Solomon Grundy

Created by Alfred Bester and Paul Reinman

Cyrus Gold

Dr. Chrissie Cavendish (great-great-granddaughter)

Injustice Society of the World

All-American Comics #61 (October 1944)


Cyrus Gold was murdered in Slaughter Swamp at the turn of the century. His body moldered for almost fifty years; eventually an imperfect plant elemental was formed from his corpse. The elemental stumbled upon a hobo camp, and the hobos named him Solomon Grundy because the only thing the elemental knew was that he was born on a Monday. The hobos convinced Grundy to help them commit robberies, but these were foiled by Green Lantern. Grundy escaped, and in a berserker murder spree he killed eleven people. Green Lantern put an end to Grundy by throwing him under an oncoming train.

Grundy returned to life and fought Green Lantern and the JSA many times over the years.

(All-Star Squadron #1-3)

Grundy took to living in Gotham City�s sewers. He was disturbed by hitman Mickey Sullivan, who fled to the sewers to escape Batman. Grundy went berserk and attacked Batman, who had followed Sullivan. After a brief fight Grundy slunk away. Batman felt pity for the man-monster, and later brought a turkey dinner down to the sewer on Thanksgiving for Grundy to enjoy. (Batman: The Long Halloween #2)

Grundy encountered Harvey Dent, who was hiding in Gotham�s sewers after being disfigured by Sal Maroni. By reciting the �Solomon Grundy� nursery rhyme Dent befriended the monster. (#12)

Harvey Dent assembled a crew including Grundy, Joker, Mad Hatter I, Scarecrow, Poison Ivy and Catwoman to kill gangster Carmine �The Roman� Falcone. Batman defeated Dent�s lackeys but couldn�t stop Dent from personally killing The Roman. (#13)

Vandal Savage gained control over Grundy. Savage dispatched Grundy, Eclipso, Clayface II and Thorn to kill the fledgling Justice League of America. In-fighting led to the villain team's defeat. (JLA: Year One #2)

Grundy was resurrected by Asmodel, and this version of Grundy was somewhat intelligent and very evil. Asmodel instructed him to kill the Marvel Family, so he went to Blue Valley High to engage them in combat. He was defeated through the combined efforts of the Marvel Family, Star-Spangled Kid II and S.T.R.I.P.E. (Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. #4)

(Starman v.2 #70, 71)

Grudy made the abandoned Arrowcave his new home. When Green Arrow and Arsenal visited their old hq Grundy was infuriated at the intrusion and attacked them. After an intense fight Green Arrow managed to strangle Grundy with his bowstring. (Green Arrow v.3 #17, 18)

(JSA All-Stars #1)

Grundy, under the thrall of Gorilla Grodd, attempted to collect the billion dollar bounty President Luthor placed on Superman�s head but failed. (Superman / Batman #3)

Green Arrow accompanies Dr. Chrissie Cavendish of STAR Labs to find Solomon Grundy. She claims to be his great-great-granddaughter and wants to cure him. She claims the serum he originally tried to perfect was to improve the human race. They confront him then he retreats. Overnight, Chrissie makes a pass at Arrow, which he barely denies. When they find him the next day, Chrissie turns on him and injects herself with Grundy's blood to become like him. She's transformed into a hideous beast, which Grundy subues. Arrow takes her into custody. (Green Arrow #53)

+ Powers

Grundy possessed superhuman strength and invulnerability. He didn't need any form of sustenance, such as food or air, to survive, and he didn't physically age. Grundy could absorb certain forms of energy, such as radiation and magic. Each time Grundy died he was invariably resurrected. Each resurrection altered Grundy's mental and physical state. These various forms of Grundy reflected different aspects of Cyrus Gold's personality. Grundy's most common form was savagely brutal yet mentally childlike.

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