Legion 2 Members (Earth-247)

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Some text based on C. Keller's Legion Help File.

In service of Lord Pernisius.
From Legion v.4 #117 (1999). Art by Scott Kolins.


NAME + ALIASES: I.Z.O.R. of Linsnar
FIRST APPEARANCE: Legion of Super Heores v.4 #117 (July 1999)
JOINED: sometime before The Legion #3 (February 2002)

Lisnarians are known galaxywide for their ability to generate gadgets from their techno-organic bodies. Often they are hired as living tools, as was the case for I.Z.O.R., professionally known as Gear. Gear was hired by the bounty hunter Pernisius to serve as a systems manager at Blackstar Juvenile Correctional Facility. But once there, he found himself pressed into a slave-like servitude by the prison master. Gear kept his plans for revolt a secret until he encountered the Legionnaire, Sensor. Their plan was discovered, but when Gear's internal mechanics were tampered with, it activated an escape program the released all the prisoners from the facility. (Legion #117)

Gear was badly damaged and Sensor brought him to Brainiac 5 for repairs. During his visit, Gear met most of the on-duty Legionnaires at the Legion Outpost. (#119)

When the Legion was decimated by an attack by the Blight, the Legion's financier R. J. Brande recruited Gear to help him build Legion World. This artificial planetoid served as the team's new headquarters. (The Legion #3) After this, Gear was regarded as a full-fledged Legionnaire.

When the Legion fully re-formed, it faced Robotica, an adversary that Gear was well-suited to combat. He was instrumental in communicating with Warworld and "convincing" it to aid them. (#12)

Gear kept busy with duties on Legion World and worked closely with the Legion's Chief Engineer, Chuck Taine. (#31) Since universe-247's destruction in the Infinite Crisis, Gear remains with that Legion wandering the multiverse.

NOTES: Gear has no known counterparts on any parallel Earths. In his initial appearance, his home world was spelled "Linsner."

POWERS: Gear possesses the native Linsnarian physiology which allows for the reconfiguration of cybernetic components. He can manipulate his techno-organic body into any number of forms for a variety of applications. He can also use it to interface with computers and machines.

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NAME + ALIASES: Dyrk Magz of Braal
KNOWN RELATIVES: unnamed parents, Omar (brother), Trin (sister), Lev (brother)
FIRST APPEARANCE + JOINED: Legionnaires #43 (December 1996)

Dyrk Magz was a fairly typical native of Braal, with the same magnetic powers as anyone else. What set him apart from the crowd, though, was his courage in applying to join the Legion of Super-Heroes, a bravery that was rewarded when they accepted him as Magno, allowing him to take the place of the absent Cosmic Boy. (Legionnaires #43) During the Legion's battle against Mordru, Magno was hit by a mystical blast which cost him his powers. He was forced to resign as an active duty Legionnaire. (Legionnaires #50)

He briefly returned to Braal where he met Cosmic Boy's brother, Pol Krinn (#53) but found himself wanting and returned to the Legion regardless of his lack of powers. (#56) There he found himself useful as the permanent guard at the Legion's new space Outpost Allon. (Legion v.4 #100)

The Outpost was destroyed in a spatial rift and after that, the Legion disbanded. (#125) After that, Magz joined the Science Police and was stationed on Braal. There he secretly assisted a band of Legionnaires in seizing a Braalian ship so they could head for Earth. (Legion Worlds #3)

NOTES: Magno has no known counterparts on any parallel Earths.

POWERS: Magno has no super-human abilities. He once had the natural magnetic abilities of all Braalians.

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Monstress made (above, Legion Lost #2)
and unmade (Legion Lost #11). Art by Oivier Coipel.

Happier times, with the Uncanny Amazers.
From Legion v.4 #82 (1996). Art by Lee Moder.


NAME + ALIASES: Candi Pyponte-Le Parc III of Xanthu
KNOWN RELATIVES: Unnamed father
FIRST APPEARANCE: Legion of Super Heores v.4 #82 (July 1996)
JOINED: Legionnaires #52 (September 1997)
DEATH: Legion Lost  #11 (March 2001)


Candi Pyponte-Le Parc III was born into elite society on the planet Xanthu, pampered and wanting for nothing. She knew nothing of working classes life until one day when her father took her on a tour of one of his plants. She saw impoverished laborers, one of whom ran up to them, threatening to detonate a bomb. Her father swatted him aside and in doing so, the gene bomb detonated. Candi took the blast full-on and was disfigured, turned into a green hulking monster.

Candi was shunned by both her father and the working class. She found a home among Xanthu's super group, the Uncanny Amazers, where her super-strength and invulnerability did not brand her an outcast. She joined them under the codename Monstress. (Legion Lost #2)

Candi first met the Legionnaires on Xanthu, when the two groups were asked to engage in a friendly competition. (Legion v.4 #82) They next teamed in a battle against the evil sorcerer Mordru. During the battle, Monstress became so impressed with the Legion's teamwork and skills that she decided to quit the Amazers and join the Legion. She was accepted with no difficulty. (Legionnaires #52) The next time she returned to Xanthu, she and Star Boy invited a third Amazer, Kid Quantum, to join the Legion. (Legion #102)

By chance, the Legionnaire Element Lad altered Candi's body chemistry which changed skin color from green to orange—without her consent. She was enraged until Jan pointed out that she could now amass an entirely new wardrobe to complement the hue. (Legionnaires #68)

Following the Blight's attack on Earth, Monstress became one of ten Legionnaires who disappeared into a rift in space. (Legion #125) They wandered across an entire second galaxy until they discovered that their former teammate Element Lad had become a genocidal monster called the Progenitor. Monstress tried to reach out to him, to appeal to the old, sensitive Jan Arrah whom she loved. Her efforts were repaid with a swift death. The Progenitor killed Monstress without a second thought. (Legion Lost #11) When the Legionnaires finally returned home, they held a memorial for her and Jan alike. (The Legion #15)

NOTES: Monstress has no known counterparts on any parallel Earths. Her membership in the Legion was foreshadowed by the group poster printed in Legionnaires #50 (July 1997)

There was an unexplored plot thread involving Monstress: during the Legion's battle with the Dark Circle and the Khunds, Invisible Kid was shown examining two images, comparing Monstress's features to a Khund's (Legionnaires #63, 8.98).

Dan Abnett on Monstress: "When we took over Legion, Monstress was deeply unpopular. We'd regularly get letters and posts demanding we bump her off. We actually liked her, and through 'Legion Lost' we did our best to make her an appealing, interesting character. When she died, tragically, at the end of 'Lost,' people were suddenly upset!" —Comic Book Resources

POWERS: Monstress possessed extraordinary strength and invulnerability, intensified during rushes of adrenaline.

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Shikari and the Kwai.
From Legion Lost #1 (2000). ). Art by Oivier Coipel.


NAME + ALIASES: Shikari Lonestar of the nomadic Kwai, in the Second Galaxy
KNOWN RELATIVES: Enkenet (mother).
FIRST APPEARANCE: Legion Lost #1 (May 2000)
JOINED: The Legion #3 (July 2000)

Shikari is a member of the Kwai race, a peaceful, nomadic people. Unlike most of the Kwai, she possesses an aggressive spirit, and is thought of by the other Kwai as a throwback to the old days, when her race was more warlike. For having such a unique personality, she is called a "Lone Star." She is also a pathfinder, possessed of a special sense that allows her to find her way to any place or object she is seeking.

While she and two of her friends were trying to catch a comet, which is how the Kwai obtain most of their water, they were found by the Progeny, who immediately targeted then for deletion. She found her way to the half of the Legion Outpost HQ that had fallen through a space rift and hid there. While there, she found memory crystals left behind by Element Lad, who had found eight other Legionnaires unconscious with him on or around the Outpost and enveloped them in a special substance to keep them in stasis until he could find a way back home. As the Progeny closed in on her, she examined the Legionnaires' crystals, and, as the Progeny attacked her, the Progeny hit the crystals, shattering them, and the Legionnaires saved her from the Progeny (Legion Lost # 1). After another battle with a Progeny ship, Shikari and the Legionnaires became convinced that they were friendly to one another, and Shikari began to understand the Legion's concepts of heroism (#2).

Following that battle, Shikari brought the Legionnaires to meet her tribe. As a gesture of friendship, and also because Shikari was more suited to life with the Legion than with the more passive Kwai, the Kwai "lent" Shikari to the Legion to jelp them get around space and possibly find their way home (#3). She has since learned much of the Legion's language and has befriended Monstress and ERG-1, whom she accidentally re-named Wildfire (#4). She was with the Legion when the Progeny brought them to meet their Progenitor, actually the lost Legionnaire Element Lad (#10). Element Lad revealed to the Legion that the space-warp prison that once held the Omniphagos could be used as a gateway to Earth. Brainiac 5 determined that they could indeed use it to get home... as long as Shikari helped them find their way (#11). Shikari stayed and fought with the Legion against the Progenitor and eventually led the Legionnaires home through the space warp (#12).

NOTES: Shikari has no known counterparts on any parallel Earths. However, her abilities are very similar to Earth-0's Dawnstar.

POWERS: Shikari is an intuitive "path-finder" — she can mentally locate anything. To survive in the vacuum of space, she can manifest wings and and an exoskeleton.

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Out to defeat Lord Pernisius.
From Legion v.4 #117 (1999). Art by Scott Kolins.


NAME + ALIASES: Cece Beck of Binderaan
KNOWN RELATIVES: Unnamed parents (deceased), unnamed adoptive parents.
FIRST APPEARANCE: Power of Shazam! Annual #1 (1996)
JOINED: Legion of Super Heores v.4 #110 (December 1998)

Cece Beck was an ordinary girl who grew up in the 90th century on the planet Binderaan. Her happy childhood was destroyed when a terrorist blasted her with a magic dust he thought disintegrated people. Intead the dust transported Cece outside of space/time to a mystical place called the Rock of Eternity. There she met an ancient wizard—the former 20th century Earth hero, Captain Marvel. Marvel endowed her with the same powers he had once possessed: extraordinary wisdom, strength, stamina, speed and invulnerability. She used these powers to return to Binderaan and capture the terrorist who had, in the mean time, killed her parents. Called Thunder, Cece became a hero on Binderaan, and was adopted by loving foster parents. (Power of Shazam! Annual #1)

Her next recorded adventure took her back to the 20th century, where she responded to a summons from an associate of Captain Marvel named Dudley. (Power of Shazam! #44) Afterwards, she accessed the Rock of Eternity to return home. But this time the voyage was cut short at the late 30th century by the destruction of the Rock of Eternitcy. The Rock was the target of Doctor Savant and his anti-magic zealots, the Objective Order. In the 30th century, access to the Rock was on Fawcett World, a planet where all things were magically-powered computer, the S.H.A.Z.A.M. The Legion arrived to help them recover and encountered Thunder, who was hurled back into normal space/time at that point.

Thunder found that the Rock was now in shards, blown across the galaxy into bits of powered rock called Eternium. The Legion helped her put Dr. Savant behind bars, pledged to help her repair the Rock of Eternity, and offered her membership, which she happily accepted. (Legion v.4 #110)

Cece wasted no time taking up her quest to collect all the Eternium fragments. By that time, the Eternium had come to the attention of a Rimborian landlord called Lord Pernisius. With one touch, Pernisius discovered that the rocks gave hime great temporary powers. (Legion v.4 #113) Naturally, Thunder's path crossed with Pernisius' in this pursuit, on Rimbor. She also found that while the Eternium might empower others, it was like kryptonite to her. She and Sensor were captured by him and in a stupor, she uttered the name which gave her power: "Captain Marvel." To her surprise, Thunder found herself back at home in the 90th century! The only drawback was that she was without her powers. Her family was elated by the reunion but Thunder knew she must return to the 30th century to rescue Sensor. (#116)

By the time she returned, the Legion had intervened and Sensor had freed herself. Pernisius, however, had absorbed enough magical energy to discover the ancient magical word "Shazam." (#117) The Legion captured one of Pernisius' android servant, Dr. Deacon who revealed the truth behind all of it: Savant had engineered the whole thing. He activated Dr. Deacon to seek out someone greedy enough to exhaust the Rock of Eternity's power. Indeed Pernisius now had sufficient power to draw all extant fragments of Eternium to him. To defeat him, Thunder used Deacon's science to empower the Legionnaires with Eternium as well. They crushed Pernisius and the Rock was now restored. One catch, though—the Rock was still radioactive and toxic to Thunder. She chose to remain optimistic that a solution would one day be found. (#118)

Thunder's tenure in the Legion was short. Following the Blight's attack on Earth, she became overwhelmed with homesickness and said her magic word, returning to the 90th century. (Legionnaires #81)

NOTES: Thunder’s membership in the Legion was foreshadowed by the group poster printed in Legionnaires #50 (July 1997) The name "Binderaan" is an homage to original Fawcett Comics writer, Otto Binder (who was also the Legion's creator!)

POWERS: Thunder is bestowed with all the same gods-given powers of the Marvel Family, including super-strength, invulnerability, speed, flight and wisdom. To access them, she utters the name "Captain Marvel."

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