JLA Chat Hour

with Grant Morrison and Dan Raspler

15 July 1997

I have edited this transcript down to mostly just relevant responses from Morrison (GM) and Raspler (DR).

Dan Raspler: Aztek shows up in JLA #10...

DR: No current plans for more female members of JLA... sorry.

DR: Animal Man will only be in for a brief cameo...

DR: Zauriel will be appearing in a three issue JLA mini-series written by Mark Millar. After that, he'll be joining the league as a full memeber.

Grant Morrison: I think Hawkman is a better name. I'd prefer to use it for its 'classic' status but we'll se

GM: Captain Marvel joins in JLA #16.

GM: When Diana dies we probably won't be using her successor. I've come up with another way to use Wonder Woman in the upcoming storyline.

GM: Junior JLA - the idea's there and in development. Don't know how much of it will be me but hopefully I'll have some input. I imagine we'll be using the younger sidekicks rather than ex-Titans.

GM: Martian fire vulnerability was based on the old comics I'd read. I missed the series where this was explained to be a psychological vulnerability. I kinda prefer the character having a real Achilles heel and not simply a psychological block. I'm afraid sometimes I don't get all the continuity but god help me I try.

GM: No appearances by Atom or Beetle or any of those guys. In ten years someone else will do a revival of that stuff I guess.

GM: The mystery member will replace poor old Aztek. Watch for what happens.

GM: No. Martian Manhunter, Superman and Batman know all the alter egos. The others don't.

GM: I wouldn't have time to write a monthly batbook. JLA is my monthly batbook, I suppose.

GM: The entire team line-up appears in #16.

GM: The new Hourman is from the 850th century. He's the Master of Time

GM: Tyler family Miraclo genes.

GM: There was a short story in some old Superman comic from the 70s where it was suggested that Kal El would have become Krypton's GL. I just ran with that notion.

GM: Hourman - going back to that - is going to be the even more mysterious 13th member.

GM: I've written pretty much everyone I want to do now. I'm looking forward to Captain Marvel.

GM: The JLA go up against Darkseid in #13 and 14.

GM: No Firestorm. No Red Tornado. No Rebis. Sorry.

GM: I really like the Kyle Rayner GL. I think he has haidden depths and will surpass Hal Jordan.

GM: When Animal Man appears it will be the guy in the costume and will follow on directly from my last issue, as if none of the other stuff ever happened.

GM: I don't take on proteges after the last three were murdered by the Joker.

GM: Green Arrow will hopefully bring another human presence to the Olympian table.

GM: Snapper Carr will return. I'm not sure when but I have the story worked out.

GM: Adam Strange and the Phantom Stranger will make guest appearances.

GM: Zauriel was just a name I made up based on the angelic language channeled by John Dee and Ed Kelley in the 16th century. Zauriel can fly and shout really really loud and talk to wildlife using angelic language and he has a flaming sword and anything else we come

GM: I prefer the classic Superman.

GM: Aquaman has stronger legs, Zauriel has stronger arms. Dan said that.

GM: Wally's ability to heal is accomodated in the story. It only takes place over a couple of days, which is how long it takes him to heal the damage.

GM: The new Flash costume is made of condensed speedforce and looks like mercury in antigravity.

GM: Yes. The 12th member was in the Buyer's Guide.

GM: Bizzare Boys may still appear. Pete and I are having discussions about finishing the story, half of which was done.

GM: The maximum number of books I should be writing is two but I've been sucked into madness.

GM: I'm happy enough writing GL in JLA and, like I say, much as I loved Hal, I see more potential for development with Kyle.

GM: Metamorpho will be back, I'm sure. He's only 'inert'.

GM: I think Hal should stay dead.

DR: Tom Peyer is writing a Zatanna story...

DR: Read JLA Secret Files for the updated Star Conqueror story.

GM: Green Lantern only seems like the class clown when he's around Wally. check out how he reacts in #10, when Wally isn't around.

GM: The Scottish Mirror Master is in the Injustice Gang and in the upcoming Flash story.

DR: Does everyone know who's in the Injustice Gang?

DR: Luthor, Joker, Circe, Mirror Master, Ocean Master, Doctor Light, and

DR: Plas shows up in JLA #11

GM: We may see Black Canary in JLA but I just don't think she's iconic enough.

DR: Black Canary is in JLA Year One, by Waid, Augustyn and Kitson.

GM: If there were more genuinely primal superwomen in the DC I'd have them

DR: The Zauriel Mini series (called JLA: PARADISE LOST) will start right after issue #13 of JLA. on the team. It's a problem but the heroines we have in the DCU just don't cut it for me in the big league stakes. Any really good suggestions I haven't heard yet ?

GM: Aztek is not an icon, you're right. That's why he's getting the boot.

GM: Catwoman is an idea I really like but she'd steal all the trophies.

GM: What I like best about Captain Marvel is that he's Billy Batson's idea of what his ideal dad would be like.

GM: Bruce Wayne would never hang out with Kyle and Wally - they're not low- life enough. Think about it - Wayne's a rich guy who hangs around with criminals in alleyways.

GM: I read lots of superhero comics - Mark Waid stuff, Alan Moore..whatever I think's good.

GM: Matches Malone hangs out with Eel O'brian in #11.

GM: Imagine the JLA in civvies. They'd be big. They'd be like those people you can never get past on the street.

DR: We've got ideas for everything, and plans for about half of everything.

GM: I hope to bring back the Thunderbolt, with a new owner and lots more genies - all in ballpoint pens. Trust me. I think the new Thunderbolt owner should be a poor kid - makes it more like Aladdin. I'll be doing a JLA/JSA team-up later in the second year. That'll be the Thunderbolt story.

GM: It'll be the remnants of the JSA and a couple of surprises.

GM: Oracle will appear in JLA.

GM: I like the idea of old superheroes - it adds the time element to this stuff.

GM: The room is spinning like that big disc thing on the back of Rod Taylor's time machine.

DR: Dianna's not written as eye candy! She's written as a warrior princess!

DR: Check out issues #6-7 when she destroys Azmodel's chariot.

DR: Well, now you know where Xena gets it.

DR: OK, well as we sit here, we're right in the middle of JLA MONTH.

GM: nothing with the Royal Flush Gang upcoming. In the second year, I'm going to create a bunch of new villains, so no revivals for a while.

DR: The T-shirt ships into comic stores in a week or two...

GM: I haven't given up hope for Katar, I just think Zauriel should use the name and if Katar comes back we do 'Battle of the Hawkmen' and may the best bird win.

DR: JLA SECRET FILES is the first issue of a very important new ongoing series that explores the details of the DCUniverse in depth. The first issue is on the JLA, and it contains a story by Grant and Mark Millar, with art by Howard Porter and John Dell. This one is a must have for JLA fans. It also has all sorts of cool tid-bits on the characters on the team, and a story about J'onn J'onzz.

DR: We're also working on JLA YEAR ONE, a 12 issue mini series.

GM: I don't get much time to do this online stuff but yeah I'm getting into it.

GM: Orion makes an appearance during the Darkseid story.

DR: Hey! Grant! Keep that secret!

GM: I'll write until I get bored. I have three years of storylines planned right now.

DR: Grant and Howard Porter will both be at the San Diego Comic Con this weekend. We're even doing a special JLA panel. with the help of a spiritual healer.

DR: WW will be appearing in JLA #10-15. Somewhere in there.

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