Final Crisis
Libra kills the Martian Manhunter. The JLA is called to investigate the death of Orion. Final Crisis #1 (July 2008)
As the Martian Manhunter dies, his spirit reaches out to his closest friends (Superman, Canary, Batman, Hal Jordan and Gypsy) to pass on the history of Mars. Nightwing discovers J'onn's corpse hanging from a red globe in New York City. Superman lifts J'onn's pyramid home from the Gobi desert to serve as his tomb on Mars. Final Crisis: Requiem #1 (Sept. 2008)
In Tokyo, the Super Young Team (Atomic Lantern Boy, Sonic Lightning Flash, Aquazon, Superbat, Lolita Canary) encounter Super-Sumo (of Earth-51) in a nightclub. Sumo is attacked by Megayakuza. Mister Miracle (Shilo Norman) approaches Sumo to propose an alliance. The Martian Manhunter is buried on Mars. Alpha Lantern Kraken arrives at the Watchtower to claim Orion's body and arrest Hal Jordan for his murder. Batman acquires the bullet that killed Orion. The Flashes meet Barry Allen, who warns them to run from the Racer—and a bullet. Final Crisis #2 (Aug. 2008)
Batman returns to his cave with the radion bullet that killed Orion. He is captured by Darkseid's minions, Mokkari and Simyan. NOTES: Also shown in Final Crisis #2. Batman #683 (Jan. 2009)
S.H.A.D.E. and Checkmate ally to shut down the Dark Side Club. Iris Allen learns that her husband has returned. Superman is approached by the Monitrix, Zillo Valla, for a cosmic mission. Wonder Woman is infected with the Anti-Life and becomes an avatar for a Female Fury. Mokkari sends an Anti-Life email to everyone on Earth. Final Crisis #3 (Sept. 2008)
Superman meets Supermen from across the multiverse: Captain Marvel of Earth-5, Captain Allen Adam of Earth-4, Overman of Earth-10, and (the antimatter) Ultraman. They head to the library of Limbo to download an "infinite book"; they glimpse the Monitors' origins and end. Final Crisis: Superman Beyond 3D #1 (Oct. 2008)
Captain Adam merges Ultraman and Superman and broadcasts them into a higher dimension—that of the the Monitors. They face the first Monitor, Dax Novu, resurrected as Mandrakk. Superman casts Mandrakk into the void. Afterwards, Monitor Rox Ogama transforms Ultraman into a vampiric servant. Final Crisis: Superman Beyond 3D #2 (Mar. 2009)
Soon after saving Lois, Superman is beckoned by the Legion beckons for help against Superboy Prime (sent to the 31st century by the Time Trapper). NOTE: A glimpse of this battle was shown in DC Universe #0 (June 2008). Legion of Three Worlds #1-5 (Oct. 2008-??. 2009)
The new Tattooed Man (Mark Richards) tries to save his family (Laurel, Leon, and wife) and runs up against Black Lightning. They're saved up by Thunder and S.H.A.D.E. only after Black Lightning is captured and converted by Anti-Life. Final Crisis: Submit #1 (Dec. 2008)
The Ray joins Green Arrow, Black Canary, Oracle and the Tattooed Man's resistance. They coordinate with other Watchtowers around the globe. Superbia falls from the sky. Barry cures Iris' Anti-Life infection with his Speed Force. Final Crisis #4 (Nov. 2008)
Batman's psycho-merge with his intended New God unleashes feedback that kills Darkseid's clone army. Darkseid assumes full control of Turpin's body and rises, one with all his slaves. When Kraken attacks the Guardians of the Universe, one Guardian (later called Scar) is disfigured. Final Crisis #5 (Dec. 2008)
Last Rites: Simyan and Mokkari use a being called the Lump, a telepathic parasite, to force Batman to submit. Batman nearly detects the Lump. (#682) Batman lives out Mokkari's false memories and the Lump convulses with Batman's resistance. The psycho-feedback kills their soldiers. They choose to kill the Lump to stop the feedback. (#683) Batman #682-683 (Jan. 2009)
Batman fires the bullet that killed at Darkseid. Simultaneously, Batman is struck by Darkseid's Omega Sanction and is transported to the ancient past. His corpse remains. Superman returns from returns from the 31st century with knowledge of the Miracle Machine. He finds Batman dead. Black Canary makes Tattooed Man an honorary JLA member. Luthor and Sivana unveil a device to counter the Equation. The Monitor Nix Uotan proclaims that the Fifth World has begun: man as gods. Final Crisis #6 (Jan. 2009)
Darkseid is defeated and destroyed by an army of Superman. The Flashes outrun the Black Racer, who stops to take Darkseid (now struck by his own Omega beams, fired backwards in time). The Ray inscribes the New Gods' "life letter" across the globe. Superman builds a makeshift Miracle Machine to calculate a "Life Equation." He sings to activate it and Darkseid is undone. Nix Uotan arrives and summons the Forever people, saying "Taaru." The New Gods are reborn and take up residence at Earth-51. Nix Uotan reveals a map he used to rebuild Earth-51 again. The Monitors cease to exist, their story done. In the distant past, an elderly Anthro has a visitor—Batman. He has found the time capsule rocket launched by Lois and the others. 1st app. of the Metal Men from Earth-44 (its Justice League) and their leader Doc Tornado, who destroy much of the JLA's trophy room. NOTE: Read Grant Morrison's "Exit Interview" at Newsarama, Part 1 and Part 2. Uotan's map is Jack Kirby's, from Kamandi #1. Final Crisis #7 (Mar. 2009)
In light of Batman's death, Black Lightning leaves the League to return to the Outsiders. Batman and the Outsiders Special #1 (Mar. 2009)
When Worlds Collide, Part 4: Black Canary scolds Hal and Ollie for undermining her JLA leadership and forming their own team. She consoles Roy about Kendra and he resigns, too. The Flash resigns, citing his commitment to the Titans and his family. Superman and Wonder Woman remember Batman and pursue their own missions. Canary decides to disband the JLA. Justice League of America v.2 #31 (May 2009)
Part 5: The remaining five members discuss options for the League but do not appoint a leader. Doctor Light and Firestorm question Shadow Thief at Van Kull Prison near Metropolis. The villain escapes and Starbreaker comes through him to Earth. He siphons the power of Vega from Doctor Light; in the Vegan system, the sun flickers. Kimiyo follows them as they escape. Justice League of America v.2 #32 (June 2009)
Part 6: The JLA tracks down Hardware in the city of Dakota, at Gilliam Airfield; they want help tracking the Shadow Cabinet's teleportation signature. Firestorm splits so that Gehenna can teleport them to the Himalayas. When the JLA arrive, Anansi brings forth an avatar to help: Paladin. There, Doctor Light also emerges to find the Shadow Cabinet defeated by Starbreaker, Dharma near death, and Icon battling Starbreaker. Justice League of America v.2 #33 (July 2009)
Part 7: Shadow Thief is captured. The JLA manage to siphon much of Starbreakers energies and Paladin finishes him with a lutetium bullet. Dharma reveals to Icon and Superman the fate of the "Dakota" universe: upon the death of Darseid (in Final Crisis), their universe was destroyed. Dharma tapped the power of the being called The Rift. He now continues to "knit" the two universes seamlessly together. NOTE: Superman remembers his prior meeting with Icon and others, in the "Worlds Collide" crossover (1994). Justice League of America v.2 #34 (Aug. 2009)
Epoch (Lord of Time) scatters the JLA two-by-two across time where they team with other heroes. Hal and Roy with Cinnamon, 1866. Vixen and John to Camelot with Shining Knight vs. Morgaine LeFay. Zatanna and Black Canary to 1939 with Crimson Avenger; they meet Dinah's grandfather, Det. Richard Lance. Arrow and Firestorm with the Bride in 1942 vs. Ra's al Ghul. Steel and Wonder Woman with the Black Pirate in 1574 vs. Starro. Superman and Doctor Light with the new Samurai, Toshio in 1223. Meanwhile, Snapper Carr and the Cheetah encounter the Time Commander in Happy Harbor. He tricks Snapper into helping against Epoch. Though the villain returns the JLA, he also retrieves his hourglass weapon. NOTE: The JLA is described as "broken up." Lance says he's not married (yet) which is impossible given Black Canary's 1947 debut. Justice League of America 80-Page Giant (Nov. 2009)
Starfire rejects an offer of JLA membership from Vixen. (Justice League of America v.2 #36, 10. 2009)
Red Tornado and Plastic Man heed the summons against a new Royal Flush Gang formation in Las Vegas. They are again led by "Wild Card"—Amos Fortune. Fortune plays a game of chance with Roulette, whose pawns are the JLA. NOTE: Story arc written by Len Wein. Justice League of America v.2 #35 (Sept. 2009)
Wonder Woman joins the battle. Fortune kills gang members before they can divulge information. Justice League of America v.2 #36 (Oct. 2009)
The JLA fight factions of the Gang across the country—"royals" from every suit. They manage to turn back luck around and discover Amos Fortune and Roulette's location, but the villains escape. Roulette gives her intelligence on the whole affair over to the Key. In New Orleans, Amos Fortune is shot by the widow of a former Gang member. Justice League of America v.2 #37 (Nov. 2009)
Justice League: CRY FOR JUSTICE
James Robinson begins as writer
Hal Jordan defects from the JLA, angered that they haven't done enough to bring criminals to justice—specifically, Libra and his Society. Green Arrow joins him. Both Atoms take down the Killer Moth, avenging his friend Mike Dante. Mikaal Tomas attends the funeral of his lover, Tony. Congo Bill sits among his slaughtered tribe. Among them is his former human form; he is now trapped inside the body of the Congorilla. His friend, the Freedom Beast dies as well. NOTE: Takes place after Justice League of America #30 and Final Crisis. Killer Moth, as Charaxes, was killed in Infinite Crisis #7. Contains special notes by Robinson and the origin of Congorilla. Justice League: Cry for Justice #1 (Sept. 2009)
Mikaal and Congorilla clash on the former Blackhawk Island, where they've both tracked their quarries. Hal and Ollie get a lead to Prometheus from Jason Bard. The Atom and Shazam converge at the Flash Museum, where they meet Jay Garrick. Jay's old friends (the Three Dimwits) have been killed. They and Supergirl find Hall and Ollie in Gotham City. NOTE: Contains special notes by Robinson and the origin of Ray Palmer. Justice League: Cry for Justice #2 (Oct. 2009)
Congorilla reveals that his friend, Malavar, a native of Gorilla City, was missing. Hal captures Clayface, disguised as Prometheus. The real Prometheus reveals that he's killed Gloss, Sandstorm and Tasmainian Devil. He reduces his ally, IQ, to mental infancy. The Shade and Bobo Benetti visit Charity in Opal City. NOTE: Contains special notes by Robinson and the origin of Prometheus. Justice League: Cry for Justice #3 (Nov. 2009)
Batwoman watches Hal and the others. Jay Garrick finds Miss Martian battling Brick in San Francisco. In Paris, Bill and Starman find the murderers—Penny Dreadful and Arak. Arak info implicates Prometheus, who killed many apes to retrieve one, Malavar. Penny killed Tony when Prometheus stole the Zeta Beamer from S.T.A.R. Penny kills Arak for divulging info, then a stray beam from Mikaal fries her, too. Jay Garrick visits Mon-El, Hourman, Liberty Belle, Argent, Manhunter, Shining Knight, the Sea Devils, and Mister America. Ollie takes issue with the Atom's harsh interrogation technique. The Shade calls on Jay and Joan. The JLA call Hal Ollie and Ray to the Watchtower to explain themselves. NOTE: Includes backup feature about Starman. Justice League: Cry for Justice #4 (Dec. 2009)
Bill and Mik arrive at the home of Animal Man, where Starfire and Donna Troy are visiting. They head for the Watchtower only to find the JLA is also on Prometheus' tail. Batwoman relates her encounter with Endless Winter, who died after creating a diversion. The Guardian intercepts one of Prometheus' devices. Bill senses something and discovers Red Arrow, whose arm has been torn off by Shazam! NOTE: Includes backup feature about Captain Marvel Jr. Cameos by Odd-Man, Kull, Crimson Avenger, Robotman and others. Justice League: Cry for Justice #5 (Jan. 2010)
Shazam is unmasked as Prometheus. He incapacitates Zatanna, Plastic Man and Red Tornado. The Shade nearly defeats him, but Donna ultimately takes him down with brute force. He threatens to teleport their home cities through space and time, and activates a bomb in Star City. NOTE: Endnotes explain Robinson's decision to leave Batwoman out. Justice League: Cry for Justice #6 (Apr. 2010)
90,000 die in Star City; Lian Harper is one of them. Bulleteer and Mister Scarlet in Fawcett free Freddy, whose mouth has been sewn shut. Prometheus forces them to let him go, so he will stop the bombs, which the JLA finds they cannot stop. Green Arrow follows him to his secret lair and kills him. Justice League: Cry for Justice #7 (Apr. 2010)
Mark Bagley begins as artist
While trying to warn the JLA about some threat, Blue Jay falls prey to Doctor Impossible in the JLA's trophy room. Vixen calls the team to Happy Harbor, looking for a reason to continue. Vixen has broken her leg and Plastic Man cannot hold his shape. They're attacked by Despero, who has Gypsy. Zatanna arrives but someone else teleports him away. They return to the Hall of Justice, where Doctor Light has arisen. NOTE: This follows Cry for Justice. Justice League of America v.2 #38 (Dec. 2009)
Blackest Night
On Memorial Day, Hawkman and Hawkgirl are killed by the reanimated forms of Ralph and Sue Dibny. The Hawks are also transformed into Black Lanterns. J'onn's corpse confronts Hal and Barry. Blackest Night #1 (Sept. 2009)
J'onn unites the undead members of the JLA, including Aquaman and Firestorm. Blackest Night #2 (Oct. 2009)
Ray Palmer and Indigo-1 destroy "Ralph and Sue." At the Hall of Justice, the new Firestorm meets Mera, where the black JLA attacks them. The undead Ronnie Raymond splits Firestorm and kills Gehenna. More rings activate within the JLA's morgue. Blackest Night #3 (Nov. 2009)
At JLA HQ, villains rise en masse. Ronnie fuses with Jason and they vie for control of Firestorm. Damage is killed by Black Lantern Jean Loring. The Black Lanterns begin to converge on Coast City where the rogue Guardian, Scar, awaits with her master, Nekron. Blackest Night #4 (Dec. 2009)
Blackest Night: Vibe, Zatara, Doctor Light and Steel rise from the dead, converging on the Hall of Justice. Justice League of America v.2 #39 (Jan. 2010)
Blackest Night: The battle with the Black Lanterns leaves Vixen, Doctor Light, Plastic Man, Zatanna and Red Tornado broken. Justice League of America v.2 #40 (Feb. 2010)
Nekron possesses all the heroes who'd previously died and returned to life. They are transformed into Black Lanterns, too. Blackest Night #5 (Jan. 2009)
Earth's heroes are deputized by the seven corps: Mera is taken by a red ring; Wonder Woman by star sapphire; Atom by indigo; Flash by blue; Scarecrow by Sinestros; Luthor by orange; and Ganthet reclaims the green power. Blackest Night #6 (Feb. 2010)
The Guardians reveal that Earth is the center and origin of life in the universe. They buried that fact to keep Earth protected, and for a long time forbade Earth natives from the Green Lantern Corps. Nekron unearths the white light's power source, the Entity, from within the Earth. Sinestro claims the Entity's power. NOTE: Sinestro's full name is revealed: "Thaal Sinestro." Blackest Night #7 (Apr. 2010)
Hal Jordan accesses the Entity's power and restores all the "re-dead" Black Lanterns to white. Together, they turn the white power on Black Hand and make him live again. This severs Nekron's tether to Earth. A beam of white power revives the Anti-Monitor. Nekron explodes, releasing white rings which revive 12 others: Max Lord, Boston Brand, Ron Raymond, J'onn J'onzz, Carter & Shiera Hall, Aquaman, Jade, Hawk, the Reverse-Flash, Captain Boomerang, and Osiris. Hawkgirl reveals she is once again Shiera and remembers all their lives. Max escapes. The Indigo tribe take Black Hand prisoner and return to their world. Hal and Barry realize Tim Drake was right: Batman is not dead. A white power battery appears in New Mexico. Blackest Night #8 (May 2010)
Rise and Fall
Doctor Light fails to convince Vixen to stay with the JLA. Wonder Woman persuades Troia to rebuild the JLA. Donna recruits Batman (Dick Grayson), and new members Cyborg and Starfire. Dick and Hal recruit Green Arrow; Doctor Light invites new members Guardian and Mon-El. Flashbacks show an ominous device: in 1777, Tomahawk and Miss Liberty encounter this future technology; she advises taking it to Ben Franklin. In the present, Darwin Jones finds it in the Smithsonian. From it, emerges Neon Black (a pseudo-Lightray). NOTE: Follows "Cry" and Blackest Night. Justice League of America v.2 #41 (Mar. 2010)
The new JLA battles Atlas. Baman assumes leadership. Flashback to the Challengers of the Unknown, who also encountered the mystery weapon; it was taken by the Metal Men to S.T.A.R. Labs. In 1944, Blackhawk, Plastic Man and the Freedom Fighters defeated the War Wheel, also powered by artifact. Today, the Power Company guard it against a vanguard of New God copies: Doctor Impossible (Mister Miracle), Hunter (Orion) and Neon Black. The device originates in the Fourth World. It's now on Blackhawk Island, where Mikaal and Bill encounter Tender Mercy (Barda) and Chair (Metron). The Shade transports Green Arrow to Prometheus' home. Cyborg begins restoration of Red Tornado's body. NOTE: Some background is given in #50: Neon Black is named Earl; Hunter is Webb; Mercy is a Bana-Mighdall. Justice League of America v.2 #42 (Apr. 2010)
The villains steal a weapon from the Watchtower. Donna recognizes Mercy as an Amazon. Mikaal and Bill accept invitations to join the team. Later they fight Plastique, Hellgrammite, Harpi, Mister Atomic. Just after B.N. In Happy Harbor, Alan Scott's powers go haywire. In Greenland, the villains assemble a device, using Bluejay as a key element in the device, which provides a window to the multiverse. Starfire leaves the JLA, and Earth. Justice League of America v.2 #43 (Apr. 2010)
The JLA discovers that Green Arrow has killed Prometheus. The Shade shows Barry and Hal the corpse. They narrowly stop Ollie from killing the Electrocutioner, too. Ollie uses Prometheus' key to escape. Justice League: The Rise and Fall Special (May 2010)
Doctor Mid-Nite takes Roy Harper to Lian's body. Use of sedatives cause a relapse in his substance abuse. (#1) Roy is painfully fitted with a mechanical arm designed by Mid-Nite and Cyborg. He fails using a bow, but hits the bullseye with a throw. At Lian's funeral, he lashes out at everyone, blaming Mia. Cheshire comes to call. (#2) Justice League: The Rise of Arsenal #1-4 (5-?.10)
When Green Arrow finds the Electrocutioner, he finds Speedy, who wants to kill him, too. (#31) Ollie refuses to kill the Electrocutioner because of the example it would make for Mia. Green Arrow is arrested and publicly unmasked. Dinah breaks with him, returning her wedding ring. The Justice League attends his trial (minus Dinah and Roy). The jury acquits him. He is banished from Star City. (#32) Green Arrow #31-32 (5-6.10)
brightest day
Jade undergoes tests on Oa. She notices something strange about the white light power. Brightest Day #0 (June 2010)
The Watchtower is breached by a meteor that lands in Germany. Etrigan awaits it. Donna's blue lasso of persuasion forces the demon to change back to Jason Blood. The JLA opens the meteor to reveal Jade inside. At JSA HQ in Happy Harbor, Alan Scott's condition worsens. Sebastian Faust arrives to assist them. Mikaal discovers he can fly unaided in space. Justice League of America v.2 #44 (June 2010)
Alan Scott's body seeks out Jade in Germany. They meet Karl Zorn, Uber-Komandant of Die Rakete-Auslese (rocket-elite, German equivalent of the Rocket Reds). The Starheart has begun possessing people. Bill calls in Supergirl to stop Power Girl's rampage. Batman invites her to stay with the JLA. Alan awakes and declares it the end of the world. CAMEOS: Shango, Zatara, Woodrue, Firehawk, Felix Faust: all possessed. NOTE: Alan dons his Kingdom Come costume. Justice League of America v.2 #45 (July 2010)
Part 1: Congo Bill and Jesse fight a new Samurai in Tokyo. Mikaal and Mister America explore the dark side of the moon where they're attacked by Alan/the Starheart. Cyborg reconstructs the Red Tornado with Prometheus nanites that repair him—automatically or at will; he is now unbreakable. Reddie is possessed by the Starheart and attacks Cyborg. Cameos by Naiad, Blue Devil, Red Volcano, Klarion Mollie Maynne. Justice League of America v.2 #46 (Aug. 2010)
Part 2: The JSA find the Shade's been attacked by Obsidian. Doctor Mid-Nite follows him through shadow portal. Batman recruits Miss Martian to relay info from Mikaal. Mister Miracle (Shiloh Norman) joins the cause. Sparks fly between Lightning and Mister America. Cameos: Devastation, Livewire, Yellow Peri. Justice Society of America v.3 #41 (Sept. 2010)
Part 3: Kyle Rayner comes at the Guardians' behest to stop the Starheart. Doctor Light offers Cyborg a top job at S.T.A.R. Robotics in Houston. Red Tornado now has faux organs and skin which he can change with nanotechnology. Cameo: Ibis. NOTE: Bill's last name given for the first time: Glenmorgan. Justice League of America v.2 #47 (Sept. 2010)
Part 4: Obsidian and Jade are merged into one possessed being. Doctor Mid-Nite frees Doctor Fate by removing his helmet. Mister Terrific summons Supergirl and Power Girl for help. Justice Society of America v.3 #42 (Oct. 2010)
Part 5: Mister Terrific deduces the Starheart's power is linked to its ability to mimic the sun's energy. Mid-Nite returns Mikaal's gem to him. Jade's life is officially returned by the white lantern, her mission to balance light and darkness is accomplished. Obsidian remains possessed and they must separate the siblings—permanently. Jade's return to life drew the Starheart fragment to Earth. She must now extract its darkness from her father and contain it. She is linked to the Starheart but doesn't use its power. Alan Scott is restored. Jesse Quick accepts Batman's offer to join the JLA. Jade effectively joins as well. Supergirl's "black double" returns. Cyborg must use the Construct, dormant in JLA HQ, to bring Red Tornado back to sanity, and wakes it. Justice League of America v.2 #48 (Oct. 2010)
Donna suggests to Jade that they open a photo studio in San Francisco. They visit Alcatraz where Shadow Thief is delirious. The Bogeyman asks to see Donna, causing mayhem. Justice League of America v.2 #49 (Nov. 2010)
Part 1: Jade consults with Faust about the Starheart's attack. The Green Lantern of Earth-8 appears, saying the antimatter Crime Syndicate have destroyed most of her world. On their Earth, Luthor created a doomsday device—a matter bomb—triggered by his death. The CSA moved the destruction to Earth-8 but it kept spreading on their world, too. The CSA hopes to resurrect Alexander Luthor to stop it. Their original Johnny Quick and Power Ring have returned. The CSA ally with Doctor Impossible, who double crosses them in a bid to resurrect Darkseid. Instead, Hunter, Tender Mercy and Neon Black are sacrificed in the creation of the Omega Man. Justice League of America v.2 #50 (Dec. 2010)
Part 2: The JLA are cut off from the world, where other heroes try to break into their sphere. The Omega Man seeks to add others to his power. Impossible flees. Jade fights to contain the energies that destoyed other Earths. Blue Jay escapes. Omega Man describes himself as the embodiment of decay. He brings out the Black Supergirl. Justice League of America v.2 #51 (Jan. 2011)
Part 3: Blue Jay concludes Omega Man is the destructive dark energy given consciousness. Supergirl returns with her black uniform (a ruse). Owlman allies with the JLA; Ultraman and Supergirl with Omega. Jesse rushes to hide civilians from Omega Man, who kills Power Ring. Batman bows to Omega Man. Cameos: Zauriel, Blue Devil. Justice League of America v.2 #52 (Feb. 2011)
Bill expresses concern for Mikaal's self-medicating behavior, fueled by his grief. The search for the gorilla Malavar, said to be smarter than Mister Terrific. They need his expertise in transdimensionality to bring down the dome. He'd consulted Sirocco in Iran who led them to an alleged a Lazarus Pit—the legendary Fountain of Youth in St. Augustine, Florida. Malavar is also pursued by the Gorilla City Freedom Alliance, seeking to overthrow Nnamdi. Rex the Wonder Dog helps them find the Pit (via Animal Man; Rex can't speak anymore, the ability waned). They do find him and he's used the Pit to bring Tasmanian Devil back to life. After Prometheus left I.Q. mindless, the villain freed Malavar. After fending off the GCFA, Taz returns home. NOTE: Bill says hes been in battle in Flanders, 1920 Kilkenny, and Haile Selassie's Xmas Offensive. Starman/Congorilla #1 (Mar. 2011)
Part 4: Owlman double crosses teh JLA, but Batman's plan succeeds. Supergirl had pretended to defect; he never trusted Owlman. He had the Green Lantern resurrect Alexander Luthor for one final act of redemption. He said being on that Earth made him evil, as a Luthor and he never should have created the energy. They throw the CSA into the resulting portal. Luthor also reverses it so that when the Omega Man enters the portal, the destructive energy reverts to good, and where he goes, he'll cure the tainted worlds, including Tangent and Earth-3. Blue Jay assumes a new mission, and also enters the portal, hoping to be more useful on another world. Malavar brings down the dome. Justice League of America v.2 #53 (Mar. 2011)
Rise of Eclipso
Part 1: On Diablo Island, Bruce Gordon is once again bound to Eclipso, despite the presence of sunlight. He recruits shadow powered beings, beginning with the Shade, then Nightshade, Acrata, Shadow Thief, Bete-Noire, Dark-Crow (Daniel Crow, special agent, Canadian RCMP), and the ancient monster Syththunu. Their last target is Jade. Justice League of America v.2 #54 (Apr. 2011)
Part 2: Eclipso possesses the Emerald City. While cleaning up New Krypton, Boodikka approaches Batman and Supergirl. Boodikka is attacked by Doomsday, who seeks the Cyborg Superman, hidden in her. Blue Lantern Saint Walker joins the fight. Jade succumbs to Eclipso. Justice League of America v.2 #55 (May 2011)
Part 3: Reinforcements arrive: Cyborg, Animal Man, Zauriel, Tasmanian Devil, Doctor Light, Red Tornado, Bulleteer with Congorilla, some of which are possessed by Eclipso. Eclipso says his plan is to kill God. Justice League of America v.2 #56 (June 2011)
Part 4: The JLA emerges safe inside Obsidian's darkness where they meet up with Alan Scott. Eclipso. Now temporarily freed from having to control the Starheart, he applies his powers to his own body to heal his recent injuries. Jesse Quick finds she is losing her speed. Obsidian is somehow immune to Eclipso. Eclipso triggers Zauriel's sonic power to summon another agent of God, the Spectre. He claims that God's energy flows in and out of Earth, its primary conduit. If he kills Earth, he'll shut off God's lifeline. He slices the Spectre in half then proceeds to do the same with the moon. Mik recalls his childhood on Talok III. Justice League of America v.2 #57 (July 2011)
Part 5: On Talok VIII, the Eremites of the Divine and Lydea Mallor are enraptured by Eclipso's power. The moon's split wreaks havoc on Earth. The Atom joins the fight. Batman targets the Shade, whom if free can help them turn the tide; his power is strongest. Bill uses a blue gun generated by Saint Walker to shoot Mikaal and the Atom into the Shade's head. Eclipso stabs Donna through with a sword. Justice League of America v.2 #58 (Aug. 2011)
Part 6: Eclipso is tricked into thinking he is victorious. It's done with Donna's "pure light" and by freeing the Shade. Light-based heroes bombard Eclipso, driving him off and leaving only Bruce Gordon. Jade and Obsidian are again able to bear each others' company. Supergirl arrives (back from "Reign of Doomsdays") in time to help repair the moon. Alan Scott heads back to repair the Emerald City and resume control of the Starheart (he fashions his new uniform after this). Five weeks later, the JLA disbands. Justice League of America v.2 #59 (Sept. 2011)
In their last five weeks, the JLA accomplish a staggering amount: The Construct returned and took over every robot on Earth: Robo-Octo-Ape, Bozo the Ironman and is 'son' Gonzo the Mechanical Bastard, G.I. Robots, the original Robotman. Jesse's super-speed now only works when she flies. They fight in the Saturn-Thanagar war, allying with Jemm. Jade empowers the Titanian colonists with the Starheart. Bill honors Freedom Beast by finding a replacement (he mentions heroes Shanty Saint, Ghost Fury, Princess Knife, Gulliver Sotinwa). Jade and Jesse's powers drive back Mordru's Sorcerer's World forces in the battle for Gemworld. Dick and Donna are last to leave, and Donna asks" Do you think they'll remember us? ... I want them to forget Donna Troy Ever existed." NOTE: Final issue. Justice League of America v.2 #60 (Oct. 2011)
The Future
Late 21st Century: Superman departs Earth. His son, known as Superman Secundus fills his role. 25th Century: A Superman leads the Justice League in defeating Solaris. NOTE: Martian Manhunter and a Green Lantern are among the members. Superman: Man of Steel #1,000,000 (Nov.98)
25th Century: The Justice League of America is remembered in history books, and in an exhibit at the Space Museum. NOTE: The Space Museum first appeared in Strange Adventures #104 (May 1959). Justice League of America #206 (Nov. 1982)
Early 29th Century: Solaris leads an army of sentient comets in an attack on Earth, only to be foiled by Superman, the Justice League and the Legion of Super-Heroes. NOTE: It's unclear if this Legion of Super-Heroes predates the Legion we know, of if this involves members of the Legion traveling in time. Superman: Man of Steel #1,000,000 (Nov.98)
30th Century: The Legion of Super-Heroes forms. NOTE: The Legion's first appearance was Adventure #247 (Apr. 1958). Superboy v.1 #147 (June 1968)
3,786: The JLA capture the Lord of Time. On their way back, they get trapped 100 years in the future by the Demons Three. Justice League of America #11 (May 1962)
70th Century: An android named Diderot transfers the JLE's consciousnesses to robot bodies and whisks them off to the 70th century to help battling the human warlord, Alaric. The androids have become humanity's cultural keepers and the humans became barbaric. Sue Dibny commands Godfrey to rescue the JLE, and they depart before Alaric can be stopped. Alaric defeats the androids of the 70th century and goes back in time to reverse the JLI's origins. Erewhon helps the JLE restore their past and defeat Alaric. Justice League Europe #54-55, 59-60 (E-L8. 1993)
100th Century: The Weapons Master II. *
853rd Century (DC One Million)
The JLA's long-laid plan comes to fruition: Solaris, mistaking the green ore on Mars for a Kryptonite fragment, unwittingly hurls Green Lantern's power ring into the sun. Superman Prime emerges and uses the ring to crush Solaris, seemingly for good. He then recreates both his lost love and Krypton itself. Chronos sends the 853rd Century Vandal Savage to the ground zero of the 20th Century Montevideo disaster. DC One Million #4 (Nov.98)
Atom "one million" tells his origin story to the Justice Legion A. Mitchell Shelley returns to the Legion, coordinating missions with the aid of the Strategy Engine. Owlwoman uses her half-Qwardian physiology to prevent a collision with the Gorilla Galaxy. Superwoman of Qward visits the JLA. 1st apps. of Heartiac, Alchemo, Pico-Moth, Owac and Laughing Virus (the ghost of the Joker), and the Legion of Executive Familiars. Notes: This Owlwoman is said to be half-Qwardian, a descendant of the 20th Century Owlman; her costume bears a striking resemblance to that of Nite Owl from The Watchmen. Super Friends Samurai, Apache Chief and Black Vulcan make cameos the same story. DC One Million 80-Page Giant (Aug. 1999)
Superman prevents a Vuulid invasion simply by giving the invader a tour of the solar system and highlighting the Justice Legion's impressive forces. JLA 80-Page Giant #2 (Nov.99)
The Justice Legion confront Hourman abut his decision to divest of the Worlogog, and ask for his help against the Else-Men on Rann Prime. 1st app. of the Adam Stranger. Hourman #11 (Feb. 2000)
Superman returns the damaged Hourman to Tyler Chemorobotics for repair. The company is run by the original, time-traveling Rex Tyler. Hourman #12 (Mar. 2000)
Hourman uses a pseudo-Worlogog (re-created along with his Else-Men double) to banish the Else-Men. He again chooses to downgrade his powers, but gains a new "appearance scheme." NOTE: Hourman destroyed the original Worlogog in Hourman #1. Hourman #13 (Apr. 2000)