Doctor Sivana

+ The Sivana Family

Created by Otto Binder & C. C. Beck

Thaddeus Bodog Sivana

Two unnamed wives (deceased), Magnificus and Thaddeus Bodog Sivana Jr. (sons), Beautia and Georgia Sivana (daughters)

The Monster Society of Evil

Beautia: Whiz Comics #3 [2]; Magnificus: Whiz Comics
#15; Sivana Jr.: Captain Marvel Adventures #52; Georgia: Mary Marvel #1




Early in this century, young Dr. Sivana was one of Europe's most brilliant scientists, but was far ahead of his time. Olher sceintists scoffed at his advanced theories while industrialists attacked his plans to make goods cheaper and longer-lasting. He dreamed of helping humanity, yet he was driven from country to country by the jeers of those who called him impractical, or mad.

Finally, broke and outcast, the recently widowed Sivana fled war-ravaged Europe with his small son and infant daughter, Magnificus and Beautia. In a spaceship that had cost him his last pfennig, the embittered scientist blasted off to Venus, where he befriended a race of froglike beings who thrived in the high temperatures. He found a way to protect his family from the intense heat, and it was there that his two older children grew to adulthood.

Sivana returned to Earth to marry again sometime later, and fathered two children who resembled him, but again he was widowed.

After this final tragedy, alt thoughts of doing good had been erased from his mind. Now Sivana sought to do all the harm possible and proclaimed himself "Rightful Ruler of the Universe."

As the world neared another global conflict, Sivana returned to Earth and began his first scheme: he had invented a radio silencer which would knock every station off the air unless he was paid $50,000,000.

Young Billy Batson,who had just been given the Shazam powers learned by accident where Sivana was headquartered, and — as Captain Marvel — put an end to this threat, but Sivana was still free.

In time, Captain Marvel sent Sivana to jail, where he was sentenced to serve 77 consecutive prison terms for a total of 9,000 years at hard labor. Sentencing Sivana and keeping him imprisoned were two different things; the next moment, Sivana calmly walked through a wall and disappeared. He had devised a formula which when spoken would open an extradimensional path, enabling him to walk through solid matter. Finally, Captain MarveI created anew element he called Marvelium because only he could work it. Marvelium is the one substance nothing can penetrate — not even Sivana with his formula — and it is now used for his cell.

No villain ever battled Captain Marvel as often. Finally, Sivana devised a material called suspendium in which he trapped the Marvel Family, and accidentally, himself and his family. For decades they were imprisoned until their orbit approached the sun and melted the suspendium.

Since then, Sivana has struck many times at humanity in general and Captain Marvel in particular. His greatest humiliation came when his early, good inventions won him the Nobel Prize in Physics. He tried to regain his reputation by launching a satellite that would start World War Ill, but Captain Marvel reversed the wiring and it gave the world twelve hours of peace. Sivana, to his horror, was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize! (World's Finest #373)

From Who's Who #21 (1986); art by Kurt Schaffenberger.

The Sivana Family

Sivana has four children: Magnificus, Beautia, Sivana Jr., and Georgia. All ap- pear to have been raised on the planet Venus.

Beautia was the first to meet Captain Marvel when, as Billy Batson, he accompanied a scientist on a journey to Venus. The scientist proved be Sivana in disguise, and the World's Mightiest Mortal encountered the mysterious Empress of Venus — Beautia. At first she aided her father in his schemes, but later she fell for Captain Marvel and opposed her sire. During this Venus adventure Sivana learned Billy was Captain Marvel, a secret he has shared with few fellow villains, including Mr. Mind.

During a later clash with Sivana, Cap battled Magnificus, who proved to be a remarkably tough opponent. Afterward, however, he and Cap became good friends. Finally, the day came when Thaddeus Sivana Jr. was ready to join his father on Earth. Unlike his older siblings, he was every bit as wicked as his father, and as brilliant. When the two Sivanas first faced Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel Jr. assisted him. That was the beginning of the running batlle between the two Juniors, as Sivana's son sought to become Prince of Earth and the World's Most lmportant Boy.

After his initial clash with Mary Marvel, Sivana brought his teenage daughter, Georgia, to fight the World's Mightiest Girl. Georgia also proved toh ave the evil genius of her father; she became Mary's arch-foe, and still schemes to become Princess of Earth.

When Sivana placed the Marvel Family and their friends (including Beautia and Magnificus) in Suspendium, his evil son congratulated him with a slap on theback
— and knocked him against the controls of their spaceship. With the controls jammed, they crashed into the Suspendium and were trapped for decades.
The Sivana Family has fought the Marvel Family on numerous occasions. Junior and Georgia have proven their father's equal in evil and have killed without a qualm.

Beautia is now a social worker, but once had the misfortune to catch the eye of Captain Nazi, who saw her as the perfect Aryan type — tall and blonde. He courted her, but she helped arrange his defeat at the hands of Captain Marvel Jr.
Magnificus is now one of Captain Marvel's most trusted friends, and once impersonated him when Billy was kidnapped and unable to change. (World's Finest #275)

The Sivanas know the secret identities of the Marvels, but Beautia and Magnificus are sworn to silence and the others seldom reveal the truth, as they selfishly treasure the knowledge and hope to use it to destroy their foes.                       

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