Vandal Savage

Created by Alfred Bester & Martin Nodell

Vandar Adg, Khufu, Khafre, Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan, Vandalo Salvaje, Marshal Sauvage, Blackbeard

Annabeth (daugher, deceased), Scandal (daughter), Roy Harper (Arsenal, unspecfied descendant)

The Illuminati, Injustice Society of the World, Symbolix, Ally of Solaris

Green Lantern v.1 #10 (Winter 1943)


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c. 50,000 BC: Cro-Magnon Vandar Adg watches his father die at the hands of Rip Hunter, a time traveler from the future. Moments later, young Vandar and another human are bathed in the radiation of a newly fallen meteor, unknowingly making him immortal. They will ultimately become Vandal Savage and the Immortal Man, respectively. (Time Masters #8)

c. 45,000 BC: Vandal Savage arrives in Atlantis, where he founds the Illuminati in partnership with Garn Daanuth, the evil brother of Arion, High Mage of Atlantis. (Time Masters #7)

34,782 BCE: After his transformation, in Western Europe, Savage destroyed his elders and his people became known as "The Blood People." (JSA Classified #11)

20,000 Years Ago: The Guardians of the Universe are drawn to the Mars, where a savage, burning race threatens to soon bring chaos to the universe. The Guardians modify the Martians' genetic makeup so that they can no longer burn or asexually reproduce. They are engineered with a weakness to flame and the green and white Martian races are born. Before this, one rogue Martian reaches Earth and slaughters thousands of people. Vandal Savage's people call it Dakath, the Burning. After several months, Savage succeeds in slaughtering it. He locks Dakath's skull in another dimension. (JLA2 #84-87)

3,582 BCE, Sumeria (JSA Classified #10)

c. 2,570 BC: Vandal Savage adopts the identity of the pharaoh Khufu (also called Cheops). He rules Egypt from 2551 to 2528, ordering the construction of the Great Pyramid at Giza. (Who's Who #25)

c. 2,518 BC: With the help of a time traveler from the 20th century, Nabu the Wise creates the Scarab of Khafre (or Kha-ef-re) in a failed attempt to break the power of Vandal Savage. The Scarab is lost for 4,500 years before being rediscovered in the 20th century by archaeologist Dan Garrett (Blue Beetle I). Notes: Time Masters #6 gives the date of this story as 2578 BC, which is not possible. Vandal Savage is shown as the pharaoh Khafre, who was not yet born in 2578. Khafre was Khufu's younger son, who ruled Egypt from 2520 to 2494 BC It is plausible that Savage ruled as Khufu and then continued his reign by masquerading as his own son, but in that case, a more likely date for this story would be 2518 BC The Scarab of Khafre first appeared in Charlton Comics' Blue Beetle #1 (1964). (Time Masters #6)

Via Black Barax's Time Cube, Mr. Terrific, Hawkgirl and Captain Marvel travel back in time. They are greeted by Vandal Savage, who wields the Orb of Ra and controls the Metamorph. Note: This is the only issue which correctly states the time period: Ramses II, 19th Dynasty. The 20th Century JSAers prepare to do battle with Savage alongside their ancient counterparts. With the help of the sun-god, Ra, Vandal Savage is reduced to infancy. Teth-Adam slays Ahk-ton. The JSA members are placed in suspended animation, to be revived thousands of years hence. (JSA #42-44)

1,210 BCE: He fights the Egyptians alongside Moses during the Jews' exodus. (JSA Classified #12)

244 BCE: Northern Europe (JSA Classified #10)

c. 70 BC: Vandal Savage adopts the identity of Gaius Julius Caesar. (Who's Who #25)

44 BC: Vandal Savage fakes his death as Julius Caesar to adopt a new identity. NOTE: This is the historical date of Caesar's death.

200 CE, Egypt: He survives the destruction of the Great Librarby of Alexandria. (JSA Classified #12)

323 CE, Rome (JSA Classified #10)

c. 1206, China: Vandal Savage adopts the identity of Genghis Khan and becomes prince of the Mongols, leading their invasion of China. (Who's Who #25)

13th century: Robin Hood teaches Vandal Savage knifeplay. (Arsenal #3)

1503-1506: Vandal Savage blackmails Leonardo da Vinci into painting the Mona Lisa. (Final Night #2)

1588: As Vandalo Salvaje, Vandal Savage leads the Spanish Armada in a failed campaign against Sir Francis Drake. (Who's Who #25)

1718: As Blackbeard, Edward Teach. He managed to escape defeat by Lieutenant Robert Maynard's (JSA Classified #11)

1770: Vandal Savage's agents in America assassinate George Washington and replace him with a look-alike: Adam Weishaupt, ostensible leader of the Bavarian Illuminati. (Time Masters #5)

c. 1796: As Marshal Sauvage, Vandal Savage becomes an advisor to Napoleon; he presumably takes a new identity after Napoleon's abdication in 1814. (Flash v.1 #137)

1870: Vandal Savage and Jason Blood become advisors to Prince Otto Von Bismarck, the premier and later chancellor of Prussia. Savage orchestrates Bismarck's victory over the French in the Franco-Prussian war (1870-1871) and consolidation of the German states. Savage presumably leaves Prussia when Bismarck is removed by Emperor William II in 1890. (Flash #137, Swamp Thing #85, Who's Who #25)

September 1874: Jonah Hex , Bat Lash, and Scalphunter are hired to form the Second Justice Brigade, to assist time-traveling Rip Hunter and the Time Masters in saving the future U.S. President Rutherford B. Hayes from assassination attempts by Vandal Savage. (Time Masters #3)

1887, Little Baddow, England: He was an upper class man with a wife and daughter, Annabeth. (JSA Classified #12)

1940: Green Lantern meets the immortal Vandal Savage. (Green Lantern v.1 #10)

The Wizard enlists the Brain Wave, the Gambler, Per Degaton, the Thinker, and Vandal Savage to join the Injustice Society of the World. (All-Star Comics #37)

Vandal Savage forms the corporation Symbolix, which uses cell samples of the JSA and other heroes in an attempt to distill the superhuman potential of the Golden Age heroes.

While working at the Mt. Pride Observatory, Ted Knight is captured by Vandal Savage and Solomon Grundy. The Flash battles the living constellation Orion. The Flash and Hawkman defeat Andromeda and Orion, but are beaten by Vandal Savage — now wielding Starman's Gravity Rod. Green Lantern defeats Sagittarius. He and Black Canary join Flash and Hawkman to confront Vandal Savage and Solomon Grundy. Vandal Savage uses the Gravity Rod to seize control of the living constellations. Ted Knight constructs an improved Cosmic Rod to defeat Vandal Savage and the living constellations. He resumes his role as Starman and rejoins the JSA. Notes: The Flash mentions his fiancee in this issue; however, according to the later Flash v2 #161, he and Joan Williams were married in 1947. (Justice Society of America #1-8)

Arn Munro and Sandra Knight have a child, who is kidnapped by agents of Vandal Savage shortly after his birth. Their child is never seen again. (Damage #11)

Vandal Savage's company Symbolix uses the newborn son of Al and Mary Pratt to test a process for transferring the metagene from one human to another. Mary Pratt dies and the boy is raised by two Symbolix employees, who name him Grant Emerson. Al Pratt believes that his son died at birth. (Damage #2)

The new heroes hold a press conference in Gotham City at the site of the JSA's former headquarters. There they adopt the name of the Justice League of America. Millionnaire Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) sends Simon Carr to offer the league the resources to set up their headquarters. Queen remains anonymous. Working with Locus, Vandal Savage sends Thorn, Eclipso, Solomon Grundy and Clayface after the JLA. Locus attacks their former ally, Vandal Savage. (JLA: Year One #2)

Vandal Savage attempts to defeat both the Apellaxians and the heroes by seizing a mindwipe device. J'onn filters the device's energies through his own mind and subdues the aliens. Earth's heroes are freed and together, they send the Apellaxians back to their homeworld. The two Green Lanterns meet for the first time. Hawkman tells the JLA members that the Justice Society considers them worthy successors. (#12)

Pre-Crisis: The two Flashes join forces to rescue the Atom I, Dr. Mid-Nite, Green Lantern I, Hawkman I, Johnny Thunder, and Wonder Woman I from Vandal Savage. The JSA comes out of retirement. (Flash v.1 #137)

The JSA battles Vandal Savage in the time of King Arthur. The bank forecloses on Alan Scott's company, GBC. Star-Spangled Kid adapts the cosmic rod into a cosmic converter belt. Pre-Crisis: In the past, the JSA rescues Superman and Power Girl from Vandal Savage. In the present, a distraught Green Lantern falls under the influence of Psycho-Pirate II. Post-Crisis: No Earth-2 Superman. (All-Star Comics #64-65)

Vandal Savage destroys the Uruguaian city of Montevideo. (DC One Million #1)

The Prime Superman returns to Earth in the 853rd Century and defeats Solaris. The time traveler Chronos sends the 853rd Century Vandal Savage back in time to ground zero of the Montevideo disaster, apparently destroying him once and for all. (#4)

Arsenal, Titans, Forgotten Heroes


Savage has, of course, boasted about many other accomplishments throughout history. Unconfirmed claims include designing Stonehenge, circa 2000 BC (JLA: Year One #12), killing Nighthawk in 1879 (Hawkman v.3 #13) and causing the JSA's retirement in 1951. (JLA: Year One #2)

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