13 September 2015

Tom Thumb meets Vera Little in the circus. From Jack Kirby's Fourth World #12 (1998); art by John Byrne.


Wrapping up some stuff about the New Gods here with a rundown of the life and times of Oberon, assistant to Mister Miracle and cornerstone of the post-Crisis Justice League:

"The man known as Oberon was born to two circus dwarves but he craved something other than carny life. He ran away at age 16 and drifted for years, but he couldn't escape the big top world. A circus owner renamed him Tom Thumb and passed the boy off as the grandson of P.T. Barnum's famous performer of the same name. There he became involved with another little person, Vera Little ... »  READ MORE

30 August 2015

New Gods is (more or less) Done!

From Who's Who v.1 #16 (1986); art by Jack Kirby and Greg Theakston.

Are you sick of hearing about it? Well I'm happy enough with the history and profiles to promote the New Gods subsection of Cosmic Teams. The links below are all accessible through the left menu when you're in the subsection.

Nothing is ever really done, though right? I'd still like to cover the New 52 New Gods. And the profiles for Oberon and Forever People need to be finished.

History of the New Gods


The Rest

  • Characters: A rundown of every Fourth World Character, cross checked and cleaned up by me. I also took the lists of characters' appearances and consolidated them with this index.
  • Chronology: This is essentially the same as the original site. It's not a Cosmic Teams Chronology. I'm not sure I want to tackle that right now.
  • FAQ: I edited the FAQ from the original site, combining information and making some things clearer, and scrubbing it of too much opinion.
  • Fanfare: Weird trivia, etc. I fleshed out the collectibles and other media info.
  • Glossary
  • Interviews: All conducted by the original site authors.

Mister Miracle III (Shilo Norman)!

Mister Miracle, Shilo Norman, prepares for his greatest escape ever: a black hole. From Seven Soldiers: Mister Miracle #1 (2005); art by Pasqual Ferry.

And now for Scott Free's more obscure successor, Shilo Norman! This character seems to have been invented to "turn the book around." Just as Jack Kirby's New Gods and Forever People were canceled, the remaining title, Mister Miracle, made a change in direction. Scott and Barda got a fiesty new sidekick, a prodigy in many ways. Kirby even put Shilo in a costume reminiscent of Sandy the Golden Boy, a character he reinvented in the 1940s. In later years there was only room for Shilo if Scott were retired or dead. Shilo's stature was elevated by Grant Morrison who included him as one of his epic Seven Soldiers of Victory. And Norman served as the crucial link between the New Gods and humanity in Final Crisis.

"Shilo Norman was abandoned by his mother, a runaway, as an infant. He was raised in an orphanage in Suicide Slum, was abused by staff, and sought solace on the streets of Metropolis. ... » READ MORE

Mister Miracle + Big Barda!

I'm done reading the New Gods material! ALL the New Gods material! From Kirby to today. The last series I reviewed was Mister Miracle v.2, which is why the profiles concerning those characters are coming to you last. Poke around the New Gods section as most pages are complete or nearly so.

Mister Miracle and Big Barda postcards from a set of Justice League postcards issued in 1989, by Kevin Maguire.

Wow there is a lot to love about Kibry's original Mister Miracle. The series is breakneck fun and the guest-stars can't be beat. I am now and will forever be a Big Barda megafan. You've simply got to read the way Kirby wrote this character... you will fall in love with her as I have. I wish I could say the same for his revivals.

What I enjoyed very much, however, was John Byrne's New Gods interpretation of the Fourth World. Having read everything, his was the most in keeping with Kirby's spirit. And even if he hadn't, the stories are engrossing.

I hadn't expected Kirby's Fourth World to draw me in so fully. My first exposure to the master was poorly timed; it was the Super Powers mini-series, which were terrible. More was my delight at reading something like his Jimmy Olsen. In fact I might have to admit that Olsen was my favorite of the four.

More than any Fourth World hero, Mister Miracle has appeared all over the DCU. I'll eventually move onto fleshing out the New Gods in the New 52, but give me a breather...

"Scott Free is the son of the ruler and elder god of New Genesis, Izaya the Inheritor. Scott was born 300 years ago to Izaya's second wife Vayla. Izaya had been left for dead on the battlefield by Darkseid when Vayla found him and nursed him back to health. Izaya stayed with her for a time until he was well enough to return to his war with Apokolips. Vayla was near to giving birth to their child, ... » READ MORE

"Big Barda was born of the race of New Gods about 250 years ago, on the hell planet called Apokolips. Her mother, Big Breeda was a fierce warrior for Darkseid, and was also chosen as breeding stock for his army. Breeda mothered many offspring who were brought to term in the Gestatron Labs but Barda was her first child. She was born naturally and conceived in love, from a secret liaison with an unnamed father. Regardless, Barda was taken from Breeda and raised with no knowledge of her parentage... » READ MORE

Pinup from New Gods v.1 #4 (1971); art by Jack Kirby and Vince Colletta.


Next up is Orion's ever-cheerful brother-in-arms, Lightray. This perennial favorite New God character is always the perfect foil to Orion's brooding soul. Lightray has really only appeared in any major way in conjunction with Orion, which is sad because he has a lot of potential, a complex personality and a power and age that belie his appearance...

"Lightray was born Sollis. When he was a young boy, he and Orion became inseparable friends. Occasionally they were joined by Metron, who was a young "adult" (however it is defined by immortals). One day the three explored a deep pit on New Genesis. At the bottom they found a great complex, a mutant nest serving as a secret outpost for Apokolips. These mutants were the result of the same evolutionary forces that created the Insect Empire (or "Bugs"). Sollis stumbled into view of the sentries, who were energy beings. Their sun-blasts struck Sollis with a million ergs of radiation and they were soon rescued by troops. Metron nursed Sollis back from death and when he awoke, his whole body was aglow. Highfather, leader of New Genesis, taught Sollis to control these powers and said that one day he must choose a new name, one more suitable to his new condition. » READ MORE


When the Bates clones are destroyed, Orion experiences the power of the Anti-Life Equation. From Orion #8 (2001); art by Walt Simonson.

With the Darkseid War heating up, why not brush up on the long history of Jack Kirby's Orion! This profile is nearly complete, with his JLA service being only briefly covered. I'd like to flesh that out. But the rest of it is well fleshed out. I would like to also cover the New 52 Orion, but I will hold off on all New 52 New Gods until I can tackle them all together.

"The warrior Orion was born on Apokolips over 300 years ago, but in his early years he remained ignorant of his parentage. His mother, Tigra, was chosen by Queen Heggra as consort for her son, Darkseid. Prior to this, Darkseid sired another child, Kalibak, with a witch named Suli. Heggra disapproved of Suli, and ordered Desaad to poison her." » READ MORE

Batman III (Dick Grayson) of Earth-2!

Dick accepts his destiny. From Convergence #5 (2015); art by Andy Kubert and Sandra Hope.

All right let's get back on this horse! The debut of Earth 2: Society was thrilling and it's clear there will be lots of activity in upcoming issues. Whether you withstood Convergence or not, why not catch up with the new Batman? With all this mess over with, I'll be looking to get the other Earth-2 heroes up to date.

"Dick Grayson was a journalist and his wife, Barbara, a police officer. On Earth-2, their 5-year-old son, Tommy had known only the specter of Apokolips and its repeated attacks on their world. It seemed that their heroes had finally triumphed over Darkseid's shock troops when the despot brought Apokolips — the predator planet — to prey upon Earth. The Grayson's were already uprooted, living under the scant protection of a camp in Chicago when the citizens of Earth began to prepare for worse." » READ MORE


George Brenner circa 1934. Photo courtesy of John Brenner.

George Brenner: The Whole Story!

Unless you're a Golden Age fan, you might not find it that interesting, but I consider this article my crowning achievement as a comics historian. George Brenner created the first original masked hero for a comic book— the Clock.

But the man's fate was a mystery after he left Quality Comics, and there were no personal details on record. I covered him as well as I could in the Quality Companion, but the trail was cold.

Then one day I got a phone call out of the blue from his son! John Brenner helped me paint a picture of this bona fide Golden Age mystery man!

28 March 2015

New Genesis and Apokolips. From New Gods #2 (1971); art by Jack Kirby and Vince Colletta.

The History of the New Gods, by Jack Kirby!

A while ago, I came upon an abandoned site called The New Gods Library! which was originally written, edited and compiled by Sean Walsh. That site is actually still active, but not maintained and the information is not very easily accessible.

I couldn't track down Walsh so I brazenly took the liberty of re-editing it all into Cosmic Teams style. I have added tons of new material and pictures, and now have completed Part One of the History, which covers Jack Kirby's original runs.

Many more sections are fleshed out as well, so poke around! I work towards completing this section as time allows.

» SEE:

29 March 2015

Shayera's breaking point. From World's Finest Comics #272 (1981); art by Alex Saviuk and Rodin Rodriguez.

Hawkman + Hawkgirl of Earth-One (pre-Crisis)!

Another great pre-Crisis profile written by Aaron Severson all about the classic Hawks from Thanagar.

"After the success of the new Flash and Green Lantern, DC editor Julius Schwartz, writer Gardner Fox, and artist Joe Kubert revived another Golden Age hero: Hawkman. While the Silver Age Hawkman and Hawkgirl looked almost the same as their Golden Age counterparts, they had a new origin that cast them as Katar and Shayera Hol, married police officers from the planet Thanagar. ... » READ MORE

23 March 2015

The anchors of the pre-Crisis Justice League. From Justice League of America #140 (1977); art by Dick Dillin and Frank McLaughlin.

Superman + Batman + Wonder Woman — Earth-One!

When we were updating and fleshing out the Earth-Two profiles for lots of JSA heroes, the wonderfully prolific Aaron Severson wrote up some brand new profiles for an overlooked but significant slice of DC history: the Earth-One (aka Silver Age) histories of the Big Three. These days most of us probably better remember their post-Crisis histories, which stretched across 24 years. It's difficult to establish precise beginnings of Earth-One continuity (see the profiles for notes on that), but this period also spanned a good three decades. Dial back the clock and read:

The "Trinity" of Earth-One
Superman Batman Wonder Woman

While you're at it, check out the Earth-Two (Golden Age) profiles, too!
Superman Batman Wonder Woman

10 February 2015

Furies invade Hawaii looking for Knockout. From Superboy v.3 #24 (1996); art by Tom Grummett and Doug Hazlewood.

The Female Furies!

OMG so while I was dutifully documenting the New Gods I discovered I really loved the Female Furies (and Barda more)!

I really wanted to put their whole story together but I was unprepared for just how extensive their list of appearances had gotten over the years.

It was a fun but laborious taks bringing all of these together for you, so check them out...

"The Female Furies are a group of elite warriors from Apokolips. They serve Darkseid under the direction of Granny Goodness, but once they "graduate," they are afforded some measure of autonomy. At some point, certain women are selected as Furies-in-training and begin to go on missions with the elite group (Lashina, Bernadeth, Stompa, and Mad Harriet). Fierce competition drives these women to "earn their colors," or special uniforms that set them apart from Granny's brainwashed masses. ..." » READ MORE

17 January 2015

Villainy Incorporated!

A post-Crisis tale of the Golden Age Villainy, Inc., now including Osira, and a fully-female Hypnota. From Wonder Woman: Our Worlds at War (2001); art by Cliff Chiang.

So yeah, it doesn't take much to sidetrack me onto something else. I'd realized a while ago that I could flesh this out because I had access to the original stories now. So here is the all-woman anti-Wonder Woman troupe, Villainy Incorporated. I love this stuff. Hey, if you've never read Phil Jimenez's revival of this group, it's a super super story. It hasn't been collected in TPB, but you can get it on Comixology starting here (get #179-185).

"This group, comprised of of Wonder Woman's nemeses, first menaced her in the Golden Age. In the original tale, eight of her worst enemies were gathered by were assembled by Eviless of Saturn (who first appeared, unnamed in Wonder Woman #10). Eviless was en route to the Amazon Transformation Island and broke free and stole the magic lasso and freed all of Wonder Woman's foes from the corrective "Venus Girdles" they'd been fitted with. Seven of them joined Eviless to form Villainy Incorporated..." » READ MORE… 

1967 Topps Comic Book Tattoos, Anyone?

Attention: Contact me if you'd like to buy a set of 53 of these tattoos! I have been contacted by a seller who is casually looking to sell, but doesn't care to list them on ebay. I have seen a handful at a time, tops, never anything close to 53!

His set includes most of the tattoos seen on the right half of the image below. It consists of 53 tattoos (2 of them being duplicates). They vary in quality 42 are spotless with no tears; 9 others are complete, no tears, but have a small black stain at the bottom, which doesn't affect the tattoo at all; one has a piece of paper missing but again that doesn't affect the tattoo; one has a black stain on the cover side which shows a bit on the tattoo side. Many of them could be graded PSA 8 or 9.

These tattoos are really rare and go for top dollar (which is why I don't have many). Consider that most kids would have used the tattoo, rendering the original a mess.

» SEE: DC Universe Trading Card Sets

31 December 2014

Recently, in Earth 2 + Worlds' Finest

Read the full current chronologies: Earth 2  |  Legion

Sequence of Events

Issue (Date)


Lois continues to record the history of Earth-2. In Gotham, she briefly witnessed the Batman as he pursued Catwoman. Superman helped catch her only to find that the jewels she'd stolen actually belonged to Selina Kyle, noted socialite. Kyle knew Batman's secret identity. In space, Superman disabled an alien satellite/probe and another landed on Paradise Island, where Princess Diana drove him off. He didn't remember meeting her as a boy. Intri returned to claim the satellite. Prophesies tell those on Apokolips that the wonders of Earth will defy them.

Worlds' Finest #29 (Feb. 2015)

EARTH 2: Worlds' End

On Earth-2: The native John Constantine hangs out with friends Gaz and Chaz, and his wife, Maureen. Constantine of Earth-0 arrives from Dar Es Salaam in London, amid a throng of Parademons. His arrival is sensed by Wotan who calls him "worldwalker" and appears more like a feminine man. Wotan wants to use John to escape from Earth-2's destruction. His pain is felt by his counterpart, who has a seizure. John tricks Wotan into weaving a spell together, opening a portal in John's chest. Wotan steps through and is ripped in two, half of him emerging from his counterpart's chest.

Constantine #18 (Dec. 2014)

On Earth-2: Constantine risks life and limb to head for "home" in Liverpool. He's struck by falling debris and dreams of a pair of burning eyes then is awoken by an ankh who bids him to go to Liverpool. He reaches the place and is shocked to see his friends, and his parents.

Constantine #19 (Jan. 2015)

On Earth-2: Constantine realizes his life went a different direction on this Earth. His parents didn't burn in a fire because of magic. When his counterpart attacks him, they swap memories and both know the truth of the situation. John-2 calls him a "wonder" and they look to him for salvation. Apokolips appears overhead. They set out in search of safety and John-0 takes a hit from a gas gun for the other. They construct a magic circle and draw sigils to transport them all to another Earth but he warns there's always a price. The magic draws the attention of Dr. Fate, who comes to help.

Constantine #20 (Feb. 2015)

Desaad built an army of Superman clones with kidnapped people. Superman suggests they did the same with Wonder Woman. Helena appears as the new Fury of Famine. Grayson and his son grieve for Barbara and are ambushed. Constantine's band intervenes and kills the attackers. Dick puts his son aboard a train to spare him from an oncoming tidal wave. On Apokolips, the Mobius Chamber that fuels the planet is depleted, and core failure is imminent. Mister Miracle finds Darkseid in the core, imprisoned. Barda encourages him to use the Boom spheres to kill Darkseid, but it only releases him from imprisonment instead. The Avatar of the Blue joins the battle against the Furies.

Earth 2: Worlds' End #10 (Feb . 2015)

Barda apparently has betrayed her friends by encouraging them to release Darkseid. The heroes are pursued by insectoid Rectifiers. Darkseid attempts to control the spheres but they resist and detonate. Fury accepts Darkseid's offer to become new Doyenne of the Furies but Scott denies him again and is taken prisoner. He mentions Highfather and knows he's his true father. Fury meets the Court of Apokolips. Arcanis relishes in taking record of Fury's suffering. Sloan tells her he also goes by the "the Traveler." Fury returns to free Scott, tricked Darkseid. Sloan knows Darkseid has agreed with High Father to feed only on Earth-2. NOTE: The New 52 High Father first appeared in Wonder Woman v.4 #14 (Jan. 2013).

Earth 2: Worlds' End #11 (Feb . 2015)

Barda becomes Doyenne of the Furies. Power Girl is unable to get through to Helena. Superman's DNA was extracted to create clones but the process corrupted his body. He has no power left. Miracle and Fury return to help their Earth allies. Khan notices the Sloan was missing and questions why they haven't been attacked yet. Sato decides to take civilians undergound, beginning at the launch site of Project Beyond. She wakes Sgt. Pratt to help them.

Earth 2: Worlds' End #12 (Feb . 2015)

The Huntress uses her powers of famine to feed on Sam's soul, leaving him with no memories. Alan barters for his life, Huntress gives him over. Ted Grant pulls Dick Grayson out of his depression, and the way of the tidal wave. Desaad reveals he's corrupted the last avatar, of the Red — the Great Beast, Yolanda Montez. She becomes a myriad of giant animals. Khan leaves Sloan on Apokolips and drives the Shackleton to crash into Darkseid's. Sato orders the ATom to descend into the Earth and expand to the size of several cities, creating space to settle, but killing Pratt in the process.

Earth 2: Worlds' End #13 (Feb . 2015)

7 December 2014

Recently, in Earth 2 + Worlds' Finest

Read the full current chronologies: Earth 2  |  Legion

Sequence of Events

Issue (Date)


The origin of the Furies, all the last of their races. Czarnia-2 was a paradise but segregated. On the surface, a young woman sells scrap. She knows Lobo, a hunter. Above the Veil, the high caste lives, keeping medical access restricted; the woman's parents are ill. She begins raiding the temples of healing, is imprisoned and found to be a carrier of disease, a pox. When Apokolips nears, the high caste promises to cure her parents if she'll deliver disease to kill Darkseid. They fill her with more disease. Desaad (who has a normal face) is immune but Parademons fall to it. He tells her the high caste has begun murdering those below, and offers her a new mission as Pestilence. On Warworld, Mongul's star gladiator, a giant female, performs for Steppenwolf. She is a glutton and craves death. Steppenwolf offers her a Fury's job as Famine and she leaves Mongul, beating him on the way out. On Apokolips, Barda, Kazana and others witness a child crash down from above. She is of Tamaran, of imperial descent, and is a vicious killer. All trainees hope to become one of four Furies. In audience with Darkseid, she kills her trainer in an act of love for her master. On Mars, a nurturing mother is the last survivor when Apokolips invades the planet. Darkseid offers to make a new child with her and she becomes Death.

Earth 2 #28 (Jan. 2015)

In Chicago, the Graysons accept help from a woman named Lottie, who takes them to a supposedly safer camp called Gomorrah. Brutish twins immediately take them prisoner and Johnny is sent back to the refugee camp. Their leader has a parademon captive and they make sacrifices to it. Barbara is to be its next victim, but when it's released, it flies off and Dick and Barbara free themselves. Other demons attack as they escape.

Earth 2 #29 (Feb. 2015)

EARTH 2: Worlds' End

Barda and Fury break into World Army base to rescue Mister Miracle. They call a truce. Kahn wants to ally with them for information to defeat Apokolips. He'll trade Scott's captive Mother Box for intelligence. Scott tells them it's pointless but Barda says there is one dangerous way. Miracle finds that the Mother Box is interacting with Jimmy Olsen, choosing him for a specific purpose. The Box also purges the influence of Bedlam from all present, except Fury who'd been deceived for a lifetime. Scott explains that she isn't ready for its light. Fury is angered, wanting to know the truth about her origins and learns about Steppenwolf's deceptions and his murder of her mother. She finds new purpose in fighting against Apokolips. Barda requests Earth's deadliest warriors for the mission to try to open the Mobius Chamber at the heart of the planet. Sloan and Holt have a technology to transport them to Apokolips.

Earth 2: Worlds' End #4 (Dec. 2014)

Green Lantern and Solomon Grundy's fighting is halted by the the essence of the Green, who tasks them with working together and gathering Earth's other avatars. Marella returns to Atlantis to find undead monsters have taken over. She shatters the dome and enlists Ancient Ones to protect the living. She descends to awaken another ancient power, a devil, that's been sealed away. Mister Miracle's Mother Box reaches out to Jimmy Olsen; it tells him he will die. Flash, Hawkgirl, and Dr. Fate battle Famine in London. Fate's spell of reflection turns her powers back onto her. Sloan reveals his Shackleton Assault Craft, a space ship that is invisible to scanners. Holt reveals his Boom Spheres which create a killer vortex of teleportation. Desaad captures Huntress. Lois and the others find another clone of Superman in Geneva.

Earth 2: Worlds' End #5 (Jan. 2015)

In London, Dr. Fate has slain Famine but her powers live on and infect all those nearby. Fate seeks help from Jimmy Olsen and the Mother Box. Marella makes a bargain with an ancient being, Azathoth, under the sea. Others discover an army of Superman clones in Geneva. Green Lantern discovers the avatar of the white is his partner, Sam. Ted Grant steps in to help the Graysons in Chicago. Famine strikes the World Army base. Miracle and Barda sense an attack from the enemy and must initiate their own plan prematurely. Miracle's Mother Box goes to Olsen, who is transformed. Superman destroys Batman's Miraclo and takes lead.

Earth 2: Worlds' End #6 (Jan. 2015)

The Furies convene at the former Fortress of Solitude at the North Pole. Desaad intends to turn Huntress into a Fury. Batman accidenatlly releases the Superman clones. Alan learns the Sam was going to ask him to marry him, but now the avatar denies any link to his former self. The Helm of Nabu "seeks its mate"—the Mother Box. When they touch, Jimmy is swallowed by light and "elevated." The artifcacts disappear inside him. The helmet was a sort of Mother Box as well. He is supposedly transformed into a god. John Constantine departs London for Arkham base where he intends to free help. His spell chooses people to release. Apokolips readies to feed on Earth. On the Shackleton Assault Craft, Mister Miracle senses the change there. Before they can react, Apokolips disappears and booms into Earth orbit, destroying the moon.

Earth 2: Worlds' End #7 (Jan. 2015)

Jimmy moves immediately to restore Khalid. Chancellor Hagen attempts to take command of the World Army, but Major Sato prevents him. She orders evacuation of the planet. In Chicago, people go berserk from the Furies presence. Constantine's spell identifies four allies to release: Henry King Jr., Brainwave; Todd Rice, Obsidian; Jonni Thunder; and Jeremy Karn, Karnevil. When Karn shows his racist tendencies in relation to Obsidian, John kills Karn. Fate absorbs the power of Famine and Flash heads to try to find his mother. He finds her in New York but Hawkgirl is then infected with rage and attacks him. Green Lantern, Grundy, and Sam are attacked by the Furies. Alan attempts to stop debris falling to Earth. Mister Miracle claims Apokolips is desperate, starving, and the impact with the moon scrambled its defenses. the heroes decide to land on Apokolips. The plan is to set nuclear devices across the surface. Lois finds the chest shield from the real Superman. Helena's life monitor goes dead.

Earth 2: Worlds' End #8 (Jan. 2015)

The avatar of the blue is awakened near Atlantis, where it had been sealed for centuries. Constantine and his new allies head for Chicago. People are fighting to board an outbound train, and the Grayson's fight for a spot. Barbara is shot and killed. Red Tornado and Power Girl find the real Superman in Geneva. Thomas lashes out at him for not stopping the devastation for good and Clark bleeds from his punch. Flash's mother tries to soothe Hawkgirl but she can't fight the Furies' control. Fate regains his helmet and arrives with Jimmy and they dispel the rage from the people with a magical thunderstorm that bathes the populace. The Army plants its bombs across Apokolips. Mister Miracle, Barda, and Fury head for the Mobius Chamber where Paternus must relinquish the key. Paternus tells Scott that he has been a pawn, "the son of two fathers, and of none." His giant head is reunited with its body but Scott steals the key from Paternus' head. Scott descends into the Chamber.

Earth 2: Worlds' End #9 (Feb . 2015)


The origin of the Earth-2 Wonder Woman: On Paradise Island, Diana was already centuries old when an oracle foretold the coming of Apokolips. Diana and her mother had both sinned—they have "slept with the enemy," which is a revelation to Diana. She didn't know Steppenwolf was the enemy. The oracle tasks her with protecting Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent. Minerva appears and offers the Amazons passage away from Earth, but Diana defies her preferring to atone for her sin. Mercury comes to her aid, creating new armor for her and taking her off to Man's World. She witnesses Bruce with his dad at the zoo where they see bats. Thomas is attacked but Jarvis intervenes, then Diana stops the attacker. Diana witnessed Intri visit young Clark and stops her from kidnapping the boy. Intri retreats but sends a blast to kill Martha Kent, which Clark steps in to deflect. When Lois Lane was a girl, she was in the Middle East with her family and received a gift from Mercury and the goddess of the winds, Eurus. He binds the god's spirit to hers to help her "live beyond death." She forgets the encounter.

Worlds' Finest #28 (Jan. 2015)

The New 52: Future's End

Ships fleeing Earth-2 latch onto a beacon from Earth-0 (sent by Brother Eye) that leads Mister Terrific across the mulitversal border. They are pursued by Apokoliptian warships, Mister Miracle asks Red Arrow II (Oliver Queen) to shepherd the civilians to Earth while the other heroes fight off Apokolips. They destroy their own ship to take them out, and are presumed dead. Some troops make it to Earth, but are eventually repelled. The Teen Titans are killed. Red Arrow and Barda are aboard a same cargo ship, escorting civilians. Barda lands in Toronto and goes into hiding. There are millions of refugees and policies are put into placed to register Earth-2 people, by the new Global Peace Agency. In Seattle, Green Arrow meets his own counterpart and discovers that Earth-2 heroes have gone missing—they haven't died. Just before Miracle's ship detonated, Brother Eye emitted a pulse of energy, a teleportation of those onboard to Cadmus Island. The Queens plot Oliver's death, leave a clue for Lois Lane, and begin building an army of Outsiders to attack Cadmus.

New 52: Future's End #21 (Nov. 2014)

Five Years in the Future: Green Arrow fakes his death.

New 52: Future's End #1 (July 2014)

At Green Arrow's funeral, Lois Lane gets his encrypted note.

New 52: Future's End #2 (July 2014)

On Cadmus Island, an OMAC pursues Fury, who's escaped. She's brought down easily by Fifty Sue. NOTE: Fifty Sue first appeared in New 52: Future's End #1.

New 52: Future's End #5 (Aug. 2014)

Grifter learns that Cadmus is holding Earth-2 heroes as prisoners: Fury, Power Girl, Marella, Hawkgirl, Mister Miracle, Dr. Fate, and the Doom Patrol.

New 52: Future's End #9 (Sept. 2014)

Emiko Queen (Green Arrow's sister) recruits Big Barda in Vancouver.

New 52: Future's End #10 (Sept. 2014)

Cadmus is also using Earth-2 scientists, including Lana Lang (identified in #14). Emiko tells Barda her friends might not be dead. They're found by Fifty Sue and Deathstroke.

New 52: Future's End #13 (Sept. 2014)

Green Arrow's message to Lois reveals a vision of the captured Earth-2 heroes, even connecting her with the Earth-2 Red Tornado.

New 52: Future's End #14 (Oct. 2014)

Mister Miracle secretly frees himself and disguises his movements while investigating Cadmus.

New 52: Future's End #15 (Oct. 2014)

Fifty Sue adopts Lana as her "mother."

New 52: Future's End #16 (Oct. 2014)

Mister Miracle has detected their implants are growing. Hawkgirl is taken to Doctor Sook to have her implant reprogrammed. She gives a command and an OMAC kills Sook. The prisoners are released from their cells and attack, as if possessed (including Icicle and Vandal Savage?, Obisidian?, Killer Wasp?). Emiko and Barda are met by Diggle and depart for Green Arrow Island.

New 52: Future's End #17 (Oct. 2014)

Emiko, Diggle and Barda arrive on Green Arrow Island, where Oliver Queen was originally stranded. He'd known there was more to the Earth 2 situation that it seemed and began preparing for a secret war, fortifying the island. 1st app. Red Arrow II (Oliver Queen) of Earth-2. Anarchy reigns on Cadmus. Power Girl watches Deathstroke.

New 52: Future's End #18 (Nov. 2014)

Power Girl is possessed by Brother Eye and attacks Deathstroke but halts when Sue intervenes. She has a deal with Brother Eye.

New 52: Future's End #19 (Nov. 2014)

The Earth-2 heroes run free—but possessed—on Cadmus Island

New 52: Future's End #20 (Nov. 2014)

Barda learns of the Arrows' plans, and what happened they day people from Earth-2 arrived. The Outsiders prepare to attack Cadmus.

New 52: Future's End #21 (Nov. 2014)

Badly beaten, Mister Miracle and Fury try to survive, free. Fury had attacked Scott and he managed to remove her implant.

New 52: Future's End #24 (Dec. 2014)

Fifty Sue plans to free Cadmus of Brother Eye's control.

New 52: Future's End #25 (Dec. 2014)

Green Arrow readies for invasion of Cadmus. Mister Miracle is attacked by the possessed Huntress.

New 52: Future's End #27 (Jan. 2015)

Lois lands on Cadmus island, fleeing into the jungle from an OMAC she stumbles on the Red Tornado. Fifty Sue conspires with King Faraday; she's hurt that Deathstroke has apparently been in cahoots with Brother Eye without her knowledge.

New 52: Future's End #28 (Jan. 2015)

Lois talks with her counterpart. Arrow's crew land on the island, are immediately engaged by OMACs and possessed Earth-2 heroes. Oliver wants Barda to shut down Brother Eye with brute force. Fury rips Deathstroke's head off. Barda is reunited with her friends and they work together to breach the compound. The island explodes as the Outsiders escape in rafts. Hawkgirl is freed from control. Power Girl is beyond saving, too infected. She, Barda and Red Tornado are presumed dead.

New 52: Future's End #30 (Jan. 2015)

Lois returns to the United States with the story of Cadmus, publicly revealing the rescued heroes. Oliver chooses to remain "dead," his murder pinned on Cadmus.

New 52: Future's End #31 (Jan. 2015)

33 years from now: Brother Eye has taken over life on Earth. He leaves his co-creator, Michael Holt, intact.

New 52: Future's End #0 (June 2014)

6 November 2014

Liberated, and reunited with Fury. From Earth 2: World's End #4 (2014); art by Jan Duursema and Jonathan Glapion.

Mister Miracle and Big Barda!

In an interesting New 52 twist, these two New Gods were placed on Earth-2 instead of Earth-0 this time around. There they've become allies with that Earth's heroes in the war against Apokolips.

"Little is known about the origins of Scott Free, one of the so-called "New Gods" of Apokolips (which exists in a parallel universe of Earth-51 and traverses the multiverse by use of "Boom Tubes"). Scott is the son of that world's brutal conqueror, Darkseid. He resisted his father's sinister influence and escaped to Earth-2, where he studied with a retired escape artist named Shilo Norman» READ MORE… 

27 October 2014

Sloan, ready and waiting for his counterpart to arrive from Earth-0. From Earth 2 #2 (2012)

Terry Sloan

Don't call him Terrific: Terry Sloan has become one of Earth 2's more intriguing supporting characters. Read more about the man also known as Mister Eight.

Mister Eight was an alias used by Terry Sloan, of Earth-2. This DC Comics character is based on Terry Sloane, the original Mister Terrific. This Golden Age hero first appeared in Sensation Comics #1 (Jan. 1942), and later joined the Justice Society.

"Terry Sloan is a scientific genius with questionable motives and a suspicious origin. (Sloan designed special glasses that could identify people from Earth-2. When Michael Holt used the glasses to view Sloan, he was identified as not an Earth-2 native. » READ MORE… 

14 may 2014


Recently: Earth 2 + Worlds' Finest + Justice League 3000

Lots of catching up to do! Including the Legion's new crossover with Justice League United! Some Legionnaires are also appearing in the Future's End material.

Read the full current chronologies: Earth 2  |  Legion

Sequence of Events

Issue (Date)

Justice League United

Part 1: The Justice League return to Earth with Ultra, the powerful alien child. Alanna introduces them to Equinox and her friend, Heather. Martian Manhunter takes the child under wing, hoping to temper his great powers with the proper upbringing. It's growing quickly and speaks. Ultra senses the coming of Mon-El, who arrives from teh 31st century warning that Ultra is destined to cause the destruction of the Legion. NOTE: Ultra first appeared in Justice League United #2 (Aug. 2014).

Justice League United #5 (Dec. 2014)

Future's End, Five Years From Now: Equinox stops the Polargeist. She receives a mental distress call from Martian Manhunter on Mars. He is the warden of the Gulag: a metahuman prison built there by Terrifitech, the Queen Foundation and S.H.A.D.E. Animal Man refuses to help her so she goes to the current League's Fortress of Justice in New Mexico. Cyborg, Vostok, Flash, Dawnstar, and Stormguard agree to help her. Dawnstar suggests that Wildfire was once a member. They battle through Killer Frost, Mongul, Blockbuster, and Mechaneer. Grodd is in control of J'onn. The leader of the breakout is Captain Atom.

Justice League United: Future's End #1 (Nov. 2014)

Future's End, Five Years From Now: Captain Atom was responsible for the deaths of millions two years prior. He claims to have done it to save billions of others. Wildfire unexpectedly joins the battle. The team distracts Atom long enough for J'onn to reassert mental control over him.

Justice League: Future's End #1 (Nov. 2014)


Green Lantern and Hawkgirl survive with a pair of Parademons. He has them deliver a message that their masters have failed. They seek Flash in Washington DC find him. GL wants to stay and fight alone but Kendra asserts that the three of them were thrown together for a reason, to be a team. Batman delivers Red Arrow's body to the World Army in Amazonia. He chides Val for not stepping up, deriding his pacifism. Jimmy knows who Batman is, strartling him, he was told by Lois. He defends Val for having protected the heroes, notes the irony that a doctor like him wouldn't see the value in that. Jimmy says he thought about being Robin but not without some changes. Jimmy counsels Val, who seems to be hiding something under his clothes, eventually reveals that his uniform underneath is the S symbol. Jimmy has photographic memory.

Earth 2 #24 (Aug. 2014)

Val wears the symbol of the house of El. Lara and Jor-El took him in after his parents died. They spoke the truth to power and were punished. They saved him the same as their son and two others. His suit was designed to survive the voyage. He doesn't want to remove it lest he dishonor the Els. Hawkgirl confronts Beguiler longe enough for Aquawoman to drown her forces with a tidal wave then GL blasts her. Flash takes last stab running with her faster than ever before, so fast that she disintegrates into nothingness. Superman attends dinner with his parents with Lois. Jonathan can't stand it and speaks up and is killed by the omega heat vision. He's tortured to think he's not Superman, and just then called back by Bedlam. The gateway is ready. They open the Boom Tube to let Apokolips through. Doctor Fate puts his helmet on Val to give him a broader view of things. Val emerges with conviction but vows not to kill Superman. He heads to space to confront Superman.

Earth 2 #25 (Sept. 2014)

Lois must leave Smallville to help. Martha begs her to stop Clark. Sandman transports World Army forces to Geneva to take out the source of their Boom Tube. Marella aids them because of Batman. She tells Flash to get her to Bedlam so they make a path. She's punched out but also manages to move water to his brain and Bedlam collapses, enabling the others to shut down the boom tube. Val makes Superman suspicious of the team's agenda and Superman takes off for Geneva. Lois moves to stop him, long enough for Val to attack. Then Val finds that Superman's powers are waning, his form crumbles. He deteriorates into a bizarro-like form and they realize it's not Superman, just a sort of clone who thought it was him. Lois blasts him apart with her power. Bedlam recovers and disappears, taking Holt and Sloan with him again. Bedlam retreats to Puerto Rico where Fury and Barda await him. He wants to start again with their work and unleash the "four from below." Leads into Earth 2: Futures End #1.

Earth 2 #26 (Oct. 2014)

Future's End

5 years later: Survivors from Earth-2 have taken escape craft and come to Earth-0. Zenophobia is rampant and Terry Sloan has developed goggles to identify those from Earth-2. Sonia Sato is on the run with Michael Holt, who's also identified as E2 by the goggles, a bug specially added by Sloan. Holt is locked out of his own resources. Red Tornado is taken apart, on Cadmus Island. Sloan is working with his Earth-0 counterpart, both wear Mister Eight costumes. In Epoch Center for Special Children, Jimmy Olsen is in a wheelchair. Holt visits him and receives a message via a puzzle cube/Mother Box. It delivers messages "release your treasures" (t-spheres); "I will share with you the secrets of the Source"; "you must bury the sword in the stone." For his freedom, Holt agrees to give away his T-spheres to the Sloans who use it to make a Boom spheres, a "god-killer." Once the E2 Sloan has what he needs, he killed the counterpart. He wants to become godlike himself and has slain other counterparts. Holt reveals the spheres were programmed to sink into the Earth. Before Sloan retreats, Holt learns with the goggles that he is not of Earth-2.

Earth 2: Future's End #1 (Nov. 2014)

FUTURE'S END: Ten years ago: Kara began calling Lois "momma" and her powers began to develop. 45 years ago: Kara met Val-Zod on Krypton. His parents were executed. Kara's parents were also dead by this point. Four children were launched from Krypton when it exploded. Batman, Superman, Lois, Huntress and Power Girl go to C.E.R.N. in Geneva answering a distress call from scientists trapped from a quake. Power Girl is flirtatious with Val. They find mutated monsters. Trapped, Huntress argues with her grandfather, who tells her about the Miraclo. She asks him to give some to her so she can free themselves, which he vehemently refuses. They find Dr. Klaudia Massaquioi who says Bedlam had come with Miracle, Holt, and Sloan to open a portal. It unleashed monsters that infected the staff. She advises the Supers to fly at top speed, collide, and create the effect of a neutron bomb. It burns away the contamination. Thomas was always secretly looking out for Helena.

Earth 2 #27 (Dec. 2014)

EARTH 2: Worlds' End

Alan Scott hired Terry Sloan to develop technology to reach across universal boundaries to other worlds, in aid of his broadcasting company. Sam warned him not to trust Sloan. But Sloan had his own agenda and discovered Michael Holt, and intended to "add him to his collection." Alan kept it a secret but Sam leaked it to Accountable. Batman and Robin tracked down Olsen just as he was reviewing the information and arrested him. He even knew Batman's secret identity. Shortly after Apokolips invaded and Lois was lost in the first attack, as were Selina and the Amazons. In the 9th dimension Steppenwolf and his daughter, Fury, prepare for invasion. They have Mister Miracle and Barda among them—traitors. Barda was Fury's mentor. They talk of vanquishing Wonder Woman. World Army was created but Sloan was one step ahead. the Army asked for his help. The Trinity met in the ARkham base where Batman has been interrogating Olsen, who's given him the key to defeating Apokolips. Dick and Barbara Grayson have a 5 year old son, Johnny. Sloan finds out that Sam tipped off the Army and has him killed. He transferred Lois into REd Tornado. Sandman had kidnapped Marella. The Grayson's are housed in Chicago, a camp for protection. Power Girl and Huntress return to a horror. They see images of Batman and a Superman in Geneva and head that way. Kara is reunited with Lois. Kahn searches for Oliver Queen, a weapons expert. Bedlam goes to Puerto Rico in attempt to call Apokolips. Below, Barda is under his control. She calls Miracle the "spawn of Darkseid." A Boom Tube opens from Apokolips and sends through four Furies who emerge from the fire pits: K'Li (war), Pestilence, Famine, and Death. Dr. Fate —calling himself Nabu—gives Hawkgirl strange prophesies.

Earth 2: Worlds' End #1 (Dec. 2014)

Sato picks up something large heading for Earth—Apokolips. In the Court of Apokolips. Paternus complains about Bedlam leading the world to Earth-2. 1st app. of insectoid Rectifier, small Lowest, and gangly Arcanis. He foretells "in time sof crisis, the god planet will send an emissary born of itself." K'Li devastates the heroes. Mister Miracle breaks through into Bedlam's mind when he's distracted, using a series of mental triggers. Inside his mind, Miracle and Sloan fight their demons and disable Bedlam. Green Lantern senses the elemental forces of the planet, the Parliament Enclave, rising to defend Earth. Miracle, Holt, and Sloan return to Amazonia. K'Li enthralls the women.

Earth 2: Worlds' End #2 (Dec. 2014)

Apokolips enters the solar system. The world's leaders decide to launch its nuclear arsenal at it, not realizing that the world is a god itself. Sandman interrogates Mister Miracle, who tries to tell them the nukes are worthless. The Graysons help keep the peace in Chicago camp. John Constantine arrives from Earth-0 in Earth-2's London. Red tornado's system reboots to overcome K'Li's influence and shakes the others free as well. Miracle's Mother Box speaks to Jimmy, pleading for release. Sloan claims that he's made peace with his past actions since being inside Bedlam's mind. Barda and Fury arrive to break Miracle free. On Amazonia, Doctor Crane wears a robot suit. He, Dr. Linda Holland, and Ted ?? are testing the Mother Box. Aquawoman finds her kingdom invaded by Death.

Earth 2: Worlds' End #3 (Dec. 2014)


Tanya Spears is shot by her kidnapper, whom Huntress stops from setting off a dirty bomb. The bomb nearly detonates but it's caught by Tanya. Power Girl helps get a power plant up and running. She then prevents a potential nuclear meltdown.

Worlds' Finest #24 (Aug. 2014)

The women prepare to leave for home. Desaad prepares to return home as well, he senses the barrier weakening between worlds. He follows Tanya Spears, and waits for Starr's team to attempt to open a portal. Kara hears him attack and orders the portal to be opened immediately. She and Huntress depart and Power Girl leaves Tanya "a surprise or two." They arrive in Boston on Earth-2, a burnt husk.

Worlds' Finest #25 (Sept. 2014)

On Earth-0, crews rescue Tanya from the wreckage of the Starr lab. She finds she has super-strength when she removes the debris that covers her. She's also invulnerable and has increased musculature. She's counseled by Professor Romberger, a former teacher at MIT. She receives a delivery from Karen's legal team: papers that bestow upon her the name Power Girl. Desaad went through the portal after them and arrived on Earth-2 as well, in Cern Switzerland where another generator is being used to power a portal to Apokolips.

Worlds' Finest #26 (Oct. 2014)

Future's End: 5 years from now, Earth-0, Cadmus Island: Power Girl breaks free from the Cadmus prison and disguises herself to walk among the workers there. She creates diversions to draw the OMACs' attention. She spots Tanya Spears but doesn't know if she can trust her. A woman notices Power Girl and helps her stay hidden, but not for long. She's sniffed out by Deathstroke. Fifty Sue overpowers her and Tanya breaks out in Karen's defense. Fifty Sue unleashes so much power that she kills bystanders just to stop them. When they're imprisoned, Karen is reunited with Helena.

Worlds' Finest: Future's End #1 (Nov. 2014)

Origins of the Earth 2 Superman and Batman: In the midst of Earth-2's second invasion from Apokolips, Lois Lane endeavors to record their history. Kal-El was one of only a handful of babies born in Krypton's last days. Jor-El opposed the council, he believed their sun was ready to die and had theories about how to save it. He took matters into his own hands, launching a rocket towards their sun. It was intended to spark a gravity well to warm the star and turn it yellow again. Instead, it destabilized the star and pulled Krypton from its orbit. Just then a visitor from Apokolips came to them, Intri. She offered to stop the devastation if they would give her their infant child, Kal-El. They refuse. They desperately put Kal, Kara, Val, and one other child into experimental crafts and launched them just as the planet exploded. Thomas Wayne refused to run from Frankie Falcone. He encountered Falcone on the street. Falcone wanted access to the hospital so he could kidnap the infant Alan Scott. Scott's father's TV station had been calling down heat on Falcone. Wayne punched Falcone and refused, leading to a brawl that Wayne won. Thomas left a document with his lawyer, Cranston, with evidence on Falcone. If harm should come to Bruce, the file was to be turned over to the police. Cranston's father served as "batman" to Thomas' uncle, in India.

Worlds' Finest #27 (Dec. 2014)


On Idyll, Green Lantern manages to knock out Locus. Firestorm threatens to detonate and kill thousands unless the Five back off and allow the League to leave. Coeval tries to threaten Firestorm with the implants, but they're easily burnt out. It's enough of a delay for the JLA to leave the planet to a rim world. Ariel finally confronts the twins about their actions. Firestorm inactivates the JLA's implants as well. The Five's fifth member is revealed—Terry. He kills his sister by breaking her neck, then detonates "nano-mines" in the Flash's head, revealing they all have the mines within them. He formed the Five, and blackmails them into returning to Cadmusworld. Terry and Coeval kill most of the Cadmus staff, intending to bring in their own.

Justice League 3000 #7 (Aug. 2014)

Firestorm accepts some kind of offer from Coeval and departs Cadmusworld. A "freelance" gig; he has no allegiance to the League. Cadmus has the DNA of hundreds of metahumans from the 21st century. Green Lantern finds he has much greater abilities over the green energies. He masks the JLA's conversation from the Five. Ariel resurrects Teri with modifications to her DNA—she has the powers of the Flash.

Justice League 3000 #8 (Sept. 2014)

The JLA use Teri to threaten Terry's life and broker a deal with the Five to let them take a transversal to a world beyond the range of Terry's mine detonation signal. Locus arrives and GL pushes the others through the portal and stays to confront her. Teri takes out her brother quickly. Once the League is gone, she takes off and is ambushed by Kali. The League return long enough for Superman to pick her up and depart for deep space. She admits she could never kill her brother.

Justice League 3000 #9 (Oct. 2014)

The JLA settle on Camelot Nine where they have an audience with Arthur, king of the New Britons. They are at war with Etrigan's dark empire. Arthur wants them to leave, but his wife Guinevere comes to their defense. Their world has remained beyond the Five's reach after the Commonwealth fell. They meet knight Galahad. Ariel builds a transversal to coax the Five to enter it to Camelot, but she redirects them to Etrigan's castle. This delays them but they finally find the JLA. Without masses to control, Batman takes out Convert. Wonder Woman and Superman best Kali, then move on to Terry. Coeval retreats. GL confuses Locus and knocks her out. Arial suggests they create a new headquarters.

Justice League 3000 #10 (Nov. 2014)

24 October 2014

About Cosmic Teams! (1996–)

Almost 20 years on the Internet, jeez.

I've been meaning for some time to write down my own history here, and a very tangential reason provided the prompt to do so (has to do with search engines and "author pages"). Sadly I never had the foresight to save old copies of my site so my info and screen shots had to come from the Wayback Machine.

So if you just dying to know, or if you've been with me that long, take a walk down the lane...

19 October 2014

Helena is forced to take down the Earth-One counterpart of her own mother. From Batman Family #17 (1978); art by Don Heck.

The Original Catwoman and Her Daughter, the Huntress!

Here's another profile fashioned form the clay of Aaron Severson's Golden Age Batman Chronology (also read the recently completed Earth-Two Robin). When I realized that there was enough in there to also write up the original Catwoman, I decided that the two of them went well together in one massive story.

The Huntress was originally created as the Earth-Two daughter of Batman and Catwoman. The character was popular enough to sustain a backup feature in Wonder Woman for over four years (arguably keeping that title afloat). After Crisis on Infinite Earths, those people and that Earth no longer existed, but the character itself proved popular enough to survive. » READ MORE… 

» SEE ALSO: Read about Blackwing, the obscure character from the Huntress' Wonder Woman backup.

17 October 2014

Val owns his role as the champion of the house of El. From Earth 2 #26 (2014); art by Nicola Scott and Trevor Scott.

Val-Zod, the New Superman of Earth 2!

What a difference it is, writing a profile for a character who's been around less than a year.

Catch up now before Earth 2: World's End heats up! (By the way, the first issue of that series is so good.)

"About 45 years ago, on the planet Krypton, two pacifist scientists from the house of Zod were executed for their radical beliefs. The scientists' young son, Val-Zod was taken in by Jor-El and his wife Lara. When he was young, Val met the El's niece, Kara Zor-El, whose parents had also died by this point..." »  READ MORE… 

12 October 2014

Robin joins the Justice Society. From Justice League of America #55 (1967); art by Mike Sekowsky and Sid Greene.

The Original Robin!

Another great undertaking, but well worth the effort. I recently reconnected with Aaron Severson, whose research is the foundation of my JSA and Legion chronologies. I now also house his Golden Age Batman Chronology. Folks, if reading timelines isn't your bag, reading this timline is different. It's great fun for a comics geek because its detail makes it read like prose.

I realized that it was prime fodder for forming a series of JSA related profiles. The first of these is Robin the Boy Wonder! This was a lot of fun and you'll find lots of great moments in artwork from his history. I think it's a very overlooked piece of Bat-history.

Check back for updates in other related Golden Age Batman family!

Also: Need New Wallpaper?

7 October 2014

Fate's first appearance with the unexplained half-helmet. From More Fun Comics #72 (1941); art by Howard Sherman.

Doctor Fate!

Wow this was an undertaking! I'm not sure what set me on this road but I think I was trying to complete the Silver Scarab profile and I tried to access the old "Immortal Doctor Fate" web site (which is only accessed via Wayback now). The site went down a long time ago, so I took the liberty of picking up Andrew Bistak's material and tarting it up for profiles here.

These profiles might still benefit from some supporting images, but they're in good shape. Also, Doc Fate plays a major role in this month's The Multiversity: Society of Super-Heroes. It's a great take on the Golden Age, so you should check it out!

There have been many Fates:

30 September 2014

Cosmic Teams on Facebook!

Even though you can contact me here, hardly anyone does :(

For this reason, I'm experimenting with using Facebook to make that easier. I'd like to make it easier for people to discuss the articles that I update, and give opinions on the new stuff like Earth 2, or Legion matters past and present, or also to make it easier to give me any feedback or corrections I might need to make. I'm on Twitter already, but this will be another avenue for promoting new content here.

26 September 2014

Fury, Northwind, and Silver Scarab, after a battle with their parents. From Infinity, Inc. #7 (1984); art by Jerry Ordway and Mike Machlan.

The Fury + Silver Scarab aka Sandman III aka Doctor Fate IV!

This one is juicy! You know, of course, that these are the parents of the current Sandman, right? These characters were put through wringers before their retirement. This is the first of the profiles that covers the legacy of Doctor Fate. Look for massive updates to all those characters soon, as well!

Fury and the Silver Scarab were introduced as second generation heroes of the Justice Society family. Their parents were the Golden Age Wonder Woman and Hawkman, respectively. Fury was introduced just before her future teammates, in Wonder Woman #300 (1983), which was just before Crisis on Infinite Earths (1985). After that series removed Wonder Woman from DC's Golden Age continuity, Fury's origin was retconned to her having a different mother. » READ MORE …

26 September 2014

"Personnel file" for Obsidian. From Infinity, Inc. #6 (1984); art by Mike Machlan.


I'm combing through all the JSA character profiles in an effort to bring everything up to date—especially the second generation heroes—or at least do them due justice. Check back for more profiles to be added! For now, read about the ups and downs in the life of Obsidian

Obsidian is the son of the original Green Lantern, Alan Scott. He and his twin sister, Jennie-Lynn (Jade), were conceived by Scott and a young woman named Alyx Florin. In truth, Florin suffered from multiple a personality disorder; she was also the former villainess, Rose Canton a.k.a. the Thorn. Not long after the twins were conceived, Rose left Alan without a word. She delivered the children in secret, left them up for adoption, and disappeared. » READ MORE …

2 September 2014

The "Assemblers." From Justice League Europe #16 (1990); art by Bart Sears and Randy Elliot.


I posted this new article in the features above last week, but I continued to add to it, and reorganize the stuff here on the site. It's pretty well polished now, so if you visited it before, you may want to look again. I realized that the subject of DC/Marvel parody had a lot of meat to it! I cover it in the introduction and while writing, realized that I already had a ton of information in the Obscure Characters section. This included the Crusaders and details about Angor, and I consolidated it with all my existing team articles.

I realized I had never finished reading Countdown Presents: Lord Havok, so I returned to that as well. It was a surprisingly good read today, despite Countdown having been so terrible.

I haven't written up the new Earths-7 and -8 yet but... you can totally go read The Multiversity right now!

What's next? I'd like to move onto some other parallel Earths in this same vein. My other main project is ongoing, the JSA member profiles. What's holding me up is my history of Mister America—including the Golden Age. That much reading takes a ton of time. Warms my heart, though, as it reminds me of the research I put into the Quality Companion.

» SEE: Read about Earth-8!

17 AuguST 2014

New Cosmic Teams!

As you can tell there are some changes going on! The primary focus of this redesign is to make Cosmic Teams a responsive site. Go ahead and try it on your phone to see! My articles were just not easily readable across all platforms.

In the meantime I'm tweaking a lot of design elements, and have added the retractable header up top.

There is a problem with some of the side menus that I need to fix.

I will be taking time to go through every file and optimize for the new site, so don't fret if something still seems weird. I'm moving my way from big to small edits.

Tell me what you think or what you found!

27 JuLY 2014


Map of the Multiverse

Maybe there's some hope for the DCU yet. They just released this map of the multiverse, and a lot of it is in line with what was established before the New 52! Things such as the Orrery of Worlds were created by Grant Morrison in Final Crisis so it's awesome to see them here now. Newsarama posted this graphic and documented Morrison's comments, which was released at Comicon. I keep my own Map of the Multiverse here, which was compiled from evidence in of 52 and Countdown.

I don't think I'm crazy in thinking that many of those previously defined worlds are represented in this new graphic. It does seem that Earth 0 is the New 52, but sadly, the pre-New 2 universe seems to be gone! Morrison said: "There's nothing that's specifically a "pre-52" universe, but a lot of stories that will remind you of comics you used to read."

Let's step through it shall we?

Earth Description
New Earth
Is it the New 52, or pre-New 52? The mainstream DC Universe. The Monitor Zillo Valla also referred to this universe as "universe designate zero" in Superman Beyond #1. This universe also contains an antimatter universe, where the Crime Syndicate live. This is a distinct group from the Crime Society of Earth-3.
Earth-1 Why is it yellow? Weird! DC publishes a series of Earth One graphic novels, which have always been standalone, though.

Looks fairly normal, a "same but different" Earth from Earth 0. The JSA is the preeminent super group. The Huntress is the daughter of Batman and Catwoman. It's continuity matches that of the original Earth-2.

Earth-3 This world was said to have been destroyed by the Anti-Monitor. Looks like it! Where villains always win, led by the Crime Syndicate (which is now again from it's own Earth, not the the antimatter universe). Their number includes the usual Ultraman, Superwoman, Owlman, Power Ring and Johnny Quick.
Earth-4 A cornerstone of Morrison's Multiversity, "Pax Americana, our take on the Chalton characters." Earth-4 has always been Charlton Earth. That vision was amended by Grant Morrison to one "reverse engineered" from the Watchmen. Alan Moore originally based the Watchmen on Charlton heroes, so Grant Morrison in turn modeled his new Earth-4 heroes on the Watchmen. Captain Adam resembles the Watchmen's Dr. Manhattan.
Earth-5 This world has been mentioned again in the lead up to Multiversity, so hopefully ist's still Fawcett Earth. Described by Morrison as "Thunderworld," with the classic CC Beck style Shazam. Captain Marvel worked with Earth-0's Superman. Modeled on Earth-S in the original multiverse, for the characters acquired from Fawcett Comics.
Earth-6 Changed from its 52 designation, which was pretty nondistinct. Morrison says it's "the Stan Lee "Just Imagine" Universe, and it's directly opposite the Jack Kirby Universe (51).
Earth-7 Ditto. This world's Starwoman won the "Starman bout " in Arena #3.
Earth-8 This one is interesting, it should be, essentially, "Marvel Earth" but this icon makes it look like some kind of Super Friends or cartoony world. Earth is called Angor, home of Lord Havok's Extremists. Modeled after the Marvel universe, and of the planet Angor on New Earth, home of the original Extremists and Justifiers. This universe is overseen by the Monitor Solomon.
Earth-9 "Same but different" Earth. No clues here. Tangent Earth. Hereos bear familiar names, but the similarities end there. Here, Superman is Harvey Dent and he took over the entire planet.
Earth-10 This looks to be in line with the former Earth X concept, though it's unclear how much it has to do with Quality characters. Earth-10's champion, Overman, fell from Krypton to Earth in Czechoslovakia in 1938 and Nazi scientists used its technology to win the war. Karl Kant (Kal-L) became the guilt-ridden Overman. (Superman Beyond) His "cousin" Overgirl was made from his DNA, as was the Antihuman. They're opposed by the Freedom Fighters. Forerunner fought its heroes once: the Nazi Superman, Brunhilde, Leatherwing, Underwaterman, Hawkgirl, Hawkman and Flash. This world's Ray was killed by Monarch in Arena #4. Modeled on Earth-X in the original multiverse, for the characters acquired from Quality Comics: Uncle Sam, Plastic Man, Phantom Lady, etc.
Earth-11 The icon seems to look "upside down" which could signify the gender swap. A world of reversed genders: Superwoman, Batwoman, etc.

Icon looks flat and "animated," consistent with a Batman Beyond world. Batman Beyond, "the Next Generation." Batman was seen in Countdown #21. Firestorm and Green Lantern in Arena #1. Green Lantern (Hal Jordan Jr.) is one of only seven remaining, the son of Hal Jordan. Both Hals were taken by Monarch to do battle and the elder did not survive. The younger became part of Monarch's army. NOTE: One graphic mistakenly labels the elder Jordan as that of Earth-5.

Earth-13 Icon is darkened, which suggests a carryover from this 52 designation. "World of dark and arcane heroes." This Earth's Eve of Shadows won the "Nightshade battle" in Arena #1, but fled back to her world. In retaliation, Monarch exterminated the entire USA. Her husband, Nathaniel Adam, the Brigadier, survived and was recruited by his counterparts to oppose Monarch in Arena #3. He died along with his other counterparts in #4.
Earth-14 The first mystery world...
Earth-15 Certainly looks destroyed! Does Superboy Prime still exist?? Destroyed by Superman Prime. An Earth where the Monitor's Challengers (and other "sidekicks") witnessed their own futures, "fully realized." Batman was Jason Todd; Joker and Bruce were dead. They have a young female Atom, Jessica Palmer, 18, graduated from M.I.T. at 8. Zod is Superman. Wonder Woman was Donna Troy and Green Lantern was Kyle Rayner.

This one might seems to be modified slightly from its previous "Super-Sons" designation. Morrison says, "Batman and Superman have already solved all the problems of Earth," and their kids are now left on the world, with superpowers, but there is "seriously nothing to do. Green Arrow (Conner Hawke)'s daughter Arrowette is a Miley Cyrus type and he's trying to stop her getting involved in this stuff. It's a fun book."

Earth-17 A "Halloween" world. This world's Starman was an ape, suggesting a "Planet of the Apes" sort of society as well. He described himself as a peace broker between Kamandi and Ben Boxer. He was killed by the Starman of Earth-48 in Arena #3. It's greatest hero is Superdemon, who fell from Kamelot and was tamed by Jason Blood. NOTES: It's also been shown as home to the Atomic Knights in a world after a "Great Disaster" in 52 #52. That may have been a mistake, as this fate clearly fell to Earth-51, where Countdown's story ended in the Great Disaster.
Earth-18 The Justice Riders are lawmen protecting the Old West. Also tied to DC's western characters, as described by Morrison: ". I thought it'd be more fun to tie those into the history of DC's Western characters, so Johnny Thunder is a Shazam, and Tomahawk is Tomahawkman - we changed them into Superheroes. They're all riding steampunk horses."
Earth-19 Hard to parse this icon: It could be meant to look "steampunk," which would fit the Batman: Gotham by Gaslight bill. Batman is active in the 1880s, where his nemesis was Jack the Ripper. This Batman trained its Blue Beetle and they met the Challengers. Batman was killed by the Batman of Earth-43 in Arena #1.
Earth-20 The icon is a little "rougher" looking, perhaps made to look like a worn pul novel, in line with its previous designation.. Morrison has talked about this one: "Society of Superheroes, where it's 2014 and they've just come out of a war that was like the Second World War with a lot of zombie fighting. Abin Sur is the Green Lantern of that world, teamed with Lady Blackhawk and Doc Fate. This is consistent with its pre-New 52 designation.

The icon is different from the "normal" Earths. . DC: The New Frontier: The Cold War has just ended and a new era of heroism is dawning. Monarch killed its Steve Trevor when recruiting Wonder Woman.

Earth-22 Are there holes blown in the continents? Doesn't seem consistent with a Kingdom Come Earth. Kingdom Come. Heroes are at odds and the villains have taken advantage. Superman from this world now lives on New Earth and is a member of the JSA. He claims that his world was destroyed.
Earth-23 Previously undesignated, this is now the "African American" Earth, where Superman is black and President of the United States, to boot. Its Justice League is similar to that of Earth-0.
Earths-24, 25, 27, 28 It's nice to see that there's some Earths being left unexplored, for creators to play with later...
Sure looks like funny animal to me. Home of the Zoo Crew. This universe also contains "Earth C-Minus," home of Just'a Lotta Animals. When the natives of this universe travel to a parallel universe, they are perceived as normal animals. The Scarab from this world manifested as a collective of beetles and won its bout, killing two Blue Beetles in Arena #2. Starro is a major evil force on Earth-26, and may, in fact, originate from this universe. This was called Earth-C in the original multiverse. Grant Morrison admitted to mistakenly calling it Earth-35 in Final Crisis #7.
Earth-29 Bizarro World. This is a new designation, and a fun addition.
Earth-30 Hammer and sickle gives this away as Superman: Red Son Earth. Superman: Red Son. On this Earth, the ship carrying the infant who would-be Superman lands in the midst of the Cold War-era Soviet Union in the 1950s. Wonder Woman is his staunch ally. Batman, an underground enemy who died detonating a suicide bomb. This Superman won chosen for Monarch's army after his Arena battle in Arena #1.

The dark black ink on this icon looks like Frank Miller's style. The setting for Frank Miller's Dark Knight. Batman retired then returned to duty, taking a new Robin, Carrie Kelly. He finds himself in mortal combat with his former ally, Superman. Their Superman is similar to that of New Earth, but older. He tried to rally forces against Monarch in Arena. Though he lost his bout in the Arena, he used Monarch's harness to escape into the multiverse. Described by DC as "a darker version of the future as seen in the Superman/Batman series."

Earth-32 No clues here, this is definitely a different Earth, doesn't seem all that in line with an In Darkest Knight theme. Batman: In Darkest Knight. Bruce Wayne inherits a power ring to become the Darkest Knight, instead of Hal Jordan. He lost his Arena battle and nearly his life in Arena #2 after managing to fracture Monarch's armor, killing the elder Hal Jordan of Earth-12.
Earth-33/Earth-Prime Photographic looking icon suggests this is the "real world" This one has changed from it's 52 designation, which was an Earth ruled by mystics. But Morrison says now that "our own real world also exists - it's Earth-33, which used to be known as Earth-Prime."
Earth-34 Another differently represented icon, but nothing in particular linking it to Amazonia Wonder Woman: Amazonia. Princess Diana was kidnapped from Paradise Island by Captain Steven Trevor and the Royal Marines before becoming a hero, Wonder Woman, in 19th century London. This Wonder Woman was the winner in her bout in Arena #3.
Earth-35, 36 Not previously designated, but the icons are customized, so there seems to be a plan for these Earths
Earth-37 A custom icon, but nothing in particular linking it to Thrillkiller. Barbara Gordon becomes Gotham's foremost costumed protector, and Bruce Wayne is a cop. Its Captain Atom was Quantum-Storm (Ronny Raymond and Nathaniel Adam, killed in Arena #4).
Earth-38 "Same but different" Earth. This Earth's Captain Atom was one of the Atomic Knights.
Earth-39 A custom icon, but no concrete tie to anything. The icon looks "low fi" or retro in some way. This world's Blue Beetle was Danny (Garrett). He was killed by the Scarab of Earth-26 in Monarch's arena in Arena #2.
Earth-40 Black and white icon is consistent with a Liberty File Earth, which was used recently in the Whistling Skull mini. JSA: The Liberty File. A world where it's still 1942 and costumed characters have joined WWII. This Earth's Batman was bitten by the Batman of Earth-43 and turned into a vampire in Arena #1. He was killed by Monarch in #4.
Earth-41, 42, 44 Custom icons but no clues as to their character.

Blood red Earth seems to match Red Rain designation Batman: Red Rain. This Earth's Batman is no longer human, having been transformed into a vampire. Dick Grayson tried to take him down, but succumbed to Batman's contagion and is now, too, a vampire. Barbara Gordon was also transformed, but killed by Grayson.

Earth-45 Trademark symbol on the "45" here, and a sizable hole in North America. Not previously defined.
Earth-47 Psychedlic coloring, not previously defined.
Earth-48 The triangle on this icon doesn't relate to anything from Countdown or the Forerunner character. The Forerunner's home. This Earth warred itself into extinction and the solar system's other planets then used it as a battleground. The Monitors then exterminated the new race of Forerunners, except for Viza Aziv. The Starman from this universe was seen in Arena #1, and looked like a Forerunner, and claimed to hail from the "Black Planet." He was killed by the Starwoman of Earth-7. NOTE: In Countdown #43 Monarch mistakenly refers to this as Earth-34, saying the Monitors have dispatched agents to exterminate all life on the planet. He clarifies soon thereafter, by saying "It is done. The Forerunners are dead."
Earth-50 This is probably changed from its previous Wildstorm designation, as those characters are now part of Earth 0. The icon is a little more "cartoony."
Earth-51 Same as its original designation. Home of the New Gods, New Genesis, Apokolips (Jack Kirby's Earth). This Earth began very similar to Earth-0. The Justice League eventually triumphed over all evil and created a peaceful society. Most of them retired. When the Atom of Earth-0 came across his Earth-51 counterpart, he witnessed the latter's death. Earth-0 Ray decided to take up Ray-51's life, which included a happy marriage to Jean Loring, and a science project that would allow him to travel across the multiverse. All life on this world was destroyed when Superboy Prime breached Monarch's containment suit (Countdown #13). Afterwards, its monitor, Nix Uotan, remade humanity. But it was doomed again, as the site of the "Great Disaster." Brother Eye came to Earth-51 and unleashed the Morticoccus virus (also spread by Karate Kid). The only human survivors were Buddy Blank and his grandson, the "last boy on Earth," who becomes Kamandi. This is the setting for DC's 1970s titles OMAC and Kamandi.


20 June 2014

Mister America!

Jeffrey Graves contemplates the mantle.
Jeffrey Graves contemplates the mantle. From Justice Society of America v.3 #4 (2007); art by Dale Eaglesham and Ruy José.

Slogging through JSA members, and making quick work of Mister America III. This is also a profile for which I'd like to do a full Golden Age review, but alas, not today...

"Tex was succeeded by a descendant, Trey Thompson, aka Mister America II. Trey worked for the FBI but was terminated for unknown reasons. After he left the agency, his former partner, Jeff Graves, became his informant. Mister America's path crossed with the JSA's when his wife and sons were killed by the Fourth Reich, a band of villains who sought to eradicate the family lines of any hero tied to American symbolism.  » READ MORE…

8 June 2014

Cosmic Teams Stats!

If you're curious... I don't review my analytics very often. I don't make any money off them, but it's good to look once in a while for several reasons. Mostly, for me, these numbers tell me two things: general trends, and where traffic is coming from.

Top Sections

These numbers confirm for me that traffic is directly proportional to where I devote the most time. In the past 6 months, it's definitely been on JSA material (the Legion is dormant), and the numbers have risen for that section. Meanwhile, my abandonment of JLA allows it to slip.


Top Hit Getters

This list is edited for interest, and excludes the individual profiles pulled out at the right. It also excludes the the top level pages for each section (above), which always get the highest hits.

5. DC Trading Cards
7. JLA Membership
9. JLA Collectibles
14. Legion Profiles list
15. Legion Gallery
16. JLA Chronology
17. JLA Elseworlds
18. All-Star Squadron
19. DC Multiverse
22. Legion Members, original
23. Legion Fanfare
24. Legion Members, newer
26. Quality Profiles
28. JSA Members
32. Earth 2 hero list
33. Obscure > C
34. Teams > A
35. JSI Members
36. Obscure > B
38. Teams > K/L
39. Legion Elseworlds
41. Legion, False members
48. DC Golden Age titles
50. Goldn Age Batman Chronology

Longest Time Spent on Page

1. Obscure > J
2. Red Tornado I and Cyclone
3. Legion Chronology part 6 (most recent)
4. Legion article from Amazing Heroes #15
5. Vixen profile
6. JLA Chronology part 4
7. L.E.G.I.O.N. > Stealth
8. Kid Eternity (New 52)
9. Hourman
10. Legion Elseworlds
11. Teams > U/V
12. JSA Chronolgoy part 5
13. Robin of Earth-Two
14. Legion Chronology (original) part 5
15. Power Girl
16. Valor
17. Crisis Chronology part 3
18. JLA Article from Amazing World of DC
19. Generation Lost
20. Batman, Earth 2, New 52

Top Individual Profiles

Being one of the first to document Earth 2 characters online has paid off. Early searches have put my Earth 2 profiles up top.

3. Batman, Earth 2, New 52
12. Red Tornado, New 52
20. Power Girl New 52
29. Aquawoman
31. Superman, Earth 2, New 52
37. Legion Honorary/Academy Members
40. Legion, the Outsiders
42. Crime Syndicate
43. Metal Men
51. Legion Rejects
58. Martian Manhunter
68. L.E.G.I.O.N. Members
74. Black Adam
77. Superman of Earth-22
79. DC Golden Age Characters
80. Flash, Earth 2, New 52
82. Legion of Subs
83. Wonder Woman & Fury, New 52
85. Global Guardians
87. Wonder Woman
89. Dupliucate Damsel
94. Jimmy Olsen, Earth 2
96. Crime Society
99. Heroes of Russia
103. Blackhawks
105. Hawkgirl, New 52
106. Fawcett Comics Heroes
107. Huntress, New 52
108. Heroes of Japan
110. Shrinking Violet
111. The DC Super Dictionary
112. Spectre, New 52
114. Atom, New 52, Earth 2
116. Star Boy
118. Dr. Fate, New 52
122. Legion: 5 Year Gap members
123. Legion: the Subs
125. Wildcat
128. Club of Heroes
129. Atom-Smasher
130. Inferior Five
132. Mon-El
138. Adult Legionnaires
146. Legion of Super-Villains
147. Plastic Man
149. Supergirl
150. Legionnaires: Earth Prime
162. Extreme Justice
165. White Witch
166. Freedom Fighters
167. Sandman
168. Phantom Girl
169. Phantom Lady
170. Super Friends
174. Mr. Terrific
177. Doll Man
178. Green Lantern, Earth 2
179. Brain Wave
180. Black Canary
181. Brainiac 5
182. Fatal Five
189. Star-Spangled Kids
191. Cosmic Boy
194. Ultra Boy
198. Batman
199. Hawkman
200. Superman


1 June 2014


I say it periodically, but you can rest assured that if you sense radio silence from Cosmic Teams, it never means that I've abandoned it. What it probably means is that I've gotten myself into a larger project that is taking a lot of time. I've had two such projects percolating. The first was my Golden Age Sandman profile, which I'm going to promote now even though it's not 100% finished. I haven't reviewed any of the Simon and Kirby material from the 1940s. There's a good Jack Kirby Collector article about this run, but given that the profile is now so well rounded, I want to review them for myself. But it's richly detailed even without that so read on below!

Second, and speaking of TwoMorrows publishing, I just submitted an article to Alter Ego which is a sort of addendum to my Quality Companion. For me, this article was truly one those "I-can-die-now-I've-solved-this-mystery" moments. It is an interview with John Brenner—the son of George Brenner, creator of the Clock! I gave up on learning what happened to this man, who died at the age of 42 in 1952. But I solved the mystery with his son's help, and we'll have the full story plus never-seen photos of the man and more, whenever Roy Thomas can get around to fitting it into the magazine.

Golden Age Sandman!

From New York World's Fair Comics #1 (1939); art by Bert Christman.

What a task! So normally with the Golden Age JSAers, I have chosen not to try to profile their actual Golden Age adventures, because it's been done so thoroughly by Dave Stepp at The Comics Archives. But this one is different. I felt that there were so many layers to the character's history and nobody had really brought them all together. Not only did his 1940s adventures include two notable and different runs, but then add the complexity of the Sandman Mystery Theater to his chornology. And then there's Sandy, too.

"The Sandman was one of DC's first super-heroes, having beaten Batman to the newsstands by a couple of months. His original run in Adventure Comics #40-102 lasted from 1939–46. It's best known for having been completely reinvented in 1941 by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. The Sandman wasn't the only Justice Society member to star in a modern-day series, but Sandman Mystery Theatre (S.M.T., 70 issues from 1993–1999) was unique for having been set in the 1930s. » READ MORE…

Latter Day JSA Members!

I didn't get around to finishing this fully, but I did start a page for Anna Fortune, Ri, Red Beetle, Darknight, and Roxy. Now that I'm telling you, I'm going to get on that, so check back...

14 may 2014


Recently: Earth 2 and Worlds' Finest

I'll do these updates this weekend, so check back!

Read the full current chronologies: Earth 2 | Legion

Sequence of Events

Issue (Date)


First Contact Part 3: Superman contacts Hiro for help in Gammora. Huntress and Superman struggle to maintain their cover. Kaizen attacks Power Girl and Batman. Batman and Superman have vague recollections of their time on Earth 2, which sharpen when the portal opens. Huntress only met Earth 2 Superman a few weeks before he died. Kaizen opens a portal to Earth 2 just as Toymaster delivers armor for Superman.

Batman/Superman #9 (May 2014)

The women argue over the possibility that they might have just seen their home. They fight off A.R.G.U.S. troops who've arrived to clean up Gammora. 45 months ago: Helena tracked a prostitution ring, is captured, and escapes after fighting off a wolf. After blundering the case, she vowed to use better equipment and be more careful. Power Girl drops Huntress in Chicago. Karen reacquires her company then orders everything to be sold, except for a key lab in Cambridge.

World's Finest #22 (June 2014)

In her Cambridge lab, Karen reveals her powers to all her employees. This in hopes of expediting the building of a machine to get home. They prepare a test which fails because of a power blackout from a nearby nuclear plant. Desaad notices the energy surge. Huntress is at M.I.T. for her own purposes and intercepts burglars. Power Girl heads to the reactor as well (mentions Waller and her new security clearance). Desaad approaches Karen's employee, Tanya Spears, but disappears. Just then Huntress' thief comes upon her and takes her as a hostage.

World's Finest #23 (July 2014)


Lois is blasted by a Parademon and Clark becomes protective. She prevents him from harming Val. He takes her to Smallville, where Jonathan and Martha Kent are still alive, and living in fear of their son. Jimmy tracks them there. He has access to the Red Tornado's systems and sensors so he could "see" through her. Superman contacts Bedlam and they order an attack on the Cave, which the heroes overhear. They call for extraction from Kahn at Themyscira. Batman initiates protocol Azrael to have the Cave self destruct just as they're attacked by a warhound. Red Arrow is killed by an Apokorat just before Sandman arrives to teleport them out. Val refuses to kill even Parademons and protects Hawkgirl. They rescued by Green Lantern, who destroys the enemy en masse.

Earth 2 #23 (June 2014)


Teri and Terry argue increasingly over the ethics of what they're doing. They have recreated the Flash, this time with brown hair. Batman admits to being different than the original. He has a sense of humor. Superman and Wonder Woman battle Kali, who absorbs life-force for strength. Firestorm is not interested in being a hero. Flash and Firestorm arrive on Takron but Firestorm refuses to leave with them, wanting to slay Kali instead. Ariel ordered the Twins to destroy Firestorm's DNA which they didn't. When they call their transversal, it's under Coeval's control.

Justice League 3000 #5 (June 2014)

Coeval transports the JLA away to Idyll, the headquarters of the Five, where Coeval brings the League into his virtual world. The twins' arguments escalate and Cadmus begins to question Teri's ability to command. Locus demands that Ariel make her a better boyfriend, and throws Hal at her. He's been playing dead and has discovered that the emerald energy is inside of him and he doesn't need the cloak. Ariel tells him that the more he uses that power, without the cloak, it spreads through him like a cancer and will kill him eventually. He frees the others. First appearance of the Convert's true self. They mention another, Tenebro.

Justice League 3000 #6 (July 2014)

27 April 2014

Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes!

Get ready to be massively confused! Talk of making the Legion difficult to follow, and of starting over... who's running this place?

There's a lot of stealthy future-building going on in the New 52. So far, the plan is completely unclear. I've compiled these events below, which involve the needlessly convoluted history of the New 52 Superboy—there are two already—and Kid Flash, who is also from the 30th century. And then there's the weird Legion allusions; so far it's all happening in the 30th century, which suggests that it's groundwork for the real Legion in the 31st century. But when we get there, is that Legion one that we'll find familiar?

Let me try to summarize this for you:

Superboy: The New 52 Superboy was actually the second Superboy, created in the spirit of Jon Lane Kent, a clone of Superman and Lois Lane from decades in the future. Jon Kent killed nearly all metahumans in that time period. When Superboy was thrown forward in time with the Teen Titans, the two met. Superboy was sucked away (to the "Krypton Returns" crossover), and Jon has secretly taken his place in the Titans. Meanwhile Jon learned about the future Legion of Super-Heroes and was inspired to create his own in the 30th century. Superboy then died in the past when Krypton exploded. Yeah. (Remember, the Titans also had a crossover with the Legion Lost team in the New 52).

Kid Flash: Kid Flash has no apparent connection to the Flash legacy. He was born Bar Torr in the 30th century and when his parents were killed by Science Police, he started a revolution. Eventually his sister Shira convinced him to stand down and he was placed in "witness protection" in the 21st century with his memory suppressed. When he returned to the future with the Titans, he was sentenced to life on Takron-Galtos.

Sequence of Events

Issue (Date)


Kryptonians begin making clones to serve in space travel. A clone named Kon (meaning "abomination") leads their rebellion. NOTE: The New 52 Superboy never premanently used the name "Conner Kent," but assumed it for an undercover mission in Superboy #22.

Superboy v.5 #0 (Nov. 2012)

21st Century

Krypton Returns, part 1: A temporal tsunami brings Superman, Supergirl, and Superboy to Krypton before its destruction. Their quarry, H'el has killed Jor-El and set out to rule Krypton. NOTE: H'el first appeared in Supergirl v.6 #13 (2012).

Action Comics v.2 Annual (Dec. 2013)

Krypton Returns, part 2: One week before Krypton's destruction, Superboy uses his newly-enhanced powers to connect with the fabric of Argo City.

Superboy v.5 #25 (Jan. 2014)

Krypton Returns, part 3: Superboy pushes the Eradicator through a portal, where he lands in Smallville.

Supergirl v.6 #25 (Jan. 2014)

Krypton Returns Part 4: Superboy launches Argo City into space and saves the life of Kara Zor-El. He dies as Krypton explodes. Superman and Supergirl return to Earth.

Superman v.3 #25 (Jan. 2014)

Superboy dies in the past—in the explosion that destroys Krypton. From Superman v.3 #25 (2013); art by Kenneth Rocafort.

The New 52

An unnamed human Colonel arrives from the 30th century. Calling himself Harvest, time travel has eaten away his body and expended his chronal energy, trapping him in the 21st century. He attempts to cure his adopted son, Jon Lane Kent, by creating a second Superman clone using three DNA strands. Harvest builds armies of Ravagers to serve in his war against metahumans. The clone is released without Harvest's intervention and becomes Superboy. NOTES: Harvest first appeared in Superboy v.5 #7 (2012).

Superboy v.5 #19 (June 2013)

At the paramilitary N.O.W.H.E.R.E., the clone, Superboy frees himself. He's aided by Dr. Caitlin Fairchild, and classmate/protector Rose Wilson. NOTES: The original Superboy clone first appeared in Adventures of Superman #500 (June 1993); Caitlin Fairchild in Wildstorm's Deathmate Black (Feb. 1994); Rose Wilson in Deathstroke #15 (1992).

Superboy v.5 #1 (Nov. 2011)

Superboy meets Supergirl. When they touch he is infused with the knowledge and language of Krytpon. When he tells her he's a clone, she calls him "Kon-El": an abomination in the house of El. She says he's destined to become a killing machine.

Superboy v.5 #6 (Apr. 2012)

Superboy effectively adopts the name Kon-El, when Wonder Girl inquires about his his "real" name.

Superboy v.5 #10 (Apr. 2012)

The Culling

Superboy joins the Teen Titans and meets Harvest (Superboy & Teen Titans #7) and his minions, Omen and Leash. (Teen Titans #8)

Superboy v.5 #7 (May 1912); Teen Titans v.4 #7-8 (5-6.12);

Prelude: In N.O.W.H.E.R.E.'s Antarctic facility, Centerhall assembles a team of Ravagers: Crush, Hammerfist, Misbelief, Psykill, Ridge, Rose Wilson, and Windstorm. Chameleon Girl ruminates over their "real mission" and remarks that her relationship with Colossal Boy was over long ago—and one of the reasons she volunteered for the current mission. Psykill, renders the Legion unconscious.

Legion: Lost v.2 #8 (June 1912)

Part 1: The Teen Titans and Legion awake in Harvest's "Colony," meeting Artemis, Thunder, and Lightning. Harvest's core protectors include Omen, Leash, and Warblade. His aim is to build an army. Leash draws the young heroes (including Beast Boy and Terra) to battle each other in the Crucible. Artemis is killed by Fist Point, which unites all the young heroes. The Ravagers attack anew. NOTE: Beast Boy and Terra are historical Titans, from Doom Patrol #99 (1965), and New Teen Titans #26 (1982), respectively. Warblade is Harvest's "progeny," and a reinvention of the original Wildstorm hero, 1st app. WildC.A.T.S. #1 (1992).

Teen Titans v.4 Annual #1 (July 1912)

Part 2: Timber Wolf suggests that Kid Flash is from the 31st century, caused many deaths, and escaped. When the Ravagers are defeated, Harvest reveals himself. NOTE: Kid Flash/Bart Allen's first historical appearance was Flash v.2 #92 (1994); in the DCnU, Teen Titans #1 (2011).

Superboy v.5 #9 (July 1912)

Part 3: Chameleon Girl reveals her true loyalty—to Echo—and attacks Harvest, but he's nigh invulnerable, with a power scythe and null field; he is from some future, claims to have sent for the Legion, and that his aim is to save the lives of quintillions. He tells them that the Hypertaxis will eventually evolve and lose its mutagenic quality. Gates discovers a Time Bubble. Ridge defects from the Ravagers and joins the escapees.

Legion: Lost v.2 #9 (July 1912)

Part 4: Harvest retreats as the heroes destroy his compound, claiming it was his plan to have the Ravagers escape, thus validating the need for N.O.W.H.E.R.E. The Legion enters the Time Bubble and hope to arrive home.

Teen Titans v.4 #9 (July 1912)

Forever Evil: The Teen Titans avenge the Justice League's alleged deaths at the hands of the Crime Syndicate. Johnny Quick uses Kid Flash's unique vibrational frequency to incite a temporal reaction. It sucks the Teen Titans (Red Robin, Wonder Girl, Superboy, Kid Flash, Solstice, and Raven) into the timestream.

Forever Evil #2 (Dec. 2013)

Krypton Returns, part 1: A temporal tsunami sends Superman, Supergirl, and Superboy back in time, to Krypton.

Action Comics v.2 Annual (Dec. 2013)

Harvest summons Jon Lane Kent (Superboy II) from the 30th century to the 21st.

Sueprboy v.5 #29 (May 2014)

Superboy is resurrected by the Oracle, and becomes his herald, patrolling the timestream. The Teen Titans face off with Harvest, whose powers all come from his armor. His facility is totally destroyed and he's believed dead.

Teen Titans v.4 Annual #3 (July 1914)

Decades in the Future

The son of Superman and Lois Lane, Jon Lane Kent, dies from complications of his genetics. Superman and Lois disappear. A human from the 30th century (eventually known as Harvest) arrives and uses his knowledge to bring Jon back to life. Jon is taught to hate metahumans but his body eventually begins to fail again. Harvest jumps back several decades, to a time when he can use Superman's DNA to cure Jon.

Superboy v.5 #19 (June 2013)

The adolescent Jon Lane Kent kills nearly all the metahumans on Earth. The Teen Titans emerge from Johnny Quick's time storm in the future, where they meet Beast Man. He and Rose Wilson have formed a new team of Titans: Rose Wilson's daughter, Stonehenge (Oliver), Blur (Harlan), and Irony (Irene). The Titans' Superboy is attacked by Jon Kent, who gives him a massive mental transmission that ignites Superboy's powers. Superboy impales Jon on the Watchtower and then disappears through a mysterious portal. Beast Man finds Jon ourside, and for his own reasons, clothes him in a Superboy uniform and sends him off with the Titans as their Superboy (II). NOTE: Superboy's story continues in Action Comics Annual #2 (2013); this is the end of his Titans involvement.

Teen Titans v.4 Annual #2 (Dec. 2013)


Left: Superboy meets his predecessor—in the future—Jon Lane Kent. For reasons unknown, Beast Man and Rose Wilson insert Jon back into the Titans as Superboy. From Teen Titans Annual #2 (2013); art by Barry Kitson, Art Thibert, Jesus Merino, and Scott Hanna.

The 30th Century

Late 30th Century: Twelve years prior, a war begins between humans and metahumans. A Colonel loses his son to metahumans and takes his fight into the timestream. He uses new technology from Echo, a division of the Science Police, to travel backwards in time, to the 21st century. NOTE: Echo first mentioned in Legion: Lost v.2 #9 (July 1912)

Superboy v.5 #19 (June 2013)

Science Police Functionaries kill the parents of Bar Torr on Altros Prime. At age eight, he rescues his baby sister Shira and leaves her with the Sisterhood of the Word. Bar enlists with the Purifiers, who do the Functionaries' dirty work, and on a space mission, his ship crashes and he wakes with the ability to run at super-speed. He leads a rebellion against the Functionaries. He ultimately turned himself in at the request of Shira, was sentenced to "witness protection," and placed in the past as Bart Allen.

Teen Titans v.4 #26 (Feb. 2014)

2933: Kid Flash and Solstice appear in the 30th century, where he begins recovering his memories. NOTE: Superboy #26 (2014) is the only issue that names a date, while others say "latter half of the 30th century."

Teen Titans v.4 #24 (Dec. 2013)

After Bar Torr (Kid Flash) enters "witness protection," his followers retreat to a corner of the galaxy called Backlands. Kid Flash finds them but he's soon captured by Brain 3 (a Coluan), field commander of Echo Chronal Authority.

Teen Titans v.4 #25 (Jan. 2014)

Superboy II (Jon Lane Kent) begins receiving telepathic commands from a strange alien who calls the boy a killer. Superboy accesses information that say his greatest achievement is helping to form the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Superboy v.5 #26 (Feb. 2014)

Jon admits he's weaker since Superboy attacked him. He's seeking a cure for the flaw in his genetics. Bar/Bart is put on trial but his rebellion frees him.

Teen Titans v.4 #27 (Mar. 2014)

Late 30th century: The alien telepath interferes with his mission to form a legion of heroes. His first recruit is Schiz, a powerful telepath who attacks him. He learns that she and dozens of others were created in the same manner as Superboy. They were all eventually put in stasis pods for decades.

Superboy #27 (Mar. 2014)

Shira convinces Bart to turn himself in and he's sentenced to life on Takron-Galtos. Solstice can't accept it, and kills one of his judges.

Teen Titans v.4 #28 (Apr. 2014)

Superboy and Schiz free Volt and Lodestone. They were made by using alien DNA from Braal, Titan, and other worlds.

Superboy v.4 #28 (Apr. 2014)


Left: Jon Kent learns of gthe future Legion from the Echo database. From Superboy #26 (2013); art by Andres Guinaldo and Mark Irwin.
Right: Superboy and his legion of super-heroes: Volt, Schiz, and Lodestone. From Superboy #29 (2013); art by Andres Guinaldo and Mark Irwin.
Other clones in stasis—who are destroyed. From Superboy v.5 #29 (2013); art by Andres Guinaldo and Mark Irwin.

Superboy and his legion break into an Echo weapons facility. Superboy knows the future Legionnaires' names and tells Schiz to calls herself "Imra" and her friends "Garth" and "Rokk." Superboy secretly destroys all the remaining clone stasis pods and blames it on Echo, to stoke anger in his new allies. Superboy is pulled to the 21st century by Harvest and tells his Legion that he will direct them in ways to alter time in their favor. He plans for this Legion to also be his secret weapon against Harvest. NOTE: Some doomed stasis-people resembled Mon-El and Phantom Girl.

Sueprboy 4 #29 (May 2014)

Solstice is also sentenced to Takron-Galtos. She and Kid Flash are launched in separate cells toward the planet. Brain 3 sends the remaining Titans home to the 21st century.

Teen Titans v.4 #29 (May 2014)

28 March 2014

Recently: Justice League 3000 • Earth 2 • Worlds' Finest

There's a lot going on in these books! I like 3000. Porter's art is better than ever. Also, have you noticed that in Superboy, they're playing with some Legion lore? It looks like they are setting up for an all-new New 52 Legion (I'll summarize soon). And I'm wondering if the upcoming Future's End will deal with them in some way. If this is so, I take the previous Legion to have been from the pre-New 52 universe. Fingers crossed.

Read the full curerent chronologies: Earth 2 | Legion

Sequence of Events

Issue (Date)


On Skorch 4 in the Fhe'erl System, fringes of Commonwealth space, a ship lands and assembles a stargate through which come the Justice League. It's their staging ground for a mission to the Five's base on Flatmas 12. They're warned to abort because the Five's Locus is there. Locus looks and acts like a nineteen year old girl and is seemingly omnipotent; she can manipulate reality. The Five's leader, Coeval, warns her that the League is on Flatmas. Coeval is a spontaneously generated Glimmernet life-form. He runs the Imperium. Locus rips the Flash apart, shrinks Green Lantern down and swallows him and makes him her new boyfriend, and sends the others to Takron-Galtos.

Justice League 3000 #2 (Mar. 2014)

Takron-Galtos is a prison planet that used to be called Earth. The cesspool is loosely governed by Sheriff Aaban Tariq, who brings in Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman. He was appointed by Coeval to be an authority. Locus takes Hal to her reimagined home planet, Locus One. On Bradbury Seven, Ariel Masters works on transversal tech which she stashes on various worlds. Tariq alerts her to the Justice League's presence, which she immediately recognizes as her work on Cadmus come to fruition. She goes to Takron and Coeval tracks her. Superman calls Batman "Fledermaus."

Justice League 3000 #3 (Apr. 2014)

Ariel explains how the Justice League came to be. Cloning proved to be too costly and time consuming, and unstable. She created clones in the beginning of her tests, and all died. Instead she invented a way to use source DNA and bond it to a human host. Once infused, the host's DNA and mind is overwritten. Essentially, they die. The League were Philip K. Sung, Joshua N'obi, John Winston, Alicia Silvera, and Dennis Murphy. Aaban is taken over by the Convert, who is aided by Kali. Hal summons his cloak and escapes Locus One. The Wonder Twins resurrect the Flash, this time with brown hair. He has all the most recent memories. They ready to send him in with the help of their Firestorm.

Justice League 3000 #4 (May 2014)


First Contact Part 1: Huntress tells Batman her history, which triggers his own suppressed memory of his visit to Earth 2. Batman refuses to call in Superman but Power Girl's outbursts finally draw his attention anyway. He takes her to an isolated place and encourages her to let the energies go instead of controlling them. Batman traces her problems to Rheelasia, now called New Gammora, which is run by Kaizen Gammora. It's one of the fastest-growing economics in the world. Batman and Huntress go in undercover and meet Kaizen. When Superman and Power Girl follow, both their powers go haywire. NOTE: Kaizen Gammora first appeared in Stormwatch #40 (1996); the spelling of his last name has been changed.

Batman/Superman #8 (Apr. 2014)

First Contact Part 2: Batman catches Superman and Power Girl falling to Earth and outfits Superman with a kryptonite ring to tame the power surge. Batman and Power Girl go into the city and Huntress fends off an attack by ??. Power Girl finds Kaizen, who isn't surprised to see her. She's swayed by the memory of her Ken. He explains that she's been infected by nanites that detected left-handed molecules that don't exist in Prime Earth universe. Kaizen uses Karen to open a view portal to Earth 2. Batman discovers secret Kryptonian cloning experiments, which Kaizen unleashes on them.

World's Finest #20 (Apr. 2014)

First Contact Part 3: Power Girl is eager to jump through the portal but Huntress fears it's not their world. Kaizen reveals that he's working for Darkseid. Power Girl throws Kaizen through the portal while they argue. Just as the ladies decide to go through, Kaizen returns transformed into a giant terror, with two Parademons and leading the Superman of Earth 2, who calls Karen to return. She's convinced it's her true cousin and moves to cross over, but Huntress destroys the machine. Karen tells her that she was certain because Superman bore a scar that she'd given him in the past. Back on Earth 2, Kaizen is reverted to normal and regrets having gone there.

World's Finest #21 (May 2014)


The Atom and Sandman evacuate Moscow when Superman arrives. He uses his heat vision to sever the Atom's right arm, then beats him with it. Red Arrow is itching to act, but Batman is cautious. Sato tells them about the "final fallback," Amazonia. Dodds tells Khan that they have less than 100,000 troops there, of the 10 million under his command. They learn that "Project Beyond" has been activated. The private venture built a space ark for anyone wealthy enough to buy in. Not everyone makes it aboard and they're incinerated by the take-off. Superman intercepts it and tears the hull, killing all inside with the vacuum of space. Atlantis lies in the heart of the Dragon's Triangle in the Philippines Sea. Khan alls for Governor Alloroc but gets Aquawoman instead. Their communication is joined by Jimmy Olsen. Sloan, Mr. Terrific and Mr. Miracle are put to work to build a transport device. In Sloan's mind, Bedlam finds mention of the secret Kryptonian.

Earth 2 #21 (May 2014)

After Alan Scott was beaten, he was killed in the destruction of Steppenwolf's death. Now he is resurrected by the Green. Jimmy is 13 years old. Val's powers increase. Bedlam learns that he is Val-Zod and arrived long after Superman. Sloan tracked his ship and hid it from others. Lois takes Val for his first flight. His parents were scientists and pacifists. Bedlam shows images of Arkham and Superman notices Batman there. Hawkgirl joins them and Superman attacks with Parademons. One takes a large bit out of Hawkgirl's wing. As Superman prepares to kill Val, Lois intervenes, identifying herself. He's stunned.

Earth 2 #22 (June 2014)

23 February 2014

1986 Source-book promo poster. Art by ??

Legion Poster!

I finally added this poster to my collection. It's a nice high res scan, so save it to your computer and make a new desktop! This is from the series of sourcebooks by Mayfair Games.

16 February 2014


Next up is the original Infinitor, Atom-Smasher (originally Nuklon)! This character's was so poorly characerized by Roy Thomas during Infinity, Inc. But when Al Rothstein became a member of the Justice Society, things took a dramatic turn. It was fun to piece Al's puzzle together. He turned into a compelling character under Geoff Johns, as a player in the drama of Black Adam. In the New 52, Earth 2's Atom was created by James Robinson to have characteristics of Atom-Smasher's powers. » READ MORE…

15 February 2014

Recently: Earth 2 and Worlds' Finest

Well I'm not nervous anymore about Earth 2 in the absence of James Robinson. Tom Taylor has taken it forward at a breakneck speed. My only criticism is that I'm don't like that some of the characters have no link to anything Golden Age, like Aquawoman. I thought for sure there would be some fun connection, but instead she looks like a counterpart to Aquaman's wife, Mera. I have not followed Robinson to Marvel, I read some so-so reviews of his Invaders.

And Worlds' Finest is looking up as well with the crossover coming up. It needed a shot in the arm. The sooner we get back to JLA/JSA team-ups the better!

Meanwhile my non-New 52 bent continues. I'm reading the core Forever Evil, and Justice League books but most of the DC Universe leaves me cold. I've actively been seeking out things from other publishers and found rewarding solace in titles like Walking Dead, Invincible, Black Science, Astro City, and I'm back on the X-wagon again buying All-New X-Factor, Wolverine and the X-Men, and All-New X-Men. I get the excellent Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman/Wonder Woman, but only those. I won't buy any boring-ass book that Lobdell works on, so sad that Superman and Titans have been off the table.

I am still liking Justice League 3000. I'm actually relieved that Giffen has hinted that they aren't simply clones and there's surprises to come. In issue #3 we learn that Earth has become the prison world, Takron-Galtos, which means this is definitely not the same universe as previous Legions. » SEE: Keith Giffen on Justice League 3000: "They're Not Clones!" (5 February 2014)

Read the full current chronologies: Earth 2 | Legion

Sequence of Events

Issue (Date)


First Contact Prelude: Power Girl harvests diamonds from the sea floor for money while her company struggles. Huntress grows frustrated with her friend's power loss and convinces her to seek help from Superman. At work, Karen's heat vision sparks uncontrollably. Batman allows Huntress to get into the Batcave and traps her.

World's Finest #19 (Mar. 2014)

First Contact Prelude: Just after her debut, Batman tested Robin on a case that followed up her mother's agenda against sex trafficking. He allows her to investigate on her own while watching over her. Supergirl would take secret trips into public and fell for a boy named Ken. His father was the leader of Gammora and they were at a Worldgov conference. She protected him from an nearby explosion. She tried to keep the building from collapsing but it was too much and Ken died under falling rubble. Afterwards she sought Helena for comfort. She worried about telling her cousin. While at the site of the explosion, Kara saw the blur of another woman, which they investigated. They found an artifact with traces of alien metals and radiation. They're ambushed by Fury who took the artifact. They track her to some base and are intercepted by Wonder Woman and Fury called for her father and escaped through a Boom Tube. Diana knows that Fury is her daughter. NOTE: Gamorra is a place from the Wildstorm universe, first seen in Deathblow #1 (1993).

World's Finest Annual #1 (Mar. 2014)


Dr. Fate mumbles incoherent prophetic things. Red Arrow is left to guard him as Parademons approach en masse. Jimmy tells Batman about the Army's secret prisoner, an alien. Red Tornado's vision detects a lower level and Aquawoman punches through the floor to access it. She takes the full brunt of a plasma cannon then introduces herself as Marella, Queen of Atlantis. She can pull water out of bodies. They surrender and open the cell to reveal a seemingly normal, young prisoner named Val. He's there of his own free will and has spoken to Terry Sloan. He becomes ill and Batman realizes it's because of his kryptonite; the boy is Kryptonian. Superman uses the Washington Monument to destroy the White House. Bedlam tells the scientists they are wanted for their studies in trans-universal travel. Darkseid wants to push Earth into Apokolips space. Bedlam will be controlling their minds. Jimmy has a photographic memory. Parademons massacre World Army forces. Hawkgirl is ready to airlift Batman and the others. Elsewhere, the Earth's green energy surges again.

Earth 2 #19 (Mar. 2014)

In the sky, Aquawoman uses water in the clouds to drown Parademons. She returns to Atlantis but gives Batman a shell which can call her. Batman and the others go to the Batcave, along with Dr. Fate and Red Arrow (Connor Hawke). Val becomes afraid. He is agoraphobic from having been raised in a small ship. Superman destroys all major places of worship. Jimmy and Lois have never met, but he guesses that she was with Superman. Lois tells Val that he will have great powers under the sun, and convinces him to go outside. She is convinced there is nothing of her husband left in Brutaal. NOTE: In pre-New 52 continuity, Connor Hawke was the son of, and successor to Green Arrow.

Earth 2 #20 (Apr. 2014)

Batman's parents were murdered in 1979, in Park Row of Gotham City, now called Crime Alley. Joe Chill was the hired gun who turned up dead in 1994, along with other thugs with links to the Falcone crime family. All had their skulls crushed. Batman broke into Frankie (Francesco) Falcone's compound for answers and injected him with a truth serum. He learned that the only connection in the deaths was Thomas Wayne—Bruce's father. He learned that Thomas and Falcone were friends after Wayne had saved his life in 1971. Through Falcone, Wayne met future wife Martha and they lived a decadent lifestyle of parties and drugs. Jarvis Pennyworth was his chauffeur and more. In 1973 Bruce was born and the Waynes withdrew and Frankie sent three thugs to beat him. He was saved by Jarvis. While there, the killer appeared and Batman fought saved Falcone's life the the killer ran off. He trailed him and when found, Batman fingered him as Jarvis. Instead he was shocked to discover that it was none other than his own father, Thomas Wayne. When he woke he learned that Thomas had faked his death with the help of Leslie Thompkins. Bruce was enraged; he'd dedicated his life to a cause based on his parents' deaths. Wayne was now 65 and he used a drug called Miraclo to give him super-strength for an hour at a time. He stole it from an old colleague named Rex Tyler. Bruce left and shut him out though Thomas watched at his son's wedding and birth of his granddaughter. Thomas returned and killed Falcone. He admits that he might be addicted to the Miraclo. NOTE: In the original release of this issue, Miraclo's inventor was named Res Mason, which is the alter ego of Metamorpho. Writer Tom Taylor confirmed in an interview that this was a mistake.

Earth 2 Annual #2 (Mar. 2014)

9 February 2014

Brain Wave!

Brain Wave was an arch nemesis to the Justice Society. He had a son with the super-hero, Merry, and that son went on to join other heroes in Infinity, Inc. The character went through some dark and embarrassing times, but was in top form in his most recent appearances, in JSA All-Stars. The character has not yet been reinvented in the New 52.

The father passes his gifts—and his madness?—on to his son. From Infinity, Inc. #10 (1985); art by Jerry Ordway.

Henry "Hank" King inherited his father's mental abilities. He was conceived during the brief time when the Brain Wave had united with Merry Pemberton and reformed his criminal ways. Upon the elder King's relapse however, Hank's mother left with the boy and disappeared. Hank eventually learned the identity of his father and Merry left her son as well. Hank was told the lie that she had committed suicide. Her true motivation and course of action are still a mystery. Hank was also ignorant of Merry's maiden name, Pemberton, until he discovered that the Star-Spangled Kid (Sylvester Pemberton) was his uncle! All Sylvester knew was that she had forsaken the Pemberton fortune and disappeared. » READ MORE…