DCU Links

These are sites for which I hold tremendous admiration.
Most are time-tested, high quality, archival sites... or just plain fun.
I'll be frank, it takes a lot of clout to stay on my links list!

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Of Exceptional Worth

All of the following sites are still maintained.

» All Timelines!
For those who want to learn more about a storytelling franchise in chronological order. Find many timelines that you can sort by author, year, title, etc. Helps you figure out reading order too!

» Comic Book Resources
My favorite comics news site for news, articles, boards, etc.

» The Comics Bulletin. News, reviews and columns.

» Comics Continuum
One of the best comics news sources. Updated daily!

» DarkMark's Comics Indexing Domain!
A great barebones list in the style of the official 1980s' Index series.

» DC Comics' Official Site
DC has a great site with active message boards, news & previews, mini-sites and more!

» DC Comics Database
A wiki site covering all of DC.

» E-bay > Comics
Buy and sell your comics fairly on e-bay. I've gotten tons of good bargains here.

» Firestorm Fan blog
A well-updated blog about the nuclear man.

» Flash: Those Who Ride the Lightning
(Kelson Vibber; http://www.hyperborea.org/flash/)

» Grand Comics Database
An exciting resource! It is slowly being built into the biggest database about comics in existence. Sort of like comics equivalent of the Internet Movie Database.

» The Idol-Head of Diabolu! A blog for the Martian Manhunter.

» Microheroes!
I partner with a lot of micro-makers to provide the tidy little character images you see throughout my site: form:
Jerome  •  Rat's Nest  •  Jorge Martinez  •  Golden Agers and the Elph's Microverse
And don't forget: Legotures  •  The DC Smilies

» Mike's Amazing World of DC Comics!
As insanely large as my site! Wonderfully fleshed out DC info, especially for Silver Age characters. There's a good subsection, too: the DC Comics List, which is a listing of all comics ever published by DC.
(Mike Voiles; http://www.dcindexes.com)

» Mile High Comics
This site is good for more than buying comics. It also features comics news and the largest database of cover scans.

» Newsarama (Brady, Matt)
My second favorite comics news site. Always bursting with interviews and news (without the annoying popups).

» Superman Homepage (Steven Younis)
Absolutely essential Superman. It also has a good episode guide for Hanna Barbera's Super Friends

» Titans Tower (n8twing@aol.com)
I can't say enough about this site. My absolute favorite fan site. Beautiful, complete, fun.

» Unauthorized Chronology of the DC Universe (Chris J. Miller)
An amazingly comprehensive chronology of DCU history, from the beginning of time to the end of the universe. All canonical and annotated. Also contains DCU birthdays!

» Unofficial Guide to the DC Universe
This site has set the unenviable goal of encompassing all DC characters! Also houses the Hawkworld site.

» Wikipedia: DC Comics
The Free Online Encyclopedia!

» Wonderland: The Ultimate Wonder Woman Site
As beautiful as Aphrodite! As knowledgeable as Athena! Authoritative as Hera herself!

Archival Sites

These sites have great information, but are no longer updated.

» Atlas of the DC Universe
Taken from the book of the same name and expanded!

» CanaryNoir.com: Birdwatching
Exhaustive site for Black Canary and Oracle!)
(Ford, Jennifer A.; http://www.canarynoir.com/, 1998-2001)

» The Collected Comics Library
Get information regarding preferred comic compilations such as DC Archive Editions and Marvel Masterworks!

» A Date with DC Comics

» The DC Comics Unofficial Silver Age Appearance List
Plain text listing of appearances. There's a lot of obscure characters in here.

» Fanzing
The now-defunct web-zine. You can read the wealth of info contained in the archive, though.
Please also read thier "How to Save the Comics Industry."
(Michael Hutchison; http://www.fanzing.com/archives/)

» The Hembeck Files!
A website devoted to Fred Hembeck's strips that ran in the back of various DC comics, which parodied various DC characters.
(Polowin, Neil; http://www.proudrobot.com/hembeck/)

» Jess Nevins’ Comic Book Annotations
With Kindom Come, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Top Ten! By Jess Nevins.

» Toonopedia
The world's first hypertext encyclopedia of toons
(Donald D. Markstein. http://www.toonopedia.com/index.htm, 1999-present)

» Understanding Comics
This book is the single most important book for comics ever published. If you're serious about comics, read it now!
(McCloud, Scott, 2000)

» Unofficial Green Arrow Shrine
Formerly two sites, it's owners teamed up to make one über-Arrow resource.
(Jayme Blaschke & Scott McCullar; http://www.greenarrowfansite.com/)

» Who's Whose in the DC Universe
Want to know who created your favorite characters? Also with information about Superman and Batman artists.
(??; http://www.supermanartists.comics.org/superart/superart.html)