The Legion Academy

» FIRST APPEARANCE: Adventure Comics #371 (August 1968)

+ History

Colossal Boy, in for re-training. From Adventure #371 (1968). Art by Curt Swan.

Academy headquarters at Montauk Point. From Legion v.2 #304 (1983). Art by Keith Giffen.
Above: Lamprey. Middle: Shadow Kid, [Herculean boy], Laurel Kent, [masked boy], Power Boy, Mandalla, Westerner, Nightwind. Front: Duo Damsel, Urk. From Legion of Super-Heroes v.3 Annual #3 (1987). Art by Greg LaRocque.

When it was first revealed that the Legion had a training quarters, it's latest addition was none other than a Legionnaire—Colossal Boy. After purposely botching a mission, the Legion's leader, Ultra Boy, send CB to the Academy for "re-training." In truth, Colossal Boy was being blackmailed by the Legion of Super-Villains, who had kidnapped his parents. The criminals forced him to spy on the Legion and deliver their secrets so that they could train their own members.

In addition to other instructors, active duty Legionnaires (including Karate Kid and Bouncing Boy) frequently served as instructors, too. In its early days, the Academy did not allow special costumes, only standard uniforms.

At the Legion Academy, Gim met two future Legionnaires, Chemical King and Timber Wolf. (Adventure #371) The Legion eventually figured out why Gim had betrayed them, and Chemical King and Timber Wolf were recruited to help bust up the LSV. Afterwards, they were awarded with full Legion membership. (#372)

Wildfire became a key instructor at the Academy, supervising the admission of two of its lovelier new recruits: Laurel Kent and Dawnstar. Laurel Kent was (supposedly) the descendant of Superman and Lois Lane. (Superboy & the Legion #217) She remained an Academy student for years until she was ultimately revealed as an android Manhunter. (Legion v.3 #41-43)

Dawnstar had been recruited by the Legion's benefactor, R. J. Brande, who promised her a "handsome" salary. (#240) Before long, Dawnstar became a Legionnaire as well. (#226)

Even after joining, Dawnstar continued to train with her friends in the Legion Academy, including Laurel Kent, Jed Rikane (later called Power Boy), and Shadow Lass' cousin, Grev Mallor (Shadow Kid). Their enthusiasm helped shape her own attitude towards heroism as an end in itself. (#240)

The next group of long-term students joined the Academy after being rejected for Legion membership. When the Legion accepted Blok, three other Earth Natives—Crystal Kid, Lamprey and Nightwind—were left in the cold. (Legion v.2 #272) Not long afterwards, they were denied a second time, but encouraged to keep studying by their mentor, Wildfire. (#283)

Soon they were joined by Comet Queen and Cosmic Boy's brother, Magnetic Kid. These students were undeterred by rejection, and all Academy members reviewed anew by the Legion's membership committee. Though some applicants were impressive, the committee remanded all for further training: "better no new Legionnaires than another dead one." (#304)

But membership trials are frequent, and a couple more Academy members were finally successful. A new recruit, Ganglios (#9) (later called Tellus) won the luck of the draw when Saturn Girl retired. Similarly, Magnetic Kid was awarded his brother's spot when Cosmic Boy also retired. (#14)

On that same day, another telepath, Mentalla, was rejected (#14) and opted to enter the Legion Academy. She soon mysteriously disappeared, (#24) and turned up as a member of the Emerald Empress' new Fatal Five! (#25) Secretly, Mentalla had hoped to infiltrate the Five and impress the Legion with her bravery. Instead, she was killed by the Empress. (#26)

Beyond Legion tryouts, students at the Legion Academy regularly proved themselves heroes in their own right. They helped rescue Cosmic Boy and the Substitute Heroes (Tales of the Legion #316) and aided in the clean-up after the Dominators attacked Kathoon. By this time, several new recruits had joined, including the new Karate Kid, Visi-Lad, the Westerner, Mandalla, and several others who have not been identified by name. (Legion v.3 Annual #3)

Legion 2: Earth-247

There was another Legion Academy in Universe-247, which was destroyed by the Infinite Crisis.

This Academy was established not by the Legion, but by their governing authority: the United Planets. As such, any world could send candidates for training. Their ranks began weakly with a trio of misfits, Tomb, Cannus (Cahvey Cannus) and Brawler. They were escorted to the Academy's headquarters Warnabros by Legionnaires Apparition and Andromeda. (Showcase '95 #6) When Legion membership was made voluntary, and Legionnaires were no longer appointed by their homeworlds, the United Planets closed the Academy. This made recruitment a challenge, and several Legionnaires mentioned perhaps they should begin their own Academy. Cannus returned to apply for Legion membership but didn't make the cut. (Legionnaires #43)

Quite a while later, they made good and established the Legion Cadet Program. Among these cadets were Polar Boy, Comet Queen, Babbage, Retro and Amp Girl. (The Legion #25)

When the Legion was largely out of commission, Chuck Taine called in the Legion Cadets for help. Nightwind and Infectious Lass were among those who impressed that day. (#36)

List of Legion Academy Students

Name (Aliases) First Academy Appearance Status
Chemical King (Condo Arlik) Adventure #371 Deceased Superboy & the Legion #228
Timber Wolf (Brin Londo of Zuun) Active in the Legion
Laurel Kent of Earth, aka Manhunter Superboy #217 (May 1976) Destroyed Legion v.3 #43 (February 1988)
Dawnstar (none) Superboy v.1 #226 (Apr. 1977) Active in the Legion
Power Boy (Jed Rikane of Earth) Superboy & the Legion #240 (June 1978) Active at the Academy

Shadow Kid II (Grev Mallor of Talok VIII)

Bouncing Boy (Chuck Taine)   Co-director of the Academy
Duplicate Damsel (Luornu Durgo Taine, Triplicate Girl, Duo Damsel, Una)   Co-director of the Academy
Crystal Kid (Bobb Kohan of Earth) Legion v.2 #283 (Jan. 1982) Active at the Academy
Lamprey (Tayla Skott of Earth) Active at the Academy
Nightwind (Berta Skye Haris of Earth) Active at the Academy
Comet Queen (Grava of Colony Extal [Quaal-3]) Legion v.2 #304 Active in the Legion
Magnetic Kid II (Pol Krinn) Deceased Legion v.3 #62
Urk (unknown) Active at the Academy
Tellus (Ganglios of Hykraius) Legion v.3 #9 (Apr. 1985) Active in the Legion
Mentalla (Delya Castil of Titan) Legion v.3 #24 (July 1986) Deceased Legion v.3 #26
Karate Kid II (Myg of Lythyl) Legion v.3 Annual #3 (1987) Deceased Legion of 3 Worlds #3
Mandalla (Tari Wahlmunn of Takron-Galtos) Active at the Academy
Visi-Lad (Rhent Ustin) Active at the Academy
Westerner (Timthy Santoza of Earth) Active at the Academy
[masked boy] Unknown
[Herculean boy] Active at the Academy
Chemical Kid (Hadru Jamik of Phlon) Legion v.6 #6 Active in the Legion
Dragonwing (Marya Pai of Earth) Active in the Legion
Gravity Kid (Tel Vole of Earth) Inactive
Variable Lad (Oaa Tseldor of Jaquaa) Active at the Academy
Glorith II (unrevealed) Adventure Comics #523 Active in the Legion


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