Created by Jack Kirby

+ History

Orion was born over 300 years ago to the ruler of Apokolips, Darkseid. But instead of growing up in this hell, Orion was used as a bartering tool to prevent war between New Genesis and Apokolips. To this end, two rulers agreed to exchange their own sons. Highfather's son, Scott Free, came to live with Darkseid, and Orion was sent to live on New Genesis.

Orion has served two terms with the JLA. He demanded to join the League alongside his fellow New Genesian, Lightray. (Justice League America #42, 9.90). They were accepted into the ranks and stayed on until after the battle with the Evil Eye. (#50) Later, he and Big Barda were sent as agents of New Genesis to serve in the JLA. (JLA #17, 4.98) Their mission was to help mobilize Earth's heroes against the coming of the omnipotent Mageddon. Once Mageddon was defeated, he and Barda resigned. (JLA #41) He recently usurped control of Apokolips from his father (Darkseid), then relinquished it again. (Orion #??) He remains active in adventuring.

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