Part 5: Justice League International (#61-113)

3 Years Ago
Sequence of Events Issue (Date)
Doctor Mist helps Owl Woman and Jack O' Lantern I (previously believed dead) escape Bialya. Sumaan Harjavti secretly plots to control the Global Guardians and imprisons Olympian. Power Girl discovers that the magical Ghy has taken control of her personal life. Blue Beetle undertakes a successful weight-loss program. NOTE: This is the real Doctor Mist's first appearance in a JLA book. Ghy first appeared in the Power Girl mini-series. Justice League Quarterly #6 (Spring 1992)
Ralph and Sue Dibny stop a plot by the Count of Modora, Bito Wladon (Sonar), to drive up the price of his sonic weapons by exploiting long standing grudges at the European Unity Conference. He also manipulates Warp, Copperhead Il, Calimari & the Wurstwaffe (men named after different sausages in sausage costumes) to attack the conference. NOTE: Flash guest stars in #3. Elongated Man #1-4 (Jan. 1992–Apr. 1992)
Dan Jurgens begins as writer & penciller of Justice League America
The JLI re-forms without official UN support. AMERICA: Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Fire, Guy Gardner, Ice, Superman. EUROPE: Aquaman, Crimson Fox, Doctor Light, Elongated Man, Flash, Green Lantern, Power Girl. JL Spectacular #1 (1992)
Bloodwynd's conscience takes over J'onn's mind and body when J'onn is possessed by the power of his Blood Gem. (Justice League America #76, Early July 1993)
Part 1: JLA vs. Weapons Master. 1st app. Bloodwynd. Justice League America #61 (Apr. 1992)
Part 2: Weapons Master defeated. Justice League America #62 (May 1992)
Part 1: Catherine Cobert assigned "Special Officer on Paranormal Forces," in charge of both Leagues. Sue Dibny is made the new JLE coordinator. The JLE is allowed to continue using the London embassy. 1st app. Deconstructo. Note: New costumes for Power Girl, Doctor Light and Elongated Man. Justice League Europe #37 (Apr. 1992)
Part 2: Batman helps battle Deconstructo. Justice League Europe #38 (May 1992)
Part 3: Deconstructo defeated. Green Lantern returns to lead the JLE. Justice League Europe #39 (June 1992)
Part 4: Metamorpho helps fight Chthon. After Deconstructo's destruction, the UN thinks about moving the JLE to Vienna. Batman's last JLI appearance. Justice League Europe #40 (July 1992)
Part 1: Bloodwynd and Maxima officially join. Max brokers a new deal with the UN and the JLA moves to new New York HQ. They follow Maxima to her homeworld Almerac, where Starbreaker has escaped his shadow dimension prison and taken power. Guy Gardner quits the JLA. NOTE: I consider this to be Bloodwynd, not J'onn, as it is Bloodwynd's conscience which acts through J'onn's body. Justice League America #63 (June 1992)
Part 3: Starbreaker initiates the destruction of Almerac. Justice League America #64 (July 1992)
Part 3: Maxima is exiled by her own people from Almerac. Justice League America #65 (Aug. 1992)
Hal Jordan repossesses Guy Gardner's ring. Green Lantern v.2 #25 (June 1992)
Rising Sun woos Doctor Light and is recruited by Doctor Mist to help liberate the Global Guardians. Mist has also recruited Tasmanian Devil and Seraph. Beetle attends his 15-year reunion in Illinois, where he discovers all his classmates are aliens. NOTE: This is Seraph's first appearance in a JLA book. Also contains General Glory & Rocket Red stories. Justice League Quarterly #7 (Summer 1992)
The Justice Society returns from Limbo. Sandman suffers a heart attack soon thereafter. NOTE: Leads into a new Justice Society series. Armageddon: Inferno #4 (July 1992)
While trying to escape Washington D.C., Deathstroke evades Green Lantern, Aquaman, and Flash. Deathstroke #13 (Aug. 1992)
Maxima temporarily possessed by Eclipso. Justice League America Annual #6 (1992)
Ice, Fire, Booster Gold and Captain Marvel fight eclipsed townspeople and an eclipsed Superman. Action Comics Annual #4 (1992)
Power Girl possessed by Eclipso. Guest appearance: Metamorpho. Justice League Europe Annual #3 (1992)
The League and all the "uneclipsed" heroes fight to free Superman from Eclipso's grasp. NOTE: Second appearance of "new" Guy Gardner with yellow ring. He acquired Sinestro's ring in Guy Gardner: Reborn #3. Adventures of Superman #4 (1992)
All DC heroes become "eclipsed" and are saved by the Superman, Kilowog, Doctor Light, Blue Beetle, The Chunk, Professor Bennet, Bruce Gordon, Doc Magnus, Lex Luthor, Doctor Emil Hamilton, and a member of L.E.G.I.O.N. Eclipso, the Darkness Within #2 (1992)
Part 1: Wonder Woman aids in the fight against Chthon and Echidna. Metamorpho and Crimson Fox make a love connection. Justice League Europe #41 (Aug. 1992)
Part 2: JLE vs. Echidna Power Girl resolves the situation by agreeing to return to the Underworld once a year and learn from Echidna. Justice League Europe #42 (Sept. 1992)
When the Conglomerate collapses before a charity event, Claire Montgomery summons Qwardian heroes to replace them (Deadeye, Elasti-Man, Element Man, Frostbite, Fiero, Scarab, Slipstream). Doctor Mist reforms the Global Guardians, rescuing the remaining members from Bialya, and building a new HQ in the Pacific. In this story, Tasmanian Devil reveals that he is gay. 1st app. of Max's ex-wife, Sylvia Duani. Guest appearance: Peter Cannon. NOTES: Also contains two other JLI stories. Retcon: This issue told how the original Crime Syndicate were retconned to be from Qward. With the publication of JLA: Earth 2, the Qwardian Crime Syndicate can no longer exist. Justice League Quarterly #8 (Autumn 1992)
The Atom and Batman advise Superman to keep Guy under close watch. Maxima is questioned by police; she turns over her former assistant Sazu. Guy returns wielding the deceased Sinestro's ring. Guest appearance: The Atom. Justice League America #66 (Sept. 1992)
Fire poses for a cheesecake calendar, secretly financed by Booster. The alien Chaq invades a U.S. space shuttle. Justice League America #67 (Oct. 1992)
JLA defeat Chaq. Justice League America #68 (Nov. 1992)
JLE moves into Barksdale Castle. Amos Fortune returns. Justice League Europe #43 (Oct. 1992)
JLE vs. Amos Fortune. Justice League Europe #44 (Nov. 1992)
Part 1: Under the influence of Sonar, Rocket Red Dmitri attacks JLE HQ and captures Doctor Light and Flash. Justice League Europe #45 (Dec. 1992)
Part 2: Power Girl visits Aquaman's Atlantis for the first time. Catherine consults with the Rubikskaya twins about the situation in Russia. Justice League Europe #46 (Jan. 1993)
Part 3: Chandi Gupta arrives at the castle from India, seeking the JLE's protection. Mister Miracle, Blue Jay, Huntress, Black Canary, General Glory, Tasmanian Devil and Metamorpho aid against Sonar. Justice League Europe #47 (Feb. 1993)
Part 4: Sonar captures the JLE. Justice League Europe #48 (Mar. 1993)
Part 5: Chandi becomes Maya and aides the JLA aids against Sonar's army of villains. Justice League Europe #49 (Apr. 1993)
Part 6: Aquaman resigns. Maya joins. Metamorpho and Tasmanian Devil rejoin. NEW COSTUME: Crimson Fox. The team guesses Vivian to be Constance d'Aramis. Guest appearances: JLA, Royal Flush Gang, Global Guardians. NOTE: This arc seems to have occurred before "Doomsday" because Maxima appears in her old costume, and Fire still has her powers. Justice League Europe #50 (May 1993)
Titans villainess Cheshire destroys the nation of Qurac with a nuclear warhead. Deathstroke #19 (Feb. 1993)
Beetle, Booster, Fire, Ice Flash and Guy investigate Ira Quimby, a scientist who creates a serum that drives those infected into a killing frenzy. Both Crimson Foxes battle a hermaphrodite shape-shifter with pheremonal power similar to their own. Flash and Power Girl make a bet about her temper; hilarity ensues. Booster Gold rescues a homeless girl who will become a major star in the future — Geralyn Tierney of the Tierney Twins. Justice League Quarterly #9 (Winter 1992)
Booster confronts the gangsters who will shape his future. Flash stops an assassination attempt. Fire and Ice enter a fashion show... hosted by an alien who wants to mate. Flash, Booster and Fire spy on Beetle's blind date. Justice League Quarterly #10 (Spr. 1993)
Doomsday begins his rampage towards Metropolis. Superman: Man of Steel #18 (Dec. 1992)
The JLA tracks down Doomsday. Guy and Beetle critically injured. Justice League America #69 (Dec. 1992)
Fire loses her powers. Booster's uniform destroyed. Superman v.2 #74 (Dec. 1992)
Ice and Bloodwynd witness the death of Superman as he battles Doomsday. Superman v.2 #75 (Jan. 1993)
As news of Superman's death spreads, Wonder Woman and Batman mourn him at the Fortress of Solitude. Justice League of America v.2 #0 (Sept. 2006)
Heroes gather at NY HQ to pay tribute at Superman's wake. Justice League America #70 (Jan. 1993)
1st app. of Steel III (John Henry Irons), who is inspired by Superman's death. Superman: Man of Steel #22 (Jan. 1993)
Wonder Woman convenes a meeting to reform the Justice League in the wake of Superman's death. She and Ray II join. Black Condor II and Agent Liberty are offered membership, but neither really accepts. Condor attends the meeting because he has a weird feeling about Bloodwynd. Agent Liberty attends to hide out from the law. Ice resigns and Fire models for a swimsuit calendar. New Costume: Maxima. Justice League America #71 (Feb. 1993)
Superman's funeral. The Justice League and other heroes perform good deeds in honor of Superman's memory. NOTE: Those present include Flash, Captain Marvel, Maxima, Batman, Green Lantern, Warrior, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Elongated Man, Doctor Light, Robin, Nightwing. Superman v.2 #76 (Feb. 1993)

Part 1: Doctor Destiny creates a new reality in which the classic JLA have become ruthless enforcers.

Justice League America #72 (Mar. 1993)
Part 2: The Dark JLA's satellite appears in orbit above the Earth. Doctor Destiny escapes Arkham Asylum. Justice League America #73 (Apr. 1993)
Part 3: The JLA captured by their dark counterparts. Bloodwynd revealed as J'onn. Justice League America #74 (May 1993)
Part 4: Blue Beetle recovers and defeats Doctor Destiny. Afterward, Black Condor departs, no longer suspicious Bloodwynd. Liberty departs because JLA membership will not grant him asylum from the law. NOTE: These facts were revealed in the letter column of JLA #83. Justice League America #75 (June 1993)
A team of female JLAers is assigned to protect a foreign dignitary's wife from the Chimera. Praxis trails the magical Dexter DeFarge, who seeks to unleash the demon, Ghast, on Earth. NOTES: Also contains a Martian Manhunter story. Mike Wieringo pencils. Justice League Quarterly #11 (Summer 1993)
Sue Dibny kidnapped by Montezuma in Mexico. Justice League Europe #51 (June 1993)
In Bombay, Maya is kidnapped by her parents and their cult of Shiva. The Mahayogi is sent to preoccupy Power Girl and Doctor Light. Power Girl reveals she is pregnant. Justice League Europe #52 (Early July 1993)
Atom and the JLA try to separate J'onn from the Blood Gem, encountering its inhabitant, Rott. Justice League America #76 (Early July 1993)
Origin of Bloodwynd, who is successfully separated from J'onn. Justice League America #77 (Late July 1993)
US official Hannibal Martin recruits J'onn, Aquaman, Flash, Gypsy and Nightwing for a special undercover assignment. This group becomes a second "branch" of the Justice League—the Task Force.


Justice League Task Force #1 (June 1993)
Crimson Fox's (Vivian) husband Rene (Le Fantôme) reappears. She'd believed him dead and is torn between Rex and Rene. She and Rene decide to again fake their own deaths to be together. A mysterious, silent brute appears among the JLE. He does whatever they command, and they name him Godfrey. Justice League Europe #53 (Late July 1993)
Reign of the Supermen: The JLA is tricked by the Cyborg Superman into traveling into space to apprehend the Eradicator. Roster: Captain Marvel, Doctor Fate, Guy Gardner, Jade, J'onn, Maxima, Power Girl, Ray, Sentinel, Wonder Woman. Action #690 (Aug. 1993)
Reign of the Supermen: Superman and the JLA destroy or decontaminate Engine City and Superman constructs a memorial to the dead from its remains. Superman is asked to rejoin the JLA, but turns down the offer. NOTE: Numerous guest stars. Azrael is Batman in this story. While this issue has the "Funeral for a Friend" label, it's not part of that story arc. Superman v.2 #83 (Nov. 1993)
Bloodlines: English dock worker Richard Plante discovers a royal heritage and acquires a lightweight suit of armor and a sword. He becomes Lionheart. He is soon bitten by an alien parasite. NOTE: His "New Blood" powers were never revealed. Justice League Europe Annual #4 (1993)
Bloodlines: When Jack Mobley is killed by the alien parasite Lissik, he is transformed into the Terrorsmith. With a touch he can transform people into horrors. Wonder Woman coaches him to use his power for good: he temporarily restores Fire's powers. The JLA also recruit other victims — Slingshot, Shadowstryke & Krag — to help against the parasites. Justice League America Annual #7 (1993)
Dan Vado begins as writer of Justice League America
The original Flash, Jay Garrick, is brought in as temporary field leader. Ice returns home (1st app. of her parents). Dreamslayer unveils a new team of Extremists: Brute, Cloudburst, Death Angel, Gunshot & Meanstreak. Justice League America #78 (Early Aug. 1993)
Dreamslayer explains that after the Silver Sorceress' death, he was released from her mind and drifted in the astral plane. He tries to persuade Bloodwynd to join him; Bloodwynd considers it, signaling a wane in his JLA loyalty. Dreamslayer alludes to the Overmaster's approach to Earth. Upon defeat, he and the Extremists are teleported away. Justice League America #79 (Late Aug. 1993)
An android named Diderot transfers the JLE's consciousnesses to robot bodies and whisks them off to the 70th century to help battling Alaric. The androids had become humanity's cultural keepers and the humans became barbaric. Sue commands Godfrey to rescue the JLE, and they depart before Alaric can be stopped. Justice League Europe #54-55 (Aug. 1993)
Kevin West begins as penciller of Justice League America
Alien fugitives Blake and Corbett seek asylum from the Kerrilians. Beetle builds Booster a new armor. Ice's father appoints her heir to the throne, much to the dissatisfaction of her brother, Ewald. Captain Atom returns to public duty, including the JLA (he was believed dead during the "Armageddon affairs"). Justice League America #80 (Sept. 1993)
Ewald kills Ice's father. NOTE: New costume for Ice. Justice League America #81 (Oct. 1993)
Guy Gardner's clone (Joseph) kills the alien Blake in cold blood. Justice League America #82 (Nov. 1993)
JLE vs. Druids. The JLE's "ghost watchman," Duke Donald leads the disembodied Erewhon to Doctor Light. NOTES: Erewhon is not named until #58. His name is an anagram for "nowhere." Guest star: Godfrey. Justice League Europe #56 (Sept. 1993)
The JLE meet the druid's leader — the Druid II. Erewhon takes possession of Godfrey's body. Ralph and Sue take a leave of absence. NOTE: The first Druid fought Atom & Zatanna in Atom #19. Justice League Europe #57 (Oct. 1993)
Doctor Light names Erewhon, who begins falling in love with her and inquires about JLE membership himself. Kimi is hesitant but and agrees to help find his original body. He taps Godfrey's memories of his family: Matilda, Angstra and Caligula. Justice League Europe #58 (Nov. 1993)
Alaric defeats the androids of the 70th century and goes back in time to reverse the JLI's origins. Guest appearance: Erewhon. Justice League Europe #59 (Dec. 1993)
Erewhon helps restore the damage done by Alaric. Crimson Fox (Constance) returns. Justice League Europe #60 (Jan. 1994)
Claire Montgomery forms a third Conglomerate team: Echo, Hardline (Reverb), Jesse Quick, Nuklon, and Templar. Journalist Wally Tortollini discovers that they're a publicity ploy and sets out to expose them just as the team faces a real threat: the new Amazo. NOTE: Also contains JLI & Praxis stories. Justice League Quarterly #12 (Autumn 1993)
A team consisting of Martian Manhunter, Guy Gardner, Flash, Power Girl, Kilowog, and Hal Jordan come to the Mosiac World on Oa to "rescue" the beings "trapped" there, and are shocked when some of them don't want to go home. Green Lantern: Mosaic #16-17 (Sept.–Oct. 1993)
Yesterdays Sins 1-4: After he is captured by the alien Draals and stripped of his yellow power ring, Guy is forced to relive his past while his memories are used to program a clone (Joseph, 1st app. #11). Guy attempts a break out with several Green Lanterns (also captive), but he is recaptured for more programming and Joseph heads for Earth with Guy's ring. Guy Gardner #11-14 (Aug.–Nov. 1993)
The Creeper, Doctor Midnight, Wildcat II, Commander Steel, Peacemaker, Major Victory and Manhunter all die at the hands of Eclipso. NOTES: The Creeper later returns in Creeper #1. Also, this was not the real Manhunter; the real one returned in Manhunter (vol. 2) #12. Eclipso #13 (Nov. 1993)
The Trouble With Guys, Part 1: Joseph fights with the League until the real Guy returns. The Overmaster grants Ewald weapons and soldiers (the villain aims to establish a foothold on Earth to spearhead his mission of destruction). Ice's mother contacts the JLA. Blue Beetle returns to field duty. Justice League America #83 (Dec. 1993)
The Trouble With Guys, Part 2: Guy and the League defeat his clone, Joseph, and hand him over to Green Lanterns, waiting in orbit. Guy recovers his yellow ring, with a little help from the League. Guy Gardner #15 (Dec. 1993)
The League comes to Ice's aid. The Overmaster sets about finding new "surrogates" to do his bidding. Bloodwynd senses the villain's power and again questions his own place in the JLA. Justice League America #84 (Jan. 1994)
General Glory takes on Guy, thinking him to be his clone. First appearance of Militia, who is later revealed to be Guy's brother, Mace. Guy Gardner #16 (Jan. 1994)
When Ewald dies in an explosion, Ice absorbs the energy and power he'd been given by the Overmaster. Ice returns to the JLA and leaves her people to decide their own fate. Justice League America #85 (Feb. 1994)
Maxima chooses Captain Atom as her newest conquest. Just then her former betrothed from Almerac, Ultraa, comes to Earth for her. She lets them fight for her but eventually sends Ultraa away. Power Girl again meets her grandfather Arion, who frees her from dark magic inside her. NOTES: Also contains a Praxis story. This is the first post-Crisis appearance of Ultraa, who was formerly of Earth Prime. His appearance here retroactively eliminates all previous appearances. Justice League Quarterly #13 (Winter 1993)
Green Lantern leaves the League on personal business. Power Girl's child manifests its protective force field when Godfrey's parents attack. Godfrey's father mutates into a powerful form with the power of a star. In this battle, Metamorpho mutates into a new form. (#61) Godfrey comes out of his "shell" and reveals he is Gaius. He'd left his family because they drove him to take part in atrocities. His guilt paralyzed him and he masked his appearance and fled to Earth. When his family threatened the JLE, he awakened. He returns with his family in hopes of changing them. (#62) 1st app. Osiris. Guest star: Erewhon. Justice League Europe #61-62 (2-3. 1994)
Emerald Twilight, Part 1: Hal Jordan tries to recreate Coast City with Emerald energy from his ring. In his emotional weakness, he falls prey to an ancient yellow being called Parallax: the living embodiment of fear which resides in the Guardians central power battery and created the Lanterns' weakness to fear and yellow. NOTE: First appearance of Kyle Rayner. Green Lantern v.2 #48 (Jan. 1994); Green Lantern Rebirth #??
Emerald Twilight, Part 2: Parallax's evil consumes Hal, who shreds through many members of the Green Lantern Corps on his way to Oa, taking their rings and leaving them stranded in space if not outright killing them. Green Lantern v.2 #49 (Feb. 1994)
Guy takes on his brother, Militia. Due to Hal Jordan's attack on Oa, Guy's ring begins to malfunction. NOTE: Name of the series changes to Guy Gardner: Warrior. Guy Gardner #17 (Feb. 1994)
Emerald Twilight, Part 3: Possessed by the god of fear, Parallax, Hal Jordan kills Sinestro, Kilowog, and all of the Guardians of the Universe except for Ganthet. He assumes the Guardians' former power. Ganthet gives Kyle Rayner (Green Lantern V) the last Green Lantern ring in an alleyway. NOTE: Because the Parallax entity — which caused the Lanterns' vulnerability to yellow — now resides in Jordan, Rayner's ring is not vulnerable to the color yellow. Green Lantern v.2 #50 (Mar. 1994)
Emerald Fallout, Part 1: Guy Gardner gets a leftover prototype of Booster Gold's armor from Blue Beetle after his ring runs out of power. Guy and Ice talk about their relationship. NOTE: This is the last time Guy and Ice talk before her death. Guy Gardner: Warrior #18 (Mar. 1994)
Emerald Fallout, Part 2: Guy takes on his presumed deceased brother Mace who is now the villain Militia and his ring comes back to full power. Guy Gardner: Warrior #19 (Apr. 1994)
Emerald Fallout, Part 3: Guy Gardner, Alan Scott, Darkstar Colin Ferros, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Captain Atom, Ray and (former GL) Arisia go to Oa to find out what is causing the disturbance with the GL Corps. In a most disturbing scene, they fly through a space field littered with Green Lantern corpses. Hal defeats them in a matter of seconds. Guy Gardner: Warrior #20 (May 1994)
Emerald Fallout, Part 4: Everyone except for Guy is defeated almost immediately by Hal. After a short battle, Guy is stripped of his ring and loses an eye (which is later healed by the Warrior Waters of Nabba). NOTE: This issue has a special "1 page per panel" format. Guy Gardner: Warrior #21 (June 1994)
Elongated Man, Black Canary, Hourman I & Peter Cannon recruited to fight the Aryan Nation: Iron Cross, Heatmonger, Backlash, Blind Faith, Golden Eagle II. Justice League Task Force #10-11 (Mar.–Apr. 1994)
Marc Campos begins as penciller of Justice League America
Part 1: The JLA is drawn to Colorado, and the headquarters of the Flock of the Machine. This cult constructed a tower which unwittingly transformed the Overmaster's power into global chaos. The machine also allows Dreamslayer to get one step further out of his prison. The newly-resurrected Superman declines to rejoin the League. Ice discovers her increased powers. 1st app. Amazing Man II (Will Everett II). Justice League America #86 (Mar. 1994)
Part 2: Dreamslayer takes full possession of the cult's machine (and the Overmaster's power therein). T.O. Morrow tries to warn Max about his visions of the Overmaster's arrival. Justice League America #87 (Apr. 1994)
Part 3: Dreamslayer regains full power and again summons his New Extremists. Dreamslayer is stopped when the cult's leader destroys the machine. The Overmaster then reclaims the Extremists and returns Dreamslayer to his other-dimensional prison. Bloodwynd becomes conflicted and declines loyalty to either side. Fire's powers resurface. Vandal Savage warns of the Overmaster's arrival. Darkseid also sends Desaad to warn them. Justice League America #88 (May 1994)
Sarge Steel assembles a JLA Task Force (Beetle, Capt. Atom, Nightshade & Thunderbolt & Judomaster II) to battle Andreas Havoc. 1st app. Jack O'Lantern III, Liam McHugh. NOTE: These heroes were all originally published by Charlton Comics. Also contains Crimson Fox, Jack O' Lantern & Praxis stories. The death of Jack O'Lantern II is not explained until the Primal Force series. Justice League Quarterly #14 (Spring 1994)
Doctor Light assumes leadership of the JLI. Metamorpho leads them to a hidden city in Africa where they uncover the Cadre of the Immortal: Osiris, Druid, Seneca, Mohammed Ibn Bornu, Musashi, Mahayogi & Xiuhtecutli. Maya discovers her powers came indirectly from the Immortal's "master" (Overmaster). She is turned to the villains' side. Doctor Light fashions a holographic body for Erewhon. Guest stars: Lionheart. Justice League Europe #63 (Apr. 1994)
Desaad comes to warn the JLE about the Overmaster. 1st app. of Phalanx. Metamorpho discovers a device capable of accessing Dreamslayer's limbo-like prison. Guest stars: Lionheart, Erewhon. Justice League Europe #64 (May 1994)
The League and many other heroes band together in an invasion of Parador to take on Eclipso, who is defeated by the Spectre and the Phantom Stranger. He is again imprisoned in the Heart of Darkness gem. Eclipso #17-18 (Mar.–Apr. 1994)
Hourman (Rex Tyler) saves the Task Force and J'onn stops the racist bomb. L-Ron (in Despero's body) returns as a full-time field operative, warning J'onn of Overmaster's arrival. Justice League Task Force #12 (May 1994)
With the aid of Doctor Fate, The Demon, Zatanna and the Phantom Stranger, the Spectre seemingly permanently destroys Eclipso. Spectre v.3 #18 (May 1994)
The magician Dexter DeFarge uses Praxis to try to free the demon Ghast. Tasmanian Devil vs. Phobia. NOTE: Also contains Jack O'Lantern & Ray stories. Justice League Quarterly #15 (Summer 1994)
On the run from the government, the Team Titans seek help from Wonder Woman at the JLI New York embassy. Team Titans #21 (June 1994)
Part 1: The Overmaster's ship arrives on Earth at Mt. Everest, Nepal. When all Justice League teams are assembled, Captain Atom clashes with Wonder Woman over a course of action. Against her wishes, Atom leads a team to Everest where Booster Gold loses an arm and is fatally injured. Ice goes missing in action and is coerced into joining the new Cadre: Shatterfist, Devastator (Jack Snyder), the Aryan Nation and the New Extremists. Justice League America #89 (June 1994)
Part 2: UN Liaison, Hannibal Martin orders the League to stand down against the Overmaster. Captain Atom again defies him and assembles another strike team. NOTE: Written by Mark Waid. Justice League Task Force #13 (June 1994)
Part 3: At Maxwell Lord's urging, the U.N. sends the League Busters (Peacemaker, Ultraa, Mirror Master, Chromax, Spellbinder) to stop Captain Atom's team. The Cadre destroys the League's New York headquarters. Guest stars: Lionheart, Osiris and Seneca. NOTE: In Gunfire #6 (1994), Mirror Master (McCulloch) says that the Mirror Master in this tale was not him. Justice League Europe #65 (June 1994)
Part 4: Ice kills Shatterfist and assumes leadership of the Cadre. Booster is saved by the life support features in his new suit. Wonder Woman rails at Max for conspiring to create the League Busters. Justice League America #90 (July 1994)
Part 5: Bloodwynd leaves the JLA and becomes an observer. Gypsy is deserted on Mt. Everest. Ice turns on the Overmaster and is killed. NOTE: In retrospect, writer Mark Waid regrets the decision to kill Ice. Justice League Task Force #14 (July 1994)
Final: Amazing Man subdues the Overmaster by absorbing his power. Meanwhile, Beetle discovers the control room of the Overmaster's ship and detonates the ship (and Overmaster) ahead of the armageddon device. Guest appearances: Lionheart, Osiris, Seneca. Justice League Europe #66 (July 1994)
Epilogue: The funeral of Ice. The UN (Catherine Cobert) denies the heroes access to their former headquarters. Captain Atom butts heads with Max. Justice League America #91 (Aug. 1994)
Policeman Donovan Wallace becomes General Glory II; General Glory I apparently dies of a heart attack. Justice League Quarterly #16 (Autumn 1994)
The League struggles to reestablish its status and membership. Maxima resigns. Justice League Task Force #15 (Aug. 1994)
Doctor Light, Maya and Power Girl resign. The U.N. abandons the League and Wonder Woman, J'onn and Captain Atom all begin recruiting members for new Justice Leagues. Wonder Woman offers membership to Osiris and Seneca, who apparently decline. The hero Triumph appears amid the time fluctuations of the "Zero Hour." NOTE: The Erewhon storyline was left unfinished. Justice League Europe #67 (Aug. 1994)
Bushmaster and Thunderlord are killed and Godiva, Impala and Tuatara are critically injured by Fain Y'onia, an old foe of Doctor Mist. In defeating him, the Wild Huntsman disappears. Owl Woman, Rising Sun, Seraph, Impala & Olympian emerge to reform with new members: Centrix, Tundra, Chrysalis, Cascade. Maxima saves a young runaway with the help of Lizzie Angelo. NOTES: Angelo was the runaway who appeared in New Teen Titans #27-28. Also contains a Captain Atom story. Last issue of J.L. Quartely. Wild Huntsman shows up (unconscious) in Suicide Squad #37. Justice League Quarterly #17 (Winter 1994)
2 Years Ago
Return of the Hero 1: Triumph retells the League's 1st adventure--how he assembled Aquaman, Black Canary, Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter and Superman to stop an alien mining mechanism. In defeating them, Triumph is thrown out of time for 10 years, leaving no trace of his existence. Justice League America #92 (Sept. 1994)
Return of the Hero 2: Triumph struggles to find the JLA he remembers. Fire asks Arion to commune with Ice's spirit. Justice League Task Force #16 (Sept. 1994)
Return of the Hero 3: Tasmanian Devil and Elongated Man resign. Triumph's disappearance from the timestream is explained, and he joins J'onn's Task Force team. NOTE: Last issue of Justice League Europe/International. Phil Jimenez pencils. Justice League Europe #68 (Sept. 1994)
Alan Scott fills in Kyle Rayner on Hal Jordan's demise. Also, Kyle and Superman use the GL ring and Metron (of the New Gods) chair to project a message to all DCU heroes. Green Lantern v.2 #55 (Sept. 1994)
Carter and Shiera Hall are merged with Katar Hol. Shiera perishes in the process. NOTES: Shiera's death was confirmed in JSA Secret Files #2, 2001. Her soul is reincarnated inside her niece, Kendra Saunders. Hawkman v.4 #13 (Sept. 1994)
Parallax begins a campaign to reshape the universe in his own image, starting a wave of temporal distortion that begins to unravel time from the end of the universe backwards. As Waverider and the Linear Men move to warn Earth's heroes, the villain Monarch, now calling himself Extant, tries to exploit the crisis for his own ends. Superman, using the help of Metron and Kyle Rayner, recruits Earth's heroes and alerts them to the time crisis. Zero Hour #4 (Sept. 1994)
The Justice Society engages Extant, who uses his time manipulation powers to kill the Atom and Hourman, mortally wound Doctor Mid-Nite, drain the power from Green Lantern's power ring, and split Doctor Fate into Kent and Inza Nelson, stripping them of their power and returning them to their chronological ages. NOTE: It is later revealed that this Hourman was the android, who switched places with Rex Tyler just before Extant's blow (JSA #66). Zero Hour #3 (Sept. 1994)
The Justice Society disbands; the original Doctor Mid-Nite presumably dies in the hospital. Alan Scott vows to retire, throwing away his power ring, which is later destroyed by Hal Jordan. Zero Hour #2 (Sept. 1994)
Atom II is de-aged to 18. Realizing that his superhero career is over, Ted Knight passes his Cosmic Rod on to his son David, who becomes Starman VI. First appearance of his other son, Jack Knight (who becomes Starman VII in Starman #0, 1994). The Flash appeals to the Spectre for assistance in combating the crisis in time. The temporal devastation escalates, destroying all of time except for a handful of heroes at Vanishing Point, who learn that their foe is Hal Jordan, now calling himself Parallax. Zero Hour #1 (Sept. 1994)
With the help of the Spectre, Parallax is stopped from remaking the universe in his own image. The universe is restarted at the Dawn of Time, causing historical changes and anomalies. Power Girl gives birth to a boy. NOTE: This is presumably when the Spectre first senses Parallax's great evil within Jordan. In general, however, changes were minor to other characters' continuity. Over time, after the Crisis, almost all characters' continuities continued to change. This was later explained in the Infinite Crisis as having either been a result of Superboy Prime's blows, or because the universe hadn't yet "settled" into its proper place. Examples of this are the ever-changing histories of Power Girl and Hawkman and the redefining of the Justice League's early days. The most significant change to continuity from Zero Hour was the complete reboot of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Zero Hour #0 (Sept. 1994)
Gerard Jones & Chuck Wojtkiewicz begin as writer & penciller of Justice League America
A new League reforms under Wonder Woman with new members Hawkman III, Nuklon and Obsidian. They claim the Overmaster's former escape pod as an orbiting headquarters (later referred to as the Refuge). Other members include Flash, Crimson Fox & Metamorpho. The members comment that Blue Beetle has joined Captain Atom's team. Justice League America #0 (Oct. 1994)
J'onn forms a new team (Gypsy, L-Ron, Ray & Triumph) intent on training future Leaguers. The Bronze Tiger declines an invitation to join. They establish headquarters in Ivotown (Professor Ivo's island). Justice League Task Force #0 (Oct. 1994)
Oliver Queen meets Connor Hawke. He later discovers Conner is his son. (Green Arrow #97) NOTE: Connor unofficially dons the Green Arrow garb in Green Arrow #91. Green Arrow v.2 #0 (Oct. 1994)
Kyle Rayner vs. Parallax. Oa is destroyed. Green Lantern v.2 #0 (Oct. 1994)
The original Ray (Happy Terrill) confronts Martian Manhunter about the whereabouts of his son, the Ray. Ray v.2 #0 (Oct. 1994)
After an unsuccessful attempt to commandeer the League, Max collapses from a brain tumor. Arion summons Power Girl and her son, whom Scarabus is trying to kill. Justice League America #93 (Nov. 1994)
Max learns that he has brain cancer, and it's revealed he is a member of the Arcana (a new incarnation of the Royal Flush Gang, not named until later). Power Girl manifests Atlantean magic powers. Justice League America #94 (Dec. 1994)
Alan Scott (Green Lantern I) takes the name Sentinel. Showcase '95 #1 (Jan. 1995)
Diana returns to the League sans her Wonder Woman title. The JLA discovers the Yazz, and other last survivors of the Overmaster's galactic devastation. The Kilg%re grants Max (his longtime secret ally) a second chance at life, which he accepts, leaving his body to die. NOTE: Artemis IV became the new Wonder Woman in Wonder Woman #93. Justice League America #95 (Jan. 1995)
Frustrated by the League's leadership, Captain Atom claims the Justice League name and forms his team. Maxima, Blue Beetle, Booster Gold and Amazing Man II join him. They establish headquarters at Mt. Thunder, Nevada, a former military complex. Ronald Raymond (Firestorm) is told he is dying of leukemia. 1st app. (shadowed) of Monarch II, the original Nathaniel Adam. NOTE: The team considers itself the Justice League and does not call themselves "Extreme Justice."


Extreme Justice #0 (Jan. 1995)
Past and present Leaguers attend Max's funeral, vengefully disrupted by Judgment, brother of John Charles Collins. Justice League America #96 (Feb. 1995)
A Christmas party at Warriors brings just about every active hero guest starring. And, Guy sleeps with Fire. Guy Gardner: Warrior #39 (Feb. 1995)
The original Icemaiden returns. Artemis IV arrives, seeking to assume Diana's leadership of the JLA. She is met with indifference. Power Girl's child disappears. Justice League America #97 (Mar. 1995)
1st app. Strange Brood. Metamorpho begins a search for Vivian d'Aramis' killer. Blue Devil and Icemaiden join. Justice League America #98 (Apr. 1995)
The JLA reunites the Strange Brood with their families. With the power of the Kilg%re, Max Lord becomes a cyborg and takes the name Lord Havoc (II). NOTE: Further details about Max's relationship with the Kilg%re were revealed in Booster Gold v.2 #9 (2008). Justice League America #99 (May 1995)
Lord Havoc attempts to overtake the Refuge. He escapes in the end. Guy Gardner re-appears with his new alien shape shifting abilities. Guest appearances: Extreme Justice, Warrior. NOTE: Guy got his new powers in GG: Warrior #0 (Oct. 1994). Justice League America #100 (June 1995)
Firestorm rejoins the League, in Captain Atom's branch. Extreme Justice #5 (June 1995)
Gunfire calls in the League to help him against his mad father, Ragnarok, at the center of the earth. Aquaman also guest stars. Gunfire #13 (June 1995)
Part 1: Warrior and the League battle the Tormock Bloodhounds. Warrior #32 (June 1995)
Part 2: JLA in space! Justice League America #101 (July 1995
Part 3: Hawkman and the JLA free the conquered Thanagarians. Their population greatly reduced, they're left to rebuild Thanagarian society. Hawkman v.4 #22 (July 1995)
Part 4: Battles. Warrior #33 (July 1995)
Part 5: Tormock death ship destroyed. Justice League America #102 (Aug. 1995
Part 6: Fights. Hawkman v.4 #23 (Aug. 1995)
Part 7: Skirmishes. Warrior #34 (Aug. 1995)
Deathstroke, Wintergreen, Extreme Justice, the Outsiders, Steel, the Blood Pack, the Titans and Hawkman travel throughout the world to disarm nuclear weapons planted by the Crimelord. Deathstroke #49 (July 1995)
Ray announces his resignation; Mystek joins the Task Force. Guest app: Impulse. Justice League Task Force #26 (Aug. 1995)
Metamorpho & Crimson Fox, with Le Fantôme discover that Vivian is the captive of Puanteur. Justice League America #103 (Sept. 1995)
Disabled cop Eddie Walker, the "mood ring of the superhero set," fakes his own death, takes on Bounty Inc., and loses control of his powers fighting the Eradicator. The Martian Manhunter uses his telepathic powers to calm Loose Cannon down, repaying him for his help (in Justice League Task Force #9, 1994). Loose Cannon #1-4 (July–Sept. 1995)
Oliver Queen perishes aboard and exploding plane. His son, Connor takes the Mantle of Green Arrow II. NOTE: Queen returns in Green Arrow, v.3 #1, and it's explained in #7-9. Green Arrow v.2 #101 (Sept. 1995)
Vivian d'Aramis is killed by Puanteur. Justice League America #104 (Oct. 1995)
1st app. of the slave-aliens Zan and Jayna. NOTE: Zan and Jayna first appeared on TV as the "Wonder Twins" (with their space-monkey, Gleek) in the All-New Super Friends Hour (1977). This appearance has parallels to their 1st comic book app. (not-in-continuity) in Super Friends #7 (1977). They speak Interlac in this issue. Extreme Justice #9 (Oct. 1995)
The Flash's Rogues Gallery (Captain Cold, Captain Boomerang, Weather Wizard, Mirror Master & Heat Wave) die as pawns of Neron. Many villains accept Neron's offer for their heart's desire including: Abra Kadabra, Blockbuster, Bolt, Cheetah and Chiller, Circe, Copperhead, Deadline, Deadshot, Doctor Phosphorus, Doctor Polaris, Grodd, Joker, Killer Frost, Luthor, Major Disaster, Merlyn, Metallo, Psycho-Pirate and Shrapnel. Neron also kills Mongul. NOTE: The Rogues were all returned to life in Flash #127-129. In later stories, Ocean Master, Mist and Rag Doll also revealed their deal. Underworld Unleashed #1 (Nov. 1995)
Obsidian manifests new powers against the Killer Elite (1st app.: Deadshot, Bolt, Deadline, Merlyn & Chiller). Blue Devil makes a deal with Neron. First appearance of Kathy Viverrida (later, the Civet). NOTE: Deadshot presumably formed the Elite by allying with these villains following his last Suicide Squad mission (Suicide Squad #66). Justice League America #105 (Nov. 1995)
Fire, Icemaiden and Black Canary attend Plastique's bachelorette party. Carol Ferris erupts once again into Star Sapphire. Extreme Justice #10 (Nov. 1995)
All the JLA teams band together to battle the evil erupting on Earth. Luthor and Joker plot to steal Neron's power. Underworld Unleashed #2 (Early Dec. 1995)
Obsidian inadvertently sets Scarabus free. In Thailand, Scarabus transforms Kathy Viverrida into the Civet. Justice League America #106 (Dec. 1995)
Blue Devil is reincarnated. The Trickster wounds Neron when he tricks him into taking the pure, altruistic soul of Captain Marvel. Underworld Unleashed #3 (L12. 1995)
The Primal Force disbands. Red Tornado leaves in search of Kathy Sutton and Traya. Primal Force #14 (Dec. 1995)
Red Tornado finds his loved ones only to leave them again, alone. He goes into hibernation in the JLA's former Secret Sanctuary. JLA 80-Page Giant #1 (July 1998)
J'onn, Wonder Woman, Obsidian, Fire, Icemaiden & Warrior visit an unstable Aquaman in Atlantis. Obsidian is badly injured. Aquaman v.5 #16 (Jan. 1996)
Scarabus' evil erupts, awakening he and Power Girl's son, Equinox. Obsidian goes on a date with a woman named Karen. Guest appearances: Lionheart, Superboy, Green Lantern. Justice League America #107 (Jan. 1996)
Equinox defeats Scarabus and disappears. 1st app. of the Arcana's Queen of Spades. Justice League America #108 (Feb. 1996)
The Yazz plays matchmaker. Justice League America #109 (Mar. 1996)
Blue Devil is revealed as an unwitting pawn of the Arcana to infiltrate the JLA. Icemaiden "comes out" to Nuklon. Guest appearances: El Diablo Justice League America #110 (Apr. 1996)
Zan and Jayna join Captain Atom's team. Extreme Justice #16 (May 1996)
Lord Havok frees Judgment (to be his servant), breaks from the Kilg%re, takes leadership of the Arcana, and initiates a "full purge" of the Refuge. Metamorpho leaves to be with his son. Crimson Fox resigns. Justice League America #111 (June 1996)
Mister Miracle and Barda return to Earth and frees Fire, Wonder Woman, and Obsidian from possession by the Source. Soon after, they take up temporary residence aboard the Justice League Refuge. Mister Miracle v.3 #1-2, 5 (Apr.-May 1996)
The Legion of Doom are fully revealed: Brainwave II, Gorilla Grodd (a robot), Houngan, Killer Frost, Major Force and the Madmen. Brainwave is deranged by thoughts of his father's evil. Houngan revives Major Force by reforging his soul to his body. Extreme Justice #17 (June 1996)
The JLA Refuge is launched into space and captured by Flicker. Wonder Woman turns to the other Justice League teams for help and also calls Green Lantern. NOTE: Gerard Jones says farewell in the letter column. Justice League America #112 (July 1996)
J'onn helps Arion transport Hawkman to the "realm of the Hawk God." Hawkman v.4 #33 (July 1996)
The Legion of Doom are captured. NOTE: Last issue of Extreme Justice. Extreme Justice #18 (July 1996)
The Yazz and other aliens subdue Flicker and decide to make his ship their home. The JLA returns with the Refuge to Earth; they do not disband, but remain a loose-knit group, using Captain Atom's Mt. Thunder headquarters. Lord Havok and Judgment destroy the Aracana's "four Aces." NOTE: This Max Lord storyline was left unfinished. Justice League America #113 (Aug. 1996)
The three branches of the League celebrate Christmas together. Triumph contemplates lighting the candle he received from Neron. If so, he would reclaim the lost decade of his life. Though he chooses not to light the candle, Ray and Gypsy unwittingly do. L-Ron returns to Earth. NOTE: Writer Christopher Priest said that even though Ray and Gypsy lit the candle, this did indeed grant Triumph's wish and change the past. Whether Triumph's ideal life included involvement in the Justice League is unclear. This also means that Triumphs soul now belongs to Neron. Inexplicably, the Bronze Tiger appears with the others in this tale. Justice League Task Force #37 (Aug. 1996)
Batman, Robin, Aquaman, Flash and Green Lantern help the League ward off an Apokoliptian invasion. NOTE: This series coincided with the launch of the Total Justice line of action figures. Total Justice #1-3 (Oct.–Nov. 1996)
Doctor Destiny returns, empowered by Know Man (1st app. #3); Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman and the Martian Manhunter join together to defeat them. (#3) NOTE: This series implies that a Justice League of some sort currently exists. JL: Midsummer's Nightmare #1-3 (Sept.–Nov. 1996)
Final Night: The Sun-Eater destroys Earth's sun. League members past and present band together with other heroes to save the planet. NOTE: The new "big seven" JLA has not yet officially formed. Captain Atom makes reference to his own team, still together. Final Night #1-3 (Nov. 1996)
Final Night: Parallax sacrifices himself destroying the Sun-Eater and restoring the sun. NOTE: Behind the scenes, Parallax resurrects his deceased friend Oliver Queen (Green Arrow). This body lacks a soul. Final Night #4 (Nov. 1996)
In response to the new Queen Bee (III)'s reconstruction of the Extremist robots, Captain Atom's team invades Bialya. The U.N. responds by asking all Leagues to disband. Maxima departs in anger. Batman then meets with Superman to discuss the direction of a new JLA. NOTE: This tale erroneously suggests that the post-Judgment Day Leagues were U.N.-sanctioned. JLA: Incarnations #6 (Dec. 2001)

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