnaire, then resigns. Lightning Lass changes her name to Light Lass. The Legion discusses the Time Trapper.

Adventure #317 (Feb. 1964)

While the Legion helps to evacuate the population of the planet Xenn to a new world, Sun Boy, suffering from space fatigue, strands a group of Legionnaires on a remote, deserted planet. Superboy and Mon-El once again try to crack the Time Trapper's Iron Curtain of Time. NOTES: This was the first actual appearance of the Time Trapper.

Adventure #318 (Mar. 1964)

The Substitute Heroes come to the rescue when the Legion is nearly wiped out by a citadel on the planet Throon. The Subs are made reserve members of the Legion. First appearance of the Planetary Chance Machine.

Adventure #319 (Apr. 1964)

The Legion meets Dev-Em, a 20th century Kryptonian sent to the future by Superboy, who is now living in the 30th century and working for the Interstellar Counter-Intelligence Corps. They help him capture the crime lord Molock. Dev-Em declines Legion membership. First appearance of rejected Legion applicant Radiation Roy (Roy Travich of Earth). NOTES: Dev-Em's origin appears only in Who's Who in the LSH #1 (May 1988). His background is mentioned in Adventures of Superman #478 (May 1991) and told in more detail in Who's Who #9 (May 1991). The whereabouts of his parents, who were shown to have traveled with him to the 30th century, were never revealed.

Adventure #320 (May 1964)

Bouncing Boy resigns after losing his powers. The Time Trapper poses as Science Police Commissioner Wilson in an attempt to capture the Concentrator. Thwarted, he retreats to the distant future, hidden behind the Iron Curtain of Time. NOTES: Secrets of the LSH #1 (1981) showed the Legion capturing the Concentrator from Lucifer-Seven in their first year.

Adventure #321 (June 1964)

Legion Year Three

On the anniversary of Superboy's joining, the Legionnaires participate in a bizarre contest devised by Proty II, commemorating Superman's history, to determine the new Legion leader. Saturn Girl wins the contest and is reelected. Phantom Girl demonstrates that she can enter and leave the Phantom Zone at will, traveling into the Zone to communicated with Gazor, a Kryptonian inmate sent to the Zone by Jor-El. 1st apps. of Legion rejects Spider Girl (Sussa Paka of Earth) and Double-Header (Dyvud/Frenk Retzun of Janus).

Adventure #323 (Aug. 1964)

Dr. Marden King, the brother of Jungle King, tries to avenge his brother's death by pitting the Heroes of LallorBeast Boy, Duplicate Boy, Evolvo Lad, Gas Girl, and Life Lass—against the Legion. Shrinking Violet falls in love with Duplicate Boy. NOTES: Jungle King died in Adventure #309 (1963).

Adventure #324 (Sept. 1964)

Kid Psycho (Gnill Opral of Hajor) applies for Legion membership, but is rejected because the use of his powers shortens his life.

(Superman v.1 #125, 12.65)

With the capitol of Talok VIII under siege by the Yakka-Mahor hill people, the mayor sends Tasmia Mallor, the granddaughter of Talok's recently deceased protector, Sarven Mallor, to find the secret of her grandfather's "shadow magic." She meets her cousin, Grev, and together they encounter the spirits of their ancestors, who grant them both the hereditary shadow powers. Tasmia becomes Shadow Lass, the new protector of Talok VIII. NOTES: The date is approximate, based on the apparent ages of Tasmia and Grev in this story.

(Secret Origins #8, 11.86)

Queen Azura of the planet Femnaz hypnotizes the female Legionnaires into attacking their male comrades. Supergirl invents a gas that nullifies Durlans' powers (later called Cancellite). NOTES: Cancellite was named in Legion v.2 #305 (Nov. 1983). A modified form working on Proteans appears in Adventure Comics #334 (July 1965).

Adventure #326 (Nov. 1964)

Val Armorr earns the position of Keikan-cho, placing him in charge of protecting Tokyo's shogun. He is publicly honored for saving the shogun from an assassin, but harshly criticized by his former teacher, Kashu, for the death of several other guards during the incident. Val resigns from his position to seek another path. NOTES: Date is approximate, based on Val's apparent age in the story.

(Secret Origins #47, 2.90)

Brin Londo gets revenge on Vykor, and battles his son, Tor. Brin's experience prevails and justice is finally served. Science Police officer Captain Nathaniel Adym suggests he join the Legion. They call him a "Lone Wolf" but Brin—having seen timber wolves on exhibit from Earth—prefers Timber Wolf. Note: This origin was modified significantly from its original form. His parents were originally "Mar" Londo and V'Layla Keely. Timber Wolf's real name, his planet of origin, and his father's name were revealed in Adventure #327 (Dec. 1964). In that story, the name of the planet was spelled "Zoon."

Legion: Lost v.2 #0 (Nov. 2012)

The Legionnaires visit the planet Zuun (spelled "Zoon" in this story), where Light Lass falls in love with Brin Londo (Lone Wolf), a young man who gained super powers after his father exposed him to rare zuunium radiation. Brin erroneously believes that he is an android, Karth Arn, not a human being, but the Legion demonstrates that he is indeed human, given amnesia by the real Karth Arn. NOTES: Brin later joins the Legion Academy to train for membership, revealed in his next appearance, Adventure #371. Light Lass's costume replaces the cloud with a new feather emblem in this issue.

Adventure #327 (Dec. 1964)

The Legion admits Command Kid (Jeem Rehtu of Preztor), unaware that he is possessed by a demon. The demon is exorcised and Command Kid leaves the Legion to return to Preztor.

Adventure #328 (Jan. 1965)

When the villain Vibrex (Dist Vetkoh of Jupiter), master of vibration, disables the Legion's flying belts, Brainiac 5 uses the anti-gravity Element 152 invented by Mon-El to create the Legion flight rings. NOTES: Mon-El invented Element 152 in Adventure #305.

(Legion v.2 #267, 9.80)

The Legion, now equipped with flight rings, battles the 30th century Bizarro Superboy, who creates the Legion of Stupor-Bizarros on Htrae, the Bizarro World. NOTES: The Bizarro World originally debuted in Action #263 (1960). It was created in Superman's era, not Superboy's.

Adventure #329 (Feb. 1965)

Space pirate Vorm joins the Legion as Dynamo-Boy. He engineers the expulsion of all the other members and names himself leader. First appearance of Legion rejects Eye-ful Ethel (Ethel Lyn Niwtyn of Earth) and The Mess (Meyer Qayd of Earth).

Adventure #330 (Mar. 1965)

From the future, the adult Cosmic King, Lightning Lord, and their younger disciple Saturn Queen travel ten years back in time to join Dynamo-Boy's Legion of Super-Villains. The villains defeat the Legion of Substitute Heroes, but are ultimately beaten by the real Legionnaires, who strand Dynamo-Boy in the distant future and return the adult villains to their own era. First appearance of Legion rejects Animal Lad (Ennis Janhson of Earth), Golden Boy (Klint Stewirt of Earth), Polecat (Dafe Meron of Earth), and Tusker (Horace Lafeaugh of Earth). NOTES: First app. of the canonical LSV. The Legion of Super-Villains claims to have traveled back in time from "a few years in the future." This Saturn Queen is the teenage Eve Aries of Titan (Who's Who in the LSH #4). This story says the villains were returned to stand trial in their own time, but they were sent to Takron-Galtos, only to mysteriously vanish en route (Who's Who in the LSH). This Lightning Lord was later revealed as Garth and Ayla Ranzz's brother.

Adventure #331 (Apr. 1965)

Mordru attacks Earth. The Legion defeats him by entombing him in an airless vault. NOTES: Shown as a flashback in this issue.

(Adventure #369, 6.68)

Lightning Lad loses his arm battling the Dxaundii, the "Super-Moby Dick of Space," and becomes obsessed with destroying the creature.

Adventure #332 (May 1965)

The Legion is menaced by a group of Proteans under the influence of the evil Dr. Norm Eldor and meets the mysterious masked hero Unknown Boy, who they later learn is Supergirl, suffering from red kryptonite-induced amnesia. NOTES: This story contains the first reference to the "post-hypnotic suggestion" that keeps Superboy and Supergirl from remembering details of the future.

Adventure #334 (July 1965)

The Legion meets Lars Hanscom and battles Starfinger, who attempts to steal the wonder drug Rejuvium and to destroy the "Seven Wonders of the 30th Century." First appearance of Cosmic Boy's younger brother, Pol Krinn.

Adventure #335 (Aug. 1965)

The Legion defeats Starfinger and discover that he is secretly Lightning Lad, brainwashed by Dr. Hanscom. First appearance of the compound, inertron, and Metropolis's fusion powersphere.

Adventure #336 (Sept. 1965)

Legion Year Four

Brainiac 5 is elected leader. Phantom Girl, Ultra Boy, Saturn Girl, and Lightning Lad pretend to marry and leave the Legion. Alien spies from Murra infiltrate the Legion as Blackout Boy, Magnetic Kid, and Size Lad (Aarl). The three spies are exposed and expelled, and the "married" members return to duty. NOTES: Chlorophyll Kid and Night Girl also pose as applicants. The Magnetic Kid in this story is not the same as Magnetic Kid II (Pol Krinn).

Adventure #337 (Oct. 1965)

The Time Trapper sends his servant, Glorith of Baaldur, to turn Legionnaires into children. When she fails, the Trapper devolves her into protoplasm. The Legion destroys the Trapper's Iron Curtain of Time. The Trapper is trapped in a time-stasis field. NOTES: This was the first appearance of the Time Trapper's citadel at the end of time.

Adventure #338 (Nov. 1965)

Superboy persuades the Legion to grant Kid Psycho (who was turned down a year before because his powers endangered his life) reserve membership in the Legion.

Superboy v.1 #125 (Dec. 1965)

The Legion fights Beast Boy of the Heroes of Lallor, who dies saving a little girl's life.

Adventure #339 (Dec. 1965)

Brainiac 5 creates the artificial intelligence Computo. Computo runs out of control and attempts to take over the Earth, holding several Legionnaires hostage and demanding that the rest of the Legion leave the Earth forever. First reference to the United Planets.

Adventure #340 (Jan. 1966)

One of Triplicate Girl's three bodies is slain by Computo. The Legionnaires send her ashes to Shanghalla, the cemetery satellite. Triplicate Girl renames herself Duo Damsel. While the Legionnaires hide out in the Batcave, Proty II attempts to distract Computo by posing as the Weirdo Legionnaire. The Legionnaires unsuccessfully try to fight Computo by creating a Bizarro-Computo. Bouncing Boy temporarily regains his powers and attempts to rescue Saturn Girl from Computo's clutches. Brainiac 5 finally destroys Computo with an anti-matter force. NOTES: Other heroes shown to be interred on Shanghalla are Leeta 87, Mog Vagor, Hate Face, Nimbok of Valor, and Beast Boy of Lallor. First 30th century appearance of the Batcave.

Adventure #341 (Feb. 1966)

Brainiac 5 receives a visit from Rip Hunter and Daniel Carter. They steal his Time Bubble and take it to the 25th century for Booster Gold. (Brainy mentions Luornu's recent death.)

(Booster Gold v.2 #10, 8.08)

Star Boy is put on trial for killing Kenz Nuhor of Naltor. Superboy defends him, arguing that the non-invulnerable Legionnaires should be allowed to kill in self-defense. Star Boy is expelled. He and Dream Girl join the Substitute Heroes. First appearance of Legion rejects Calamity King (E. Davis Ester of Touston) and Color Kid (Ulu Vakk of Lupra). NOTES: Brainiac 5 mentions that he was recently attacked by an android sent by the Coluan computer tyrants overthrown by his ancestor. This is the first reference in a Legion story to the fact that the original Brainiac was an android, not a living being.

Adventure #342 (Mar. 1966)

The Legionnaires are "jinxed" by a group of scientists on the planet Thaun who are posing as the Luck Lords. First appearance of Ventura, the "Gamblers' Planet." NOTES: Thaun may be the same as the planet Tharn, which became the new Sorcerer's World following the destruction of Zerox in 2989. The real Luck Lords are first seen in Legion v.3 #44-45 (1988).

Adventure #343 (Apr. 1966)

The Legionnaires are captured by Nardo and imprisoned in the Super-Stalag of Space along with other heroes, including Blockade Boy (Phyl Staad of Amadus), Plant Lad (Noyt Echad of Simballi), Shadow Kid (Grev Mallor of Talok VIII), and Weight Wizard. Plant Lad is killed for resisting Nardo's guards. NOTES: Shadow Kid was later revealed to be the cousin of Tasmia Mallor (Shadow Lass).

Adventure #344 (May 1966)

The Legion escapes from the Super-Stalag of Space, but Weight Wizard is killed. Nardo nearly kills Matter-Eater Lad, but instead alters his atomic structure, making him super-fat. Nardo is captured and the Super-Stalag dismantled.

Adventure #345 (June 1966)

Jim Shooter begins first tenure as writer


Karate Kid (Val Armorr of Earth), Princess Projectra of Orando, Ferro Lad (Andrew Nolan of Earth) and Nemesis Kid (Hart Druiter of Myar, the Alchemist's Planet) join the Legion, which defends the Earth against an invasion by the Khunds and their warlord, Garlak. NOTES: This story indicates that the United Planets has only recently discovered the Khundian homeworld. Later accounts make it clear that Earth was aware of the existence of the Khunds beginning in the 20th century. The Khund homeworld is said to have been discovered by a telescope at the Palmer Observatory, presumably named after Ray Palmer, the Atom, who first appeared in Showcase Comics #34 (1961).

Adventure #346 (July 1966)

Nemesis Kid is revealed to be a spy for the Khunds. He is expelled from the Legion, but manages to escape. The Khundian invasion force is defeated and Garlak captured.

Adventure #347 (Aug. 1966)

Legion Year Five

Invisible Kid is elected leader. The Legion battles Dr. Zaxton Regulus, who they learn was responsible for the origin of Sun Boy. Duo Damsel reveals she has a crush on Superboy.

Adventure #348 (Sept. 1966)

Vidar, now armed with the Hypno-Stone and calling himself Universo, attempt to join the Legion in order to steal a Time Bubble. When he is rejected, he hypnotizes Professor Huxton of the Time Institute into luring the Legionnaires to a series of traps throughout time. The Legion enlists the aid of young Rond Vidar (who reveals he is Universo's son) and his invention, the Time Cube, and manages to escape Universo's traps in time to stop him from placing the United Planets Inner Council under his hypnotic control. NOTES: Rond Vidar is not named until Adventure #360. Universo's name "Vidar" was not revealed until Legion v.2 #295 (1983).

Adventure #349 (Oct. 1966)

Superboy and Supergirl are forced to leave the Legion when the Earth is surrounded by a cloud of green Kryptonite. They ask the Legion to accept two masked heroes, "Sir Prize" and "Miss Terious," as their replacements. The Legion battles Prince Evillo of Tartarus and his Devil's Dozen (Apollo, Tal Obrin of Geeqou; the Hag; Sugyn; and the Wild Huntsman, Jake Kafkranus of Tartarus), who kidnap Lightning Lad. First appearance of the Legion's financier, R.J. Brande. NOTES: R.J. Brande was not actually named until Adventure #350 (1966). The letters page tells the origin of Chameleon Boy.

Adventure #350 (Nov. 1966)

The Hag, Xola Aq, is restored to her true form: the White Witch (Mysa Nal), younger sister of Dream Girl. With her help, the Legionnaires defeat Evillo and the Devil's Dozen. Evillo's doctor, Zan Orbal, re-grows Lightning Lad's arm and restores Bouncing Boy's powers. "Sir Prize" and "Miss Terious" are revealed as Star Boy and Dream Girl. Color Kid, now a member of the Substitute Heroes, changes the green Kryptonite cloud to blue, allowing Superboy and Supergirl to return to the 30th century. Bouncing Boy, Dream Girl, Star Boy, Superboy, and Supergirl rejoin the Legion. The White Witch predicts the fates of four Legionnaires, including Ferro Lad, who she predicts will die, and Cosmic Boy, whose fate is "too dreadful" to reveal.

Adventure #351 (Dec. 1966)

Mysa Nal returns to Zerox, the Sorcerer's World, where she resumes her study of the mystic arts.

(Legion v.2 #316, 10.84)

Projectra, Ferro Lad, and Karate Kid defeat Black Mace. NOTES: Black Mace first appears in Adventure #374 (1968).

(Legion v.3 #31, 2.87)

When the Earth is menaced by the Sun-Eater, the Legion is forced to enlist the help of the Fatal Five: the Emerald Empress (Sarya of Venegar, armed with the Emerald Eye of Ekron), Mano of Angtu, the Persuader, Tharok and Validus. NOTES: Tales of the Legion Annual #3 (1984) later revealed that Validus is time-displaced son of Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad, with "mental lightning" powers. The letters page tells the origin of Cosmic Boy.

Adventure #352 (Jan. 1967)

The Legion and the Fatal Five try and fail to stop the Sun-Eater. Tharok builds an absorbatron bomb, which Superboy volunteers to carry to the creature's core. Ferro Lad slugs Superboy and carries the bomb himself, destroying the Sun-Eater at the cost of his own life. A memorial for Ferro Lad is erected on Shanghalla.

Adventure #353 (Feb. 1967)

The Legion orphans, Superboy, Mon-El, Brainiac 5, Element Lad, and Dream Girl are transformed into children. First mention of Rokyn, the world on which the Kryptonian city of Kandor was enlarged. NOTES: Brainiac 5's homeworld is called Yod in this story. Kandor was originally enlarged in the 20th century in Superman #338 (1979).

Adventure #356 (May 1967)

Superboy is captured by a Controller, who reveals he created the Sun-Eater. While the other Controllers fight evil, he has decided to rule the universe. Superboy is apparently saved by the ghost of Ferro Lad, and the renegade Controller dies after being startled by some unseen force. NOTES: This is the first appearance of the Controllers. Their full origin was told in Crisis on Infinite Earths #7 (1985). It was never definitely established if the Legion clubhouse really was haunted by Ferro Lad's spirit.

Adventure #357 (June 1967)

On the jungle world of Simballi, the Legionnaires are stalked by Otto Orion, the Hunter. Orion dies after failing to defeat them.

Adventure #358 (July 1967)

Earth's new president, Kandru Boltax, who is also the head of the United Planets' Inner Council, outlaws the Legion. Some of the Legionnaires are imprisoned on Takron-Galtos after defying a president order not to use their powers in public, while the others become fugitives after even their parents and Legion financier R.J. Brande turn against them. NOTES: President Boltax's name is spelled Kandro in this story, but it is spelled Kandru in most subsequent appearances.

Adventure #359 (Aug. 1967)

Rond Vidar becomes the Green Lantern of Space Sector 2814. Because Green Lanterns are still barred from U.P. space, Rond keeps his new role a secret. NOTES: Rond's entry in Who's Who in the LSH #5 (Sept. 1988) says he was given his father's power ring by the The Guardians of the Universe after Universo's attempt to outlaw the Legion, and shortly before Rond became an honorary Legionnaire. The Guardians' fate is unknown in current continuity.

(Legion v.3 #50, 9.88)

The newly formed Legion Espionage Squad discovers that Vice President Boltax has hypnotized Earth's population by drugging the water. They add an antidote to the water supply with the help of Rond Vidar and unmask "Boltax" as Universo. The Legionnaires on Takron-Galtos escape and arrest the warden, who is an accomplice of Universo. Rond Vidar is made an honorary Legionnaire and the real Boltax is freed. NOTES: The Legionnaires on Earth briefly take refuge in one of Lex Luthor's former headquarters, Luthor's Lair. Luthor's Lair first appeared in Action Comics #277 (June 1961); the version shown in this story was first seen in Superman v.1 #167 (Feb. 1964).

Adventure #360 (Sept. 1967)

Tired of decades of conflict, the Dominators overthrow their leader and begin peace talks with the United Planets. The Legion escorts a caravan of Dominion ambassadors through the 10th dimension and defends them against the Unkillables, a group of assassins ultimately revealed to be descendants of assassins Lee Harvey Oswald, Brutus and Cassius, John Wilkes Booth, and other famous killers.

Adventure #361 (Oct. 1967)

The Legion battles Mantis Morlo and his army of Chemoids, who threaten Daxam, Orando, and Naltor. A group of Legionnaires visit Orando, where they meet Projectra's father, King Voxv. Karate Kid reveals his affection for Projectra. NOTES: First appearance of Orando.

Adventure #362 (Nov. 1967)

The Legionnaires battle Mantis Morlo on Daxam and Naltor and prevent him from destroying the Earth. NOTES: First appearance of the planet Naltor and of its High Seer, Beren Kah.

Adventure #363 (Nov. 1967)

Shadow Lass (Tasmia Mallor) leads the Legion on a mission to her homeworld, Talok VIII, which has been taken over by the Fatal Five.

Adventure #365 (Feb. 1968)

The Fatal Five flee Talok VIII for Earth, where they seize two of the three keys to the U.P.'s Universal Weapons Control Panel. Shadow Lass joins the Legion for their showdown with the Fatal Five, which all but destroys the Legion clubhouse.

Adventure #366 (Mar. 1968)

The United Planets builds the Legion an elaborate new headquarters in Metropolis. The Legion receives gifts from across the galaxy, including the Miracle Machine from the Controllers dimension, which they use to defeat an invasion by the Dark Circle. First appearance of Karate Kid's teacher Sensei (Toshiaki White Crane), and of Tokyo, described as "one of the few places in the 30th century to maintain some of its distinctive local cultural flavor." NOTES: According to Superboy #195 (June 1973), the new Legion headquarters is located at 344 Clinton Street, the same address where Clark Kent's apartment building stood in the 20th century.

Adventure #367 (Apr. 1968)

The female Legionnaires fall under the control of Thora of the matriarchal world Taltar, who increases their powers and turns them against their male comrades.

Adventure #368 (May 1968)

Saturn Girl recounts the origin of the Legion. NOTES: This is the first telling of the Legion's origin. The origins of Lightning Lad, Lightning Lass, and Lightning Lord (Mekt Ranzz) are shown in flashback. This is the same Mekt that appeared in Adventure #331.

Superboy v.1 #147 (5-6.68)

Mordru escapes from the airless vault beneath Legion headquarters. The Legionnaires flee back to Superboy's era to escape him. NOTES: The Legion's first battle with Mordru, never shown in an actual story, is shown in flashback. Mon-El mentions that Mordru made an earlier attempt to conquer the galaxy "decades ago."

Adventure #369 (June 1968)

Mordru captures the Legionnaires and puts them on trial. The White Witch and Princess Projectra convince Mordru that he has destroyed the Legionnaires and trick him into accidentally burying himself again.

Adventure #370 (July 1968)

Invisible Kid fights a member of the Taurus Gang with the help of young Condo Arlik (Chemical King) and the ghost of Ferro Lad. NOTES: The Taurus Gang first appears in Adventure #374.

(Legion v.3 #59, 4.89)

Legion Year Six

Ultra Boy is elected leader. Colossal Boy is blackmailed by a gang of criminals who have kidnapped his parents, Wynn and Marte Allon (not actually named in this story). He is forced to spy on the Legion Academy. First appearance of Academy student Chemical King (Condo Arlik of Phlon) and return of Lone Wolf (now calling himself Timber Wolf). Bouncing Boy is shown as an instructor at the Academy.

Adventure #371 (Aug. 1968)

Chemical King and Timber Wolf join the Legion, which rescues Colossal Boy's parents from Tarik the Mute and his new Legion of Super-Villains (which includes Lightning Lord, Nemesis Kid, Radiation Roy, Ron-Karr, and Spider Girl). NOTES: This Legion of Super-Villains is the same version of the ones who came from the future in Adventure #331. Some sources suggest that Cosmic King was active behind the scenes though he didn't appear in early stories such as this.

Adventure #372 (Sept. 1968)

The Legionnaires meet Dawn Allen and Don Allen, the Tornado Twins, the children of Barry Allen (Flash II), who have inherited their father's super-speed powers. NOTES: This story indicated that Dawn and Don were descendants of the Flash, but it was not established that they were his children (or that their powers were permanent, not temporary) until Legion v.4 #17 (Apr. 1991).

Adventure #373 (Oct. 1968)

Some of the Legionnaires are captured by the Scorpius Gang, which blackmails their comrades into attacking the rival Taurus Gang (Rogarth (Clave Rogarth of Avalon), Black Mace (Mick Yardreigh of Earth), Mystelor (Zera Oliet of Titan), Shagrek, and Quantro). Science Police Chief Zoltorus is unmasked as the leader of the Scorpius gang, which is defeated with the help of the Legion of Substitute Heroes. First appearance of R.J. Brande's business rival Leland McCauley III.

Adventure #374 (Nov. 1968)

King Artros of Nadir forces the Legion to battle the Wanderers—Celebrand, Dartalg, Elvo, Immorto, Ornitho, Psyche, and Quantum Queen. First appearance of new Science Police commander Ianos. Shadow Lass shows a romantic interest in Mon-El. NOTES: Quantum Queen previously appeared in the Adult Legion (imaginary) story, among the statues of dead Legionnaires in Adventure #354 (1967).

Adventure #375 (Dec. 1968)

On the other-dimensional world of Nadir, Chameleon Boy defeats Kodar the Black Vassal and romances Princess Elwinda — whom he almost marries before the Legion draws him back to Earth.

Adventure #376 (Jan. 1969)

The Legion pretends to turn mercenary in order to defeat Modulus. Second appearance of Leland McCauley III.

Adventure #377 (Feb. 1969)

To celebrate Brainiac 5's birthday, the Legion toasts him with kono juice, only to find it has been poisoned. With only 12 hours to live, Karate Kid tries to go out fighting by taking on the Fatal Five single-handedly.

Adventure #378 (Mar. 1969)

The poisoned Legionnaires are buried in space by their comrades, who help the Seerons repel an army of invaders. The poisoned Legionnaires are restored by use of the Miracle Machine. The culprit is revealed to be Alek Korlo, a small-time crook. First reference to Interlac, the "intergalactic universal language of the 30th century."

Adventure #379 (Apr. 1969)

With the help of the Legion of Super-Pets, the Legion outwits the evil Skyzznx and his partner Alrrk. NOTES: This was the last issue of the Legion's run in Adventure Comics.

Adventure #380 (May 1969)

Light Lass helps Timber Wolf break his addiction to the lotus fruit of Oomar.

Action #378 (July 1969)

Uli Algor, an accomplice of the villain Sunburst, infiltrates the Legion by posing as Shadow Lass.

Action #379 (Aug. 1969)

One of Duo Damsel's bodies develops its own identity as Lelith, falling in love with Nam'Lor of Ikros. Nam'Lor's hyper-aura causes Lelith to become evil. He eventually leaves and she returns to normal. NOTES: Notes in 2995, the Legion Sourcebook established that this was neither the first nor the last time Duo Damsel displayed multiple personalities; Brainiac 5 speculates that it is a repressed tendency of many Cargggites.

Action #380 (Sept. 1969)

Despondent after learning that his father has lost all his family's money gambling, Tenzil Kem (Matter-Eater Lad) cheers himself up by taking Salu Digby (Shrinking Violet) on a date in Metropolis. Duplicate Boy accuses Tenzil of trying to steal his girl.

Action #381 (Oct. 1969)

Karate Kid is elected leader. Superboy and Mon-El are kidnapped by Cosvarr, who uses them to build his Protector androids.

Action #382 (Nov. 1969)

The Sensei visits Karate Kid in Metropolis, where he persuades him that he is trying too hard to make the other Legionnaires live up to his own standards.

(Secret Origins #47, 2.90)

Still depressed over his aborted romance with Princess Elwinda of Nadir, Chameleon Boy poses as a human named Dane Roberts to romance Projectra's friend Janice Warren.

Action #383 (Jan. 1970)

Mon-El apparently dies of lead poisoning. His descendant, Eltro Gand, sacrifices his own life force to revive him. NOTE: Last issue written by Jim Shooter.

Action #384 (Jan. 1970)

E. Nelson Bridwell begins as writer

The Legion visits Star Boy's homeworld, Xanthu, and battle a Naltorian gang led by Yark Althu, the brother of Kenz Nuhor, the man Star Boy killed in self-defense. NOTES: Star Boy killed Kenz Nuhor in Adventure #342 (Mar. 1966).

Action #385 (Feb. 1970)

Uli Algor is released from jail, where she was sent for impersonating Shadow Lass, and tries to destroy the Legion on the asteroid world Talus. NOTES: Uli Algor first appeared in Action Comics #379 (Aug. 1969).

Action #386 (Mar. 1970)

The U.P. informs the Legion that they face ruinous taxation if they have more than 25 members. Superboy resigns to maintain the limit. Supergirl also considers resigning. NOTES: In the original story, the membership of 26 included Supergirl. It is unclear how this sits in current continuity.

Action #387 (Apr. 1970)

At the age of 13, Dawnstar goes to work as a freelance space navigator. Eventually, R.J. Brande persuades her to attend the Legion Academy, for which she will be paid a "handsome" salary.

(Superboy & the Legion #240, 6.78)

The Legion battles the android Klim.

Action #389 (June 1970)

The Legion travels to the planet Lahum, where President Peralla has instituted a dictatorship and is preparing to conquer other worlds. The Legion Espionage Squad discovers that the anti-Peralla revolutionaries, led by Diol Masrin, are secretly allied with the Dark Circle.

Action #390 (July 1970)

On Lahum, the Legionnaires defeat both President Peralla and Diol Masrin and restore democracy.

Action #391 (Aug. 1970)


The Tornado Twins marry and bear children: Don Allen marries Meloni Thawne (a descendant of the evil Reverse-Flash) and have a son, Bart Allen. Dawn Allen marries Jeven Ognats and they have a daughter, Jenni Ognats. NOTES: Meloni Thawne first appeared in Impulse #23 (Mar. 1997); Jeven Ognats in Legion v.4 Annual #6 (1995). Flash Secret Files #1 (1997) gives Jenni's birthdate as 2978, Bart's as 2980. These events are placed here, just before the Legionnaires began wearing new uniforms.

Legion v.4 Annual #6 (1995)

Angered by his descendant Meloni's marriage to a descendant of the Flash, Professor Zoom (Eobard Thawne) launches a campaign against the Tornado Twins. When the Twins use the Cosmic Treadmill to escape him, they tear open time/space barriers, bringing three Legions together from across the multiverse. They force Zoom into retreat. NOTES: Eobard Thawne first appeared in Flash v.1 #139 (1963). He has gone by the aliases Reverse-Flash and Professor Zoom. He is from the 25th Century. This event was first mentioned by Superman in Justice Society v.3 #6 (July 2007).

(Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #3, 3.09)

The three Brainiac 5s create a new suit for Star Boy that is essentially a map of the multiverse. NOTES: Placement in the timeline is before many Legionnaires get new costumes; Star Boy's last app. in his old costume is Superboy #173.

(JSA: Kingdom Come Special: Magog, 1.09); (Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #2, 10.08)

The Twins and their mother Iris retreat with their families to Earth-247. The Legions use Star Boy's suit to return to their proper Earths. Only Brainiac 5 and Superman of Earth-0 retain any memory of this meeting. NOTE: The Brainiac 5 of Earth-247 speculates that the Earth-0 Brainy retained his memory because of his age.

(Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #3, 3.09)

Earth-247: Shortly after migrating to Earth-247, Dawn and Don Allen are killed by Dominator agents under the guidance of Meloni's father, sworn enemy of the Allen clan.

(Flash Secret Files #1, 11.97)

Lightning Lad discoversa primordial black hole heading towards Earth. He and the founders jaunt into the future, where they find the Earth's been destroyed. They return to the 20th century for the aid of the Doom Patrol. With their help, they make the hole give off more energy than it absorbs. NOTE: The Time Bubble uses space warping (tesseract) technology to house all its engines. Set sometime after the Subs' formation and before any new costumes.

(Brave & Bold v.2 #34, 7.10)

Jealous of the Legion's accolades, the Subs decide to take a Time Bubble and save the Earth before the Legion does. They miss the Doom Patrol and instead team with the Inferior Five. In the end, their bumbling changes nothing.

(Brave & Bold v.2 #35, 8.10)