Legion: The New 52

Note: This chronology still retains a lot of info from previous timelines, which makes me crazy. I will update as comics dictate.

Part 1: 20th Century


Issue #

Pre-20th Century

c. One million BCE: Imsk, a planet around the star Irulan and the eventual homeworld of Salu Digby (Shrinking Violet), is colonized by the Krill. Eleven years after the colonists' arrival, they discover that the planet itself shrinks for a period of 90 days every ten years. To enable them to survive the shrinkage, an Imskian scientist finds a way to use the energies of radioactive Imskian rock to let all Imskians change their size at will. The ability is passed on to subsequent generations, but all Imskians must be exposed to the radiation once per year or they will die.

(Superboy & the Legion #234, 12.77)

Millennia ago: On Ekron, a great god—of the same name—who weilded near limitless power is brought down by the Guardians of the Universe, and its power dispersed. Ekron's priests preserve its power in a pair of Emerald Eyes. Later, Ekron's head/skull is used as a powerful space ship for a Green Lantern. NOTE: Exact era is not specified. The head of Ekron was first seen in 52 #28 (2006). The DC Encyclopedia (2008) wrote that Ekron was created by the Guardians with two Oan-powered eyes. But if they were instrumental in taking down Ekron, how could they Eyes remain Oan-powered? The Emerald Eye's first historical appearance is Adventure #352 (1967). The existence of a pair was revealed in 52 #??.

(Legion Annual v.6 #1, 2011)

1243 BCE: Searching for Universo, Shrinking Violet visits Gizeh (Giza), Egypt.

Adventure #349 (Oct. 1966)

"Ancient times": A desert plague overtakes the planet Daxam. Its healing arts fall into the dark ages and the elders blame technology for failing them. When they are invaded by aliens, a scientist creates a powerful planetoid that becomes a huge golem and it topples the invaders.

Superman #675 (June 2008)

c. 209 BCE: The civilization of the planet Durla is nearly wiped out by a nuclear conflict called the "Six-Minute War." The inhabitants survive only through their shape-changing powers. Their original form is unknown. NOTE: The date was established by Legion v.2 Annual #2 (1983).

(Legion v.2 #301, 7.83)

c. 500 CE: The Guardians shrink the warrior giants called Djinn to tiny size and imprison them in bottles of green energy.

(Legion v.2 #267, 9.80)

693 CE: Colossal Boy tracks a time-traveling Universo to 7th century England, where, unable to control his growth power, he is attacked by medieval warriors who believe him to be a threatening giant.

Adventure #349 (Oct. 1966)

1280 CE: Pursuing Universo, Brainiac 5 travels to Shang-Tu, China, where he encounters the legendary Kublai Khan.

Adventure #349 (Oct. 1966)

1300 CE: In pursuit of Universo, Chameleon Boy appears in the Peruvian city of Cuzco, capitol of the Inca empire, where he is nearly slain by the jealous Inca god-king.

Adventure #349 (Oct. 1966)

Hundreds of Years Ago: Kryptonians begin making clones to serve in space travel. A clone named Kon (meaning "abomination") leads their rebellion. NOTE: The New 52 Superboy never premanently used the name "Conner Kent," but assumed it for an undercover mission in Superboy #22.

Superboy v.5 #0 (Nov. 2012)

c. 1600 CE: The island of Marzal is colonized by escaped slaves. The island fades into another dimension to return for 30-year periods every 200 years.

(Legion v.2 #265, 7.80)

1812 CE: A time-traveling Saturn Girl visits Paris, where she encounters Napoleon and is nearly slain by a French aristocrat under the hypnotic control of Universo.

Adventure #349 (Oct. 1966)

The radioactive boulders that renew Imskians' shrinking powers are consumed by a race of space dragons. Afterwards, the people of Imsk must periodically hunt the dragons and remove some of their scales, which emit the radiation necessary for the Imskians' survival.

(Superboy & the Legion #234, 12.77)

Lar Gand is born on Daxam to Kel and Marisa Gand. NOTE: The year of Lar Gand's birth in any timeline has never been established, although the 2995 Sourcebook gave his birthday as March 27.


A small group of Legionnaires visits Krypton on the day of its destruction. NOTES: The date of Krypton's destruction was given in World of Krypton #3 (Sept. 1979).

(Legion v.2 #255, 9.79)

Smallville, Kansas

The three founding members of the Legion of Super-Heroes (Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad, and Saturn Girl) travel back in time to meet their idol, Superman. Instead, they find 14-year-old Clark Kent, who is oblivious to his legend. They reluctantly allow him to return to the future with them. He visits their clubhouse 1,000 years in the future—30th century Smallville—where he meets their other members, and joins the Legion. NOTES: The Legionnaires call him "Clark," not "Superboy." This chronology assumes that Silver Age stories were told in the order in which Clark experienced them. This may be different than the order in which the Legionnaires experienced them.

Adventure #247 (Apr. 1958)

The Legion tries to stop Superboy from going on a rampage, unaware that he is actually on a secret mission for the President. NOTES: 2nd Legion app. The Legionnaires' costumes are changed from their first appearance. They still use rocket belts rather than flight belts. It's unclear whether this event exists in current continuity.

Adventure #267 (Dec. 1959)

In his planet's forbidden lore, Lar Gand of Daxam (second from the sun, Valor) finds a record of Kal-El's path to Earth.

Action Comics Annual #10 (2007)

Lar Gand of Daxam crash lands on Earth and loses his memory. Because of his instruction, he believes he is from Krypton. He meets the young teen Clark Kent, who intercepts Gand's rocket. Gand speaks Kryptonese and addresses him as the "son of Jor-El." Clark takes him in, hoping he might trigger information in his sunstone crystals. Clark begins to wonder if the older boy is his brother, and Lar fashions a name for himself: Mon-El. When Clark decides to test his kryptonite on him, Mon-El shrinks away from it and regains his memory. He is poisoned by the enclosing lead box and asks Clark to project him into the Phantom Zone until a cure can be found. NOTE: Action Annual #10 is one of the first verifications that Superman: Birthright was the definitive origins. It also shows new diagram of the Fortress of Solitude shows this Legion, which is the first evidence that the original Legion has been restored to Earth-0's continuity.

Superboy v.1 #89 (June 1961), (Action Comics Annual #10, 2007), (Superman Annual #14)

The time-traveling Karate Kid meets Superboy and a group of young Legionnaires, who help him battle the Lord of Time and Major Disaster. The Lord of Time blasts Karate Kid forward in time and erases the Legionnaires' memories of these events. NOTES: The Lord of Time first appeared in Justice League of America #10 (Mar. 1962), Major Disaster in Green Lantern v.2 #43 (Mar. 1966).

Karate Kid #12-13 (1-4.78)

Clark meets the new Legionnaire Star Boy. NOTES: The original tale included a 30th century visit by Lana Lang.

Adventure #282 (Mar. 1961)

A 30th century criminal posing as Sun Boy fools Clark into reassembling a Cyclops robot buried in Smallville by the Legion.

Adventure #290 (Nov. 1961)

Chameleon Boy visits Clark to write an article for the Legion newspaper.

Superboy v.1 #93 (Dec. 1961)

The Brain Globes of Rambat mentally enslave Superboy and the Legion and threaten to take over the Earth. NOTES: The original tale involved a save (and 1st app. of the Legion of Super-Pets: Krypto, Streaky the Super-Cat, Comet the Super-Horse, and Beppo the Super-Monkey.

Adventure #293 (Feb. 1962)

As his test for Legion membership, Ultra Boy and his friend Marla Latham visit the 20th century, where Ultra Boy, using the name "Gary Crane," attempts to uncover Superboy's secret identity. First mention of his home planet, Rimbor.

Superboy v.1 #98 (July 1962)

Brainiac 5 helps Clark capture Blackie Burke.

Adventure #309 (June 1963)

Colossal Boy helps Clark protect his secret identity.

Adventure #315 (Dec. 1963)

Kid Psycho ask for Clark's help in joining the Legion. He eventually becomes a reserve member.

Superboy v.1 #125 (Dec. 1965)

Duo Damsel, Mon-El, Shadow Lass, and Superboy take refuge from Mordru in Superboy's era, where the 30th century Legionnaires pose as distant relatives of various Smallville residents.

Adventure #369 (June 1968)

The Legionnaires deliberately remove their own memories of their true identities in a futile attempt to escape Mordru. Despite their efforts, Mordru captures them, along with Pete Ross and Lana Lang, and puts them on trial. The Legionnaires ultimately escape with the help of Dream Girl and the White Witch.

Adventure #370 (July 1968)

Superboy battles Mordru in the 20th century and imprisons him by burying him. He tosses Mordru's magical Blood Crystals into deep space, where they are later discovered by the Legion. Chameleon Boy, afflicted by the Crystals with an irrational hatred of Superboy, travels back in time to attempt to destroy the "boy of steel."

Superboy v.1 #188 (July 1972)

The Fatal Five attempts to eliminate the Legion from history by killing Superboy in the 20th century.

Superboy v.1 #198 (Oct. 1973)

Clark encounters the Legion's clone duplicates of the deceased Invisible Kid and Ferro Lad.

Superboy v.1 #206 (1-2.75)

Superboy returns to his own era under a hypnotic compulsion from Saturn Girl not to return to the 30th century. NOTES: Thought the suggestion is temporary, it marks a sharp decline in Clark's Legion participation.

Legion v.2 #259 (Jan. 1980)

Ultra Boy is thrown back to the 21st century and trapped in the Phantom Zone. His mind is transferred into Superboy's body. Afflicted with amnesia, he adopts a new costumed identity as Reflecto and returns to the 30th century, where he re-applies for Legion membership. NOTES: These events follow Ultra Boy's apparent death in Legion v.2 #275.

Legion v.2 #282 (Dec. 1981)

The Legion travels back to the 21st century to learn why Superboy was costumed as Reflecto.

Legion v.2 #280 (Oct. 1981)

The Legionnaires and Superboy battle the Molecule Master and are arrested by the U.S. Army for interfering with an atomic bomb test. Phantom Girl, Dawnstar, and Superboy escape to 21st century Bgztl.

Legion v.2 #281 (Nov. 1981)

Phantom Girl, Dawnstar, and Superboy find Ultra Boy in the Phantom Zone and learn how he (in Superboy's body) became Reflecto. Superboy decides to resume participation in the Legion. NOTES: This was the Legion's last pre-Crisis visit to the 21st century. After his public debut as Superboy, Clark visits the 30th century only three more times before the Crisis: Legion v.2 #289-294, 312 & Legion v.3 #11.

Legion v.2 #282 (Dec. 1981)

Superman's Era

Karate Kid tries to take Diamondeth back to the 30th century in hopes of returning her to normal, but the Lord of Time diverts him to Earth after the "Great Disaster" (the timeline of Kamandi). NOTES: Final issue of Karate Kid'. The story continues in Kamandi #58 (1978).

Karate Kid #15 (7-8.78)

Young Sodam Yat of Daxam, is discouraged by his father from exploring space. One day, Sodam finds a crashed alien craft and nurses its pilot, Tessog, to health. When one day Sodam returns to their cave, he finds it sterilized and he is mindwashed back into fearing aliens. Tessog's body is stuffed and used in a display, "attacking" a Daxamite citizen. NOTE: "Several years" pass before Sodam becomes a Green Lantern.

(Green Lantern Corps #18, 1.08)

A grown Sodam Yat reconstructs his alien friend's ship. Once it's ready, he is summoned to be a Green Lantern. NOTE: "Several years" pass within this tale.

(Green Lantern Corps #18, 1.08)

Parts 3, 5, 7: Lantern Arisia is assigned to mentor the rookie GL, Sodam Yat. (#14) He impresses the others with his skill. (#15) Yat is a natural leader. Mogo tells Yat that he is part of a prophesy. The Guardians order him to withdraw from danger but he refuses. After the Guardians rewrite the Book of Oa to authorize lethal force, Yat destroys the sentient slum, Ranx. Yat says that on Daxam, people believe say "Our red sun is the angry eye of Rao, who doomed our ancestors on Krypton." (#16) NOTE: First mention of Daxam's ties to Krypton. Sodam Yat first appeared in foreshadowing, in Green Lantern Corps #11 (June 2007). in Arisia first appeared in Tales of The Green Lantern Corps #1 (1981)

Green Lantern Corps #14-16 (9-11.07)

Part 9: Sodam takes charge of the battle on Earth. His super powers begin to wax under its yellow sun. The Guardians step in and assign their essential power to Yat, making him Ion II. NOTE: The former Ion, Kyle Rayner returned to regular G.L. service in Green Lantern #24 (Dec. 2007).

Green Lantern Corps #17 (Dec. 2007)

Part 10: Sodam Yat battles Superboy Prime on Earth. When Ion's shields are breached, he is exposed to lead and poisoning sets in. His ring attempts to reverse it.

Green Lantern Corps #18 (Jan. 2008)

After the war, Kyle Rayner advises Sodam Yat on his new Ion responsibility. If Sodam is not shielded by his ring, his lead poisoning will advance.

Tales of the Sinestro Corps: Ion (Jan. 2008)


The newly "Sinestroed" Mongul sets his sights on the population of Daxam. While Arkillo challenges Mongul for leadership of the Sinestros, Sodam Yat's mother escapes to warn her son.

Green Lantern Corps #32-33 (3-4.09)

Prelude: Sodam refuses to help Daxam, but is convinced by Arisia and his own mother.

Green Lantern Corps #34 (May 2009)

An unnamed human Colonel arrives from the 30th century. Calling himself Harvest, time travel has eaten away his body and expended his chronal energy, trapping him in the 21st century. He attempts to cure his adopted son, Jon Lane Kent, by creating a second Superman clone using three DNA strands. Harvest builds armies of Ravagers to serve in his war against metahumans. The clone is released without Harvest's intervention and becomes Superboy. NOTES: Harvest first appeared in Superboy v.5 #7 (2012).

Superboy v.5 #19 (June 2013)

At the paramilitary N.O.W.H.E.R.E., the clone, Superboy frees himself. He's aided by Dr. Caitlin Fairchild, and classmate/protector Rose Wilson. NOTES: The original Superboy clone first appeared in Adventures of Superman #500 (June 1993); Caitlin Fairchild in Wildstorm's Deathmate Black (Feb. 1994); Rose Wilson in Deathstroke #15 (1992).

Superboy v.5 #1 (Nov. 2011)

Superboy meets Supergirl. When they touch he is infused with the knowledge and language of Krytpon. When he tells her he's a clone, she calls him "Kon-El": an abomination in the house of El. She says he's destined to become a killing machine.

Superboy v.5 #6 (Apr. 2012)

Superboy effectively adopts the name Kon-El, when Wonder Girl inquires about his his "real" name.

Superboy v.5 #10 (Apr. 2012)

Legion: Lost v.2

Timber Wolf, Tyroc, Dawnstar, Wildfire, Tellus, Gates and Chameleon Girl follow Alastor Aghini Faud to the 21st century, arriving in Red Lake Falls, Minnesota. This, over a day after he has released a pathogen into the atmosphere that will transform humans with DNA from alien races. Their flight rings and transuits do not work. Timber Wolf finds Alastor and they begin a return trip to the future, but when Alastor awakes, he creates an explosion in which he, Gates and Chameleon Girl apparently perish (Timber Wolf senses their remains in the debris). 1st app. Dr. Jeffrey Scanlon. NOTE: The first Legion: Lost series concerned the Legion of Earth-247 (Legion 2) and is no longer in continuity.

Legion: Lost v.2 #1 (Nov. 2011)

The Legionnaires locate the first affected by the plague: Dr. Scanlon, who is transformed into Teallian like energy. They tell him of Alastor, whose sister died because of xenophobic extremists. His revenge was to transform humans into aliens using a Psion pathogen. Scanlon abandons his humanity and embraces his new energy form, but defies the Legion and disperses his own body. In Detroit Lakes, MN, another hybrid emerges.

Legion: Lost v.2 #2 (Dec. 2011)

Another victim surfaces in Minnesota, infected with Okaaran Rdrayyj DNA. Timber Wolf discovers that it contains the remains of the still-sentient Chameleon Girl! The creature is hunting other hypersapiens that have Durlan DNA. Wolf has mutated too, and hurls sharp claws from his fingertips.

Legion: Lost v.2 #3 (Jan. 2012)

Yera has only half her Durlan biomass and her DNA is in flux. She's re-absorbed into the Rdrayyj. Dawnstar locates Alastor, but finds he has Carggite DNA. Some agency monitors the Legion and sends in the Black Razors.

Legion: Lost v.2 #4 (Feb. 2012)

Tellus reaches into Alastor's mind, learning his history: working in Rimborian mines for his sister, Maryessa, who was killed on Earth by xenophobes. Alastor and a Psion geneticist created the Hypertaxis pathogen. Tellus manages to convince him that he has changed the course of history and perhaps saved humanity. Gates appears from nowhere; half his body is noticeably altered. Timber Wolf acquires Chameleon Girl but runs into the Martian Manhunter.

Legion: Lost v.2 #5 (Mar. 2012)

Timber Wolf is apprehended by Major Nicholson at Clinic #6 in Madison, Wisconsin. She has been tracking them. Wolf meets the Martian Manhunter Gates. The Legion arrives and they reason with J'onn, telling their story. J'onn leads them to a Durlan coprse, whose flesh merges with Yera, curing her. The Manhunter returns to Stormwatch with data on the Legion. Alastor escapes. 1st app. of Bio/Max (biological/mechanical augmented exoskelton). NOTE: Nicholson's name is an homage to DC's founder, Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson.

Legion: Lost v.2 #6 (Apr. 2012)

The Legionnaires go to New York City in pursuit of Alastor. Yera is mostly recovered but her natural appearance is slightly altered. Shape shifting is now painful. The team argues about their course of action: continue to help where needed or focus on getting home? Tellus receives stressful messages from a dying woman, Katia, with whom he connects, before she dies in a hospital. Timber Wolf takes down a drug ring with the help of Osman Bin Affadi.

Legion: Lost v.2 #7 (May 2012)

The Culling

The Teen Titans meet Harvest (Superboy #7, Teen Titans #7) and his minions, Omen and Leash. (Teen Titans #8)

Superboy v.5 #7 (May 2012); Teen Titans v.4 #7-8 (5-6.12);

Prelude: In the Antarctic, at the paramilitary N.O.W.H.E.R.E., Centerhall assembles a team of Ravagers: Crush, Hammerfist, Misbelief, Psykill, Ridge, Rose Wilson, and Windstorm. Yera ruminates over their "real mission" and remarks that her relationship with Colossal Boy was over long ago—and one of the reasons she volunteered for the current mission. Psykill renders the Legion unconscious. NOTES: Rose Wilson's original first appearance was Deathstroke #15 (1992); in the New 52 Superboy v.5 #1 (2011).

Legion: Lost v.2 #8 (June 2012)

Part 1: The Teen Titans and Legion awake in Harvest's "Colony," meeting Artemis, Thunder, and Lightning. Harvest's core protectors include Omen, Leash, and Warblade. His aim is to build an army. Leash draws the young heroes (including Beast Boy and Terra) to battle each other in the Crucible. Artemis is killed by Fist Point, which unites all the young heroes. The Ravagers attack anew. NOTE: Beast Boy and Terra are historical Titans, from Doom Patrol #99 (1965), and New Teen Titans #26 (1982), respectively. Warblade is Harvest's "progeny," and a reinvention of the original Wildstorm hero, 1st app. WildC.A.T.S. #1 (1992).

Teen Titans v.4 Annual #1 (July 2012)

Part 2: Timber Wolf suggests that Kid Flash is from the 31st century, caused many deaths, and escaped. When the Ravagers are defeated, Harvest reveals himself. NOTE: Kid Flash's (Bart Allen) first historical appearance was Flash v.2 #92 (1994); in the New 52, Teen Titans #1 (2011).

Superboy v.5 #9 (July 2012)

Part 3: Yera reveals her true loyalty—to Echo—and attacks Harvest, but he's nigh invulnerable, with a power scythe and null field; he is from some future, claims to have sent for the Legion, and that his aim is to save the lives of quintillions. He tells them that the Hypertaxis will eventually evolve and lose its mutagenic quality. Gates discovers a Time Bubble. Ridge defects from the Ravagers and joins the escapees.

Legion: Lost v.2 #9 (July 2012)

Part 4: Harvest retreats as the heroes destroy his compound, claiming it was his plan to have the Ravagers escape, thus validating the need for N.O.W.H.E.R.E. The Legion enters the Time Bubble and hope to arrive home. Harvest claims to be human.

Teen Titans v.4 #9 (July 2012)

The Legion returns to the 31st century to find all of Earth dead. Tyroc recalls a prophesy he uncovered as a youth and fears it's coming true. They find statues of themselves in the Hall of Heroes. They intend to go only ten years into the past but are shunted back to the Antarctic 21st century. At A.R.G.U.S., Col. Steve Trevor orders Maj. Nicholson to capture or kill the Legionnaires. Later Mr. Winston shows her Project Metamerican. The team includes Metamerican, Wideload (medic and spotter), Trip (transport and demo), and Gunner. They return to New York and Timber Wolf takes bullets to the chest.

Legion: Lost v.2 #10 (Aug. 2012)

Timber Wolf is treated by Dr. Shaleeka Mosley at Orchid Clinic. Brin dreams of a case, when he was told by Lt. Whyte that Zorak was trading information for "a one-way ticket to Echo." It protects witnesses with mind-wipes and secures them in the past. He wonders: has the Legion been "secured," with a case officer in tow? Alastor has mutated further, and possesses Dawnstar.

Legion: Lost v.2 #11 (Sept. 2012)

Alastor is doomed when he tries to possess Wildfire, who deposits the villain into the sun.

Legion: Lost v.2 #12 (Oct. 2012)

An alien race called the Utari are wiped out by an unknown force. On Earth, Tellus senses it and Wildfire goes to scout about it. He meets cosmic energy-powered Lord Daggor, self-described supreme conqueror, riding a space dragon, Thraxx. Yera is an agent of Echo, spying on the Legion in deep cover all along. After her breakup with Colossal Boy. She told her boss, Captain Nathaniel Adym, that she wanted out. Echo is a division of the Science Police, created to keep tabs on the Time Institute. Adym says there's more than one agent in the Legion, and sends her into the past because they believe they have a rogue agent in the 21st century. They select her team. They have found Wildfire's faceplate in the Arizona desert, 1000 years old, and know that Tyroc's gravestone foretells his death in the 21st century. Harvest, in Mongolia, says a sacred circle will begin events destined to save the world, or destroy it. Adym arrives in the 21st giving them a new mission.

Legion: Lost v.2 #13 (Dec. 2012)

Det. Jocelyn Lure receives an Echo alert and recruits Superboy and the Ravagers. Harvest adds his team to the battle with Daggor. Harvest comments that he had a hand in Superboy's creation. Daggor unleashes a a great machine to summon his masters. NOTE: Lure first appeared in Supeboy #??.

Legion: Lost v.2 #14 (Jan. 2013)

Captain Adym and Harvest both make similar comments. Adym is willing to kill half a continent to win, so Tyroc and Yera defy his orders.

Legion: Lost v.2 #15 (Feb. 2013)

Adym and Harvest discuss their shared goal and Adym receives somthing that will help him in the future. Adym goes an hour back in time. Harvest uses Leash to breach the force field and retrieve the object he'd just given Adym then returns to Mongolia. Also inside the field, Gates meets his past self from just after their arrival in this century. They open a gate to a black hole, sucking Daggor away. The younger Gates is disfigured by a blast. Adym plants his singularity bomb but then he cannot go forward in time, so he goes backwards. The bomb ignites inside Gates's portal and the threat is sucked away. Psykill returns Wildfire's original containment suit. Tellus reveals that Daggor's device wasn't a bomb but a communicator to summon his master. NOTE: Final issue.

Legion: Lost v.2 #16 (Mar. 2013)

Krypton Returns, part 1: A temporal tsunami brings Superman, Supergirl, and Superboy to Krypton before its destruction. Their quarry, H'el has killed Jor-El and set out to rule Krypton. NOTE: H'el first appeared in Supergirl v.6 #13 (2012).

Action Comics v.2 Annual #2 (Dec. 2013)

Krypton Returns, part 2: One week before Krypton's destruction, Superboy uses his newly-enhanced powers to connect with the fabric of Argo City.

Superboy v.5 #25 (Jan. 2014)

Krypton Returns, part 3: Superboy pushes the Eradicator through a portal, where he lands in Smallville.

Supergirl v.6 #25 (Jan. 2014)

Krypton Returns Part 4: Superboy launches Argo City into space and saves the life of Kara Zor-El. He dies as Krypton explodes. Superman and Supergirl return to Earth.

Superman v.3 #25 (Jan. 2014)

Forever Evil: The Teen Titans avenge the Justice League's alleged deaths at the hands of the Crime Syndicate. Johnny Quick uses Kid Flash's unique vibrational frequency to incite a temporal reaction. It sucks the Teen Titans (Red Robin, Wonder Girl, Superboy, Kid Flash, Solstice, and Raven) into the timestream.

Forever Evil #2 (Dec. 2013)

Krypton Returns, part 1: A temporal tsunami sends Superman, Supergirl, and Superboy back in time, to Krypton.

Action Comics v.2 Annual #2 (Dec. 2013)

Harvest summons Jon Lane Kent (Superboy II) from the 30th century to the 21st.

Superboy v.5 #29 (May 2014)

Superboy is resurrected by the Oracle, and becomes his herald, patrolling the timestream. The Teen Titans face off with Harvest, whose powers all come from his armor. His facility is totally destroyed and he's believed dead.

Teen Titans v.4 Annual #3 (July 2014)

Justice League United

The son of Superman and Lois Lane, Jon Lane Kent, dies from complications of his genetics. Superman and Lois disappear. A human from the 30th century (eventually known as Harvest) arrives and uses his knowledge to bring Jon back to life. Jon is taught to hate metahumans but his body eventually begins to fail again. Harvest jumps back several decades, to a time when he can use Superman's DNA to cure Jon.

Superboy v.5 #19 (June 2013)

Decades in the Future

The son of Superman and Lois Lane, Jon Lane Kent, dies from complications of his genetics. Superman and Lois disappear. A human from the 30th century (eventually known as Harvest) arrives and uses his knowledge to bring Jon back to life. Jon is taught to hate metahumans but his body eventually begins to fail again. Harvest jumps back several decades, to a time when he can use Superman's DNA to cure Jon.

Superboy v.5 #19 (June 2013)

The adolescent Jon Lane Kent kills nearly all the metahumans on Earth. The Teen Titans emerge from Johnny Quick's time storm in the future, where they meet Beast Man. He and Rose Wilson have formed a new team of Titans: Rose Wilson's daughter, Stonehenge (Oliver), Blur (Harlan), and Irony (Irene). The Titans' Superboy is attacked by Jon Kent, who gives him a massive mental transmission that ignites Superboy's powers. Superboy impales Jon on the Watchtower and then disappears through a mysterious portal. Beast Man finds Jon ourside, and for his own reasons, clothes him in a Superboy uniform and sends him off with the Titans as their Superboy (II). NOTE: Superboy's story continues in Action Comics Annual #2 (2013); this is the end of his Titans involvement.

Teen Titans v.4 Annual #2 (Dec. 2013)