The New Gods / The Fourth World

+ The Forever People

Created by Jack Kirby

The Gods of New Genesis

In a cosmic catastrophe, the great "second world" died. This created a "godwave" which spread out across the universe, seeding worlds everywhere with the potential for its inhabitants to wield omnipotent powers. This godwave created Earth's Olympian heroes. This was the "third world." At about the same time, at the origins of the godwave, an other-dimensional "fourth world" also began to form. The "Old Gods" were replaced by a race of New Gods who reside on the twin worlds of New Genesis and Apokolips.

About 15,000 years ago, the New God Uxas traveled to Earth. His machinations caused a schism among Earth's gods and resulted in the twin Greco-Roman pantheons. Uxas later assumed his god name, Darkseid, and began a reign of terror on Apokolips and war with New Genesis. Just over 300 years ago, both Darkseid and the Highfather of New Genesis fathered sons Orion and Scott Free. As part of a truce settlement, Highfather proposed that they exchange and raise the other's son. In time, Scott opposed Darkseid and escaped to Earth (some 200 years ago), where he has lived the better part of his life as Mister Miracle with his wife, Barda. (New Gods Secret Files #1)


Highfather • Mr. Miracle • Big Barda • Orion • Lightray

Darkseid once also took an interest in the Martian race. He sent Glorious Godfrey to gain the Martians' trust, then kidnapped legions of them. When the rogue Metron stepped in to aid the Martians, J'onn J'onzz accompanied him to Apokolips where his people were freed (Martian Manhunter v.3 #33). J'onzz remained on Apokolips for many years, studying with underground leader Himon, and sparring with master assassin, Kanto (#34).

In a mad move, Darkseid moved Apokolips into a collision course with New Genesis. Destruction was averted when the two worlds merged to form two halves of one world (New Gods v.3 #12). Shortly thereafter, the original godwave began to collapse, washing over the universe again in reverse. This time, it disrupted powers in metahumans and caused crises of faith in humans (Jack Kirby's Fourth World #1). In the battle to prevent the rise of the fifth world Highfather was slain by the Earth god, Ares (#8), and became part of the wall surrounding the Source. Darkseid, too, was trapped in the wall, but soon freed by Metron (#18). The heroes' efforts in stopping the godwave also separated Apokolips from New Genesis (Genesis #4). NOTE: Highfather appeared as a member of the so-called Quintessence, a group of gods from a Hypertime future. However, since their initial appearance (Kingdom Come #??), the Quintessence have appeared in the mainstream DCU (??). Highfather's presence among them remains unexplained.

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  • » SERIES:
    New Gods v.1, 19 issues (1971-78)
    Mister Miracle v.1, 25 issues (1971-74)
    New Gods v.2, 6 issues (1984)
    New Gods v.3, 28 issues (1989-91)
    Mister Miracle v.2, 28 issues (1989-91)
    New Gods v.4, 15 issues (1995-97)
    Takion, 7 issues (1996).
    Mister Miracle v.3, 7 issues (1996)
    Jack Kirby's Fourth World, 20 issues (1997-98)
    Orion, 25 issues (2000-02)
    Seven Soldiers: Mister Miracle, 4-issue limited series (2005-06)
    Death of the New Gods, 8-issue limited series (2007-08)

» FEATURED APPEARANCES: Genesis #1-4 • Justice League of America #183-185 • Martian Manhunter v.3 #33-34 • New Gods Secret Files #1 • Showcase '96 #5

Name 1ST APP. Status Notes
Big Barda Mister Miracle #4 Killed Death of the New Gods #1 Super-formidable; wields a Mega-Rod; married to Mr. Miracle
Forager New Gods #9 Deceased Cosmic Odyssey #3 (1.89) Succeeded by a female Forager; of the underground "bug" people of New Genesis
Fastbak New Gods #5 Killed Death of the New Gods #2 A speedster
Highfather (Izaya) New Gods #1 Deceased, New Gods v.3 #8 (10.97); also killed by Ares, JK4W #8 His essence is merged with the wall surrounding the Source
Himon Mister Miracle #9 Revealed killed Death of the New Gods #7 Inventor of the Mother Box; co-invented the Boom Tube; active on Apokolips
Lightray (Sollis) New Gods #4 Killed Countdown #48; resrurrected Final Crisis #7 Fast as light and weilds its power
Metron New Gods #1 Killed Death of the New Gods #7 Rides his Mobius Chair across space and time in the search of knowledge; often unaffiliated with either New Genesis or Apokolips
Mister Miracle (Scott Free) Mister Miracle #1 Killed Death of the New Gods #7 Master escape-artist; has discovered that his god-power is to wiel d the elusive "Anti-Life Equation"; married to Barda
Orion New Gods #1 Killed Death of the New Gods #6 Weilds the astro-force, a near invincible power
Takion (Joshua Sanders) Takion #1 Killed Death of the New Gods #3 A living link to the Source (and the spirit of Highfather)

The Gods of Apokolips

Darkseid • Granny Goodness • Kanto • Desaad • Virman Vunderbar • Kalibak

Mister Miracle has forsaken his birthrights as a god and ruler of New Genesis. Though he began manifesting his god power (JKFW #2), he asked the Earth wizard, Shazam, to remove them permanently (JKFW #10). Takion assumed leadership of New Genesis in Scott's place (JKFW #12). At various times, Mr. Miracle, Barda, Orion and Lightray have all served with the Justice League. Orion destroyed his father, Darkseid and now faces the challenge of reshaping Apokolips . (Orion #??)

All the gods were culled by the Source, but under unrevealed circumstances, there was a "war in heaven," and evil won. The evil New Gods returned to Earth clothed in human disguise. Darkseid was now the proprietor of the Dark Side Club. It appeared the New Gods' new existence was tempered by the need for their celestial selves to take corporeal hosts (not unlike the gods of other pantheons). The Dark Side Club kidnapped super-heroes and put them under the care of Granny Goodness. Granny broke their spirits and wills and prepared them for combat, gladiator-style in an arena. (Final Crisis #1)


The revived New Gods's first appearance was simultaneous in the July 2008 books, Final Crisis #1, Birds of Prey #118, and Teen Titans #59.

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Name 1st App. Status + Notes
Darkseid (Uxas) Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #134 killed Jack Kirby's Fourth World #?; resurrected ??; killed Death of he New Gods #6; avatar reappeared Seven Soldiers: Mr. Miracle #1
Desaad Forever People #2 killed in Orion #11, reanimated in #12 and died again in #15. Ressurrected by Darkseid in Coundown #51(??). Killed by Pied Piper in Countdown #9. Avatar reappeared ??
Doctor Bedlam Mister Miracle #2 A being of psychic energy
Glorious Godfrey The Forever People #3 ; avatar reappaeared
Granny Goodness Mister Miracle v.1 #2

killed in Countdown #10; resurrected Birds of Prey #118

Kalibak New Gods #1 killed in Death of the New Gods #5;resurrected Final Crisis #1
Kanto Mister Miracle v.1 #7 killed Death of the New Gods #3; resurrected Final Crisis #1
Mantis Forever People #2 killed in Death of the New Gods #5
Steppenwolf New Gods v.1 #7 killed ??; resurrected Teen Titans v.3 #59
Virman Vunderbar Mister Miracle v.1 #5 killed ??; resurrected Teen Titans v.3 #59

The Forever People

Beautiful Dreamer • Big Bear • Mark Moonrider • Vykin • Serifan • Infinity Man

The Forever People are a youthful group of New Gods who discovered how to use their Mother Boxes to summon the powerful Infinity Man.

Darkseid employs a stable of underlings on Apokolips, including DeSaad, Granny Goodness, the Female Furies, Kalibak, Mortalla and Mantis. Desaad has also designed a process for recycling human flesh. This process yields an endless army of mindless Parademons.

The New Gods use teleportational gateways called "Boom Tubes" to travel the universe. New Genesis boasts another device: the Mother Box. This is a powerful living computer which is attuned to one individual but can only be used by one who is "spiritually adequate."

» FIRST APPEARANCE:  New Gods #1 & Forever People #1 (both March 1971)

» SERIES: Forever People, 11 issues (1971-72)

Beautiful Dreamer Forever People #1 Killled by the Infinity Man, Death of the New Gods #4 A telepath; romantically involved with Takion
Big Bear Super-strong; pilots the Forever People's Super-Cycle
Mark Moonrider Generates energy with his "megaton touch"
Serifan Uses his "cosmic cartridges" to various effects
Vykin the Black Magnetic wonder
The Infinity Man Unknown From the mysterious beyond, an agent of the Source

New Guardians

Created by Steve Englehart & Joe Staton

The New Guardians, also known as "the Chosen," were a group of men and women who were given superhuman powers and designated as the progenitors of a new race of immortal superhuman beings. They were appointed by — and meant to succeed — the Guardians of the Universe, who had hypothesized that their successors were destined to originate from Earth. Therefore, the Guardian Herupa Hando Hu and the Zamaron Nadia Safir decided to channel their energies into the "Millennium Project" — to gather ten individuals together, teach them about the nature of the cosmos, and endow them with immortality and metahuman powers.

Herupa and Nadia arrived at the Green Lantern Citadel in California and the Green Lanterns based there summoned other super-heroes to help protect the Chosen. The android race called the Manhunters were rivals to the Guardians and had gotten wind of the Millennium Project. Earth's heroes were mobilized against the Manhunters in order to prevent the murders of the Chosen. But the Guardians found many roadblocks to their plan. One of the Chosen was already dead (Terra), others were targed by the Manhunters, and others still rejected their offer of immortality. After an epic battle with the Manhunters, Herupa and Nadia spent the last of their energies empowering only six of the ten Chosen: Tom Kalmaku, Betty Clawman, Extraño, Gloss, Jet and Ram. This completed, they perished. Floro refused the elders' powers, but joined the group regardless. Harbinger joined them as well. (Millennium #1-8)

Extraño • Betty • Harbinger • Gloss
Jet • Ram • Floro • Tom Kalmaku

They called themselves the New Guardians and set up their headquarters in an old studio in Los Angeles. Harbinger and Jet soon began exhibiting parallel powers and bodily systems. So, when Jet was bitten by the monster, Hemo-Goblin, Harbinger manifested the same wound. The monster was destroyed, but the New Guardians learned that he'd had AIDS. (New Guardians #1) The initial tests on Jet and Harbinger revealed no signs of the disease, but it led Extraño to reveal that he, too, was HIV positive. (#2) Jet's symptoms quickly worsened. She spent her last breath destroying an Okaaran fleet during the alien invasion. (#6) Harbinger's body, however, eradicated the disease (perhaps from the combination of her unique metahuman abilities and the detonation of the Dominators' gene bomb). Extraño remained symptom-free. (#8)

When their original plan began to go awry, Herupa and Nadia revealed that they had put alternative plans in motion. One of these included monitoring one of their rejected Chosen, Janwillem Kroef. Kroef had created a new race of beings whom he enslaved. In this way, he also eventually enslaved the New Guardians and seemingly killed Thomas Kalmaku. Instead, he ignited Tom's latent power (which was to "bring out the best in people"). He used to sync with Betty Clawman and together, they unleashed the genetic potential in Kroef's creations. Herupa and Nadia briefly reappeared and explained that these beings would be the true Chosen — the next step in human evolution. The remaining New Guardians (except for Floro) agreed to help foster and teach this race.

The New Guardians the the new "Chosen" soon fell prey to the villain called Entropy (formerly Krona). Betty Clawman was reach out to Green Lantern Hal Jordan and give him the knowledge to defeat Entropy. Hal called upon the minds of the New Guardians, within Entropy, to help disperse Entropy's energies. Ram, Gloss, Harbinger and Extraño emerged successfully from this battle. Kroef's Chosen, however, did not return to corporeal form; they disappeared. (Green Lantern v.3 #32-35)

Tom Kalmaku went back to work for Carol Ferris at Ferris Aircraft. He has not demonstrated any metahuman abilities since his time with the New Guardians. Floro returned to a life of misadventure and was ripped apart by the Swamp Thing's daughter, Tefé. (Swamp Thing #170) His form was apparently being regrown (#171), and he's appeared sporadically since then. Betty Clawman and Gloss appeared once in aid of Wonder Woman against Circe. (WW #175) Ram was reportedly killed in combat in Roulette's casino. (JSA #28) Extraño's whereabouts are unknown.

At some point, Harbinger left them and rejoined Pariah to explore the nature of the universe. (JLA 80-Page Giant #3) She was recently invited by the Amazons to become their official historian, and went to live on the new islands of Themyscira. (Wonder Woman Secret Files #3) Sadly, she met her end here as well. When Darkseid's minions came to kidnap Kara Zor-El (the new Supergirl), Lyla was brutally ravaged. (Superman/Batman #10)

Recently, Jet has been mysteriously resurrected and is now the leader of the Global Guardians. Gloss has joined her. (Green Lantern v.3 #10)

VERDICT: Sigh. This series courageously attempted to deal with some big-time issues of the day: AIDS, apartheid, drug trafficking, multiculturalism. Overall, however, it was a really pointless creative endeavor. The whole premise was sabotaged from the start: there were supposed to be twelve but the Guardians settled for seven — some of them runners-up? At that, they were intended to procreate but Extraño was gay (and HIV positive) and Floro and Betty weren't human. Then Jet died. What the hell? The creators got carried away with the politics and eschewed the group's premise.

» FIRST APPEARANCE: As civilians: Millennium #2 (1987). As the New Guardians: Millennium #8

» FEATURED APPEARANCES: Green Lantern v.2 #32-35

» SERIES: New Guardians, 12 issues (1988-89)

» SEE ALSO: Manhunters

Hero (Alias) 1st app. Status & info
Betty Clawman Millennium #2 Active in adventuring; last seen Wonder Woman #175 (12.01)
Extraño (Gregorio de la Vega) Millennium #2 Status unknown
Gloss (Xiang Po) Millennium #2 Active in adventuring; last seen Wonder Woman #175 (12.01)
Jet (Celia Windward) Millennium #2 Deceased New Guardians #6; reappeared Green Lantern v.3 #10
Thomas Kalmaku Green Lantern v.2 #2 Active in adventuring
RAM (Takeo Yakata) Millennium #2 Deceased, revealed in JSA #28; reappeared Green Lantern v.3 #10
Floro (Jason Woodrue, Floronic Man) Atom #1 Active in adventuring
Harbinger (Lyla) New Teen Titans #21 Deceased Superman/Batman #10
The following "Chosen," were unable to join the group
Terra (Tara Markov)
New Teen Titans #28
Chosen, but died before the New Guardians were formed
Salima Baranizar Millennium #2 Killed by her people in the street, Blue Beetle #20
Janwillem Kroef Millennium #2 Chosen, but rejected the Guardians teachings
Nikolai Latikov Millennium #2 Killed by Manhunters Millennium #2
Raoul ?? Millennium #?? Disqualified because of senility; later opposed the New Guardians

The New Olympians

Created by Mike W. Barr& Bill Willingham

Adapted from work by Tom Tomorrow

When Maxie Zeus needed agents to disrupt the 1984 Olympics he contacted the Monitor, who assembled the New Olympians. The New Olympians have the names of Greek and Roman gods, as well as corresponding powers. Their powers may or may not have come from the Monitor himself. The New Olympians arrived at the Olympics to abduct athlete Lacinia Nitocris and convince her to be Maxie Zeus' bride. The Outsiders II confronted them, and Maxie Zeus demanded that the teams compete against each other in olympic games to determine the fate of Nitocris. The Outsiders prevailed, and the New Olympians have not been heard from since. (Batman and the Outsiders #14-15)

Members included:

  • Antaeus
  • Argus
  • Diana
  • Maxie Zeus
  • Nox
  • Proteus
  • Vulcanus

Maxie Zeus went on to attempt solo success, but was repeatedly foiled. He was apparently killed (Wonder Woman v.2 #166) but later resurfaced. (Robin #172) His cohorts failed worse. They were all killed by Gog. (JSofA v.3 #12)

» FIRST APPEARANCE: Batman and the Outsiders #14 (Oct. 1984)

Night Force

Created by Marv Wolfman & Gene Colan

Little is known about the history of Baron Winter, the mastermind behind the Night Force. Many of Winter's claims are suspect; he is known to tell lies as a means to an end. He is certainly long-lived, claiming to be over 300 years old. He met his first love, Katina, centuries ago when they were young and studying the occult. (Night Force v.1 #13) He also said that he fled Russia in 1917 for the United States.

At times, Winter is prone to assemble reluctant groups of individuals as a task force against evil supernatural forces. The first such recorded grouping included Vanessa Van Helsing (descendant of Dracula's killer). Whether Vanessa is his daughter (another of Winter's claims) remains unconfirmed. He also recruited Dr. Donovan Caine, and reporter Jack Gold. Caine, a professor at Georgetown College was experimenting to tap into the "energy of evil." This endeavor was subsidized by the Pentagon. To this end, he employed the abilities of Van Helsing, who was sensitive to malevolent forces. Gold was drawn in while doing an article on Winter himself. Winter referred him to Van Helsing as his associate. (Night Force #1)

Years later, an ancient evil surfaced, prompting Winter to again assemble the Night Force. This evil began infecting children, one of whom murdered his mother. Even before the murder, though, the woman's sister, Hally Davis, sought help from Dr. Caine, who refused her. Instead he referred her to Winter. Winter also culled the child's father, CIA agent Marc Diamond. Completing the team was a no-luck loser, Eddie Furlow. (Night Force v.2 #1) Winter later enlisted career bad guy Paul Brooks to do his dirty work. (#9)

Eventually, more was revealed about Winters as well. He has an unexplained connection to the early biblical figures Adam and Eve, Lilith and the serpent. His duties lie in the balancing between the forces of good and evil. Once a year, Winters must recruit someone to deliver an angel to Hell to ensure that mankind maintains its "freedom"; his most recent recruit was a priest. (Night Force v.2 #4) Jack and Vanessa (who suffered a tumultuous relationship) returned when Vanessa's anger at Jack created a serial killer. (#5-7) Baron Winters later learned that he was destined to be the host for all the spirits not claimed by Heaven or Hell, which would drive him insane for eternity. He was the thirteenth man to fill the role, after the eleventh man (Richard Nixon), and the twelfth man die. He escaped this fate by hiding out in a sort of Garden of Eden-like dimension.

Winter is content to remain in his house, and occasionally facilitates important magical rites. One such rite was performed on Archane, the secret 13th month on the sorcerers calendar. Zatanna had summoned a group of mystics (including Ibis, Taia, Timothy Ravenwind and Terrence 13) to investigate their dreams of the mysterious Sheeda. Zatanna hoped to find father Zatara's lost knowledge, but the group was attacked while on the astral plane and all but Zatanna perished. Winter was unmoved by this and bid Zatanna adieu. (Seven Soldiers: Zatanna #1)


Marv Wolfman stated in the letter column of the first series that he was attempting to employ the same formula that proved successful for him in Tomb of Dracula for Marvel. Verdict: I haven't read Tomb of Dracula, but the first Night Force series is surprising! Hard to believe Wolfman was writing something so adult while at the same time launching the New Teen Titans. It's very dark. Good solid horror/adventure.

» FIRST APPEARANCE:  New Teen Titans #21 (July 1982)

Night Force
v.1, 14 issues (1982-83)
Night Force v.2, 10 issues (1996-97)

Operative First Appearance Status
Baron Winter Night Force v.1 #1 Active in adventuring
Dr. Donovan Caine Night Force v.1 #1 Retired from adventuring
Jack Gold Night Force v.1 #1 Retired from adventuring
Vanessa Van Helsing Night Force v.1 #1 Retired from adventuring
Paul Brooks Night Force v.1 #?? ??
Katina Winter Night Force v.1 #?? ??
Gowon Winter Night Force v.1 #?? ??
Hallie Davis Night Force v.2 #1 ??
Marc Diamond Night Force v.2 #1 ??
Eddie Furlow Night Force v.2 #1 ??