Valor Chronology

This timeline is from that of the Reboot. It follows the hero, Lar Gand (Valor). This Earth no longer exists, and thus, neither do most of these events. However, Valor does still exist, as his Legion (of Earth-247) was trapped outside of time and now call themselves the Wanderers. They explore the multiverse.

1st app. of the alien Unimaginable, who also seeks membership but turns bitter. NOTE: The Unimaginable returns years later to vex Valor in Valor #6 (Apr. 1993).

JLofA #42 (Feb. 1966)

Metamorpho helps once again to vanquish the Unimaginable (posing as "Dr. Bendorion" ). NOTE: He again uses the name Bendorion in Valor #7 (May 1993).

JLofA #44 (May 1966)

Lar Gand is swept up in the War between New Genesis and Apokolips.

New Gods #17-21 (6-12.90)

The Daxamites fall to an unfamiliar element in Earth's atmosphere. One of them sacrifices himself to send a message back to Daxam convincing them to join Earth against the Alliance, effectively ending the invasion. NOTES: The Daxamite who died is later revealed as Lar (Valor) Gand's father Kel; the deadly element is lead. Lyrissa Mallor is the Legionnaire Umbra's ancestral grandmother.

Invasion! #2 (1988)

Dox runs computer simulations involving Lady Quark and Lar Gand.

L.E.G.I.O.N. #13 (Mar. 1990)

When Dox cripples the Daxamite Lar Gand with lead poisoning, Lar joins the L.E.G.I.O.N. from need of Dox's anti-lead serum. NOTE: Lar Gand's first historical app. as Mon-El was Superboy #89 (June 1961).

L.E.G.I.O.N. #16 (June 1990)

Dox and Lar Gand invade Project Cadmus, looking for Brainiac. The L.E.G.I.O.N. pursues them, clashing with Superman. Eventually they learn Brainiac has gone to Colu.

Adv. of Superman Annual #2 (1990)

Lar Gand, Phase and the L.E.G.I.O.N. visit the planet Poriaxus.

Legion vol. 4 #119 (Sept. 1999)

Deeming Lar Gand too unpredictable, Dox fires him from L.E.G.I.O.N. Captain Comet is offered membership, which Dox then rescinds.

L.E.G.I.O.N. #19 (Sept. 1990)

Starman Will Payton crosses paths with Valor. Payton was forced to lead Mr. Nebula to Daxam's system after injuring Nebula's herald, the Scarlet Skier. NOTE: The name "Valor" and the red-and-blue costume were actually first used Legion of Super-Heroes Annual, vol. 4 #2 (1991).

Starman vol. 1 #35 (June 1991)

Panic in the Sky: On Earth, Lar Gand helps Superman and Earth's heroes battle Brainiac.

Superman #65 (Mar. 1992)

Learning of the Dominions plans to once again invade Earth, Lar Gand liberates captives of the Dominion's prison camps. He then helps these people colonize a series of "buffer worlds" between Earth and Elia (Bismoll, Carggg, Geequo, Janus, Lallor, Mlain, Myrnah, Smoahtur, Thanar, Tharr, Winath, Zwen). NOTES: This act elevates Lar Gand to god status on these worlds. When he is released from the Stasis Zone in the 30th century, his identity is closely guarded to prevent religious chaos. Since the Valor series chronicles all Lar's activities until his banishment in the stasis zone, this event most likely occurred before the start of that series. PRE-ZERO HOUR: This pre-Zero Hour story involves the pre-Zero Hour Ultra Boy and Glorith, neither of which now exists.

Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 4 Annual #2 (1991)

When Lar Gand approaches the moon, he is possessed by Eclipso. Realizing Gand's power, Eclipso plans a takeover of Earth. NOTE: Eclipso claims in this issue that Lar Gand is more powerful than Superman.

Eclipso: the Darkness Within #1 (July 1992)

Starman sacrifices himself to destroy Eclipso. Lar Gand is also instrumental in the villain's defeat. NOTE: Though Superman is often credited with coining the name Valor in this issue, the name had already been used in Legion Annual (vol. 4) #2 and Starman #35 (June 1991).

Eclipso: the Darkness Within #2 (Oct. 1992)

On Earth, Valor seeks psychiatric help from Lex Luthor "Jr." He defeats his inner demons by destroying Eclipso's hideout in the South American jungle.

Valor #1 (Nov. 1992)

Valor meets Supergirl. Luthor gives him a space ship, the Pilgrim One, installed with a computer assistant, Babbage; this allows Luthor to keep Valor out of his way, yet still keep tabs on him.

Valor #2 (Dec. 1992 )

Heading for Cairn, Valor confronts the White Spider and then Lobo in space.

Valor #3 (Jan. 1993)

On Cairn, Valor get more anti-lead serum and repairs for his ship from Vril Dox. Dox crosses him, though, tainting the serum and setting his ship for the new prison, Starlag II, which resides under a red sun. NOTE: Dox's original serum allowed Valor to retain his powers under a red sun. The letter column of this issue contains a detailed history of Lar Gand up through the start of the Valor series. It also describes Dagon-Ra as a Tromite. Editor's note places this issue before L.E.G.I.O.N. #48.

Valor #4 (Feb. 1993)

Powerless, Valor is captured by Kanjar Ru, warden of Starlag II. In his cell, he meets a former Green Lantern, Alia (who he believes is a man). Babbage contacts the Blasters for help. NOTE: No mention is made whether Kanjar Ru is related to the JLA foe Kanjar Ro.

Valor #5 (Mar. 1993)

The Blasters free Valor but also let loose a powerful prisoner: the Unimaginable. NOTE: The Unimaginable first appeared in JLofA #42 (Feb. 1966).

Valor #6 (Apr. 1993)

Valor's powers return intermittently (often emphatically). Seeking power, the Unimaginable heads for the red sun. NOTE: The Unimaginable uses his old alias, Dr. Bendorion, in this story (1st used in Justice League of America #44, 5.66).

Valor #7 (May 1993)

Kanjar Ru warps the Starlag away just as the Unimaginable causes the red sun to go nova.

Valor #8 (June 1993)

Valor meets Darkstar Chaser Bron.

Valor #9 (July 1993 )

The Unimaginable restores Alia's youth (she was responsible for his imprisonment on Starlag II); Valor aids her in destroying him.

Valor #10 (Aug. 1993)

Valor goes berserk from lead poisoning. He takes Alia to Oa. There they meet Kilowog, who repairs the Pilgrim One. Valor sets out for Cairn, again after Vril Dox. NOTES: After this, Valor's trail is clouded. He arrives on Earth in Superboy #17 amnesiac and unsure exactly how he got to Earth.

Valor #11 (Sept. 1993)

D.O.A. 1: On Cairn, Dox pronounces Valor's condition terminal; he has a month to live. Valor decides to next try Daxam. NOTE: As Valor's memory was clouded when he arrived on Earth, it is possible that he made it to Cairn before going to Earth. PRE-ZERO HOUR: Valor's history from this point was completely different. Read the rest of his story below.

Valor #12 (Oct. 1993)

DOA 2: Valor discovers Daxam plagued by lead poisoning which the natives believe is a virus caused by an alien. He disposes of the alien's lead-lined ship, but his mother dies nonetheless. 1st app. of his brother Kel Gand. NOTES: As Valor's memory was clouded when he arrived on Earth, it is possible that he made it to Daxam before going to Earth. This plague may have contributed to the extreme xenophobia exhibited by 30th century Daxamites (both were written by Mark Waid).

Valor #13 (Nov. 1993)

DOA 3: In a last attempt to find a cure, Valor departs Daxam for Earth.

Valor #14 (Dec. 1993)

Valor appears on Earth, amnesiac and under the control of gambling boss Mr. Gamboli.

Superboy vol. 3 #17 (July 1995)

For profit, Mr. Gamboli sends Valor (calling him "Champion") to attack Superboy.

Superboy vol. 3 #18 (Aug. 1995)

Babbage appears and Valor regains his memory. Just then Babbage self-destructs. Using the portal at STAR Labs, Superboy sends Valor to the "Stasis Zone." When the portal erupts, Valor disappears. PRE-ZERO HOUR: It is unclear how much of Valor #12-14 still happened before Valor arrived on Earth. In this issue, he mumbles about wanting to find Vril Dox; Babbage mentions that Dox is now a fugitive.

Superboy vol. 3 #19 (Sept. 1995)

Future Tense 1: The Legionnaires' first visit to the 20th Century; they seek Superboy's help to rescue Valor. They bring Superboy back to the 30th century.

Superboy vol. 3 #21 (Oct. 1995)

Valor is released from the Phantom Zone in the 30th Century.
This timeline continues in the post-Zero Hour Legion Chronology

Divergent Valor Reality

Most events involving Lar Gand after Valor #11 were negated by the new Legion history established following Zero Hour. With Valor #12, the Valor title's continuity was intertwined with the events of Zero Hour. The following events are not a part of any major Legion continuity.


Part 1: Dox pronounces Valor's condition as terminal; he has a month to live. Valor decides to next try Daxam.

Valor #12 (Oct. 1993)

Part 2: Valor and Lori visit Daxam, which is suffering a deadly plague. Valor's mother Marisa dies. Valor ends the plague, but further shortens his own life. Note: These events take place concurrently with Legionnaires #16.

Valor #13 (Nov. 1993)

Part 3: Valor seeks the Justice League's help in curing his lead poisoning.

Valor #14 (Dec. 1993)

Part 4: Valor and Lori travel to Baaldur. Lori tricks Valor into conquering the planet for her. A group of SW6 Legionnaires travels back in time to investigate temporal distortions related to Valor's history.

Valor #15 (Jan. 1994)

Part 5: Lori is revealed to be Glorith. She offers to cure Valor if he will rule the universe at her side. Notes: At this point, the timeline of the Glorith Reality diverges. This encounter between Valor and Glorith takes place before they would otherwise have met in this timeline.

Valor #16 (Feb. 1994)

Part 6: Glorith reveals that she was responsible for Valor's lead poisoning. He refuses to join her and dies, altering the course of history. The SW6 Valor emerges from the timestream.

Valor #17 (Mar. 1994)

Part 7: The SW6 Brainiac 5 informs the SW6 Valor that the only way to preserve history is to relive his entire life.

Valor #18 (Apr. 1994)

The SW6 Valor reluctantly agrees to relive his life, but learns that he has only 48 hours to fulfill his destiny.

Valor #19 (May 1994)

The SW6 Valor tries to fulfill his destiny by "seeding" the worlds of the future United Planets with former Dominion prisoners, years before he originally did so. He meets Krinn Magar (an ancestor of Rokk Krinn) and learns that the people of Braal were not originally from Earth. The Linear Men warn him that he has run out of time.

Valor #20 (June 1994)

The Linear Men split Valor into multiple chronal duplicates to speed up his campaign, but it is too late. Glorith sends Valor to the Bgztl Buffer Region, the final part of his destiny. Notes: Last 20th century app. of Valor in the divergent Glorith timeline.

Valor #21 (July 1994)


Part 1, the 30th century: Time anomalies create problems at Laurel Gand's funeral on Shanghalla. Glorith and Mordru attack the Legion with villains from other timelines. Rokk Krinn is kidnapped by Glorith and Mordru.

Legionnaires #17 (Aug. 1994)

Part 2: R.J. Brande tries to replace the destroyed Earth with its Pocket Universe counterpart, but the Pocket Universe Earth proves unstable.

Valor #22 (Aug. 1994)

Part 3, the 30th century: Mordru and Glorith reveal that Rokk Krinn's destiny is somehow linked to the Time Trapper. They trap him in the Infinite Library on Baaldur and attack Talus to capture the Legion's Time Beacon. Mordru and Glorith summon the Infinite Man and divide his power between them.

Legion vol. 4 #60 (Aug. 1994)

Part 4, the 30th century: Mysa Nal separates Glorith and Mordru and then disappears. Rokk Krinn studies Glorith's Infinite Library and comes face-to-face with the Time Trapper.

Legionnaires #18 (Sept. 1994)

Part 5: Valor defeats Glorith with the help of Superboy. Mordru is vanquished and entombed beneath the Pocket Universe Earth. Superboy rallies the Legion and then disappears. Valor's wife, Shadow Lass disappears; a moment later, Valor does, too. The Time Trapper explains to Rokk Krinn how he created the SW6 Legion and reveals that he is Rokk!

Valor #23 (Sept. 1994)

Part 6, the 30th century: The surviving Legionnaires and SW6 counterparts are reunited. Lydda Jath disappears. The Time Trapper restores Tinya Wazzo. The Legionnaires allow the Trapper to merge them with their temporal duplicates in hopes of saving the universe. The Legion ceases to exist. The 30th century fades to white.

Legion vol. 4 #61 (Sept. 1994)

Zero Hour: The Time Trapper is stripped of his power and slain by Parallax (Hal Jordan). The universe is recreated at the dawn of time, resulting in a new 30th century timeline.

Zero Hour 1-0 (Sept. 1994)

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