Timm Talks Justice League

DC Comics' greatest superheroes make their small screen debut in Cartoon Network's JUSTICE LEAGUE  

5 December 2001

By Frank Kurtz, News Editor

Show co-creator reveals what lies ahead.

Producer-artist Bruce Timm has been talking about what lies ahead on the Cartoon Network's successful JUSTICE LEAGUE TV series.While talking to Toon Zone, Timm revealed that future episodes will include familiar guest stars from DC comics, saying, "Aquaman [which is happening now], The Demon, Metamorpho, Sgt. Rock, the Blackhawks, and, of course the JGA [not a typo]...am I forgetting anyone? If we get picked up for another season, we're thinking about another Aquaman story, and maybe one or two other 'guest stars', but for the most part we're trying to keep the number of hero cameos down to a minimum....we've got SEVEN major players to deal with already, after all, lots of unexplored territory to work with..."As for future storylines, he says, "Thrills, spills, chills...humor, horror, heroism and heart. For season 2, we're thinking about using Amazo, Despero, possibly the Crime Syndicate, possibly an earlier, more souped-up version of the Royal Flush Gang (more continuity!), DEFINITELY another Injustice Gang/Legion of Doom/what-have-you story. Amazo will almost certainly get a complete makeover, and will probably not even be called Amazo by the time we're done with him. For a split-second we considered pitting the JL against the All-O Squad--Amazo, Despero, Starro, Chemo and Bizarro--but decided that was too hokey even for US..."When asked what other concepts or projects he has lined up or would like to do, Timm answers, "I'm not thinking much beyond the 2nd season of JL at this point. We've still got a lot to do to finish up season one, so our plate's pretty full. Believe me, I got no complaints about working in animation (at least for the time being). The show's a blast to work on, I get to collaborate with some of the most talented artists, writers, actors,  musicians, etc. in the business -- what's not to love?"

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