The Gambler

Created by Henry Kuttner & Martin Nodell

Steven Sharpe

Rebecca Sharpe (granddaughter), Unnamed grandfather (deceased), Unnamed father (deceased)

Injustice Society of the World

Green Lantern v.1 #12 (Summer 1944)


The day after high school graduation Steven Sharpe proposed to his girlfriend. She refused to marry him unless he could prove he was not a compulsive gambler like his father and grandfather. She soon ran off with a local boy who won a fortune gambling on the sweepstakes. Steven decided to start a new life for himself when, as fate would have it, an armored car crashed feet away from him. He helped himself to the money that spilled from the van, and vowed that from then on he would take whatever he could from life. He dubbed himself the Gambler in remembrance of his grandfather, and spent several years at a traveling carnival learning the art of disguise and knife-throwing. Using these skills he embarked on a life of crime, soon becoming one of America's most wanted. Arriving in Gotham City he fought with Green Lantern I, but escaped. They would fight a number of times before Green Lantern could finally bring him to justice. (Green Lantern v.1 #12)

In 1944 Gambler is hired by Albert Mellow, an art collector, to commit insurance fraud. The scheme is foiled by Starman I and Sandman I. (Starman v.2 #22)

Gambler fought Green Lantern many times over the years, and later joined the Injustice Society of the World to combat the JSA, but he was always recaptured and sent to Gotham Penitentiary. After being paroled he went to gamble in Las Vegas' Taj Mahal Casino, but the games were fixed and Gambler lost all his money. This final defeat proved to be too much for him, and he committed suicide, shooting himself in the head. His legacy was continued by his granddaughter Rebecca Sharpe, also known as Hazard.

+ Powers

Gambler keeps a five-barreled derringer up his sleeve. It is capable of firing ammonia gas and a smokescreen as well as conventional bullets. He also carries razor-sharp throwing knives inside his jacket. Gambler is a master of disguise and impersonation.

Appearances + References


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