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Justice League Adventures
1 (Jan. 2002) The Justice League intercepts the alien, H'visst. He claims to want to help them locate a bomb planted accidentally by the alien Tahg race. In truth, the JLA finds that he is a member of the Tahg's enemy race, the Zaton. H'visst had planted the bomb himself in order to trick the JLA into figuring out how to disarm it. H'visst then planned to use this knowledge to win his peoples' war. Notes: This issue follows the events of the JLA's origin on TV. The letter column give a brief bio for each member.
2 (Feb. 2002) J'onn struggles to keep the JLA working smoothly amid the threat of the Cult of Tiamat.
3 (Mar. 2002) Beyond Jupiter, a space ark is discovered with 4 survivors. These are Cla'Dek, Cla'Mon, Dras'Em and Rel'Tam — freedom fighters from the planet Daxam. They soon discover that under Earth's yellow sun, they possess powers similar to Superman's. After playing god for a bit, the League sets them straight and they decide to return home.
4 (Apr. 2002) Wonder Woman's Amazon sisters are manipulated by Ares (in the form of Athena) into attacking "man's world." They quickly conquer nations by magically enlisting the conquered women of those nations. Wonder Woman travels to their home of Themyscira and confronts her mother, Hippolyta. Diana's magic lasso of truth eventually reveals Ares' true form. Before he is vanquished, Batman is injured, but later healed by the Amazons' purple ray. Notes: The Amazons herein differ from the mainstream DC Universe in several ways. Here, Hippolyta has blond hair, the Amazons still have the purple ray, and all Amazons have powers equal to Diana's.
5 (May 02) A race of gray aliens attempts to warn earth about the coming of the Star Conqueror. The Justice League tracks the Conqueror back to the aliens' homeworld, where they meet the Green Lantern, Goduun. With the JLA's help, Godunn detonates his ring and destroys the creature. Note: The Star Conqueror was the JLA's first in-print adversary, from Brave & Bold #28.
6 (June 02) The Justice League infiltrates a secret society of super-villains to take them out one-by-one. Villains include: Amazo, Bane, Black Manta, Brain, Capt. Boomerang, Capt. Cold, Cheetah, Chronos, Clayface, Crazy Quilt, Deadshot, Doctor Light, Doctor Polaris, Evil Star, Firebug, Floronic Man, Heatwave, Key, Madame Rouge, Major Disaster, Metallo, Mirror Master, Monsieur Mallah, Mister Freeze, Poison Ivy, Professor Zoom, Queen Bee, Riddler, Royal Flush Gang, Shark.
7 (July 2002) When the Flash accidentally faxes himself to S.T.A.R. Labs, he becomes two-dimensional. This allows him to uncover invaders from the 2nd Dimension (which only he can see).
8 (Aug. 2002) The Weather Wizard steals an artificial moon, hoping to cause tidal waves. The moon was meant to house a baby alien, who escapes into space.
9 (Sept. 2002) The JLA stops the Ego Cell organization from dropping an asteroid on Earth.
10 (Oct. 2002) Martian Manhunter saves the day and defeats the Screamthief by empathizing with her feelings of isolation.
11 (Nov. 2002) David Clinton (Chronos) is released from jail by the JLA for a hearing ... a hearing that involves his future self telling him to change his ways ... a ploy which enables Chronos to try and go back in time, again and again, to try and alter his brother's death.
12 (Dec. 2002) The Cold Warriors (Captain Cold, Cryonic Man, Icicle, Killer Frost, Minister Blizzard, Mister Freeze, Snowman) assemble behind the mysterious Polar Lord, General Eklu of the Planet Tharr. Note: Polar Boy and Tharr are staples of Legion lore.
13 (01. 2003) A young girl superhero known as All Star is asked to join the Justice League while Green Lantern is absent. She does really well, fitting in well, until she almost falters at the final hurdle ... but she shows her true grit and pushes herself beyond her limit to save the day.
14 (02. 2003) When sea creatures start attacking people, the Justice League realize that Aquaman must be behind it ... and he is, but only because he's under the poisonous spell of Poison Ivy, who is using Aquaman to help her take over Gotham City.
15 (03. 2003) When Kanjar Ro steels a weapon from a warring nation in the Antares System, their leader contacts the JLA to help retrieve it as her direct involvement would break the rules of war between her nation and those of her two opponents ... but what of their involvement in the theft?
16 (04. 2003) J'onn learns that one of the JLA is an alien imposter, but has only one hour to figure out who it is ... After watching each team member closely, J'onn thinks it's Batman ... but upon entry into the invading alien's spaceship, he discovers that it is himself who is the imposter! Note: Written by Scott McCloud.
17 (05. 2003) Aresia and her female followers manage to use a device to control the minds of the men in the JLA. The Flash, Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl must infiltrate Aresia's army, fight their teammates in order to free them and stop Aresia from destroying the world.
18 (06. 2003) The Atom shrinks most of the Justice League and takes them inside Superman's body to stop invading aliens from taking over his body to destroy a person called Evano who they think killed some of their people many years ago.
19 (07. 2003) Green Lantern shows a young boy that a hero is made up of more then flying and super-powers, and gives over his ring to the boy to prove the point.
20 (08. 2003) The Psycho-Pirate, a self-centered psychiatrist who lost his wife and son during the Martian Invasion, blames the Justice League for their death, and plans to make them pay by using the Medusa Mask to control people's emotions.
25 The first 2-part story. Join the action as the world's greatest super-heroes are mysteriously transported to the planet Rann to meet the strange adventurer Adam Strange.

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Justice League Unlimited
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world's greatest heroes digest
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#16 (Feb. 2006) At Christmas, the team stops Girder from breaking out of Iron Heights to see his family. Atom-Smasher realizes his goal and brings them to see himi in prison.
#17 (Mar. 2006) Corrupt General Mendenhall calls U.S. agents the Freedom Fighters (Uncle Sam, Phantom Lady, Doll Man, the Ray, Human Bomb, Black Condor) in to spy on the Justice League. The F.F. are defeated and with the JL, expose the General.
#18 (Apr. 2006) Time traveling Space Cabbie saves Superman from the Psions.
#19 (May 06) The Vigilante and others are flung to 1879, where he meets his ancestor, Jud Saunders. Guest starring Jonah Hex, Bat Lash and El Diablo. They fight the Time Commander.
#20 (June 06) Mary Marvel seeks Wonder Woman's advice and witnesses an all-woman JL battle against the New Olympians: Proteus, Nox, Antaeus, Diana, Vulcanus and Argus.
#21 (July 2006) Vixen and Green Lantern squabble over their relationship while battling other lovers, Killer Frost and Heat Wave, in Star City. John is still torn between Vixen and Hawkgirl.
#22 (Aug. 2006) Gypsy is key to exposing arms dealer Deacon Enterprises.
Heroes TPB
#23 (Sept. 2006) A battle with the Royal Flush Gang through the eyes of civilian bystanders.
#24 (Oct. 2006) J'onn struggles against the entire League when they're taken over by Starro. He recalls a time on Mars, getting his family to safety against the Bloodwinds. NOTE: The Bloodwinds are probably a reference to J'onn's time as the hero, Bloodwynd. He has two children in this tale. Traditionally he's been shown to have only one daughter.
#25 (Nov. 2006) Blue Devil asks Doctor Fate to help him become human again, but finds a reason to remain as he is by doing good.
#26 (Dec. 2006) Doctor Fate is key in defeating Black Manta and Felix Faust in Atlantis. He decides to participate more in the League.
#27 (Jan. 2007) Black Lightning squares off alone against the Parasite, triumphing after losing his powers.
#28 (Feb. 2007) Batman teaches Flash a lesson in responsibility, while Flash reminds Batman of his childhood joy. Phantom Stranger shows Flash glimpses of Batman's past.
#29 (Mar. 2007) Animal Man is key in teaching B'wana Beast some teamwork after B.B. behaves impetuously against Grodd and Queen Bee. 1st app. of Flying Fox?.
#46 (Aug. 2008) Final issue