Part 6: The 'Big Guns' JLA (JLA #1-60)

In 2010, with the New 52, Cosmic Teams ceased covering the Justice League. This section is archival only.

Arrt by Phil Jimenez
Sequence of Events Issue (Date)
1 Year Ago
Grant Morrison & Howard Porter begin
The seven heroes who teamed against Know Man assemble again to defeat a new Star Conqueror, an alien cybernetic probe. At the urging of the Spectre, they officially assume the mantle of the Justice League of America (Green Lantern V a member for the first time). JLA Secret Files #1 (Sept. 1997)
Superman marries Lois Lane. Due to his lingering powerlessness from the "final night," he is able to cut his long hair. Superman: The Wedding Album (Dec. 1996)
When the Legion of Super-Heroes is stranded in the 20th century, they take up residence in the Secret Sanctuary. The JLA eventually helps them return home to the 30th Century. Legion v.4 #89 (Feb. 1997), #100 (Jan. 1998)
1st app. the Hyperclan (White Martians): A-Mortal, Armek, Fluxus, Primaid, Protex, Tronix, Zenturion and Zum, who raise the ancient Martian city of Z'onn Z'orr in Antarctica. They execute the villain Judgment . Metamorpho is rendered "inert" in saving Icemaiden, Nuklon & Obsidian when the Refuge "dies" and crashes to Earth. NOTE: Superman's hair should have been drawn short in this story arc. JLA #1 (Jan. 1997)
The Hyperclan capture most of the Leaguers. JLA #2 (Feb. 1997)
The Hyperclan are revealed as a formerly-banished race of white Martians; there are 70 of them. JLA #3 (Mar. 1997)
J'onn mind wipes the white Martians and places them to live unknowingly among humanity. The JLA moves into its new Watchtower on the moon. JLA #4 (Apr. 1997)
J'onn disguises himself as Brain Wave in order to convene, infiltrate and capture many members of the Secret Society of Super-Villains. The Society is shown as an extensive underground network. NOTE: In this story, the Watchtower is built and the JLA announce their recruitment drive. Interestingly, Per Degaton appears in this tale. JLA 80-Page Giant #1 (July 1998)
J'onn takes up residence in Z'onn Z'orr and assumes the role of protector to the Southern Hemisphere. JLA Secret Files #1 (Sept. 1997)
Superman manifests new magnetic-based powers and blue skin. Superman v.2 #123 (May 1997)
Superman undergoes a self-imposed re-initiation after the change in his powers. JLA Secret Files #1 (Sept. 1997)
The JLA is attacked by the time-traveling villain Epoch (a.k.a. Lord of Time II). While battling him through time, they accidentally emerge in the Wildstorm universe, where they meet the WildC.A.T.S. (Mister Majestic, Grifter, Zealot, Void and Maul), who temporarily return with them to the DC universe to defeat Epoch (leaving him trapped in a temporal loop with no escape). NOTE: This one-shot, written by Grant Morrison is in-continuity. It occurs here because JLA #5 states that the IF is a leftover device of Epoch's. Steel also refers to the battle with Epoch in DC One Million. It features the blue Superman, Batman, Flash, GL and Wonder Woman. JLA/Wildcats (1997)
After being captured by Toyman and the evil Cyborg, Superman splits into two energy beings to escape them. "Superman Red" is the more emotional of the two, while "Blue" is more analytical and logical. Superman Red Superman Blue #1 (Feb. 1998)
American Dreams. TPB
Tomorrow Woman (android creation of Professor Ivo and T. O. Morrow) joins the JLA. She aids in defeating the alien Taint (JLA:TW), but dies soon thereafter in battle against the IF (Implicate Field). A funeral is held for Metamorpho at Valhalla. The League limits its membership to 12 (which is never adhered to). GUEST APPS: Robin, Damage, Max Mercury, Warrior, Aztek, Plastic Man, Steel, Green Arrow, Supergirl, Artemis III, Hitman. JLA #5 (May 1997), JLA: Tomorrow Woman #1 (June 1998)
Aztek joins after the League aids him against Amazo. Aztek #10 (May 1997)
1st app. Zauriel (good) and Asmodel (bad), angels. NOTE: Abnegazar (of the Demons Three) is described as being alive, while Rath (of the Demons Three) is described as having been dead, and later reborn as a maggot. After this, the JLA teams with Resurrection Man in #2 of that series to battle Amazo. JLA #6 (June 1997)
The Key awakes from a coma, takes down the JLA on their moon base. JLA #7 (July 1997)
Green Arrow (Connor Hawke) arrives to continue his membership testing and encounters the Key. JLA #8 (Aug. 1997)
After defeating the Key, Green Arrow joins. JLA #9 (Early Sept. 1997)
Under the influence of her magic lasso, Aquaman reveals his long-standing attraction to Wonder Woman. JLA 80-Page Giant #1 (July 1998)
Wonder Woman dies at the hands of Neron. She is taken by Zeus to Olympus and becomes the goddess of truth. Wonder Woman v.2 #125 (Sept. 1997)
J'onn solves a case involving the murder of an alien family in the Pacific northwest. 1st app. in-continuity of the Brain Trust (who first appeared in Kingdom Come). JLA Annual #1 (1997)
Zauriel seeks out his true love. Asmodel critically injures Martian Manhunter. GUEST APP: the Demon. JLA: Paradise Lost #1-3 (Jan.–Mar. 1998)
Part 1: The new Injustice Gang attacks (Luthor, Joker, Circe, Mirror Master III, Ocean Master, Doctor Light III & Jemm). Aztek's 1st mission as a member. Circe first (fully) appeared in Wonder Woman v.2 #18 (July 1988); Jemm in Jemm #1 (Sept. 1984); Mirror Master II in (Evan McCulloch) Animal Man #8 (Feb. 1989). JLA #10 (Late Sept. 1997)
Part 2: Batman, disguised as "Matches" Malone, recruits Plastic Man to help against Luthor's Gang. GUEST APP: Metron. JLA #11 (Oct. 1997)
Part 3: The Injustice Gang captures Green Arrow. Batman bribes Mirror Master to betray Luthor. Aquaman, Flash and GL are teleported to Wonderworld, then jump 15 years into the future. 1st app. Hourman III, Mote, Adam One. On Wonderworld, the JLA are shown the infant universe of Qwewq, which exists in a petri dish. JLA #12 (Nov. 1997)
Hippolyta assumes her daughter's role as Themyscira's ambassador, becoming the third woman called Wonder Woman. She soon travels with Jay Garrick back to 1942 where she remains for 8 years as a member of the Justice Society. Wonder Woman v.2 #128 (Dec. 1997)
Part 4: In the future, the JLA discover an Earth dominated by Darkseid. The future JLA includes the Atom, Argent, Amazo and Aztek II. JLA #13 (Dec. 1997)
Part 5: The JLA recover the Philosopher's Stone. The Atom finishes off Darkseid and Orion remakes the world using the Genesis Box. JLA #14 (Jan.98)
The new Mist (impersonating Icemaiden) kills Amazing Man II, Crimson Fox and Blue Devil. NOTE: Icemaiden remains alive, elsewhere. Blue Devil later returns to life during Underworld Unleashed. Starman v.2 #38 (Jan. 1998)
Retro is given honorary JLA membership when by winning an essay contest. But he is murdered by Prometheus II before he can claim his prize. NOTE: The original Prometheus debuted in Blue Beetle #12 (a member of the Hybrid). Prometheus #1 (Feb. 1998)
Jim Corrigan makes peace with himself, his father and God and decides finally to leave the mortal world. His funeral is attended by Superman, Batman, Aquaman, J'onn, Flash, the JSA and others. The Spectre returns to limbo to await a new mortal host. Spectre v.3 #62 (Feb. 1998)
Part 6: With the undercover help of Plastic Man, the Injustice Gang is defeated. Metron warns the JLA to "prepare for the fortification of Earth." Aztek and Green Arrow resign. The JLA is disbanded in order to restructure. JLA #15 (Feb. 1998)
Wonder Woman III, Steel III, Huntress, Plastic Man, Oracle and Zauriel join. Warrior's bid for membership is denied. JLA Secret Files #2 (Aug. 1998)
Despero's personality begins to surface and taking over L-Ron for brief time periods. L-Ron finds himself in Leesburg where, with the help of Supergirl, Despero's psyche is permanently exorcised L-Ron emerged intact, still within Despero's body. Despero's essence finds its way to the "Abyssal Plane," where he later meets Johnny Sorrow. Supergirl #17-18 (Jan.–Feb. 1998)
Arsenal arranges for a birthday party for the de-aged Atom on the JLA Watchtower. NOTE: Members present are Superman, Flash, J'onn and Aquaman plus Black Canary, Elongated Man, and Zatanna. Teen Titans v.2 #18 (Mar. 1998)
Strength In Numbers tpb
The new members are introduced to the public. Disguised as Retro, Prometheus invades the Watchtower. JLA #16 (Mar. 1998)
A surprise appearance by Catwoman allows the JLA to defeat Prometheus, who escapes. Big Barda and Orion appear at the Watchtower demanding to join the JLA (Barda for the first time). JLA #17 (Apr. 1998)
Julian September's Engine of Chance alters the laws of probability, unleashing destruction, and causing several JLAers to disappear. NOTE: Written by Mark Waid. JLA #18 (May 1998)
With the considerable help of the Atom's physics expertise, September's machinations are halted. J'onn visits Oracle's headquarters. NOTE: Written by Mark Waid. JLA #19 (June 1998)
Jack Knight requests the JLA's aid in acquiring a spacecraft, which they deny, having none to spare. NOTE: Superman appears in blue. Starman v.3 #43 (June 1998)
Superman returns to his original powers and costume. Superman Forever (June 1998)
Adam Strange brings a team to Rann in hopes of their secret help in defeating En'Taran invaders. NOTE: Written by Mark Waid. JLA #20 (July 1998)
Adam Strange is reunited with his wife Alanna shortly before he must return to Earth. NOTE: Written by Mark Waid. JLA #21 (Aug. 1998)
Daniel, the Lord of Dreams comes to the JLA's aid against the Star Conqueror. JLA #22 (Sept.98)
Diana returns to Earth and to the mantle of Wonder Woman. Donna Troy regains her gods-given powers. NOTE: Donna is reestablished as Diana's "sister" (a mystical copy); this comes from Silver Age lore. Wonder Woman v.2 #136 (Aug. 1998)
The Star Conqueror's consciousness on Earth destroyed. Diana resumes her place in the JLA and the League gets a visit from the future Justice Legion A. JLA #23 (Oct. 1998)
Earth's teens are stranded apart from all the grown-ups by the ancient Atlantean entity Bedlam. GUEST APP: Captain Marvel. NOTE: Diana is depicted as Wonder Woman here. JLA: World Without Grownups #1 (Aug. 1998)
Robin, Impulse and Superboy officially form their own (unnamed) group. GUEST APP: Captain Marvel. JLA: World Without Grownups #2 (Sept. 1998)
Robin, Impulse and Superboy adopt the name Young Justice. The Red Tornado comes out of dormancy to serve as their advisor. Young Justice #1 (Sept. 1998)
Wally West marries Linda Park. The JLA attend, in costume. Flash v.2 #142 (Oct. 1998)
Ghosts: Felix Faust revives ancient wizard Hermes Trismegistus to attain immortality, causing people from the afterlife to appear. Vibe, Steel and Ice return from the dead along with other dead Leaguers to help defeat Hermes (whose spirit comes to rest inside Faust). JLA Annual #2 (1998)
The Justice Legion A: Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Aquaman, Starman, Hourman and Flash John Fox travel back in time to invite the JLA to the 853rd Century, where the original Superman is to return from seclusion. When the JLA are sent to the future, the "Hourman virus" begins infecting the planet. It was planted in Hourman by Solaris, the evil living sun, as a means of prompting his own creation. Montevideo, Uruguay is destroyed by Vandal Savage's rogue Rocket Red unit. NOTE: Flash John Fox first appeared in the Flash 50th Anniversary Special (1990). This Wonder Woman resembles Power Princess of the Squadron Supreme. DC One Million #1 (Nov. 1998)
The Hourman virus invades the entire planet. At vanishing point, Waverider hears Matt Ryder utter something about the "Kingdom" and a "barrier.&quot DC One Million #2 (Nov. 1998)
Two Justice Leagues begin building Solaris as a means to house the Hourman virus, drawing it out of the Earth. JLA One Million (Nov. 1998)
Solaris comes online. Starman "one million" is found to be a traitor, but redeems himself by vaporizing the Knight Fragment (Kryptonite), and repelling Solaris. DC One Million #3 (Nov. 1998)
Hourman III aids when the Flash becomes "unstuck" in time, experiencing past DC Universe crises. JLA in Crisis Secret Files #1 (Nov. 1998)
Victor Stone (Cyborg) captures all living Titans and invades Earth with an alien technovirus. With combined forces and lots of help, they coax Victor from his alien host and into a new body. NOTE: Cyborg's new appearance is similar to that in "Kingdom Come." After this, the JLA appear in Wonder Woman #140-141 (Jan.–2.99) and Power of Shazam! #45 (Jan.99). JLA/Titans #1-3 (Nov. 1998–Jan. 1999)
Justice for All tpb
General Wade Eiling creates the Ultramarines: Warmaker One, 4-D, Flow, Pulse 8; they repossess the entombed (second) Shaggy Man. On New Genesis, the coming of Mageddon is foretold. NOTE: Eiling 1st appeared in Captain Atom #1. The original Shaggy Man's body is still lost somewhere in space. JLA #24 (Dec. 1998)
J'onn receives help from the JLA in locating and finding info on the Headmaster. Martian Manhunter #1 (Dec. 1998)
General Wade Eiling transfers his mind to the body of the Shaggy Man II (he is hence known as "The General"). JLA #25 (Jan. 1999)
The General is teleported to the asteroid belt. The former Ultramarines form the sovereign state of Superbia which floats above the ruined Montevideo. There they establish a new global peacekeeping force. Vixen, Jack O'Lantern III, Goraiko and Knight & Squire III are among those to join them. 1st app. Jakeem Thunder, who discovers Johnny Thunder's Thunderbolt in an inkpen. Hourman III arrives from the future to replace J'onn, who's taken a leave of absence. JLA #26 (Feb. 1999)

A manned NASA probe returns from beyond Pluto infested with Bloodlines aliens. Batman recruits the assassin Tommy Monaghan (Hitman, a Bloodline convert), for help. When the probe lands on the moon, the JLA's powers cut out. (#1) After the aliens incapacitate the JLA, only Tommy is left to exterminate them. The JLA offer their "thanks" but turn him over to Gotham City police for trial of his former crimes. The police let him go. (#2) NOTE: This story was told in flashback by Superman to reporter Peter Kirby, years after Hitman's death (Hitman #60). Per Garth Ennis, it takes place midway through the Hitman series, for sure after his first meeting with Superman—Hitman #34 (Feb. 1999).

Justice League/Hitman #1-2 (Nov.–Dec. 2007)
Resurrection Man declines an offer to join the JLA after aiding against Major Force. Resurrection Man #21 (Feb. 1999)
The Atom rejoins the JLA in a trainer's capacity after helping to defeat Amazo. The League discusses adding to their number, and do call in dozens of reservists to combat Amazo. NOTE: Depicted among the reserves are some heroes who have never been members, including Black Lightning, the Creeper and Jade. J'onn uses the identity of Hino Rei, an in-joke; Rei Hino is the secret identity of Sailor Mars from the Sailor Moon cartoon. After this, the JLA appear in Anarky #1 (May 1999) JLA #27 (Mar. 1999)
The JLA step in to take Despero off Young Justice's hands, but agree in the end to let the kids do their job, and to continue using the Secret Sanctuary as their HQ. Young Justice #6 (Mar. 1999)
When the JLA plans to subdue the deranged Superman, Batman discovers that his kryptonite ring has been switched with a fake. Action #753 (Apr. 1999)
Thinking him unstable, the JLA nearly kills Superman by synthesizing kryptonite with Green Lantern's ring. Superman: Man of Tomorrow #13 (Spring 1999)
A JLA team travels to Z'onn Z'orr and finds an injured and traumatized J'emm. After Diana takes J'emm to the Watchtower, Steel, Huntress and Aquaman find themselves transported to an area which looks like Mars. They enter a facility containing a Genetic Research Lab, where J'onn's brother, Ma'alefa'ak (disguised as J'onn) is conducting genetic experiments on humans. He attacks the Leaguers, but they escape. Martian Manhunter #6 (May 1999)
J'onn is summoned to the Watchtower by the JLA and denies the actions of Ma'alefa'ak (Malefic). Malefic attacks the League while he is intangible, which again implicates J'onn. J'onn tries to escape; he destroys the teleporters and heads for his Martian ship, which Malefic has rigged to explode! Martian Manhunter #7 (June 1999)
Superman pronounces that J'onn is dead. However, J'onn managed to transfer his consciousness into his arm and teleported to Z'onn Z'orr. He gains his mass and strength from absorbing soil into his body, and launches Z'onn Z'orr into orbit. Wonder Woman and Aquaman raise suspicions that he may not have been responsible for the evil deeds. DEO agent Cameron Chase asks for J'onn's remains, but the JLA refuses. Malefic, still on the Watchtower, plots to kill the JLA; disguised as Batman, he attacks the Flash. Martian Manhunter #8 (July 1999)
J'onn begins to lose control of his new body but contacts the Watchtower and challenges Malefic to face him at Z'onn Z'orr (which is now near the sun). J'onn restores Malefic's telepathy and with it, his weakness to fire. Both J'onn and Malefic are traumatized, but J'onn is rescued at the last moment by Superman and Orion. Z'onn Z'orr and Malefic fall into the sun. The trauma leaves J'onn temporarily without his shape-shifting power. Martian Manhunter #9 (Aug. 1999)
Part 1: Flash I, Sentinel, Wildcat, reassemble as the JSA to help the JLA free the Spectre and stave off an imminent invasion from the 5th Dimension. Triumph gains control of the 5th Dimension genie Lkz, who restores his powers. NOTES: This is Hourman's first mission as a JLA member. Lkz is controlled by saying "so cool." Guest app.: Captain Marvel. JLA #28 (Apr. 1999)
Part 2: Hippolyta answers the JSA's call. Triumph kidnaps Gypsy and Ray and invades the Watchtower. Sentinel and Zauriel contemplate how to free the Spectre from his confinement. Jakeem Thunder first commands the Thunderbolt, whose real name is revealed as Yz. Captain Marvel heads for the 5th Dimension. JLA #29 (May 1999)
Part 3: Captain Marvel and Green Lantern discover that the manipulator behind the war between the pink and blue genies is Qwsp. 1st app. of Mister Mxyzptlk's "quinto-partner," Gsptlnz. NOTE: Qwsp (a.k.a. Quisp) first vexed Aquaman in Aquaman, v.1 #1 (1962). JLA #30 (June 1999)
Part 4: The Spectre is released from his prison, transforming Triumph to ice. Yz and Lkz merge to form a new purple genie named Ylzkz. Qwsp is returned by his peers to the 5th dimension. Wildcat reveals having acquired 9 lives sometime in 1945. JLA #31 (July 1999)
Aquaman and Kyle respond to a JLA distress call from a missing French nuclear submarine. They end up passing through a wall of ambient energy, which ages Kyle and de-ages Aquaman. They find the sub trapped behind the wall, find a way through it and are returned to normal. Also, J'onn tricks Green Lantern and Plas into believing he is an intruder to the Watchtower. Green Lantern 80-Page Giant #2 (June 1999)
Hourman III meets Snapper Carr, defeats Amazo, then divests himself of the Worlogog and most of its power. Carr begins calling him "Tyler." Hourman #1 (Apr. 1999)
Locus resurfaces using a new mechanical virus. JLA #32 (Aug. 1999)
Psykosis, a pawn of Kobra, switches their own minds with those of eight Leaguers. JLA: Foreign Bodies (1999)
Noticing his potential, the JLA inducts the small town hero Mark Antaeus. When a clash of ideals leads to the death of innocents, Antaeus commits suicide. JLA: Superpower (1999)
JLApe: King Solovar of Gorilla City is assassinated, and the JLA (minus Batman) are turned into apes. Guest app.: Animal Man. JLA Annual #3 (1999)
JLApe: From interviewing Congo Bill, Mallah, and others, J'onn exposes and defeats the mastermind behind the "Gorilla Warfare"--Gorilla Grodd. Martian Manhunter Annual #2 (1999)
The L.A.W. forms from when Avatar moves the Watchtower into suspended animation. Members include Blue Beetle, Captain Atom, Nightshade, Question, Sarge Steel, Judomaster & Peacemaker II. NOTE: This group is made from former Charlton Comics heroes, which were purchased by DC. The Avatar is revealed as Judomaster's former sidekick, Tiger in #3. The L.A.W. #1-6 (Sept. 1999–Feb. 2000)
Wally West gives his life, taking himself and Cobalt Blue into the Speed Force. Flash v.2 #150 (July 1999)
A white Martian shakes off its brainwashing and impersonates Bruce Wayne. Walter West (Flash IV) reveals his identity to Superman, who then agrees to let him stay with the JLA. NOTE: This Flash, who was from Hypertime, first appeared in Flash #152 (Sept.99). JLA #33 (Sept. 1999)
World War III tpb
Prometheus orchestrates the theft of Green Lantern's ring during a riot at Belle Reve prison. Zazzala, the original Queen Bee recruits the Shaggy Man for Luthor's new Injustice Gang. Mister Miracle heralds the coming of Mageddon, an evil old god. JLA #34 (Oct. 1999)
A team cleans up some of Prof. Ivo's rogue robot prototypes, which had been activated after his recent defeat. The Huntress and Barda vacation with Wonder Woman on Themyscira. The Atom gets sunburn while hiding inside Superman's body. Plastic Man and Orion team up against chaos energy in Los Angeles. JLA 80-Page Giant #2 (Nov. 1999)
The Justice Society is officially re-formed with Atom-Smasher, Sentinel, Flash, Sand, Hawkgirl II, Doctor Fate IV, Black Canary, Wildcat, Starman, Star-Spangled Kid. Hippolyta declines full-time membership. NOTE: Hawkgirl first appeared in JSA Secret Files #1 (Aug. 1999). JSA #4 (Nov. 1999)
The Demon Etrigan tricks the Spectre into merging with Asmodel. Together, they subdue Neron and unleash Hell on Earth. Doctor Occult begins gathering an army of mystics to stop him as the Sentinels of Magic. Day of Judgment #)1 (Nov. 1999)
A group of heroes travels to Heaven in search of assistance, where they encounter the spirits of the Atom, Doctor Mid-Nite, Hourman, and Mister Terrific. They contact the spirit of Jim Corrigan, but he rejects their pleas to become bonded again to the Spectre. Meanwhile, in Hell, another group of heroes enlists the aid of Hal Jordan. Day of Judgment #2 (Nov. 1999)
J'onn and Gypsy battle the resurrected Ice, Vibe, Steel and Crimson Fox. Gypsy dies, but is returned to life by J'onn's god, Hronmeer. Martian Manhunter #12 (Nov. 1999)
In search of a weapon to defeat Asmodel, Captain Marvel goes into space to retrieve the Spear of Destiny. Hal Jordan returns to Earth, but is struck down. The JSA arrives on the scene, with the new Doctor Fate in tow. Day of Judgment #3 (Nov. 1999)
The heroes channel mystical power into Hal Jordan to battle Asmodel. Hal uses the power to summon the spirits of the Green Lantern Corps to his aid. In Hell, Blue Devil is resurrected and the son of Felix Faust re-ignites the fires of Hell by murdering the Enchantress. On Earth, Neron takes over Superman's body and seizes control of the Spectre. Day of Judgment #4 (Nov. 1999)
Hal Jordan defeats Neron and Asmodel and becomes the next human host for the Spectre (II). The Spectre's power helps to curtail the influence of the Parallax entity when Jordan returns to Earth. Day of Judgment #5 (Nov. 1999)
Hal Jordan entrusts the Spear of Destiny to the Sentinels of Magic, who send it into the sun after casting a spell to ensure that only they can retrieve it. Day of Judgment Secret Files (Nov. 1999)
The JLA help Hal Jordan realize his new role as the Spectre. They discover that no living people can recognize him as Hal Jordan. JLA #35 (Nov. 1999)
Following a battle with Brainiac, Clark Kent and Lois Lane attend a party at Cat Grant's. Clark is called to Smallville and learns that, Lana Lang's baby is arriving prematurely. At the same time, the JLA (J'onn, Orion, Wonder Woman, Flash, G.L., Plas and Huntress) discover that Doomsday is again causing havok. Superman ignores their summons so he can save Lana's child. As Wonder Woman lies defeated, she discovers that Doomsday speaks! Doomsday Wars #1 (1999)
Superman heads for Atlanta with Lana's baby for its special care. Meanwhile, Doomsday holds off the U.S. troops and attacks the approaching Superman. Fearing for the child's safety, Superman sustains massive blows. He is dragged underground, where he discovers a strange city. He learns that Brainiac's conscience inhabits Doomsday; he had released Doomsday from the End of Time. Doomsday Wars #2 (1999)
Superman is joined by Lana's husband, Pete Ross; they return to the underground city and Pete saves his child. Superman separates Brainiac from Doomsday's body and Doomsday is coerced into a transporter tube to the moon. Superman frees the JLA and the team concoct a prison made of three transporter tubes; between them, Doomsday is never allowed to become whole. Brainiac moves into a fail-safe robot body, unable to leave. Pete and Lana's child is named Clark Peter Ross.NOTES: Doomsday remained in the transporter prison until "Our Worlds at War" when President Luthor demanded his release to aid in the war. Doomsday was vaporized. Lex later, re-cloned him and the monster was transformed by the Joker's gas into Doomsday Rex. Superman again defeated him, and Luthor handed Rex over to Darkseid. Doomsday Wars #3 (1999)
Disciple II (Jerome Cox) acquires an ancient power and sets about destroying the JLA by "devolving" them. Wonder Woman's disembodied spirit eventually frees the others and Disciple is killed by the old gods who gave him the powers. NOTES: This special stars all current members except Orion. The first Disciple battled Green Lantern & Zatanna in GL 80-Page Giant #2 (June 1999). JLA: Primevil (1999)
The Atom conducts "continuing education" for a group of JLA reservists including Power Girl, Firestorm, Firehawk, the Ray & Booster Gold. NOTE: This is Firehawk's first association with the JLA. Secret Files Guide to the DC Universe #1 (Mar. 2000)
The JLA informs the public of their experimental "signal devices" which resemble wedding rings. NOTE: This is all to cover up the fact that Superman was shown wearing a wedding ring in Superman #151 (Dec.99). Steel is shown as a member of the JLA. Superman: Man of Steel #96 (Jan. 2000)
Part 1: Mageddon destroys Wonderworld. The JLA calls in all past and reserve members. The Injustice Gang invades the Watchtower. At some point after this, the JLA takes the infant universe of Qwewq into safe storage. JLA #36 (Dec. 1999)
Part 2: Prometheus invades Oracle's headquarters. The Martian Manhunter returns to active duty. The New Gods and Wonder Woman come face-to-face with Mageddon. JLA #37 (Jan. 2000)
Part 3: At the JLA Embassy in North America, heroes gather under Mister Miracle to confront Mageddon. Luthor is freed from Mageddon, and Batman takes down Prometheus. A bomb destroys much of the Watchtower, along with Zauriel's body. The General escapes into the Phantom Zone, followed by Orion. NOTE: The extent of damage to the Watchtower is uncertain. Triumph's body was inside. JLA #38 (Feb. 2000)
Part 4: Orion's dog, Sturmer, hurls himself and the General into the Phantom Zone. Batman catches the Huntress on the verge of killing Prometheus and revokes her JLA membership. Mageddon looms over the Earth. JLA #39 (Mar. 2000)
Part 5: Metron suggests that Earth will evolve because of the coming of Mageddon. Animal Man suggests a plan. Wally West (who returns to the JLA) brings help from the other side of the Speed Force — Glimmer, last survivor of Wonderworld. JLA #40 (Apr. 2000)
Part 6: Glimmer empowers all humanity with superpowers. Zauriel returns to the flesh with the Pax Dei to help. The people of Earth then, along with the sacrifice of Aztek, defeat Mageddon. Orion and Barda resign from the JLA. NOTE: GL tells Captain Atom that the JLA has an Amazonian Purple Healing Ray in their infirmary, and it was used to help give everyone on earth super powers (it appears next in Wonder Woman #167 & 179). JLA #41 (May 2000)
Superman, Green Lantern, and Batman stop the Hand of Krona: a group of aliens who worship Krona. They seek to upgrade and unify the universe. On monitor duty, Plastic Man wins a challenge from the alien B'au W'au race, by impersonating other JLA members; afterwards, the League allows Plas to assume regular monitor duties. While investigating Eclipso's ruined fortress on the moon, GL and Superman find a werewolf, which is taken to S.T.A.R. labs for study. The wolf is actually the wife of the S.T.A.R. Labs scientist, who was transformed by Eclipso several years earlier. She dies just as she is cured. While upgrading the Watchtower's interstellar communications system, Steel and Aquaman defeat the Oblivion Meme. NOTE: Also contains an Elseworlds story where the Joker and Doomsday fight Superman and Batman. In actuality, these characters had been action figures in a make-believe scenario between two young boys. JLA Showcase 80-Page Giant #1 (Feb. 2000)
The JLA assist Green Lantern in finding, fighting, and cleaning up after Nero. Green Lantern v.3 #135-136 (Apr.–May 2000)
Lex Luthor is approached by a Mister Irons asking him to obtain a certain artifact (the Witchblade) for him. A few days later, in Gotham, Sara Pezzini, holder of the Witchblade, is severely injured in an attack by armed robots. She contacts Barbara Gordon (their fathers were acquainted) for help. Oracle transports Sara to the Watchtower for medical assistance. Aquaman takes notice of the Witchblade, and soon finds that it is an ancient Atlantean artifact. Meanwhile, a fragment of the Witchblade bonds with Oracle then Huntress and is re-bonded with the original Witchblade. Wonder Woman bonds with the Witchblade to fend off an army of Luthor's robots. Sara wakes up in the Watchtower, and is at first unwilling to reclaim the blade, but is ultimately convinced. JLA/Witchblade (2000)
While exploring the anti-matter universe, Brainiac becomes Ultraman's captive. Adventures of Superman #604 (July 2002)
From the anti-matter universe, Alexander Luthor travels to enlist the JLA's help against the Crime Syndicate of Amerika (Ultraman, Superwoman (Lois Lane), Owlman (Thomas Wayne), Power Ring, Johnny Quick II; 1st apps.). Eventually, they must admit defeat in order to win on a world where everything happens in reverse. Wonder Woman projects the body of Ultra-Titanus (with the mind of Brainiac) into the anti-matter Phantom Zone. NOTE: This tale retroactively eliminates all previous Crime Syndicate appearances. The anti-matter world of Qward is not mentioned. Their original 1st app. was Justice League of America #29 (Sept.64). By Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely. JLA: Earth 2 (2000)
The JLA attempts to stop the chaos caused by Brainiac. After being left disembodied, the villain tried to download himself into a new body. He was instead supplanted by an even more advanced version of himself called Brainiac 13. To prevent his consciousness from being lost, the original Brainiac took possession of the infant Lena Luthor and aged her body to adulthood. However, Lex Luthor turned Lena and Brainiac over to Brainiac 13 in exchange for "B13" technology. Superman: Y2K (2000), Action #763 (Mar. 2000)
The JLA intervenes when Aquaman retaliates against the island nation of Cerdia. Aquaman v.5 #66 (Apr. 2000)
The de-aged JLA and JSA squabble at the Justice Cave (Secret Sanctuary) to determine who should get a stash of rocket fuel. Sins of Youth Secret Files #1 (2000)
Sins of Youth: When the adult heroes are transformed into kids, the JLA Jr. and Captain Marvel seek the aid of the wizard Shazam.Sins of Youth: JLA (May 2000)
Tower Of Babel tpb
The Atom leads the JLA into the brain of a sick child, where they discover his "cancer" is actually a civilization of microscopic creatures. JLA #42 (June 2000)
Astronaut Hugh Klein contacts the JLA with the key to solve a new crisis in time. Years before, his daughter, Laurel the Moon Maiden had removed herself from the timestream along with her enemy, Valkus the Centurion. When the Centurion finds a way back to real time, Laurel returns as well. When he is ultimately destroyed, Laurel decides to accompany Harbinger and Pariah in their travels. NOTES: Moon Maiden is said to have been an early member of the JLA. Since that past was overwritten, she and her father are the only two who fully remember this time. Her origins parallel those of Wonder Woman. In essence, she was the Wonder Woman of the early JLA (in her timeline). JLA 80-Page Giant #3 (Oct. 2000)
Orkus, leader of the Appellaxian race, displaces Gaea and possess the Earth itself. With the help of the Sentinels of Magic, the JLA open a doorway to the alien's dimension. There they meet Arjax, a rebel who helps them overthrow Orkus. JLA: Incarnations #7 (Feb. 2002)
The long dormant last dragon (and queen), Drakul Karfang, is awakened by gnomes underneath Zurich, Switzerland. At the same time, the Oracle of Delphi prophesies to Wonder Woman that whomever defeats the dragon will die as well. Wonder Woman incapacitates all members of the JLA, and forces Superman rescue them. Diana destroys Drakul Karfang, but dies in the process. Superman revives her with super-CPR. JLA: League of One (2000)
Mark Waid begins as writer
An ancient race, the Quantum Mechanics, steals the Earth. The JLA discover that they have stolen many worlds in order to collect their long-dormant "sleeper agents." In essence, the Mechanics seek to construct their own afterlife. They are opposed by a faction of zealots who seek to sabotage their efforts. The JLA help collect the Sleepers, repel the zealots, and restore the captive worlds. NOTE: By Waid and Hitch. JLA: Heaven's Ladder (Nov. 2000)
JLA sensors detect a damaged Dominator spacecraft near the Watchtower. The crew is teleported aboard along with the Predators, who attack J'onn; the Dominators escape to Earth. The League follows and manages to find the Dominators, who are being pursued by Predators. The Dominators reveal that they modified the Predators to attack the JLA, only the Predators attacked the Dominators first. During a final battle on the Watchtower, the Predators are sucked into space. The Dominators are sent back to their homeworld. NOTES: There is a brief reference to Superman vs. Predator and Batman vs. Predator. Oracle and Atom make guest appearances. The story occurs prior to JLA #51 because the Watchtower is shown in its old design. JLA vs. Predator (2001)
Across the globe, strange spirits appear, and the JLA is contacted by twin spirits who guide them to a dread, ancient god beneath the sea. They find a pre-Atlantean city, and a legend of the empress, Jadeth, who betrayed seven monster-kings. The old god is stirring and the Leaguers allow themselves to be transformed by its power to defeat the seven monsters. Jadeth is awakened, but Superman claims her power and shares it with the rest of the League. Jadeth and the old god return to their slumber. NOTE: Occurs prior to JLA #51 because the Watchtower is shown in its old design. See also: Seven Caskets Microheroes by Jerome JLA: Seven Caskets (2001)
The JLA attempts to implement a cease-fire in New Vladovnia. Legends of the DC Universe #32 (Sept. 2000)
Xotar takes over the body of Rhonda Spivak, a woman with chameleon capabilities and super strength. Taking the name, "Sister Glory," she influences a group of people who worship the JLA as gods in order to construct a fleet of super-weapons, called "War Wheels." These devices are used to discredit the League in the eyes of the world. The JLA is able to defeat Xotar and free the cultists from his influence. GUEST APPS: contains significant guest appearances by Guy Gardner, Captain Atom, the Rocket Reds (no longer called by that name since the fall of the USSR), Captain Marvel and the Atom. NOTE: The Watchtower is shown in its old design. JLA: Gods & Monsters (2001)
Talia breaks into the Watchtower and steals Batman's secret protocols for defeating the JLA. She delivers them to her father, Ra's Al Ghul. NOTE: Batman is depicted as having begun compiling the protocols years ago. Backgrounds depict imagery from before the deaths of Barry Allen and Oliver Queen and before Black Canary lost her sonic cry. JLA Secret Files #3 (Nov. 2000)
Part 1: Using the Batman's computer files, Ra's Al Ghul handily cripples Green Lantern, J'onn, Aquaman and Plastic Man. JLA #43 (July 2000)
Part 2: Having robbed Batman's parents' graves, Ra's Al Ghul offers to rejuvenate them in his Lazarus Pit. He takes down the rest of the JLA, including Superman, using synthetic red kryptonite. JLA #44 (Aug. 2000)
Part 3: Batman leads the recovering and mistrustful League to Ra's Al Ghul's Antarctic lair. JLA #45 (Sept. 2000)
Part 4: Upon Al Ghul's defeat, the JLA votes to expel Batman from the team (Flash, J'onn & GL vote in his favor). JLA #46 (Oct. 2000)
The JLA meets the Janissary, hero of Turkey. J'onn reveals that he had served as her predecessor, the Dervish. JLA Annual #4 (Aug. 2000)
Several current and former members of the JLA and JSA attend a party for Max Mercury. NOTE: All current JLA members except Flash and Batman, plus Zatanna. Impulse #67 (Dec. 2000)
Divided We Fall tpb
Art team of Bryan Hitch, Paul Neary and Laura Depuy begin
The living embodiment of imagined evil, the Queen of Fables, overtakes New York City. She casts Wonder Woman as Snow White as the rest of the JLA roam the enchanted forest. JLA #47 (Nov. 2000)
Batman sends the JLA into the Queen of Fables' former prison: a book where her entire history on Earth had been trapped. Now free, the Queen tears apart Themyscira looking for the fair princess (Wonder Woman). JLA #48 (Dec. 2000)
The Queen of Fables is returned to the pages of a new book. Both volumes are then stored in the Watchtower. JLA #49 (Jan. 2001)
Alexander Joseph Luthor is elected President of the United States. Batman tries unsuccessfully to retrieve the kryptonite ring from him. Superman: Lex 2000 (Jan. 2001)
JUSTICE LEAGUES mini-series (see also Section 3.5)
1st app. of the Advance Man. JLA Secret Files #3 (Nov. 2000)
Part 1: The Advance Man returns to Earth, to prepare it for colonization by an alien race. He first disables all wireless communication, then uses Hector Hammond to make the entire world forget the existence of the JLA. NOTE: This event was referenced as after JLA #50, and before JLA #52. But that was in the middle of the "Id" story... Justice League of ? (Mar. 2001)
Part 2: Wonder Woman assembles the Justice League of Amazons at her Wonderdome in Washington D.C. Aquaman ultimately recruits Power Girl for his own JLA. The Advance Man acquires a virus to use in decimating Earth's population. Contains a brief appearance of the Justice League of Anarchy. Justice League of Amazons (Mar. 2001)
Part 3: Aquaman finds that a significant number of aquatic species have been affected or killed by extraterrestrial machines. He returns to Atlantis with his "Justice League of Atlantis." Aquaman later calls on Devilfish and they destroy the machines. Later, the Advance Man recruits Devilfish for his own needs. NOTE: The Devil-Fish first appeared in pre-Crisis times in Superboy v.1 #202 (5-6.74). There is a brief appearance by the Justice League of Apostles. Justice League of Atlantis (Mar. 2001)
Part 4: Batman discovers that the Advance Man has transferred a shipment of toxic waste to Gotham. Because he knows the Advance Man is anticipating heroes, Batman assembles a group of villains to stop the threat. As backup, he also calls in the Justice League of Adventure. Justice League of Arkham (Mar. 2001)
Part 5: The Martian Manhunter gathers a group of alien heroes to combat the effects of the Advance Man's mutagenic bomb. The Advance Man begins the transfer of Plura's people to Earth. 1st full app. Of the Advance Man's client, Plura. NOTE: Guest appearance by the Justice League of Air. Justice League of Aliens (Mar. 2001)
Part 6: The Devilfish turns against the heroes, and Hector Hammond saves the day when he shunts the aliens' souls into the Advance Man himself. Justice League of America (Mar. 2001)

A fracturing Justice League defeats Doctor Destiny in the Dream dimension. Following this, Superman initiates a landmark meeting with Batman. Batman agrees to return to the JLA and, to rebuild trust, they both agree to reveal their secret identities to all JLAers. The rest of the JLAers follow suit. Just then, "Batman" intrudes upon the JLA's meeting in the Batcave. NOTE: This is the first time Plastic Man's has revealed his first name (Patrick). J'onn reveals his John Jones identity (only one of the handful left secret after Martian Manhunter #17 [4. 200

0]); and after M.M. #31, he abandoned all identities except Jones. A 48-page issue.

JLA #50 (Mar. 2001)
The split Leaguers grow accustomed to their separate lives. And a vagrant named Stinton (indeed many people) causes mayhem when his greatest wish is granted. The Watchtower is remodeled into a new design. NOTE: Following this, the JLA appear briefly in Green Lantern: Legacy. JLA #51 (Apr. 2001)
From the sixth-dimension, the Cathexis arrive, explaining to the JLA that a being called the "Id," was loosed on Earth, granting people's desires. With the Id's power, the young Joey Mason wishes for his father's (Metamorpho's) "return"; the dead hero is not, however, brought back "to life." The Cathexis return Metamorpho to his grave, and reveal that the Id was also responsible for the Leaguers' identity split. JLA #52 (May 2001)
Fearing a lapse into villainy, Eel O'Brian leads the effort to reunite the JLAer's halves. The Cathexis reclaim the Id and unleash its power on Earth. JLA #53 (June 2001)
The Cathexis are handily defeated when the JLA split their 6th-dimensional bodies into two 3-dimensional bodies. Also, J'onn's wish to reunite with his alter ego unwittingly awakens all White Martians across the globe. JLA #54 (July 2001)
Issue #1: The Sentinels of Magic are attacked by Hermes Trismegestus, who seeks to again unleash Hell on Earth. He uses his agents, the Diablos and Superman is felled by a magic bullet. The JLA recruit Faust and Blue Devil to help them. Tempest is infused with the spirits of old B'Mirian (Atlantean) mages (#1). Issue #4: Ultimately, Trismegestus' pawn, Anita, is revealed as the Enchantress. She is defeated when June Moon exerts control in joining them into a new entity: the Soulsinger. Blue Devil sacrifices himself to stop the demons, and Felix Faust is freed of Trismegestus' possession. Zatanna is named as liaison between the JLA and the Sentinels of Magic. NOTE: The Sentinels first formed in Day of Judgment #1. JLA: Black Baptism #1-4 (May–Aug. 2001)
With the help of the Thanagarians, the new Hawkgirl draws the ancient soul of Khufu back to life again as Hawkman. His new body resembles Carter Hall and possesses the memories (and hair) of Katar Hol. JSA #23-24 (June–July 2001)
Aquaman encounters the miraculously-alive Oliver Queen in Star City. He brings him to the JLA Watchtower to "show" the rest of the team. Batman subsequently conducts experiments and concludes that it is--and isn't--Oliver Queen. Green Arrow v.3 #4-5 (July–Aug. 2001)
When the former prison colony/ship Haven comes out of warp space too near the Earth, it crashes, destroying Lamont, California. The JLA and super-powered Havenites manage to stop the ship from hitting the ocean. 1st app. Of heroes Siv, Valadin, Nia & Katalia and villains Ivas. President Luthor appoints Nicole Stein Ambassador to Extraterrestrial Interests. NOTE: This story includes Aquaman. JLA/Haven: The Arrival (2001)
Katalia mentally relates Haven's history on the planet Competalia to J'onn. 1st app. Anathema, Gern & Absin. Haven #1 (Feb. 2002)
Part 1: The White Martians wake from their hypnosis, capture J'onn, and mentally strike at the JLA. They succeed in detonating a nuclear explosion in Murmansk, Russia. NOTE: Aquaman is said to be on leave; occurs before Our Worlds at War. JLA #55 (Aug. 2001)
Part 2: The Martians begin dissecting humans, and transforming the atmosphere to make it less flammable. Superman calls Firestorm for help. JLA #56 (Sept. 2001)
Part 3: The White Martians target Earths magicians with a psychic blanket. The Martians reveal their goal is to ingest latent human telepath brain matter and extend their own powers to conquer the galaxy. The JLA head for Superman's fortress where they intend to use the Phantom Zone projector. In a clever ruse, J'onn tricks them into projecting the JLA into the Zone instead. JLA #57 (Oct. 2001)
Part 4: J'onn hatches a plan in the Phantom Zone — the only place where the Martians cannot intercept the JLA's thoughts. With the Atom's help, they reemerge. The Sentinels of Magic nullify the gravity of the moon and they bring the moon into Earth's atmosphere. The Martians succumb to the resulting heat, and submit to being projected themselves into the Phantom Zone. J'onn, who had planned to sacrifice his life, is saved by the JLA but badly burned. JLA #58 (Nov. 2001)
GL asks the League and Doctor Fate to assist him in rescuing Doctor Sala Nisaba (a modern incarnation of Istar) from the ancient Meso-Babylonian hell known as Kurnugi. Prior to entering Kurnugi, the JLA learned that Kurnugi's inhabitants were descended from the Guardians of Oa. The land is ruled by Nergal, his sister Ereskigal and his mother Tiamat. Nergal was driven from Earth by Ishtar and Ninurta (who had an early power ring). The League enters Kurnugi, but Doctor Fate stays behind to guard the entrance. NOTE: J'onn, Flash and Plas do not appear in these stories. Sala Nisaba was trapped in Kurnugi in G.L. Annual #9. JLA: Gatekeeper #1 (2001)
The League fights off a number of Nergal's minions, aided by several allies including an immortal human, Milissu. The god Anu helps them plan their return to Earth, which will require a collection of artifacts from across Kurnugi. JLA: Gatekeeper #2 (2001)
The League collects the artifacts, but is unable to open a portal without the blood of an immortal. Milissu tricks Nergal into believing he can use the gateway to conquer Earth. When she kisses him, she draws his blood and opens the gate, which kills Nergal, Ereskigal and Tiamat. The JLA and Doctor Nisaba return to Earth. JLA: Gatekeeper #3 (2001)