Justice League Membership

Field Operatives

The following are/were members of the Justice League of America, Justice League America, Justice League International, Justice League Europe and Justice League Task Force and Extreme Justice. These heroes all meet the following criteria (with examples). See Continuity for details on individual members' service and lives. Allies & Branches lists heroes who served in other capacities, and the the Who's Who Index lists all profiles available.

  1. They served as a FIELD OPERATIVES.
    (Example: Oberon, Maxwell Lord and Sue Dibny were not field operatives.)
  2. They were OFFERED membership by an official branch of the League.
    (Example: Although she acted like a member, Artemis was never offered membership.)
  3. They ACCEPTED that membership.
    (Example: Black Condor and Agent Liberty never accepted their JLA membership offers, though they got roped into a mission.)
  4. They held part- or full-time status for a REASONABLE TENURE.
    (Example: One-time Task Force operatives are not included.)
  5. They did not join under false pretenses, or were villains.
    (Example: Lobo, Hawkman II and Hawkwoman I had secret agendas.)

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Member Joined Status + Notes
1. Aquaman (Arthur Curry, Orin) Brave & Bold #28 (2.60) Active in adventuring; killed Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis #50 ; resurrected Blackest Night #8
1. Batman (Bruce Wayne) Active in adventuring
1. Black Canary II (Dinah Laurel Lance) Active in adventuring
1. Flash II (Bartholomew Henry "Barry" Allen) Active in adventuring; deceased Crisis #8 (11.85); returned DC Universe #1
1. Green Lantern II (Hal Jordan, Parallax, Spectre II) Active in adventuring
1. Martian Manhunter (J'onn J'onzz, John Jones, Bronze Wraith and others) Active in adventuring; deceased, Final Crisis #1; resurrected Blackest Night #8
1. Superman (Clark Kent, Kal-El) Active in adventuring
1. Wonder Woman (Diana) Active in adventuring
—. Snapper Carr B&B #28 Honorary member; semi-active in adventuring
9. Green Arrow (Oliver Jonas Queen) JLofA #4 Active in adventuring
10. Atom II (Raymond "Ray" Palmer) JLofA #14 Active in adventuring
11. Hawkman (Carter Hall) JLA: Incarnations #1 (retcon) Active in adventuring
11. Hawkgirl (Shiera Hall) JLA: Incarnations #1 (retcon) Active in adventuring; deceased Hawkman #13 (1994); resurrected Blackest Night #8
—. Moon Maiden (Laurel, Laura Klein) JLA 80-P #3 (retcon) Active in adventuring
—. Sargon the Sorcerer (John Sargent) JLofA #99 Honorary member; assisted in JLofA #97-98; deceased Helmet of Fate: Sargon
13. Elongated Man (Ralph Dibny) JLofA #105 Deceased 52 #42
14. Red Tornado II (John Smith, Tornado Tyrant, Tornado Champion) JLofA #106 Active in adventuring
Captain Comet (Adam Blake) DC Special #27 Honorary member
15. Zatanna (Zatanna Zatara) JLofA #161 Active in adventuring
16. Firestorm (Ronald Raymond, Martin Stein, Mikhail Arkadin) JLofA #179 Killed Identity Crisis #5; resurrected Blackest Night #8
17. Steel II (Hank Heywood  III) JLA Ann. #2 Deceased JLA #38 (5.90)
17. Vibe (Paco Ramone) JLA Ann. #2 Deceased JLofA #258 (1.87)
17. Vixen (Mari Jiwe Macabe) JLA Ann. #2 Active in adventuring
20. Gypsy (Cindy Reynolds) JLofA #236 Active in adventuring
21. Blue Beetle II (Ted Kord) Legends #6 Deceased DC Countdown #1 (5.05)
21. Captain Marvel (William Joseph "Billy" Batson, Marvel) Legends #6 Active in adventuring
21. Dr. Fate (Kent Nelson, Nabu) Legends #6 Kent and Inza deceased Book of Fate #1; Nabu deceased Day of Vengeance: Infinite Crisis Special #1 (1.06)
21. Green Lantern IV (Guy Gardner, Warrior) Legends #6 Active in adventuring
25. Mr. Miracle (Scott Free) JLA #1 Killed by the Source in Death of the New Gods #7; revived Final Crisis #7
26. Dr. Light IV (Kimiyo Hoshi) JLA #1 Active in adventuring
27. Booster Gold (Michael Jon Carter) JLA #4 Active in adventuring
28. Captain Atom (Nathaniel C. Adam, Cameron Scott, Monarch III) JLA #7 Assumed the identity of Monarch, Crisis Aftermath: Battle for Bludhaven #6 (5.06)
—. Rocket Red #7 (Vladimir Mikoyan, Manhunter) JLA #7 Joined under false pretenses; destroyed in JLI #9 (1.88)
29. Rocket Red #4 (Dimitri Pushkin) JLA #11 Sacrificed himself against OMACs, OMAC Project #5  (8.05)
30. Fire (Beatriz Bonilla DaCosta, Green Fury, Green Flame) JLA #14 Active in adventuring
31. Ice (Tora Olafsdotter, Ice Maiden II) JLA #14 Deceased JLTF #14 (7.94); revived Birds of Prey #104
—. Hawkman II (Fel Andar) JLA #19 Joined as an imposter (Carter Hall Jr.); deceased Hawkman #48 (3.06)
—. Hawkwoman (Sharon Parker) JLA #19 Joined as an imposter; deceased Hawkworld #23 (5.92)
32. Animal Man (Bernhard "Buddy" Baker) JLA #24 Active in adventuring
—. Sue Dibny JLA #24 Honorary member (revealed Identity Crisis #1); killed by Jean Loring, Identity Crisis #1
32. Flash III (Wallace Rudolph "Wally" West, Kid Flash) JLA #24 Active in adventuring
32. Metamorpho (Rex Mason) JLA #24 Active in adventuring
32. Power Girl (Kara Zor-L, Karen Starr) JLI #24 Active in adventuring
36. Huntress II (Helena Bertinelli) JLA #30 Active in adventuring
37. Dr. Fate II (Linda Strauss) JLA #31 Eric/Linda deceased and revived in new host bodies & identities Dr. Fate #24
38. Crimson Fox (Vivian and Constance d'Aramis) JLE #13 Vivian deceased JLA #104 (10.95)
Constance presumed deceased Starman #38 (1.98)
39. Lightray (Sollis) JLA #42 Deceased Countdown #48; revived Final Crisis #7
39. Orion (none) JLA #42 Deceased Final Crisis #1; revived Final Crisis #7
—. Justice League Antarctica: Big Sir, Cluemaster, Clock King, G'nort, Major Disaster, Mighty Bruce, Multi-Man, Scarlet Skier JLA Ann. #4 Major Disaster, Multi-Man, G'nort, Scarlet Skier & Mighty Bruce active in adventuring; the other three deceased Suicide Squad v.2 #1.
41. Blue Jay (Jay Abrams) JLE #20 Active in adventuring, somewhere in the multiverse
41. Silver Sorceress (Laura Cynthia Neilsen) JLE #20 Deceased JLE #35 (2.92)
43. General Glory (Joseph Jones) JLA #50 Deceased JLQ #16 (Aut.94)
44. Tasmanian Devil (Hugh Dawkins) JLA #56 Nearly killed by Prometheus Justice League: Cry for Justice #3
45. Bloodwynd (unrevealed) JLA #63 Active in adventuring
45. Maxima (none) JLA #63 Deceased Man of Steel #117
47. Ray II (Ray Terrill) JLA #71 Active in adventuring
48. Maya (Chandi Gupta) JLE #50 Active in adventuring
49. L-Ron (L-Ron H*bb*rd, Despero) JLTF #12 Active in adventuring, returned to robot form
50. Flash I (Jay Garrick) JLA #78 Active in the JSA; was field leader in JLA #78-79, 83-84, 89
51. Triumph (William MacIntyre) JLE #67 Decased, JLA #38
52. Hawkman III (Katar Hol) JLA #0 Deceased, JSA, v.3 #23
52. Atom-Smasher (Albert Rothstein, Nuklon) JLA #0 In government custody
52. Obsidian (Todd James Rice) JLA #0 Active in adventuring
55. Amazing Man II (Will Everett III) EJ #0 Deceased, Starman #38
56. Blue Devil (Daniel Patrick Cassidy) JLA #98 Active in adventuring
56. Icemaiden (Sigrid Nansen) JLA #98 Uncertain; gravely injured JSA: Classified #19
58. Mystek (Seong, Barclay) JLTF #26 Deceased JLTF #32 (2.96)
59-60. Zan & Jayna (none) EJ #16 Active in adventuring
61. Green Lantern V (Kyle Rayner, Ion) JLMN #3 Active in adventuring
62. Tomorrow Woman (none) JLA2 #5 Destroyed JLA #5 (5.97)
63. Aztek (Uno, Curt Falconer) Aztek #10 (5.97) Deceased JLA #41 (5.00)
64. Green Arrow II (Connor Hawke) JLA2 #9 Brain dead
65. Oracle (Barbara Gordon, Batgirl) JLA2 #16 Active in adventuring
65. Plastic Man (Patrick "Eel" O'Brian) JLA2 #16 Active in adventuring
65. Steel III (John Henry Irons, Henry Johnson) JLA2 #16 Retired from costumed adventuring
65. Wonder Woman III (Hippolyta) JLA2 #16 Deceased Wonder Woman #172 (9.01); returned Amazons Attack #1
65. Zauriel (none) JLA2 #16 Active in adventuring
70. Big Barda (Barda Free) JLA2 #17 Killed Death of the New Gods #1
—. Retro (unrevealed) New Year's Evil: Prometheus #1 Honorary member; deceased Prometheus #1 (2.98)
71. Hourman III (Matthew Tyler) JLA2 #26 Deceased JSA #66
72. Antaeus (Mark Antaeus) JLA:SP #1 Deceased JLA: Superpower
73. Flash IV (Walter West) JLA #33 Left the DCU in Flash #159
74. Faith (unrevealed) JLA2 #69 Active in adventuring
74. Hawkgirl II (Kendra Shiera Saunders) Killed Blackest Night #1 (2009)
74. Jason Blood (Etrigan, the Demon) Active in adventuring
74. Major Disaster (Paul Booker) Deceased Infinite Crisis #7
74. Nightwing (Richard "Dick" John Grayson) Active in adventuring
79. Green Lantern III (John Stewart) JLA2 #76 Active in adventuring; alternate member for Hal Jordan in JLofA #110, Annual #1, Red Tornado mini-series
80. Manitou Raven (none) JLA2 #78 Deceased Justice League Elite #8
81. Coldcast (Nathaniel Jones) JLA2 #100 Active in adventuring
81. Manitou Dawn (none) Active in adventuring
81. Kasumi (Batgirl III, Cassandra Cain) Active in adventuring
81. Menagerie II (Sonja, last name unrevealed) Active in villainy
81. Naif al-Sheikh (none) Active in adventuring
81. Sister Superior (Vera Lynn Black) Active in adventuring
87. Black Lightning (Jefferson Pierce) JLofA v.2 #7 Active in adventuring
87. Red Arrow (Roy William Harper, Jr., Speedy, Arsenal IV) Active in adventuring
89. Geo-Force (Brion Markov) JLofA v.2 #12 Active in adventuring
90. Firestorm IV (Jason Thomas Rusch) JLofA v.2 #15 Active in adventuring
—. Toyman II (Hiro Okamura) Superman/Batman #49 Honorary member
—. Tattooed Man II (Mark Richards) Final Crisis #6 Honorary member
91. Cyborg (Victor Stone) JLofA v.2 #41 Active in adventuring
91. Guardian II (James Harper II) Active in adventuring
91. Mon-El (Lar Gand) Active in adventuring, 30th century
91. Starfire (Princess Koriand'r) Active in adventuring
91. Troia (Donna Troy, Wonder Girl) Active in adventuring

Congorilla ("Congo" Bill Glenmorgan)

JLofA v.2 #43 Active in adventuring
96. Starman III (Mikaal Tomas) Active in adventuring
98. Supergirl II (Kara Zor-El) JLofA v.2 #45 Active in adventuring
99. Jade (Jennie-Lynn Hayden) JLofA v.2 #48 Active; died Rann/Thanagar War: Infinite Crisis Special #1 (2006); resurrected Blackest Night #8
99. Jesse Quick (Jesse Belle Chambers, Liberty Belle II) Active in adventuring

The Pantheon

Grant Morrison envisioned the JLA as a parallel to the pantheon of Greek gods. Here's his logic:

Superman = Zeus Batman = Hades
Plastic Man = Dionysus Wonder Woman = Hera
Aquaman = Poseidon Martian Manhunter = an advisor only
Flash = Hermes Big Barda = Demeter
Orion = Ares Huntress = Artemis
Steel = Hephaestus Green Lantern = Apollo
Oracle = Athena Zauriel = Eros

Justice League Europe

Though this was an official branch of the JLA, here's it's own membership breakdown:



1. Animal Man JLA #24
1. Captain Atom
1. Elongated Man
1. Flash III
1. Metamorpho
1. Power Girl
—. Catherine Cobert (chief)
--. Sue Dibny (assistant & chief)
8. Crimson Fox JLE #13
—. Kilowog (handyman) JLE #??
9. Blue Jay JLE #20
9. Silver Sorceress JLE #20
11. Aquaman JLE #37
11. Dr. Light IV
11. Green Lantern II
14. Tasmanian Devil JLE #50
14. Maya JLE #50
—. Erewhon (ally) JLE #56

Justice League Unlimited

In the third season of the Justice League animated series, the name of the show changed to Justice League Unlimited, and the JLA opened their Watchtower satellite up to as many as 50 new members. Here are some of the heroes seen:

Featured Roles: Amazo, Aquaman, Atom, Aztek, Batman, Big Barda, Black Canary, Booster Gold, Bwana Beast, Captain Atom, Captain Marvel, Dr. Fate (Kent Nelson), Dr. Light IV (Kimiyo), Elongated Man, Fire, Flash (Wally West), Green Arrow , Green Lantern (John Stewart), Hawk & Dove, Hawkgirl (Shayera Hol), Huntress, J'onn J'onzz, Metamorpho, Mr. Miracle, Question, Red Tornado II, Stargirl & S.T.R.I.P.E., Steel (John Irons), Supergirl (Kara Zor-El), Superman, Vigilante (Greg Saunders), Vixen, Wildcat (Ted Grant), Wonder Woman, Zatanna

Non-speaking roles: Atom-Smasher, Blue Devil, Commander Steel II (Hank Heywood  III), Creeper, Crimson Avenger (Lee Travis), Crimson Fox, Dr. Mid-Nite (Dr. Charles McNider), Gypsy, Ice (Tora), Jason Blood (Etrigan, the Demon), Johnny Thunder & Thunderbolt, Mr. Terrific II (Michael Holt), Nemesis, Obsidian, Orion, Plastic Man, Ray, Rocket Red #4 (Dimitri Pushkin), Sand, Shining Knight, Starman (Prince Gavyn), Vibe, Waverider

Other non-members: Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner)