By Mark Gruenwald. From The Amazing World of DC Comics #14 (Mar. 1977), pp. 31–33.

Numbers following the villain name indicate the issues they appeared, in Justice League of America v.1.

Text was scanned from the original. © 1977 DC Comics, Inc.

ABNEZAGAR (10-11, 35) One of the three Demons Imprisoned In Ice by the Timeless Ones that Felix Faust tried to liberate.

ACE See Professor Fortune.

ALIEN-ATOR (33) A shapeless being from a timeless place trying to dominate Earth of the year 25,673 by changing humans into aliens.

ALLURA (51) The evil twin of a good sorceress by the same name in the land of Kharma who was imprisoned in a sword by Zatara after she placed a curse on him.

AMAZO (B30, 27,112) The android created by Professor Ivo who possesses the combined powers of the Justice League. He currently rests In the JLA Souvenir Room.

ANAKRONUS (114) A madman who held Snapper Carr for ransom, attempting to deceive Carr that he had powers.

ANARCHIST (127) Secretly faith healer Simon Elis, he gained mental domination over Green Lantern's mind to tap his ring as an energy-source.

ANTI-MATTER MAN (46-47) A wanderer from an anti-matter universe whose bodily properties make him deadly to all positive matter.

AQUARIUS (73-74) A manic-depressive star-creature who took humanoid form and willed Earth-Two into another dimension. He was destroyed when sucked into an anti- matter universe.

CARY BATES (123-124) A writer from Earth-Prime who apparently has the ability to actualize his thoughts when on Earth-One and Two. He originally appeared in FLASH #228.

BEN BLANX (71) A depraved Martian who tried to murder his entire race so he could sell Mars to some space-traders for its mineral wealth. He was slain in personal combat with J'Onn J'Onzz.

BLOCKBUSTER (46-47,135) A man named Mark Desmond who took a serum to augment his strength and was changed into a rampaging brute. A Batman foe, he debuted in DETECTIVE #345.

BRAIN STORM (32, 36) A scientist who invented a helmet that harnesses stellar energy, transforming his thoughts into physical substance.

BUR SED (99) The father of Ker Sed, who with the aid of his son, sowed alien seeds on Earth in an attempt to alter Earth's ecology.

CARTHAN (4) The invulnerable hero of the planet Dryanna sent to Earth in political exile. He later overthrew his government.

THE CONSTRUCT (142-143) A non-corporal intelligence' that arose from the energy of modern machines and radio waves.

CREATOR-2 (82-83) An alien contractor who builds planets according to his clients' specifications. He tried to destroy Earth-One and Two for the energy it would release.

DEMMY GOG (66) An opportunistic general of a small nation named Offalia.

DESPERO (1, 26, 133-134) A world- conquering alien from the dimension of Kalonar with a webbed head and mutated third eye giving him hypnotic powers.

DOCTOR DESTINY (5, 19, 34, 61) A scientist who invented the Materioptikon which transforms his dreams into reality. Later he no longer needed the machine to materialize his dreams. Rather than launch a full-scale dreamwar on the JLA he has been content to masquerade as JLA members on two occasions to infiltrate their ranks. He may have been responsible for Harlequin Ellis dream-power in JLA #89.

THE DHARLU (130) An alien who stole aboard the JLA satellite, took over the computer system, and attempted to convert it into a starship. She currently is suspended animation within the satellite's computer terminal.

JOHNNY DUNE (95) A black Viet Nam veteran turned singer with a mutant voice compelling people to obey him.

ECLIPSO (109) A scientist named Dr. Bruce Gordon who turns into a super-powered demon under the influence of any eclipsed light source. Eclipso originally appeared in his own strip in HOUSE OF SECRETS #61-80.

HARLEQUIN ELLIS (89) A writer who inexplicably acquired the ability to transform his dreams into reality.

THE ENDLESS ONE (33) A gelatin-tike entity of infinite proportions dispatched by the Alien-Ator to hold the JLA prisoners in eternity.

ETHERAN (18) An android designed by the people of the microscopic world of Starzl to protect them against space attack. The energy that powered Etheran and the other Three Protectors was shortening the Starzlians' life-spans.

EQUALIZER (117) An alien who sowed strange microbes that cause all sentient beings in the same proximity to become exact equals in ability as soon as they exert themselves. The Equalizer's motive is that he wants the universe in balance. Hawkman's homeworld is still under the influence of the Equalizer's microbe.

FELIX FAUST (10, 21, 49, 103) An evil sorcerer on Earth-One who once tried to liberate the Three Demons, but became content with mastery over other arcane secrets.

PROFESSOR AMOS FORTUNE (6, 14, 43, 54) A scientist who created a Stimoluck device that supposedly affected people's "luck glands." Later he took the guise of MR. MEMORY, with induced-amnesia as his gimmick, and still later as ACE, leader of the Royal Flush Gang.

GHAST (100-11, 35) Another of the three Demons, this one was imprisoned underwater.

THE GRANDMASTER (140-141) An android leader of the Manhunters, a band of agents against galactic evil, who revolted against the Guardians who created them. He is the Earth leader of the Manhunters and debuted in FIRST ISSUE SPECIAL #5.

THE HAND (100-102) A scientist from Earth- Two who built a gigantic cosmic hand designed to crush the world. He originally appeared in LEADING #1.

HEADMASTER MIND (28, 69) A scientist who invented a device to harness the cardial vibrations given off by superhuman exertion. Later he opened up a school for criminals.

HECTOR HAMMOND (14, 104) Green Lantern's personal enemy, a scientist who used an evolutionary device on himself to accelerate his mental growth and head size. He remains Immobile in a prison cell but sends out his astral projection to carry out his schemes. He originally appeared in GREEN LANTERN #5.

ANDREW HELM (40) A good-intentioned scientist who accidentally released some monsters after dying in an attempt to give humanity an artificial conscience. He is trapped on the mortal plane in his astral state.

HIGHMASTER (140-141) The android leader of the Manhunters, in charge of all local Grandmasters.

HYANTHIS (3) The female ruler of the water-world of Alstair who has mental control over all plantlife. She is an enemy of Kanjar-Ro.

"I" (27) A shimmering curtain of life slowly being drained of its life-force through a rift in the space-time continuum by the superhuman exertions of the JLA. It temporarily robbed the JLA of its "success factor," I.e., teamwork.

PROFESSOR IVO (B30) The creator of Amazo who invented a device to drain super-heroes of their powers. He also concocted and drank an immortality serum from the oldest living animals on Earth

THE JOKER (77) Personal enemy of the Batman, who tried to discredit the Justice League by turning public sentiment against them in the guise of "Mr. Average." His usual modus operand! is perverse humor and he has a clown-like countenance. He originally appeared in BATMAN #1 and had his own series in JOKER #1-8.

JEST-MASTER (81) An alien with a thought- amplifying device able to project madness. He tests civilizations on their capacity to recover from mass insanity.

KANJAR-RO (3, 24, 120-121, 139) An alien from the planet Dhor who used a gamma gong to render people motionless, a power rod, and a cosmic rowboat. Later he developed new powers of the mind and learned to separate auras from their bodies. He has become a personal foe of Adam Strange as well as the Justice League, and has plagued the Earth-born space hero with recreations of his old menaces and a time- hopping effect.

KER SED (99) An alien Johnny Appleseed who tried to alter Earth's ecology.

THE KEY (41, 63, 110) A scientist who used psycho-chemicals to control men's minds. He compelled the JLA to disband at one time. and at another time to kill each other. In his third appearance he was said to be suffering from a terminal disease due to cellular breakdown from the psycho- chemicals.

KIMAN (126) The chief Weaponer in the anti-matter dimension of Qward. The Weaponers first appeared in GREEN LANTERN #2.

KING KULL (135-137) Leader of a race of beast-men on Earth-S who were overthrown by their human slaves thousands of years ago. After ages in suspended animation, Kull returned, determined to destroy all am humanity. He originally appeared In CAPTAIN MARVEL ADVENTURES #125.

KORGE (115) A giant alien Imprisoned for centuries on Vonn, the planet the Martians chose to colonize,

KRAAD (25) A humanoid from another dimension who conquered his universe and intended to do the same with that of the JLA.

KROMM (3) The metal-skinned alien ruler of the world Mosteel. He is an enemy of Kanjar-Ro.

LIBRA (111) The organizer of the Injustice Gang of the World, who double-crossed his own organization by using them as tools to siphon half of the JLA's powers, and later half the power of the universe. He discorporated while attempting the latter, his molecules adrift in space. Although It was never revealed who he was under his mask, some believe that due to his power- absorbing capacities. Libra was actually the immortal Professor Ivo.

DR. LIGHT (12, 61,122,136) A scientist who discovered various manners of harnessing light for such bizarre manifestations as animated mirages, solid light beams, frozen beams, will-sapping beams, and dimensional-projectors. He also fought various Justice Leaguers individually.

LORD OF TIME (10-11, 50) A criminal from visa the 50th Century who used various futuristic devices and weapons.

MATTER MASTER (28, 116) Personal enemy of Hawkman who possesses the Metachem rod, capable of transmuting and controlling all matter. He originally appeared BRAVE & BOLD #35.

MERLYN (94) A member of the League of Assassins (Demonfang) whose specialty is archery.


T.O. (THOMAS OSCAR) MORROW (64-65, 106) A scientist "ahead of his time" who in- vented futuristic devices and weaponry by peering into the future through a time- scope. He created the android Red Tornado, and was snatched from the present in JLA #106. He originally appeared in FLASH #143.

NEBEUR ODAGLED (90) Prince of the undersea Pale People of Sareme, who originally appeared in FLASH #119.

NEKRON (128-129) A non-humanoid alien, who feeds on fear of death,

NETHER MAN (84) A humanoid monster created by Dr. Viktor Willard.

NEVERWAS (68) An amoeba-like being from Earth's past.

NORCH LORR (80) A native of Thanagar who used the Ghenna Box to steal souls of people in an effort to save them from the Jest-Master.

OCANA (18) An android built by the people of the micro-world of Starzl to protect them from attack by water. JOE PARRY (33) A small-time hood who happened upon a dimensional machine that could materialize alien objects and obey his will.

PUTTY MEN (105) Soft, pudgy android created by T.O. Morrow.

QUEEN BEE (23, 60, 131-132) An alien named Zazzala from the insect-humanoid race of Korll who sought an immortality potion. With the JLA's help she found it, but later had them free her from its immobility effect. When last seen, she was attempting to add Earth to her empire.

RATH (10-11, 35) The third of the three Demons, who was Imprisoned under sand.

PETE RICKETTS (8) A small-time hood who happened upon a scientist's mind-control gun.

ROYAL FLUSH GANG (43, 56) A gang of criminals led by Amos Fortune who costumed themselves as playing cards and used stellaration to give them powers.

SATURNA (2) The Lord of Misrule in the dimension of "Magic Land."

SAYYAR (3) The dictator of the planet Larr with a reptilian form. He is an enemy of Kanjar-Ro.

SENSEI (94) The Oriental leader of the League of Assassins (Demonfang), an adjunct to the Society of Assassins run by Bat- man enemy Pas Al Ghul (DETECTIVE). T #405). He originally appeared In STRANGE ADVENTURES #215.

SHADOW THIEF (111, 139) The personal enemy of Hawkman, he obtained a dimensionometer from an alien that allowed his body to be projected into another dimension while a two dimensional shadow-being he could control took his place. A side effect of the dimensionmeter is that if it is used too often it will unleash forces that will bring about an Ice Age. He debuted in BRAVE BOLD #36.

THE SHAGGY MAN (45. 104) A 25-foot hairy humanoid made out of plastalloy by Prof. Andrew Zagarian, who lashes out at anything that moves and can fully regenerate any part of its body. It is currently imprisoned aboard the JLA satellite.

SIMON MAGUS (2) An evil magician in the dimension of "Magic Land."

SOLOMON GRUNDY (46-47, 91-92) A white-skinned humanoid creature spawned in Slaughter Swamp who is the personal enemy of the Earth-Two Green Lantern. He debuted in ALL-AMERICAN #61.

SONAR (132) Personal enemy of Green Lantern, he Is the master of sound as well as the ruler of the small country of Moldavia. He debuted In GREEN LANTERN #14.

SPACEMAN X (20) A giant android built by a nameless metallic alien who absorbed energy from disaster. He is stored in the JLA's Souvenir Room.

STARBREAKER (96-98) A humanoid alien who thrives on the energy caused by the emotions of living beings. He. hurls planets into their suns so he can absorb the death throes of its inhabitants.

STARRO (B28) A giant intelligent alien star- fish who could read minds and shoot atomic energy through its tentacles.

SUPER-DUPER (31) An artificial being dreamed up by Joe Parry that possesses the combined attributes and appearances of Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman and Wonder Woman.

TERRANE (18) An android built by the people of the micro-world of Starzl to protect them against land attack. JOHNNY THUNDER (37-38) A small-time hood, the Earth-One counterpart to the JSA's master of the Bahdnisian thunderbolt of the same name. He subdued the Earth-1 Johnny Thunder and took control of the Thunderbolt for evil purposes.

TORNADO TYRANT (17) An alien whirlwind named Ulthoon, who after being beaten by Adam Strange, decided to reform, so he created a mental projection of Earth on which he was the entire Justice League. He originally appeared in MYSTERY IN SPACE #61.

TROLL KING (2) An evil-doer in the dimension of "Magic Land."

TWO-FACE (125-126) Personal enemy of Batman who betrayed the JLA to the Weaponers of Qward. He debuted in Detective #66.

THE UNIMAGINABLE (42, 44) An intangible space-entity with awesome abilities who wanted to join the JLA. It later possessed the form of the alien Dr. Bendorian.

VIKTOR WILLARD (84) A scientist who created the Nether-Man and desired to purge the world of mankind's existence by aggravating the violent tendency in humanity.

XOTAR (B29) A criminal from 11,960 who used various futuristic weapons and rode inside a giant sentient robot.

THEO ZAPPA (86) A corporation boss in possession of an artificial memory wand who dealt with an alien named Pajna Darr to sell Earth's plankton.

Villain Groups

In some issues of JUSTICE LEAGUE, various of the individual JLA members' personal foes banded together to confront the Justice league as a team. The following is a list of these issues, the villains, and which heroes they originally fought.

5 Captain Cold (Flash)
Professor Menace (Wonder Woman)
Clock King (Green Arrow)
Electric Man (Aquaman)
Getaway Mastermind (J'Onn J'Onzz)
Puppet Master (Green Lantern)

14 Hector Hammond (Green Lantern)
Pied Piper (Flash)
Angle Man (Wonder Woman)
Sea Thief (Aquaman)
Dr. Davis (Green Arrow)

21 Felix Faust (JLA)
Dr. Alchemy (Flash)
Chronos (Atom)
Icicle (E-2 Green Lantern)
Wizard (JSA)
Fiddler (E-2 Flash)

28 Headmaster Mind (JLA)
Tatooed Man (Green Lantern)
The Top (Flash)
Matter Master (Hawkman)

29 Power Ring (Green Lantern counter¬
Owlman (Batman counterpart)
Superwoman (Wonder Woman
Ultraman (Superman counterpart)
Johnny Quick (Flash counterpart)

34 Joker (Batman)
Chac (Hawkman)
Dr. Destiny (JLA)

35 The Mask (Wonder Woman)
Dagon (Aquaman)
Pied Piper (Flash)
Killer Moth (Batman)
Dr. Polaris (Green Lantern)

40 Penguin (Batman)
Shark (Green Lantern)
Captain Cold (Flash)
Mirror Master (Flash)

41 The Wrecker (Batman)
Invisible Destroyer (Green Lantern)
Weather Wizard (Flash)

61 Dr. Light (JLA)
Tatooed Man (Green Lantern)
Penguin (Batman)
Luthor (Superman)
Mr. IQ (Hawkman)
Jason Woodrue (Atom)
Cutlass Charlie (Aquaman)
Captain Boomerang (Flash)

111 Libra (JLA)
Shadow Thief (Hawkman)
Poison Ivy (Batman)
Scarecrow (Batman)
Chronos (Atom)
Tatooed Man (Green Lantern)
Mirror Master (Flash)

123 Icicle (E-2 Green Lantern)
Sportmaster (E-2 Green Lantern)
Huntress (E-2 Wildcat)
Wizard (JSA)
Gambler (E-2 Atom)
Shade (E-2 Flash)

135 King Kull (Captain Marvel)
Queen Clea (Wonder Woman E-2)
Blockbuster (Batman)
Penguin (Batman)
Ibac (Captain Marvel)

136 Joker (E-2 Batman)
Weeper (Bulletman)
Dr. Light (JLA)
Shade (E-2 Flash)

137 Brainiac (Superman)
Mr. Atom (Captain Marvel)

139 Icicle (E-2 Green Lantern)
Captain Cold (Flash)
Minister Blizzard (Wonder Woman)
Shadow Thief (Hawkman)

JLA #87 featured a band of super-heroes from the planet Angor who coincidentally resembled Marvel Comics' Avengers: Silver Sorceress-Scarlet Witch, Blue Jay- Yellowjacket, Jack B. Quick-Quicksilver, Wandjina-Thor JLA #120-121 featured three Adam Strange menaces: Borg, a bronze robot; Kalulla, a platinum-skinned bird who emits lethal radiation; and the Cloud-Creature, a gaseous being; all conjured up by Kanjar-Ro.