Created by Paul Levitz and Joe Staton


Charles Bullock

Unnamed brother


As Bullock: Adventure Comics #464 (July/Aug. 1979)
As Blackwing: Wonder Woman v.1 #297 (Nov. 1982)

Wonder Woman v.1 #296-299

+ History

The straw that breaks the camel's back. From Wonder Woman #296 (1982); art by Joe Staton and Jerry Ordway.
From Wonder Woman #298 (1982); art by Joe Staton and Frank McLaughlin.
Helping the Huntress. From Wonder Woman #299 (1982); Joe Staton and Frank McLaughlin.

Charley Bullock grew up in the streets of Gotham City, and he was greatly impressed by the exploits of Gotham's most famous crime fighter, Batman. Bullock never met the Dark Knight, but he did come across another Justice Society member, Wildcat (Ted Grant). On that day, Ted was feeling a bit dejected because he felt he didn't fit in well with the younger members of the Justice Society. He wandered over to his old business, Grant's Gym, which he had closed when he rejoined the JSA and met Charlie Bullock there. Charlie's older brother had trained at the gym and he was disappointed that it was closed. Just then, Wildcat was attacked by a gang. He defeated him with some unexpected help from Charley and decided to reveal his secret identity to the boy. This inspired Grant to train a new generation of heroes and he resigned from active duty in the JSA to reopened the gym. (AdventureĀ Comics #464) NOTES: This story was originally intended for All-Star Comics #75. Charlie is drawn as a kid in this story but his next appearance (only three years later, below) depicts him as having just graduated from law school.

Charley went on to attend law school and was hired as a junior staff member to the law firm of Cranston, Grayson and Wayne. There he met Helena Wayne (aka the Huntress). Although he believed in the law, he was growing frustrated with the system's limitations. One day Charley witnessed an attack on a local shop keeper by members of the Boa's gang, and his resolve was hardened. (#296) He made for himself a costume inspired by the Batman's, complete with a utility belt, and wings that would allow him to glide in the air. He took to the streets calling himself Blackwing! (#297)

Unfortunately, he was quickly taken captive by the Boa's gang and feigned that he was unconscious. When the Huntress pursued the gang, she was attacked by the Boa's giant snake, and Charley helped free her. Blackwing had made recordings of the whole affair with his utility belt. After the Huntress mopped up the gang, this evidence was used to put them away. (#299)

Blackwing made no other appearances beyond his first adventure.

+ Powers

Blackwing had no special powers. He was trained by Wildcat in hand-to-hand combat. He wore a special suit with a stocked-up utility belt, and a cape that functioned like glider wings.