Golden Age DC Comics Characters

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This page lists super-powered and costumed adventurers from DC's Golden Age that are less-featured. For a more exhaustive list of Golden Age characters, see:

The following Golden Age DC super-heroes have been a part of the DC Universe, but have either...

  • played very minor roles,
  • were created after the Golden Age (as Golden Age characters),
  • or have not been used by DC since the Golden Age

The Black Pirate (and Son)

Created by Sheldon Moldoff

Name: Jon Valor

Known relatives: Donna Bonita (wife), Justin Valor (son, Black Pirate II)

First appearance: Action Comics #23 (Apr. 1940)

Featured appearances:

  • Action Comics #23–36, 38–42 (Apr. 1940–Nov. 1941)
  • Sensation Comics #1–31, 41, 42, 49-51 (Jan. 1942–July 1944)
  • Comic Cavalcade #1, 2, 7 (1942–43)
  • All-American Comics #72, 73, 83-102 (Apr. 1946–Oct. 1948)
  • Justice League of America #159–160 (1978)
  • DC Comics Presents #48 (1982)
  • All-Star Squadron #54, 55 (1986)
The Black Pirate —and son, Justin Valor. From Sensation Comics #8 (1942); art by Sheldon Moldoff.
A handsome splash page illustration from Sensation Comics #13 (1942); art by Sheldon Moldoff.

A popular and exciting comic adventure, "The Black Pirate" endured for over eight years through three Godlen Age titles. The series was set in . While it was not set in the current day, its protagonists wore costumes and masks.

An Englishman in sixteenth century Spain.

Captain X of the R.A.F.

Name: Richard "Buck" Dare, aka The Aviator

First appearance: Star-Spangled Comics #1 (Oct. 1941)

Featured appearances: Star-Spangled Comics #1–7 (Oct. 1941–Apr. 1942)

This pilot served in the British Royal Air Force and was the grandfather of Ronald Raymond (Firestorm I). His son, Edward Raymond never knew Richard. Dare only introduced himself on the day of his son's wedding. (Firestorm #??) When next he returned to visit his son and grandson, it was to warn them of an old nemesis—the Russian called Stalnoivolk. Dare was unable to stop Stalnoivolk's attack and he was himself killed by the Russian superman. (Firestorm #71)

Cosmo, Phantom of Disguise

Non-costumed hero.

First appearance: Detective Comics #1 (Mar. 1937)

Featured appearances: Detective Comics #1–20, 22–37 (Mar. 1937–Mar. 1940)

Cosmo was a gentleman adventurer, crime-fighter, and a master of disguise. His strip was printed in two-color.

The Federal Men featuring Steve Carson

Created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster

Featured appearances: New Comics #2–11 (Jan. 1936–() • New Adventure Comics #12–31 () • Adventure Comics #32– 70 (–Jan. 1942)

The Flying Fox (Rex Darrel)

First appearance: More Fun Comics #37 (Nov. 1938)

Featured appearances: More Fun Comics #37–38, 40–51 (Nov 1938–Jan. 1940)

This hero was an aviator who wasn't a super-hero, per se, but who wore a pilot's cap with foxlike ears. When his goggles were on, it resembled the Batman's cowl.

Gary Concord, Ultra Man

Featured appearances: All American Comics #8-19 (Nov. 1939–Oct. 1940)

Sci-fi, future alternate earth

Genius Jones (Johnny "Genius" Jones)

First appearance: Adventure Comics #77 (Aug. 1942)

Featured appearances: Adventure Comics #77–102 (Aug. 1942–Feb./Mar. 1946) • All Funny Comics #1–16 (Winter 1943–Mar./Apr. 1947) • More Fun Comics #108–125 (Mar. 1946–Aug. 1947)

Genius Jones has been revived in the backup feature of the 2007 Tales of the Unexpected. In this series, Dr. Thirteen leads a ragtag band of forgotten heroes who fight to stay relevant in a universe whose "architects" seek to sideline them.

Hop Harrigan

Name: ?? Harrigan, aka the Black Lamp, aka Guardian Angel

First appearance: All-American Comics #1 (Apr. 1939)

Series: All-American Comics #1-99 (Apr. 1939–July 1948) • Comic Cavalcade #3-30 (Summer 1943–Dec. 1948/Jan. 1949)

Featured appearances: Flash Comics #66-68 • Sensation Comics v.2 #1 (1999) •  Young All-Stars #8

Assisted the All-Star Squadron once by flying them to Alaska. (Young All-Stars #8)

Little Boy Blue

Created by Bill Finger and Jon L. Blummer

Name, Little Boy Blue: Thomas "Tommy" Rogers. Tubby: Unrevealed. Toughy: Herb Simms.

First appearance: Sensation Comics #1 (Jan. 1942)

Little Miss Redhead: "Janie" First appearance: Sensation Comics #?? (??)

Little Boy Blue and the Blue Boys II

First appearance: The Flash v.2 #12 (1988)

Names: Shawn Rogers, "Static," and

Featured appearances:

  • Sensation Comics #1–82 (Jan. 1942–Oct. 1948)
  • The Big All-American Comic Book (1944)
  • Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe #13 (1986)
  • Who's Who Update '88 #2 (1988)
  • The Flash v.2 #12 (1988)
  • Seven Soldiers #0
Tommy, Toughy, and Tubby aka Little Boy Blue and the Blue Boys. From Sensation Comics #12 (1942); art by John Blummer.

Briefly succeeded by their offspring. (Flash v.2 #12, Invasion! #2)

A new hero called Boy Blue appeared as a member of the Vigilante's new Seven Soldiers of Victory. He was unnamed, but apparently a Hispanic teenager who wore a ghost suit that made him lighter than air or harder than diamond. He also carrired a horn with concussive properties. He appeared only once and perished along with all the Soldiers after defeating the Miracle Mesa Monster; they were slaughtered by the Gods of the Miracle Mesa. (Seven Soldiers Special #0)

The Masked Ranger 

Created by Jim Chambers

First appearance: More Fun Comics #36 (Oct. 1938)

Featured appearances: More Fun Comics #36–41 (Oct. 1938–Mar. 1939)

Western hero

Red, White & Blue

First appearance: All-American Comics #1 (April 1939)

Featured appearances: All-American Comics #1–69, 71 (Apr. 1939–Mar. 1946) • Comic Cavalcade #1, 2, 5-7 (Dec. 1942–Sept. 1945) • World's Finest Comics #1-7

Red, White, and Blue were fighters who had no super-powers but were strong and clever. Sergeant Red Dugan of Army G2, Whitey Smith of the Army, and Blooey Blue of the Navy three allies who team with FBI agent Doris West. A version of this trio appeared in Kingdom Come.

Slam Bradley

First appearance: Detective Comics #1 (Mar. 1937)
Featured appearances: Detective Comics #1-152 (Mar. 1937–Oct. 1949) • Adventures of Superman #467 • Action Comics #743 • Superman v.2 #44

Bradly was a non-costumed detective Golden Age, and the creation of Jerry Seigel and Joe Shuster. He debuted before Superman as a regular in Detective Comics. Bradley's face resembled that of Superman (as did their Doctor Occult). He wore the same suits that every early comics plainclothes hero wore. His partner was Shorty Smith, a very short, blond-haired man who idolized him. Appeared in Detective #500, partnered with Batman, Sherlock Holmes and Elongated Man.

In post-Crisis continuity, there appears to be three Bradleys. Slam Bradley Jr. (the original's son) debuted in post-Crisis Superman #44 (06.90). The young Bradley inherited his father's resemblence to Superman, and was once mistaken for Clark Kent. He showed up again alongside Superman "Blue" (Action #743, 1998), on the trail of a character named the Inkling. However, in the midst of the creative team upheavals in the Superman titles, Slam (among many other Metropolitans) was lost and forgotten. Slam Jr. recently became an ally of Catwoman, (Detective #762) Slam Jr. also has a son, Sam who was a police officer that went undercover as Smart Bomb to infiltrate the Society in Gotham City. He met Catwoman as well when Slam was kidnapped and tortured by the Black Mask. (Catwoman #50-52)

In Catwoman #54, Slam meets Ted Grant outside a bar; he says they must be the same age. If Slam meant that he was around during Wildcat’s early adventures, then Slam's Golden Age adventures likely stand in continuity. However, Wildcat has extended longevity and Slam may think that Wildcat is younger than he is.

Speed Saunders

Name: Cyril "Speed" Saunders

First appearance: Detective Comics #1 (March 1937)

Featured appearances: Detective Comics #1, 3–58 (Mar. 1937–Dec. 1941)

A non-costumed hero who became part of the Justice Society legacy in 1999. Speed was active in modern-day adventuring and was the grandfather of Kendra Saunders, Hawkgirl II. In a retroactive change to continuity, he was also made to be the cousin of Shiera Saunders, Hawkgirl I. (In original tales, Shiera's last name was "Sanders.")

Post-Golden Age Wartime Characters


(Daniel "Dan" Cody) — Creator-owned by Brian Augustyn

First appearance: Blackmask #1–3 (1993)

A 1950s hero, Blackmask was Dan Cady, whose three-issue 1994 series was a creator-owned project from Brian Aug.yn and Jim Baike. In the 1950s, Korean vet Dan Cady took the guise of Blackmask (black leather jacket and pants, plus a bandana-style mask) to free Iroquis Falls, New York from the grip of the Falcon mob. With the destruction of the mob complete, Dan tossed his mask in the garbage and left town to truly start his life over.

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Creature Commandos

First appearance: Weird War Tales #93 (Nov. 1980)

A wartime team created in 1980.

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General Glory

First appearance, in flashback: Justice League Europe #20 (Nov. 1990).
In person:
Justice League America #46 (Jan. 1991)

Joseph Jones was a wartime hero created in 1990 who became a member of the Justice League. Died in Justice League Quarterly #16.

» SEE: General Glory


Created after the the Golden Age.
First appearance: All-Star Squadron #31 (March 1984). As Elektro All-Star Squadron #21.

Robot butler to the the All-Star Squadron. Built from the Elektro robot from the 1939–40 New York World's Fair.

G. I. Robot

Original: Star-Spangled War #101 (Feb./Mar. 1962).
J.A.K.E. I:
Weird War Tales #101 (July 1981).

J.A.K.E. II: Weird War Tales #115 (Sept. 1982).

A wartime robot created in 1962.

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Kana of the OSS

First appearance: G.I. Combat #232 (Aug. 1981)

Wartime hero created in 1981. Last appeared towards the end of WWII in G.I. Combat #279.


» FIRST APPEARANCE: Flash v.2 #51 (June 1991)

Boris Mikhail Dhomov was a wartime Russian hero created in 1991.

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Sgt. Glory (??)

Created after the the Golden Age.
First appearance: ??

Collapsed in dementia and took the current identity of the Glory Shredder (Impulse #37, 65).

The Scarab (Louis Sendak)

First appearance: The Scarab #1 (Nov. 1993)
Featured appearances: JSA #1-3, 17-18

A wartime hero created in 1993. The Scarab was a member of the wartime group called the Seven Shadows. Presumed deceased when Johnny Sorrow ravaged his body in JSA #18.

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Stalnoivolk, the Steel Wolf (Ivan Illyich Gort)

» SEE: Heroes of Russia


(Tom Longacre)

First appearance: Action Comics Weekly #637 (1988)

Wartime hero created in 1988. A minor hero during WWII, he met and befriended a man named "Harry." Stretch now works for Hero Hotline, which is run by Harry, a former super-hero.

Judomaster and Tiger

("Tiger" Tanaka, Avatar)

First appearance: Judomaster #91 (Oct. 1966)
First DC appearance: The L.A.W. #1 (Sept. 1999)

Tiger was the original boy partner of Judomaster, wartime heroes who were created in 1966 in Charlton Comics. Active as the villain called Avatar in the L.A.W. He now heads a team of assassins called the Blood Soldiers. (Justice Society of America v.3 #11, 2007)

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Golden Age Hero Timeline

Month Quality National (DC) Fawcett
    Oct.: New Fun Comics #6
Dr. Occult

Nov.: Feature Comics #2
The Hawk

Dec.: Feature Comics #3
The Clock (1st Quality appearance)

Mar.: Detective Comics #1
Slam Bradley
Cosmo, Phantom of Disguise 
Speed Saunders

July: New Adventure Comics #17
Nadir, Master of Magic


June: Action Comics #1
Mr. America

Oct.: Detective Comics #20
The Crimson Avenger


Aug.: Smash Comics #1
Bozo the Iron Man and Hugh Hazzard
Invisible Hood

Dec.: Feature Comics #27
Doll Man

April: New York World's Fair Comics #1

April: All-American Comics #1:
Hop Harrigan
Red, White & Blue 

May: Detective Comics #27

Jan.   Flash Comics #1
The Flash
Johnny Thunder
The Whip
Feb.   More Fun Comics #52
The Spectre

Whiz Comics #2
Captain Marvel
Golden Arrow
Ibis the Invincible
Lance O'Casey
Spy Smasher


Adventure Comics #48

Flash Comics #3
The King

Master Comics #1
Devil's Dagger
El Carim
Master Man
White Rajah

Slam-Bang Comics #1
Diamond Jack
Hurricane Hanson
Jim Dolan
Jungle King & Eric the Talking Lion


Detective Comics #38


Feature Comics #32
The Voice
Zero, Ghost Detective

Crack Comics #1
Black Condor
Madam Fatal
Red Torpedo
The Spider

More Fun Comics #55
Dr. Fate

Nickel Comics #1
Warlock the Wizard

June   More Fun Comics #56
Congo Bill

Nickel Comics #4
Captain Venture
Red Gaucho


Hit Comics #1
Neon the Unknown
Red Bee

National Comics #1
Uncle Sam
Wonder Boy

Action Comics #26:
Miss X

All-American Comics #16
Green Lantern

Aug. Smash Comics #13

Whiz Comics #7
Dr. Voodoo

Sept. Smash Comics #14
The Ray
Oct.   All-American Comics #19
The Atom

Master Comics #7
Zoro The Mystery Man


National Comics #5

Feature Comics #38
Ace of Space

All-American Comics #20
Red Tornado

Feature Comics #39
Destroying Demon (Bruce Blackburn)

All-Star Comics #3
Justice Society of America


Wow Comics #1
Atom Blake, The Boy Magician
Mr. Scarlet


Smash #18


Master Comics #11

Feb. Crack #10

Feature #42


Adventure Comics #61

All-American Comics #25
Dr. Mid-Nite

World's Best Comics #1:
Lando, Man of Magic

Master Comics #13



Smash #22
The Jester

All-American #26
Sargon the Sorceror


The Spirit Section
The Spirit
Mr. Mystic
Lady Luck

All-Star Comics #5


Wow Comics #2


Military Comics #1
The Blackhawks
Blue Tracer
Miss America
Yankee Eagle

Police Comics #1
The Human Bomb
The Mouthpiece
Phantom Lady
Plastic Man
The Sword

Smash Comics #25


More Fun Comics #71
Johnny Quick

Action Comics #40  
Star-Spangled Kid and Stripsey  

Whiz Comics #21
Lieutenant Marvels
Oct.   Star-Spangled #1
Captain X of the RAF

More Fun Comics #73
Green Arrow

Action #42
The Vigilante


Doll Man #1
Just 'N' Right

Hit Comics #18
Stormy Foster
Ghost of Flanders

Military #5
The Sniper

All-Star Comics #8
Wonder Woman

Master Comics #21
Captain Nazi

Spy Smasher #2
Red Death

Whiz Comics #25
Captain Marvel Jr.

Wow Comics #4

Jan. Feature #57
Spider Widow

Sensation Comics #1
Gay Ghost
Little Boy Blue
Mister Terrific


Feb.   Detective Comics #60
Air Wave
March Police #8

Adventure Comics #73

Star-Spangled Comics #7
TNT and Dan the Dyna-Mite
The Guardian

May Smash #33
The Marksman
Flash Comics #29:
Ghost Patrol
June June, National #23
The Unknown

Wow Comics #6
Commando Yank
Phantom Eagle

Aug.   Adventure Comics #77
Genius Jones
Sept. Sept., Feature #60
The Raven

Bulletman #9
Bird Man


Dec., National #27

Dec., Hit #25
Kid Eternity

Boy Commandos #1
Liberty Belle   

Captain Marvel Adventures #18
Mary Marvel

Captain Midnight #3
Baron Von Gatz

Master Comics #33
Balbo the Boy Magician


Jan., Crack #27
Captain Triumph

Jan., Police #15


Aug: Master Comics #41
Crime Crusader Club

Oct.: Wow Comics #18
Uncle Marvel


March: Master Comics #48

May: Captain Marvel Adventures #35

May: Master Comics #50
Nyoka, the Jungle Girl


June: National #48
The Whistler


April: Wow Comics #35
Freckles Marvel

Dec: Marvel Family #1
Black Adam

    Aug.: Flash Comics #86
Black Canary

Jan., Buccaneers #19
Black Roger


Dec., Doll Man #37 (1951)
Doll Girl

Nov., Star-Spangled Comics #122:
Doctor Thirteen

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